Are You an Alpha Female?

June 23, 2012  |  

When referring to humans, we usually hear the term “alpha male” when describing a man who is powerful, competitive and is a leader who stands out among all men. But the same term applies to women who possess similar traits – the Alpha Female.

Alpha Females are intelligent, “take charge” women who can be seen as powerful, or aggressive, depending on who you ask. Being an Alpha Female should be looked at as a good thing, but most bold women are sometimes recognized as high-maintenance or even a Itchbay by society’s standards.

So are you an Alpha Female? If so, there may be some pros and cons to possessing strong traits. If you are unsure, read through these characteristics to see if any of them describe you.

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  • veronica

    I don’t agree with a single point you made in this article. Alpha females don’t come across as bitchy, arrogant or emotionally unavailable. They don’t try to be men. They embrace their femininity. They know how to work the room and make everyone feel at ease. They pick up on subtle cues and know how to get their way, but they aren’t manipulative or careless. I don’t think they are necessarily career oriented either. They are just great at whatever they choose to dedicate themselves too. My mother was a successful career woman, I consider her an Alpha female. My mother-in-law was a homemaker and she rocked at it. I consider her an Alpha female as well.

  • Jacque M.

    I don’t think the article focuses on the alpha female outside of a relationship. Some alpha female were made because of circumstances being her control. Meaning, if she grew up poor, then she made a promise to herself she would do better. If she saw her mom being an alpha then she learned it by example, buy on the flip side if she witnessed her mom being overly dominated or was in a relationship where she herself was overly dominated then the alpha comes out as a survival tool. Most men don’t appreciate the alphas need to remain independent. It’s a form of defense and being in control of your own destiny.

  • Jewels

    How about changing other ladies period cycles to your own? I have to stay on the pill to control my crazy hormones. When I’m off it I’m on another level. Also, my sisters and girl friends always ask me if I am on my period so that I don’t mess theirs up! LOL I think there is a physical aspect to the Alpha female than the life style, and it’s not being masculine it’s about being 100% female and loving it all.
    I’m tired of the expression of a woman who’s in charge of her life is being manly, and other women who think being ladylike is weak. I love seeing women with a straight head, genuin, secure, and driven to life, love, and whatever comes along.

  • Fearless Marshall

    Alpha Females read the Alpha Bible given by the Alpha Omega himself; God. It tells you how, who, when, and where.

    All these articles are adjusted to fit the world of today….Imjustsaying…..I’m old skool and it works perfectly without all the what if’s.

  • Hmm mmm

    Im sorry this list just describes someone who just has a b*tchy personality. alpha female does not have to be synonymous with being a b*tch, just sounds like someone who is overall unpleasant to be around whose always trying to prove that she has it going on and doesnt need anyone for anything. The same ones who never miss a networking party or get together in hopes of meeting someone on”her level”. Please!


    I didn’t know an alpha female had everything to do with a man nd not the women herself. I was expecting adjectives like strong, goal oriented, succesful. Not the description of a female player. Talk about self empowerment or self degradation.

    • Pivyque

      I thought I was the only one that noticed! I was trying to see if this was a good article to show my little cousin for motivation…but apparently not lol

      • janthonyrose

        I saw all of those adjectives used in this article to describe an alpha female – guess we weren’t reading the same article?

        • Pivyque

          I can’t speak for curiosity, but I am referring to the fact that it keeps reverting to how she should do so and so for a man. It seemed more like a dating guide than an ode to Alpha Females.

  • HephziBah Corban

    No. I am thee Alpha Female

    …sorry behtches!

  • CriticXtreme

    If more black women were truly in control, not settling for second best, he race would be a lot better.

  • Tia

    I am definitely not an alpha female. Nothing wrong with being one though and I think a lot of women have had to become an alpha female.

  • melissa

    Yep sounds like me. Especially number 3. I dont want anyone to have an impression I owe them anything. I’ll pay my own way. Lessons I learned from Dad, The first man I ever loved. 🙂 Why am I supposed to lower myself so that my man won’t feel as if im taking his masculinity. If he’s that insecure he is just a waste of my space anyway. It’s never my intention to take away his masculinity or make him feel like I dont need him but at the same time Im not going to portray myself as some needy, clingy woman to boost his ego.

    • Coco J

      Couldn’t have said it better myself lol…but I’m definitely an Alpha female (have known this way before this article)…also a Capricorn, which I attribute it to aswell.

  • FamuRattler85

    Welp, I guess I’m an Alpha Female.

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  • Kadija

    Its outragoues how all of the qualities that is articles defines for an alpha female are ALL in relation to a man. Yet, none of the qualities defined for an alpha male are in relation to women. Completely hetero-nomrative and down plays empowered women. An alpha female, or a virago, is a term used to describe a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic. qualities.

    • Courtney

      The article never said these qualities were male only, it simply said we’ve heard the term “alpha male” but rarely hear the term “alpha female” although the same characteristics apply to both sexes. I don’t think this article downplays empowered women at all – in fact, I think it celebrates them, yet gives some perspective as to how they are perceived. There are some powerful women who abuse that power, just like men do…and they need to be checked when they do. I think that’s all this articles is suggesting.

      • Hawaiian Breeze

        You greatly misunderstood. She didn’t say the qualities were male only. She said that they were all in relation to a man. Meaning – All of the things listed all had to do with how the woman is making the man feel while it is not true for the opposite.

  • Alpha females tend to be masculine and most men don’t like women who challenge their masculinity whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    • L-Boogie

      What is deemed challenging your masculinity?

      • chaka1

        Always looking for flaws, trying to one-up your man, and constantly declaring your independence. Some women don’t know how to fight fair and don’t understand that couples who spend a lot of time together will sometimes argue. It’s part of being in interconnected relationship. I was a self-centered shrew to a couple of ex-boyfriends and I regret it sometimes. I was so sure that I knew everything, but in reality I was afraid of getting hurt.

        • L-Boogie

          I can understand that.

        • Hawaiian Breeze

          What does looking for someone’s flaws have to do with masculinity? What is it called then if two women/two men are in a relationship together and they look for each other’s flaws? What does one’s independence have to do with masculinity? What is it then when a man tries to one-up his girlfriend/wife? Is he challenging her femininity?

          • chaka1

            The point is sometimes we undermine our relationships by not looking at things from the partner’s perspective. Many of us have done this. Often we fell it’s all about our needs and feelings. We sometimes forget there is a second person involved. Not all men are out to hurt you. Some actually want to love you if you allow them.

    • chaka1

      Correct. I learned that lesson the hard way. You can be a alpha female, but still understand that most GOOD men want to be the leaders in a household. Challenge a man too much on the little things and you will find yourself alone at 45 in a relationship with your vibrator and your cat.

      • L-Boogie


      • Ay Yo

        Great call

  • Seriously

    You have to be somewhat of an alpha female… it does not include being a b**** or being rude at all. I feel like this article suggests that a strong woman has to learn how to act nice or what not. I am the nicest person! But you have to be strong, because you will meet men who will try to tear you down! I work and go to university, I met a man in my building who told me I was a square bc I had to study, or funny acting because I didn’t want to waste my time with him. You have to know where you are going and your value!!

    • L-Boogie

      I understand that. Most men do not understand these type of women do not want to undermine them. They simply want their own.

      • Seriously


  • IllyPhilly

    I don’t know, ask my followers.