Magic In A Jar? The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

June 28, 2012  |  

You’ve probably heard of it. You might have seen it on shelves. You may have even used it on your skin. But recently in the black community, the use of coconut oil as a way to achieve healthy relaxed and natural hair has been on the rise.

Besides providing a heavenly tropical scent, it will also make your hair feel as soft as a cloud. One of the main benefits is definitely the moisturizing properties. Both chemically straightened and natural hair need moisture to continue growing and to remain strong. Coconut oil is one of the few that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and heal each strand from the inside out because it is similar to the structure of the hair. Try using it as a hair oil treatment before shampooing. Just take a handful out of the jar, spread liberally from scalp to ends and rinse after an hour. Trust me, your locks will thank you for it as they are literally transformed into a soft, shiny texture like you’ve never felt or seen before.

No more itchies! Coconut oil also has the ability to soothe irritations and minor scalp disorders such as dandruff and lice. Scoop a bit into your hands and massage onto your scalp for five minutes daily. There will be an immediate improvement in the condition of your scalp guaranteed.

Not only is coconut oil moisturizing and able to rid those pesky ailments, it’s also a proven antifungal / antibacterial. It is the only oil that contains lauric, caprylic and capric acids, which help to relieve any illnesses associated with fungi.

Just giving coconut oil a try once will have you hooked for sure. The best for hair is virgin coconut oil, which you can pick up at any local health food store or online.

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  • specialk42

    Does it matter if the coconut oil is in a liquid state or does it have to be a solid?

    • DaTruth4Liars

      No it doesnt matter,. Actually virgin coconut oil, which is best bc its all natural, will be semi-solid unless kept at a certain temp. Once u put it in ur hands and rub together it melts very quickly. I love that stuff and so does my body, hair, and skin!

      • specialk42

        I recently purchased some and it was liquid when i brought it home ( it was really hot TX summer) and when it set in the cupboard over night it became solid, i was almost afraid to try it, not knowing how that would affect my hair, would i have to worry about the outside heat would the oil start melting and running down my neck ( bad gheri curl scene) but i haven’t had any trouble with it..a little dab will do you..thanks

  • FromUR2UB

    I’m going to have to get some. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while.

  • Sharon

    I have been using Coconut Oil to protect my hair from the problems of swimming in Chlorine 3X a week. I love it! coconut Oil is working very well for me. You can read about it at if you are interested.

  • Thanks for sharing! I actually
    prefer argan oil instead of coconut oil because it has more benefits and it’s
    super light on my hair, not greasy. I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil hair
    treatment instead and my hair is shinier, healthier and stronger 🙂

  • MeMe

    It works! I had really dry scalp but since I started using it, I’ve seen a major improvement!



  • Guest

    I’ve been using it on my skin and it is wonderful. It does put a sheen in my hair. It is also supposed to be really good for inflammation and weight loss. I’m just reluctant to swallow it daily as it is such a high fat oil. I would be interested to hear if other people have benifited from ingesting it daily.

    • DaTruth4Liars

      I take about 3 tablespoons daily; morning, mid-day, and night. It is a saturated fat, but studies have shown that it does not have adverse effects on the heart. On the contrary, it appears to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and heart attack. In Asia, coconut oil is commonly used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Already have stretch marks? Women have also found that applying coconut oil to stretch marks after they have formed erases the stretch marks or greatly reduces their appearance.

  • TraceFace

    I use virgin coconut oil on my natural hair, as a oil treatment. It keeps my hair moisturized and my hair strands sealed and not split. I get my oil from Trader Joes.

    • kierah

      I get mine from Trader Joe’s too. They have the best prices I’ve seen.
      Not only do I use the oil on my hair and skin but on my baby too.

  • Anon

    My hair doesn’t like coconut oil. It makes it feel like straw BUT that’s just my hair. Lots of folks love coconut oil for hair and skin. I prefer olive oil in my hair though. Olive oil makes by bestfriends hair feel like straw! lol Every head is different.

  • gmarie

    strangely my hair doesn’t do well with coconut oil but my skin loves it. it soaks up quickly, doesn’t leave an oily film, and it smells great. A skin moisturizing staple for me

  • status quo

    I see my mother do her thing on the stove from the raw coconut. She uses it, but I never thought about it until this commentary. I love the smell of it. I will try it instead spending so much money on oils for my natural hair. I can’t wait to try it. I’ll let you know how it works out.

    • dddooonnnttt

      I’m very curious, how does your mother extract the oil from the coconut??

  • sholla21

    I love it. I use it for my hair and for my skin. Works like a charm 🙂

  • quest

    I just brought a jar yesterday and conditioned my hair with it this morning. My hair feels like silk……I love it!

  • quest

    I just brought some yesterday and conditioned my hair with it this morning, my hair feels like silk…I love it!

  • Seriously

    I love coconut oil! It really does stop hair from breaking and skin from itching! Also, in countries where it is part of the diet, there are lower cases of cardiovascular disease.