Not That Serious: Tamar Braxton Threatens To Sue K. Michelle Over Muppet, ‘We Jump Gates’ Comment

June 27, 2012  |  


It’s no surprise that Tamar Braxton didn’t take too kindly to K. Michelle calling her a “muppet” last week (who would?), but I’m not sure anyone guessed that the youngest Braxton sister would answer the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta castmember’s insult with a lawsuit.

The YBF is reporting:

“Braxton Family Values” star Tamar Braxton issued a “Cease And Desist” order from her New York lawyers yesterday over comments and threats she alleges “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star K. Michelle has made.

When “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” premiered last week, Memphis native K. Michelle made several allegations that her ex-manager and ex-boyfriend abused her mentally and physically. And also stole from her. Without saying record exec Memphitz’s name, folks knew exactly who she was speaking of since he played both roles in her life, and she also made similar allegations over a year ago on Twitter.

Tamar, at the same time the show aired, tweeted to fans that people need to just let the “girl” live her fairytale. While tamar is good friends with Memphitz’s wife, Toya (and also appeared on her show “Tiny & Toya”), many assumed she was taking up for her girl’s husband and accusing K. Michelle of lying.

K. Michelle then went on TT Torrez’s show and said she “jumps gates” and Tamar looks like a muppet and needs to fall back. Shots fired?

According to cease & desist letter, Tamar was actually speaking about Toya. Tamar claims she was defending her friend against people attacking her about her husband and their Paris vacation they were on at the time.

Now Tamar is demanding a public apology and money to hire a “reputation management firm” to clear up her good name.

Of course, no one believes that Tamar was referring to Toya when she tweeted to Toya: “#BEHAPPY IN PARIS while people still telling fairytales!” Tamar’s lawsuit said that tweet was a wish for Toya to enjoy her fairytale in Paris. HUH?! Further, Tamar publicly inserted herself into a situation that had absolutely nothing to do with her (essentially calling K. Michelle a liar in the process) and when K. Michelle publicly clapped back, now Tamar may file a lawsuit?

The way laws are written in this country, they prevent people from saying whatever they want about whoever they want and I think that’s a good thing. However, this doesn’t seem like a true defamation case, nor something that requires a reputation management firm. Tamar is definitely bringing an AK-47 to a thumb wrestling match. On the flipside, K. Michelle didn’t have to call her a muppet. Can women disagree without attacking each other’s appearance? And she also didn’t have to make the “jumping fences” comment. That definitely could be classified as a threat.

Still, this is something that is being blow way out of proportion. Tamar and Toya even went back and deleted all of their tweets. Why? This isn’t the first time Tamar got an incredible amount of keyboard courage (remember she got mad at Jill Scott for complementing Mary Mary’s reality show?).  When you make a habit of throwing grenades online, why come out from behind the computer with bruised feelings and lawsuits? If Tamar Braxton is that fragile, then maybe she should consider minding her own business.

K. Michelle’s cryptic response via Twitter to the cease and desist letter?


Somebody’s not worried. What do you think about Tamar’ lawsuit threat?

Alissa Henry is a freelance writer living in Columbus, OH. Follow her on Twitter @AlissaInPink

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  • When K. Michelle tweeted “Cease and Desist This –” … Chile! If I didn’t get my life! K. Michelle did that honey! Yes Ma’am!!! Tamar looks just like Miss Piggy! Sad part is… She used to be so cute!!!

  • Kenedy

    Am i the only one who doesn’t know what the meaning of “jumps gates” is? Lol…anyway, she’s not gonna win this suit, i really doubt calling someone a muppet could get you in trouble

  • Donna

    I never liked Tamar. I think she has too much mouth & her mama should’ve smacked her in it a looooong time ago. With that being said, I think this girl needs to go somewhere & shut the hell up.

  • I don’t think that lawsuit is necessary. Tamar is special. What I also don’t understand is why people air their past on any television show. I know you need to vent and get things off your chest, but why include viewers in on it? I know certain things make the shows successful but I don’t get how you can be relevant unless it includes drama, affairs, abuse, negativity, and violence.

  • Gala

    I dont get people who talk big, jump in other people business, call other people out indirectly on twitter then get mad when someone responds. WHAT THE Flip? Stop talking!!!!! I dont see what her husband sees in her. She is annoying she tried to jump at Jill Scott and then Jill dismissed her. She jumped at a hood chick and the hood chick basically called her what she is and responded directly.
    Tamar you do look like a muppet with a bad weave. You cannot sue for that. Toya did not even respond… you felt bold and you did so now deal with it… Court?! Girl sit down. She is not gonna jump your fence for real. LOL
    Toni is so much more classy than her sister.

  • Kermit the frog

    Tamar looks like the muppet Janice…. LOL!!!


    Get your sister, FO REAL!!!

