Exclusive: Bridezilla Jeanine on Her Broken Marriage, Acting Out for the Cameras & More

June 29, 2012  |  

Source: article.wn.com

You’ve seen “Bridezilas” before, so by now you know that some of those women really know how to act a fool. Well, Bridezilla Jeanine, took the standard to a whole ‘nother level. Jeanine and her fiance Thomas became the first couple in Bridezilla history to end their marriage while still on the show. The couple got into a huge argument when the groom’s father took the bride’s father home instead of to the reception. Jeanine’s father was the only person from her family that attended her wedding, so she didn’t get to have her father-daughter dance. The couple couldn’t come to a compromise about the issue, emotions escalated and before long, her fiance (because they hadn’t signed the papers yet), took his ring off and started talking annulment. It’s hard to believe but there’s video proof that this actually went down.

Yes. A bit of a mess, right?

Well, we had the chance to speak with this “Bridezilla” to see where the couple stand now, whether she really acts like that in real life and what she learned from the whole ordeal. You can listen to our interview with her in the audio clip below.


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  • doglover

    I just saw this for the first time. She reminds me of NeNe, who is another person I cannot stand and I am always confused why others like her. They both need to “win” the argument and they do it by repeating what they wanted to say and they say it louder and louder until the person (like poor Thomas) give up and let her run her mouth off. I was thrilled when Thomas told her to shut up. He should have done it a long time ago.

  • mame

    Wow, perfect example of someTHING that should have been aborted. Don’t breed, stop the cycle.

  • LK Cats

    I don’t understand why we need to feel sorry for thomas! He is a big boy he married her! Why is everyone like poor thomas he seems to like to play the victim an awful lot and maybe he is but he has chosen this life he has chosen to stick around. What is to stop him from walking right out the door for good? I think Thomas needs therapy more then anyone and as for his family this is where Jeanine is stupid because these people would probably be accepting if she acted a little better toward them..Sometimes you will get in laws that it does not matter what you do!!
    And as for thomas not sure a cheater deserves top notch treatment not ever! You can’t abide that, no one should, I am betting even though she is not saying so jeanine is still stewing about that, she probably has not forgiven him.. And so in my opinion they should be divorced but that’s only one reason. Mainly why get married to someone who has cheated at all?? I am not excusing her behavior folks, but i bet that is what it is all about. No doubt that she feels he cheated and i am going to spend the rest of my life making him pay cause i am pissed bet you anything thats her approach.

  • Uncle Tom

    You can take the monkey out the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out the money.

  • Hugo Menthol

    Thomas and his family are lovely gracious people and even jeanine’s sister also showed a lot of restraint and reason but the truth be told. Jeanine is damaged goods who rudeness is a defence mechanism. However, life is simply too short to pity and love such scoundrels. Her ex fiance jumped off the train wreck Just in time. God help Janine’s little son. He is doomed.

  • Stephanie

    It’s unfortunate he had to marry her! She needs help with anger management. When I saw this show for the first time I thought wow & both sides of the family aren’t 100% supportive. It’s an automatic fail:/ best of luck to the groom- I would divorce her before things get worse.

  • voiceofreason

    There is no way that I would want a man that did not have a backbone. I don’t want to be beat down, but I would want a man that would speak up for himself, if I happened to get out of line!

  • ClaraW

    I feel a tad bit of sympathy for her (don’t kill me). Something had to happen to her to have such a thick wall built up and the more she gets attacked the thicker the wall becomes. She’s hurting from something and is masking it with speaking over everyone, trying to have her way, and being self centered. I hope one day she does have a breaking point so she can rebuild herself into a better individual.


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  • idh82bu

    I don’t really watch or like reality shows, but this is what a lazy and boring Sunday morning will do to a person. Anyway, I just saw that episode and I found myself rooting for Thomas and his family. Sadly, people like Jeanine always end up alone because they are too egotistical and/or too stupid to realize all the harm their words and actions cause others. This show might have signaled the end of the road for Janine as far as her personal and professional life is concerned. I hope the poor sap that ends up hooking up with her knows what he’s getting into.

