Enjoy the Ride! 6 Incredible Tales of Ratchetness on Public Transportation

July 11, 2012  |  
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If there’s one thing that unites all people, it’s that when we need to get from Point A  to Point B (and occasionally point c) we have to seek out ways of transportation.  If you have your own transportation, or live in a neighborhood that you can walk to your destination, then you are very lucky.  But if you have to take public transportation you’re just as lucky.  Not only are you saving the environment with mass carpooling, but when else can you get people from so many different walks of life and see some of the most bizarre things you will ever witness?

Personally, I’ve witnessed a conversation of old men on the Greyhound debating which of their former prisons were the best, and then begin to threaten to stab each other.  How about the guy who, when I was in college, would take advantage of crowded buses to grope the women and sing “Falsetto” in our ears… creepy.  Or the guy who was rolling a blunt on the train, and then whenever people started looking started brandishing a knife and mouthing obscenities at people.  You can’t get these types of stories while you’re driving in your safe car!

Some stories are crazy, and others you really just need to see to believe.  Therefore, I’m going to share six tales of craziness that happened on public transportation, courtesy of the posters of YouTube and one vid from Worldstarhiphop.  If I missed something, let me know.  Hope you enjoy the clips, and if you’re playing the clips at work, beware, because some people like to let the expletives fly!!

Souljah Girl

Now, this video proved to be somewhat controversial.  People were using it as a means to discuss voyeurism, bipolar disorder, and the importance of doo rags (“Where my doo rag at?!”)  No matter what side of the debates you’re on, you can’t deny that this video is all types of crazy. It starts off with an elderly woman sitting on the Marta train in Atlanta, and a young woman dressed in red is arguing with her.  Now, we don’t know what exactly happened, if the old lady started the drama, but the lady who is named “Hoodrat” in the YouTube title definitely decides to finish it.  Getting up, yelling in the lady’s face, freestyling, accusations of rape.  Oh yes, this video has it all, and if you’re as juvenile as I am, you can find some entertaining remixes of it on YouTube as well.

Cell Phone Ruckus

If you’ve ever had to ride the bus to school, you might be able to relate to this video.  In high school there are certain rules that you have to abide by, even on the bus.  When the bus driver tries to stop a student from talking on the phone and confiscate it, the student throws a canip-fit and angry words become angry actions when the disgruntled student tries to get off the bus.  Things get even crazier when a fellow student, who is also the daughter of the bus driver, jumps into the melee.

The Bus Dancer

When Gloria Estefan sang “The rhythm is going to get you…” I don’t think that she was thinking about this guy.  But the rhythm did seek, and his sweet sweet dance moves answered the call.  This guy, who is regularly seen in Philly streets dancing, is here busting a move.  I don’t know if it’s his Napoleon Dynamite-type choreography, or the freedom that he has in dancing, but I envy you and your confidence, good sir.

The Failed Crooner

I’m not a singer, so I’m not going to bust this guy out for his… interesting take on Drake and Rihanna’s “Take Care.”  But I will focus on the guy who is trying EXTRA hard to keep it together and not laugh.  I feel you, buddy.  I feel you.

“Call the Amber-lance…”

What happens when an argument turns into a man showering an opponent with mighty fists of fury on a man 17 years his junior?  You get this video.  Now, at the 2:22 mark is what you want to see, but watch the whole thing so you can get context of what led to the blows.

Bus shooting

Now, I’ve had fun finding these clips, and not to bum you all out but here’s a clip that we’ve discussed before.  A woman, after spanking her child and getting verbally reprimanded for it calls up family members and associates and tell them to shoot the man who disapproved of her decision to spank her child. With all levity it’s kind of sucky to realize that your trip can take such a drastic turn.  So please, be safe, and be careful of who you talk to and about on the bus.  You never know what others are capable of.

Kendra Koger loves witnessing the crazy things that happen on public transportation.  Witness her tweet @kkoger.

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