“Ho*s Be Winning!” 8 People Who Became Overnight Celebrities For Being Scandalous

June 26, 2012  |  
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Is it just me, or have the past few years of reality TV and tell-all books allowed people who embody all things shady get to the top and gain celebrity? Seriously, these days young women are seeing that while an education is nice, if you do something scandalous and talk about it for all to hear, you can get book deals, TV shows, roles in movies, endorsements, advertising for your business ventures and more. Decorum is out for dollars folks, and if you don’t believe me, check out the following individuals. I don’t like to say “Hoes be winning,” so I’ll just say these seven “fools” were (and currently are) winning for all the wrong reasons.


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Karrine “Superhead” Steffans

Nobody gained so much notoriety for discussing lewd behavior as Karrine Steffans did after she revealed a who’s who list of famous (and often, VERY married) rappers she rolled in the sack with or went down on in “Confessions of a Video Vixen.” The chick was on “Oprah” for goodness sake! While the book was interesting, and you could also feel for her a little bit as a woman who was sexually assaulted and had it change her in path in life, it also left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe the whole kissing and telling culture just bothers me, but she didn’t seem that apologetic to the wives of the women she slept with, and spent more time either lauding the men and their packages or dissing their stroke. And after the fact she jumped on the media blitz getting her name out there, still dissing or running after men she claimed to be in love with (like Lil’ Wayne) and signed contracts to put out more of these kinds of books, and more. In the end, I think Steffans just exposed herself most over the years as an all-around sloppy individual, airing out everyone she ran into, including her ex-husband Darius McCrary, Bobby Brown and her current husband via Twitter. She made millions off of being messy.

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Rielle Hunter

For the past couple of days, I’ve been watching television and finding that I can’t avoid the face of Rielle Hunter. You know her, she’s the filmmaker who started a scandalous affair with Democrat John Edwards, one of the many people who tried to go toe-to-toe with Barack Obama for the Democratic party’s nomination in 2008. Though he was married, and at the time, his wife, the late Elizabeth Edwards was at the time battling cancer, they continued a relationship with one another and even had a child together. While most women would feel some sort of guilt and try to stay out of the public eye and the media glare for doing such a thing, Hunter got sassy for GQ, sat down with Barbara Walters, and as we know now, is putting out a book about the affair: “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me” She even takes shots at the late Elizabeth Edwards in her memoir, calling her a “venomous” individual, and a “witch on wheels.” Word? With her smug smile and book, she’s been making the media rounds and of course, making money.

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Seriously, back when B2K was a big group, were you really checking for Raz-B? I thought not.

After the break up of the teeny-bopper R&B group, everyone else went out and continued making music, but Raz-B started cooking up trouble. He was starting beefs with Chris Brown on Twitter, and started calling out different guys in the industry as gay, including Marques Houston. He also came out and said he faced molestation at the hands of former manager Chris Stokes. All of this drama has worked in his favor, because he just signed a book deal with Corona Sky Productions (like the drink??? No? Well, never heard of them…) to push a book in 2012 called “This Boy’s Life.” Not only will it discuss the problems he faced in the industry, and the alleged molestation by Chris Stokes, but it will air out others in the business who are allegedly living on the DL, throwing around names like Bow Wow, Omarion and Chris Brown. Sorry, but this guy’s credibility just doesn’t make what he says all that believable, but good look to you brotha…

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Kat Stacks

*Throws up in mouth* Now this chick??? She was too much for me. Kat Stacks spent all of 2010 terrorizing the dumb rappers who slept with her, and that included a long list of folks, from Bow Wow, allegedly ALL of Young Money, Fabolous, Soulja Boy and even Choppa City formerly of Da Band. The groupie lied about folks using drugs, discussed her many sexcapades, showed off her lady bits and gave other women the opportunity to talk about the famous men they’d been with on her site, Katstacks.com (it’s down now). I don’t know how much money she made, but her website was once thriving, bringing in millions of viewers and making her a World Star Hip-Hop regular. But recently, Stacks has had a change of heart and said she wants to turn her life around and be a role model to young women. She’ll have to wait to do that since she’s in immigration jail and all (she’s Venezuelan), but yeah, she needs to get herself together. ASAP.

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Toni Newman

If you thought Raz-B was bad, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Toni Newman. Or better yet, until you’ve read his book, “Still I Rise.” I’m sure Maya Angelou is somewhere pissed…

The transgender author and former prostitute with a Bachelor’s from Wake Forest University (crazy, right?) tried to get his Superhead on when he decided to write “Still I Rise,” and in the process, tried his best to out LL Cool J, Eddie Murphy and the DJ, Mister Cee. Too bad the latter men have been living with gay rumors for years, and LL Cool J? Child, please. A big “Child, please” when the only real details you offer are that ““LL Cool J was a onetime encounter and very enjoyable.” And it doesn’t help to call someone gay when you say YOU didn’t have relations with them, but know five transgender individuals who “said” they did. As Jay-Z would say, “We don’t believe you, you need more people!”

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Carmen Bryan

I guess there’s no better way to get back at the father of your children then to write a book airing out all their dirty laundry, bragging about how you slept with their rival and defining the idea of TMDI: “Too Much Damn Information.” In her book, “It’s No Secret: From Nas to Jay-Z, from Seduction to Scandal–a Hip-Hop Helen of Troy Tells All” she admitted that Nas wasn’t a fan of Jay-Z early on, and that’s exactly why she went after him. She aired out who was better at what in bed, how she created problems between Nas and other rappers (not just Jay, but also Pete Rock after she had an affair with him) and basically makes it seem like everything Nas did both in his music and personal life was about her or to get back at her. Yet she also claimed she wanted to stay out of the public eye and just take care of their daughter…Uh, then why did you drop the book?

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Erica Mena

Before Erica Mena popped up on “Love & Hip-Hop” not too long ago, she was making a name for herself as a crazy chick way before she made a guest appearance that turned into a recurring role full of drama. There’s a HollywoodTV video of the “model” running down the street in LA to open up a can of whoop a** on the father of her child, Raul Conde. And we’re talking slaps, closed-fist punches, and even a high kick on ‘ol dude that would make any cheerleading coach proud. If that wasn’t enough, we all know she got on “Love & Hip-Hop” and started talking ish and caused a fight to break out between her and Kimbella (who is also a bit scandalous in her own way…ahem..Fabulous anyone???). Why anyone would want to get their foot in the door for putting their foot in people’s a**es, I don’t know…

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

No offense to Kim I’m sure she’s come a long way, but we all know Kim K and her family wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for that sex tape. And may I say, if I had a sex tape drop I think the last thing my parents and siblings would want to do is put our behinds on television, but that’s Kris Jenner for you! The mother of the large clan was reportedly grateful for the sex tape publicity. And as for Kim, you’re mad scandalous for messing with Ray-J of all people, girl, you should have known better! But I guess it all paid off. She’s got TV shows, perfumes, endorsements, gets paid double people’s yearly wages to show up at clubs and is living the life with her boo Kanye, riding around in Lambos in Paris.

Damn. Why did I decide to go to school again?

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