  • Bachelor for Life

    Glad I’m gay!

  • Peace

    Speaking of anger issues…

  • Paige

    What a beast of a woman! I can’t imagine why Thomas wanted to be with her. I loved Thomas’ dad…I like how at the end of the episode when the producer asked how he felt about it all he replied, “Better than expected.” lol. And I don’t understand how she could possibly shut her mouth long enough to even get pregnant! I can imagine her bitching at him the whole time….how the guy even got hard for that chick is beyond me! She is such an embarrassment & I really, REALLY hope he doesn’t end up staying with her. She deserves no one. Her family didn’t even want to be there. Ugh. She’s a disgusting, vile human being.

  • Hot&sexy69

    Yes she does hve n stank attitude n sme peop nt goin put up wit tht. Poor thomas n her baby smfh !!!!!

  • Nina

    Hopefully she will change maybe go to anger management so they can really work on their relationship

  • Joy

    After watching this girl on Bridezillas I am convinced Thomas has no spine and this girl needs psychiatric intervention. He should leave and file for custody of their child. He would have no issue.

  • shanee


  • kris

    It literally made me sick to my stomach to watch her physically and verbaly abuse this poor guy and disrespect everyone that she came in contact with. He should have dropped her crazy *ss a long time ago. And don’t even get me started on those disrespectful wedding vows. So glad Thomas finally checked her. I hope he finds someone who loves and respects him

  • maskedblogger

    Sorry, but she’s just crazy and she sees nothing wrong with being a totally disrespectful idiot. She’s ugly inside and out. What does Thomas see in this ugly duckling? He is rotten nasty to his family. If it’s because they have a kid and he was taught to do that right thing, he needs to rethink the whole thing. Just totally disrespected his entire family, and that should be enough for him to walk away.

  • Childfree Diva

    I don’t have cable and just found out about this episode of Bridezillas and watched it online. I don’t see how they’re still together. He should have gone ahead and annulled the marriage. This chick is bananas!!

    • Childfree Diva

      I almost forgot that he admitted to cheating on her, and she took him back, so maybe his attitude is one of guilt, and he thinks he deserves whatever treatment from her he receives, and her attitude is one of revenge, thinking she will treat him like crap in order to pay him back for his infidelity. A match made in hell! They need go to ahead and just part ways!

  • Scott

    Glad he ended the relationship. The woman was obviously ill. It would have eventually evolved into something dangerous.

  • yestrada

    I’m watching this right now, and she’s disgusting…as her wedding vow saying “i knew you were a one night stand”???? wth??? she’s horrible….it’s got NOTHING to do with being black, white, purple, pink or polka dot..it’s go to do with the fact that she’s a horrible person..I feel so bad for Thomas and feel that he deserves so much better. And She needs serious counseling or a reality check….she’s awful…

  • FTB

    Wow, that girl is the DEVIL………….someone slap her please!

  • HappilyMarried

    like if nothing else did it her vows should have let him know just how much she cared….grrr he was so sincere despite how she treated him and his family she stood there and said she knew he was a one night stand I could have sworn I could read his mother praying that he didn’t marry her heck I was praying he didn’t either I am a black woman married to a white man and I would never disrespect him in any mannor nor his parents and sometimes they make me angry but out of respect for him and myself it’s not happening, he will stand up for me if he needs to but it never gets to that point to where we have to act an a** we get along and if we don’t we say hello and continue our lives…I could never express how wrong and ugly she is as a person, being in an interracial relationship is hard enough we have lived it without the drama as a black woman I am disgusted by her character Thomas needs to run for the Hills with his son before his son grows up and is with a woman who treats him the same way…..RUN THOMAS RUN!!! (IN MY FOREST GUMP VOICE)

  • Tonya

    She treated everyone horrible, and he should never take her back. She treated everyone from the cake person to her husband, her own family, and his family like they were nothing. There is no changing that and she should be ashamed. I was ashamed as a woman. Ashamed as a black woman. Ashamed as a black woman who is in an interracial relationship. Just terrible

  • SRF

    Why is everything always got to fade into what race a person is??? I know ignorance, prejudice and hate will never die, simply because it is still being taught. I’m happy for anybody who can fine love, no matter what race they are. I’m a black woman and black men don’t want me, but ask me do I care:):):)!!

