Tyra Banks Dares You To Find Someone With a Forehead Bigger Than Hers

June 27, 2012  |  

Source: Thehuffingtonpost.com

You have to love a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and Tyra Banks is definitely that woman. From telling the media to shove it as she waltzed on the set of her talk show in a bathing suit, to removing her weave and showing us her real hair, Tyra isn’t afraid to bare all and even make fun of herself for a good cause.

The media mogul’s latest instagram photo upload is no different. What was partially just a random photo of her enjoying a day at the beach turned into a moment of her fans embracing her flaw, so to speak, and some of their own, living out that Tyra Banks flawsome message she wrote about in The Daily Beast a little while back.

When the former model uploaded her pic with the caption, “I challenge you to a big 4head contest! You know I got that win on lock!,” more than 1,000 comments came back in, mostly with messages of support like these The Huffington Post caught:

“You are not alone @tyrabanks mine is huge too but I love it.”

“Big forehead = Large brains;”

“Tyra, you and your big forehead are beautiful”

“Ahahah big foreheads! I got one girl I embrace it you’ve helped me to do that! Lol.”

It doesn’t sound like anyone took her challenge on, although as Tyra pointed out, that forehead is hard to beat, but it’s cool Tyra and everyone else knows she’s beautiful regardless of whether she’s got a fore- or five-head. (Kidding!)

You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but could any of you give Tyra some competition in the forehead department?

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  • Sade has one. Shes beautiful. Nothin wrong with a big foehead.lol

  • someone tell Tyra my forehead is bigger than hers

  • ALM

    Tyra’s body is sick! She looks great.

  • justdoingme

    rihanna tweeted a pic showing her forehead while standing in front a sign that said “mine is bigger than yours” a while back.

  • Kenedy

    Does anybody here watch soccer, the premier league…Arsenal, Gervinho?

  • MeMe

    80% of Rwandans have a bigger forehead than her lol…

    • Kenedy

      & about 90% of Kenyans…

  • I have a large one that I’ve come to love! Don’t know if it’s quite as big as Tyra’s or not, but it serves me well.

  • Misty Jean Moore

    Allison, Chris Bosh ex. Rihanna. That white guy on Law & Order SVU.

  • Becbec99

    RIHANNA and she shows it off too

  • Chass

    I think I got her my dude used to call my stuff a 8 head!lol

  • IfUDontCareWhyYouReadingMe

    Rihanna or LeBron-take your pick

  • Activist1

    Sade!!! I love me some Sade but the fore head is huge. She, Sade, jokes about her’s as well stating in an interview that’s the feature that people recognize the most about her when she’s out and about.

  • Amija James

    I love me some Tyra! She handles her business and doesn’t let all that fame get to her…..wait for it…………..forehead!!!!!!!!!

  • Chis Bosh’s first baby mama Allison! She got you Trya!!

    • Misty Jean Moore

      Wow, we think alike!

  • Ney-yo

    • Excepcion

      No hun, thats a receding hairline.

  • sammi_lu

    hahaa.. nah u got that Tyra boo! Your forehead takes home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.. but Rihanna gets the honorable mention ribbon.

    • FromUR2UB

      I’d have to see a side by side. I was sure Rihanna has the bigger forehead. All that space should draw some additional income.