  • SMDH

    Dear Ms. Evelyn, you failed with Tamar. You should have tore that up when she was young. Now, she’s a 35 year old woman that STILL doesn’t know, not everything you THINK, should be said! #thatisall

  • That muppet needs to chill the F out n sit her MUPPET lookin behind and best bet for her is to stop challenging K before she (Tamar) get fed her own teeth as a snack!

  • Kori R.

    That’s what she looks like! An ashy muppet! lol

    • Maldrie

      Now that was funny! I don’t know her personally but I cannot stand her from the way she portrayed herself on BFV, she just makes you want to smack the s**t out of her and not to mention it is so obvious she is using Vincent for what he can do for her and does not really love him. TOTALLY A HOT MESS!

  • I swear Tamar is trying to make herself relevant… The situation didnt concern her… Just like starting a twitter beef with Jill Scott… Like in the words of Tamar ” Get ur life”…. She really knows how to waste money calling a “reputation firm ” Child please… u never had a reputation anyway except that you married for money… Build a bridge and get over it… #justsaying

  • Shauntara

    One word…BIRD!

  • babycakes

    first of all wateva went down wit with memphitz and k.michelle is btween them two only .. toya nor tamar should not have anything to say cuz it dont concern them at all.. TAMAR- needs to go somewhere and worry bout her record deal and whether or not her album would be worth sh** nd stop tryin to throw shade at k.michelle if she dont know ha personally.. my motto is dont dish it out if u cant take it.. if she so damn sensitive she shoulda neva said nun to k.michelle in the first place… its aint that damn serious to file a lawsuit over…

  • Jenni

    Tamar, sweetie how about you focus on your “so called singing career” and less on posting unsolicited comments on Twitter…#getyolife

  • Chass

    I cnt believe this heffa is really related to Toni! Tamar is Filthy 2 me!

  • Jay

    Tamar, should take her own advice and have several seats. Just stop being so extra with everything. She aimed her gun and shoot at K. Michelle first, she can’t get mad and sue when K. Michelle fires back. Maybe if she laid off of the plastic surgery and got a decent wig she wouldn’t be called a muppet, but until she fixes that situation going on from her neck on up, she shall continue to be called a muppet.

  • Cat_Eyes

    This just goes to show you that Toni is & will always be the real star of the family. Tamar you are trying too hard. Sit your fake a** down somewhere & take care of your Pillsbury doughbread husband.


    Tamar need to have several seats… As a matter of fact, just lay down some where cause she is really “DOING THE MOST”!!!

  • poetsgroove

    Please Tamar shut the damn door, sit all the way down!!! Somebody really needs to check you boo!

  • Law and Order


  • Yvette

    If Tamar would just spend her free time working on her album that she was soooo thirsty to do then there would be NO TIME to be acting like a high school kid on twitter. This folks is the reason that people who can not take the heat need to stay out of the fire especially when it is none of your business to begin with. Once again Tamar, as you would tell anyone else, GET YOUR LIFE AND HAVE AS MANY SEATS AS YOU CAN FILL!

  • Na Na

    Tamar is a ratchett fool! How she gone talk ish and then start crying when somebody calls her out. Maybe being the youngest of 6 (they have a brother) makes her thinks she can spew garbage out her mouth and no one will say anything about it. But not in real life. Tamar get your life boo and have several seats in the process.

  • Here we go

    Tamar girl stay out of other folks business and continue to shop, look cute and just live in your mansion. Enjoy your blessings and relax. That is all..

  • Merriegirl

    I’m starting to dislike Tamar. She needs to mind her business and stop acting like a child. & recognize that if she wants to be a A-List celebrity she can not be getting involved in other people’s drama.

    • MiMi

      Or host the BET awards… Not a good look for someone who claims to have it all! LOL

    • Kay

      She IS the DRAMA!!!! She is a hot mess with an attitude to match. So sad…smh

  • Kaay

    Tamar is a pure fooooool. Instead of using her reality fame and producer hubby to certifiy her status as a singer she is being messy on twitter. I really can’t stand this! A grown-a$$, with all the opportunity in the world, but you wan’t to act like some silly heaux. Da’n shame!

  • ShondaRay

    Daaaannnngggggg Tamar, you are serious about your record deal or better yet staying revelant. This is sooooooo NOT the way to keep your name out there. Until the next Braxton Family Values please do us all a favor and “Take several seats”

  • sammi_lu

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  • kickash

    i think miss piggy should take her own advice and have several seats. she started it, and she wants to sue somebody for sayin something back in retaliation? and on top of that the situation had nothing to do with her anyway. i think someones mad cause her ratings are getting stolen….

  • Amija James

    When you mind your own business, people don’t have to put you in your place. I can’t stand when people say isht then when they get called on it, they want to change it up.