  • SRF

    This girl was the devil form hell!!! She should be glad he even considered marring her, even though he had a child with/by her stuuuuuupid self!!! She had no respect for her ownself, so how in the world would she could have/show respect for others. None of her family came, except her dad and sister. Her dad was even ashamed of her and her own sister threaten to beat her a**! On the other hand black women are not the ones desperate, was that comment made because Thomas chose a black woman?? Them women that has been told/taught to marry for money and “If you get a black man , just make sure he got some money!!! Now that low and desperate. If that other race of women only knew, ha, ha, ha!!!

  • meo

    She is a real psycho. Get a clue you. Thomas run and take your son you have a great family. No need too try and make this work. She is probably a good f**k that is it. She is a disgrace to women, her family. What a dumb b***h.

  • just-k

    Lawd what a mess. I just saw the show and all i could do was shake my head. I truly thought she was behaving that way because of the cameras. She truly needs to seek help 1. she has no girl friends 2. Her father wanted to go home after the wedding, which said to me he didn’t want to be bothered 3. Her mother and other siblings didn’t bother to come 4. Her sister who flew to be there was so pissed with her, she damn near wanted to fight her (I felt her sister’s pain and I too wanted to punch her in the face)…….. Thomas if you can read this She needs you more than you need her, get her some professional help asap or you need to get your son and leave

  • minishirl

    After listening to her interview with the producer – I can tell this totally rude person hasn’t changed and she doesn’t think she should change. Thomas, RUN as fast as you can to the divorce lawyer. She’s always going to be rude to your family!

  • TRUTH44

    Why is she sooooooooooooooooooooooo rude? Plus she is the most ugliest woman that I have ever seen. Not because of her race either,,,,, she acts so ugly with everyone, as though her ugly is coming from within. She needs to pray about that pride spirit. RUN THOMAS RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shhhh

      If it wasn’t because of her race, then why mention it? 🙂

  • color has nothing to do with it she just young and immature and needs to grow up! black woman being accused of having stank attitudes is just a stereotpe, some people use as an excuse to accuse all black woman having attitudes, (justmyopinion)

  • color has nothing to do with it she just young and immature and needs to grow up! black woman being accused of having stank attitudes is just a stereotpe, some people use as an excuse to accuse all black woman have attitudes, (justmyopinion)

  • moi2012

    Saw this episode tonight… all I have to say is that the sex must be banging because this chick is wayyy past being disrespectful. I understand from an interview that I read that she had a rough life, but dang girl! He’s wayy to hot to deal with her!

  • ladyd078

    Thomas is way too nice for her. This girl needs a man that is going to put his foot down and put her in her place. She is by far the worst Bridezilla ever!! Not only was she rude and disrespectful to Thomas and ALL of his family but she was rude to the lady at the bridal shop, the ladies at the bakery and anybody else who crossed her path. Thomas is a cute guy and seems really nice he should find somebody that would be good to him. Hell, if he likes black Women he should go for Jeanine’s sister, she seemed to get all the common sense and manners in the family!!

  • #TeamThomas

    I cannot believe he stayed with that heffa!! She is pathetic!! Thomas finally showed that he had balls at the end when he told her the truth. After listening to this radio interview…obviously it did no good. Bless her ignorant heart. I hope a big booty Shaniqua comes along and sweeps him off his feet!! #JeanineisaTriflingMoron

  • Ms Bonita

    She is HORRIBLE from her grating/whiney a** voice, to her raggedy weave to her horrible uncompromising personality. Its good she found a soft spoken Lil dude anybody else would have put her through a wall (not that I’m advocating violence) but Jenine could take you there. Awful and she doesn’t see a need for change??? —are you SERIOUS she needs a complete physical and mental overhaul…she has no redeeming qualities…..NONE!!! in the dictionary next to the word B***H her name photo and address should appear. I feel so sorry that any child would have to call her “mom” she doesn’t need to spew her poison on an innocent child. simply awful…..never before have i wanted to smack the hell out of someone…UGHHHHHH angry just thinking about her.

  • Um.. nice try Jeanine.. WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!!
    I could not stand this girl’s shrieking!! i wanted somebody to haul off and punch her in that vile hole in her face.. Delusional doesn’t even begin. I’m sure Thomas was thinking, she is the mother of my son, let me make it work with her. Her OWN Father was not feeling her and asked Thomas’ father to drop him home. She was so embarrassed and refused to accept that her own dad was disgusted with her, so she CRAZILY took it out on Thomas’ dad. This interview only shows that she is still in denial about her behavior. She needs to publicly apologize to Thomas family and Thomas for being a P.O.S. By the way, her outward appearance got increasingly unattractive as the show went on, completely reflecting the evil demons inside her. Was this chick on bath salts? B/c i could swear she was on drugs.. UGH..
    THomas, file for full custody of your son, and use this tape as an example, then demand supervised visitation only and stay sweet, but grow a pair.

  • lynnesee

    This woman was ugly inside and out. Her family did not show-up. OMG, I was embarrassed for African American women all over. Thomas take your child and please run for your life!!!!!!

    • Embarrassed (I AM NOT)

      She doesn’t represent AA women all over, so why be embarrassed for us? Be embarrassed for the woman that’s marrying Thomas on the BZ show. SMH @ your comment. Ugh

  • Jay

    This girl is disgusting she makes me sick……I soooo wanted to slap some sense into her

  • reflection90

    she so dumb she had found a man who would put up her and she f**k it all up (jeanine i hope u get lot of helps for self and i wish the bessssssssssssssssssst to thomas)

  • angela baker

    She thinks shes cuter than she actually IS. Someone should let her in on the secret

  • KP

    I wanted to shake this rude chickenhead! What the hell is wrong with her and Thomas too for tolerating her shi##y behavior? I felt such horror that she thought she was being ‘funny.’ Jeannine, did you not realize your actions and your ugly demeanor would affect everything else in your life? You stink..girl..and you are a girl..long way to being a lady-shame on your parents for dragging you up.

  • Jeanine better hope I don’t run into her as**one day, she would get skinned for her bulls**t. Jeanine if you can see this b***h you are the f**king loser, your no where near pretty. What she need to do is gain some damn weight, get a sense of fashion, and wash her dirty a** hair. She is discusting and stink, I cant believe thomas actually went through with the marriage. Thomas shouldn’t pay any child support to that b***h, go to court and get custody thomas and never look back. Seriously she has issues, she gets angry at everyone else when her father clearly can’t stand his own daughter. If he wanted to go home then let the man go home, then she said she raised thomas?. B***h didn’t raise s**t, jeanine sister should have rammed her head in that cab window, one day jeanine will get f**ked up. And then the b***h won’t be able to get her hair done cause she won’t have no money. Nobody will have her back, these bridezillas should thank god someone actually wants to marry them. These men are also not right in the head they obviously don’t look for a real woman.

  • destiny

    Finally someone called her out for the way she Looks! she’s not even pretty or attractive! and her attitude doesn’t help

  • GoGreen

    She should be grateful that man she was about to marry put up with her crap. She would be either hurt bad or dead if she acted like that with the wrong man.

  • meaniepants

    I feel sorry for their kid. I hope they are seeking some sort of counseling.

  • Msmykimoto2u

    She act like she is proud of the way she was portrayed on the show. He’s not going to marry her sad to say

  • he JUST dumped her at the wedding. WTF i assume the had to know each other for a while. What took him so long.

  • carlyJ

    Thomas is a completr IDIOT for staying with her. Hems a bad father for raising his child with her, no judge would hesitate to give him sole custody, and his parents suck for not raising him to have enough self-respect to want better for himself and his child.

  • robshq

    haha she is worried about her tone of voice?! she was terrible. thomas was soooo smart to kick her to the cur.

  • Kate miller

    Wow, was a piece of trash! Does she have a job yet? who in their right mind would want her? If she ever talked to me like that i’d beat the ever loving crap outta her.

  • FromUR2UB

    I hate that Bridezilla show. All it does is encourage women to act like a bunch of spoiled brats. They treat everyone like peons as if their “Special daaaaay” is the end all, be all. What makes some women think that other people should jump through hoops and do backflips, as well as accept insults, just because she’s getting married? People get married everyday. It’s really not that important. I’m surprised more men don’t back out when they see that kind of ridiculous behavior.

    • Childfree Diva

      I agree, and we all know hat since it’s T.V., most of the women do ham it up for the cameras while the guys just sit back and take it or they get tired enough of it to the point of barking back. It’s all so ridiculous! Then you wonder why you have women in everyday life thinking that it’s okay to act out because “IT’S MY WEDDING!” Sadly, marriage seems to have become more about the dress and the wedding than anything else. I saw my own sister turn into a bit of a “bridezilla” when she was planning her wedding. That was rather scary! O_O

    • I love this show, it is my in the closet pleasure, but this chick takes the cake. She is a pathological narcissist and I hope the dude is done with her.

  • Joliee

    Damn this chick was crazy. She got to the point that she almost physically fought with Thomas’ father and sister. Why would the guy go ahead with the wedding. He needs counseling even more so than she does because no man or woman can endure such abuse and still love the person dishing it, its impossible. I’ve come to the conclusion that that poor little boy will be a disturbed teenager and adult because he has parents that are unfortunately incompetent.

  • lily

    She a hot dumb Haitian mess,Thomas is cute he so humble through out the whole show,women are now going to throw there self at him now..Smh,if he leaves her NOOOO man will date her once he find out about this human monster,no one will hire her neither.#her life is done.

    • haitian defense

      She is better than you. She can put a sentence together, but you cannot. What ghetto mess are you from? You sound like some Philadelphia crack head. Haitians can speak proper English.

      • lily

        BOL. Your Haitian huh? My opinion still stands,she a hot dumb Haitian mess,the proof is in the pudding 24 others agreed numbers don’t lie. Lol. Don’t be mad that zoe embarrassed the whole Haitian nationality.#get ya cousin…lol

    • Stick to the subject

      It’s amazing how U would call a person dumb with all of your grammatical errors! And what does a person’s personality have to do with any of this?! So sick of this racist bullshit when our country has so much more to deal with! #nowgogetYOcousinand bothofureadabook

      • lily

        Personality has all to do with the show BRIDEZILLA(DUH) My post wasn’t racist neither.I made a statement,it was clear and explained very well,now you sound dumb.#BOL I’m convinced this is Jeanine now. Lol

        • Stick to the subject

          You’re right I did sound dumb until I corrected myself (see previous postS). Told u ti get a book and read more. Then maybe u will learn to correct yourself! #no…probably not

          • lily

            Jeanine, shouldn’t you be yelling Thomas name by now.

            • Christiaan

              Glad I wasn’t the only person who thought this was Jeanine. Who else would stick up for her? No one.

              • Commonsense

                Its not a matter of taking up for her its the principle when u step over certain boundaries u become no better than the existing problem I become apart of the problem

        • Commonsense

          Ur the dumb one u said her nationality is the problem duh? That sound racist to me boo-boo

    • Stick to the subject

      Sorry…”nationality” not personality! #properetiquetteandgrammer

      • Commonsense

        I smell a rat with this comment the pot calling the kettle black u are just as ignorant as she is with this racist response it look like we have found the real problem its you!!!

  • Stephanie

    This was a train wreck! Thomas is weak and Jeanine is out of her mind. I do feel for her because his father for sure did not like her from the start but Thomas did and that is all she should have been concerned with. She’s a child. When people don’t like you just continue to be polite and raise above them. That would make Thomas love her even more. A child acts out when hurt and that is what she did. Jeanine if you read this try not be be so rude to people. The way you talked about his mothers dress was just NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t like the dad from jump but the dress was all on you!.

  • D Freeman

    I believe that the cameras encouraged Jeanine to be an awful bridezilla. She is a nice looking young lady, but unfortunately her behavior made her look badly. She and Thomas have a beautiful little boy. She should apologize to Thomas’ family and her family and hopefully that can put all these things behind them, and go on to be a happy family. Jeanine your behavior was horrible, but let it go.

    • Evilangel12

      Seriously?! She says, point blank, I was NOT acting for the cameras, I am just like this in real life. You think they should just move on and get over it?! I think he should take that child and go somewhere that psycho can NEVER find them. Jeffery Dahmer was “a nice looking” young man, looking “nice” doesn’t make you a good person. She is TRASH.

  • Jasmine

    But this is my thing…If she really is like this all the time then the boy shouldn’t have acted surprised and apparently he is okay with it or he would have left ages ago. Yeah I think she’s a bit of a b***h too, but some people go in for that type of stuff. And from what I gather she didn’t get along with his family way before the cameras showed up, I think she just went ahead and said to hell with it and did the most for the show. I hope she sees the show and thinks about being a little more courteous to strangers. But as far as her and dude is concerned…put it like this, she didn’t get like that over night. I think he felt bold cause his family was there.

  • Carrie

    He is better off without her, the only thing on the road ahead for them is misery. The only members of her family who showed up for her wedding were her father and sister and her father didn’t even stay for the reception. She needs to take a good long look in the mirror, the problem is her, not with everyone else.

    • LuLu

      I thought her father was taken home by her potential father-in-law….not that he didn’t want to stay.

      • UOducklady

        The father asked the father in law to take home home…. Because he was sick of the tension and didn’t want to stay!

      • Edlyne Metayer


  • amcken3

    This chick is SO SCARY! I don’t think antipsychotics would even begin to scratch the surface. Maybe an exorcism…I feel really sorry for her.

  • That white dude maned up in the end and pulled her card G style. Nuff respect.

    • Meek

      Yes he did! I was almost cheering for him!

  • Can’t stand this girl!

    This girl deserves to be alone! She is do horrible. What was Thomas thinking? I would never put a ring in that beast! Thomas was way to nice for her she needs a black man that’s going to beat her a** when she disrespect him like that. This episode mad me so mad I wanted to jump into the tv and beat her a**!!! Man really she’s the true definition of a b***h!!!! Ppl like you should be alone for ever! Ugh!!! Can’t stand this girl

  • brownbunny03

    Ok, first of all she is not cute in any way,shape or form. She’s lucky that someone even considered marrying her ugly a**. He’s cute and can do WAAAAAAAAAAY better times 1000. She needs an overhaul in the attitude and looks department.

  • Smh

    If she had married the white man, Jennine would have made so many black women happy right now. She would give them hope. That they too can walk down the aisle to a white man. Look at black women’s false sense of sisterhood. They trash Jennine and say she has a good white man and doesn’t appreciate him.

    • Smh

      Some of these desperate black women have even offered to take him off her hands.

      • bsbfankaren

        The problem? They’d probably treat him the same way she does. He needs counseling and she needs to be alone!

        • jules

          They almost had Freddie Kruger booked to jump out of the wedding cake but when he found out it was Jeanine’s, he’s like, “NO WAY!

      • Diamond_cutter

        Desperate black women, huh? So you’ve confirmed that all his offers have come from ‘desperate’ black women? What, are you checking avatars on the blogs now? Maybe the offers came of all kinds of women due to the fact that he was a nice guy? I don’t know who the hell you are ‘Smh’ but your train of thought is as warped as his bride’s. I think you need to be on the couch right next to Jeanine, attempting to find to root to both your isues with a psychiatrist!

    • And run all over him and talk mass junk and just be an all around train wreck of a woman to a man who let’s them get away with it. I’m glad dude, kind of, stood up to her.

    • amcken3

      What’s with all the racism?

    • The irony of it all

      RRRIIIGGGHHHTT because SOME black guys don’t hope, pray and dream about the day they can marry white women right? Anyone that watches a show titled Bridezillas who is looking for hope or anything positive is just as dumb as you are. False sense of sisterhood? So you are telling me that most black men have a real sense of brotherhood? Hmmmmmm

    • say what?

      There is always at least one bbm post where someone gets his panties in a bunch about a bw with a wm. It happens get over it and go look for you portion of black man kryptonite

    • Diamond_cutter

      WTH?? You have deep-rooted issues! You think it’s an actual achievement for a black woman to marry a white guy?!? Tell me you just wrote this for shock value! This the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read! First of all, Jeanine doesn’t represent for black women anywhere, she represents for the crazies. She doesn’t give any of us hope to one day walked down the aisle to a white man, she gives crazy a** women of all races hope that they can actually find someone to marry them despite their mental break from reality. Race had nothing to do with this. Jeanine was a grateful, self-centered b**ch before ‘Bridezilla’ decided to take on her story- she is a ‘Lifezilla’ and will continue to crush the life out of Thomas and anyone else around her if she doesn’t seek help to change. Anyway, your views are ridicious and it shows that you obviously come from a world of ‘simple-minded bliss’. It goes to show that Jeanine isn’t the only one on this site in some sort of delusional state.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    All I hear is her making excuses on her behavior. . . it’s a shame she hasn’t learned her lesson apparently. . .

  • NM

    I wouldn’t dare marry anyone who talked to my father or any other member of my family (including the cat) that way, absolutely not!! Her issues were pretty evident, but Thomas has some damage on his end too….that would explain why he’d stay with such a soul.

  • Kimster

    I saw the first part of this episode and from the BZ previews I figured he’d be the one to leave her, if for nothing else than his family disliking her. Interestingly enough, her family seemed to be down for him, but his family (dad especially) couldn’t stand her. But who really could? Lol. She was nauseatingly disrespectful, whiny and loud. Poor guy kept getting fussed out even when he was trying to be affectionate.

    • bsbfankaren

      I would never allow anyone to disrespect my family in that way. No. There isn’t enough love in the world for me to accept that. He’s whipped and will now have to deal with every man who recorgnizes him laughing in his face!


    why act that ignorant, why be a bridezilla what is a woman accomplishing by acting that way. pathetic ignorant and childish. i understand the stress of decision making that comes with getting married but come on. if you have a woman who portrays herself like that before marriage don’t waste your time with a ring or run. THIS WOMAN IS A EMBARRESSMENT TO ALL WOMAN.

  • Real Real

    Watched the show a few times and couldn’t understand why these men were marrying these horrible disrepectful females[some were white,black,asian,latins the whole gammut] These women should be thankful to even date let alone get married.Every single bride I saw needs to be left alone and the man needs to move on to something good he deserves.

  • RedButterfly81

    Oh yeah, thanks MN for ruining it, this suppose to air this Sunday and I haven’t seen it yet!

  • RedButterfly81

    What man in their right mind would marry her, my 3 month old niece acts more mature than her! She’s an embarrassment to us black women since we’ve been accused of having stank attitudes and being high maintenance.

    • sickofjeanine

      I am with you on that. She is the most ignorant person in life. Thomas should have left her a looooong time ago.

    • HabibtiKhalisa

      No, she isn’t an embarrassment to us black women, she’s an embarrassment to herself. Not all of us have stank attitudes and not every black person speaks for the entire race.

  • Smacks_hoes

    He really needs to run for the hills like his brother said. Why would you let her disrespect your family like that. He was kind of spineless. Btw what kid did they have together? All I saw was a little black boy that was in no way shape or form mixed…so what kid?

    • i was thinking the same thing.

      • TIFFY

        I barely shows him but he’s tiny. The boy that’s walking isn’t him. But especially in the 3rd episode you see a lot more of the little guy. It’s just sad that she does some of the fussing and cussing with him on her hip.

    • YT

      He was a little guy and you didn’t see him until the wedding day. At one point before the wedding she was holding him in her arms. I understood he had a baby by her but he needs to walk. She doesnt’ deserve him.

    • voiceofreason

      When Thomas told her that he was leaving at the reception, he had their baby in his arms. I was waiting for her to have a tug o war with him over the baby but she did not. Too self absorbed for that!

  • Lady M

    She’s deusional. An embarassment to women EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! What an ignoramus.

    • lily

      Who would dislike this statement????? Jeanine and her cousins..bol

      • Childfree Diva

        You know Jeanine is on rating down all the bad comments about her! LOL

        • EllaYu

          Of course she is. Because that’s the only way a narcissist can function. By spending every damn waking moment making sure they are doing everything they can to make themselves look as fly as possible.

          I’m guessing she spends hours each day doing this. I’m also guessing she has several accounts so she can downvote comments multiple times.

          Most narcissists don’t have jobs… this is why.

  • tam

    what a moron. he better with out her.

  • wlknluv

    i can’t wait to see this episode. i didn’t listen to the audio but she is another bad example of how some african-american women act, it’s embarrising. i’m glad her husband to be came to his senses because it would have gotten alot worse. he’s better off without him.

    • FromUR2UB

      The show is called, “Bridezilla”, as in, a Godzilla-like, monster of a bride. The last time I saw it, every woman of every race who appears on the show, acts crazy. So there’s no need to make her the poster child for black women, especially if you don’t believe that the white brides-to-be exemplify the way white women act.

      • hughes

        Wow. This show has NOTHING to do with race. If anything, it’s a good example of how spoiled brats act, but it has nothing to do with her race.

        • mame

          Do you have comprehension issues?? Because that’s exactly what she said, the first comment was trying to make it about race, dummy.

    • jaselle

      Every woman on the show is a hot mess. There is no need to name any race because every woman on the show is a disgrace to society point blank.

    • Vlc85

      Not that it matters because it’s embarrassing for women period…..but she is Haitian. I always love how African American women are the first to be blamed for this kind of behavior.

      • Shannon

        Can someone clarify for me? I am not trying to offend but am confused. If she is Haitian and American she would be Haitian American because of her roots. Now how is someone an African American with all familia ties to the U.S. Just confusion on my part. No offense…

        • Meek

          Who said it had anything to do with where your family ties are? You answered the question already…”because of her roots”. I’m not at all trying to be sarcastic, but that is it.

    • Meek

      First of all, she is NOT African-American. Secondly, all of them are crazy, regardless of race. That’s how they made the cut.

      • None

        Just where the hell do you think most Haitians descended from?

        • mame

          The same place as African Americans, that still doesn’t make Haitians African American.

    • EllaYu

      sweetie? ok? There are plenty of white girls and asian girls and arab girls (in fact you can find at least one of each on this show) who act this way. What, did you have your thumb up your butt until this episode aired or were you just not paying attention?

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  • Annons

    Wow, very embarrasing to watch. No matter how upset, angry you are, don’t go crazy with it. And, she could have controlled herself just for the camera. The groom’s dad looks relieved, I will be too.

  • MLS2698

    Um, yeah, she acts like a five-years-old, and I hope it’s just for TV. What gives a person the right to argue about who they were before ” they met you?” Or, what kind of person would say that? If Thomas was worse off before her, God help him now! In her defense, I really hate people trying to wake me up in the manner with which he used, but I still wouldn’t go bizerk ( spelling ?).

  • Coco J

    I saw this episode and I felt bad for the Groom…he was a lil cute white guy too lol…but she really showed out.

    • Megan

      I saw the episode too and she’s definitely a piece of work. I feel sorry for the groom too

    • Clare

      That’s exactly what I thought too! He isn’t even a bad looking guy! Her on the other hand with her big forehead? Looked a hot mess! And for the first time in history I’ve witnessed someone who’s insides are even more uglier than their appearance!

  • I truly dislike this show when did getting married make you act a fool. My wedding day was one disaster after another but I keep my calm. And when it was over said thank God and went home and went to sleep it’s not necessary to act loud obnoxious and rude just really not called for.