Black Women Absent on Forbes’ Highest-Paid Actress List

June 20, 2012  |  


Forbes released its annual list of highest-paid actresses and Kristen Stewart tops the list, raking in $34.5 million over the past year. The 22-year-old most recently anchored the popular Twilight franchise and this summer’s Snow White & the Huntsman.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the list is lack of representation for a single woman of color. This year there is no minority women in the top 10. The last woman of color to crack the top ten was Halle Berry in 2007 after co-starring in the blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand, making $15 million that year.



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  • Did anyone think about the fact that not many minorities have been in films in the last few years? The people on the list continue to act, therefore they can command more. Not saying there isn’t racism, there obviously is(duh! it’s hollywood), however, we should think before we use the “it’s because they’re black” excuse.

  • Martinez

    There are no Asians or Hispanics either and don’t bother to mention Cameron Diaz she identifies as white becuase she is. She has a Spanish last name but her father was a Castilian Cuban (white Spaniard descent only) and her mother is German. Cameron is as American as they come only acknowledges her American culture and speaks only English.

  • Guest

    this is all very intriguing but I haven’t read it. just wanted to say halle berry looks great in that photo lol

  • Annons

    Until a black actress can play a Julia Robert’s role or Angelina or appear in Twilight, then you won yourself a high paid black actress. We need to learn how to diversify ourselves. Even, with Tyler Perry having access to Hollywood, look at the type of movies or roles we are still portraying. It’s the same thing. I’m tired of hearing us complain about everything, we have to build a brand for ourselves first. I mean, I don’t see Asian or Latin women complaining.

  • GM_I

    Blk actresses are absent the forbes list maybe becuz it said “HIGHEST-PAID”…when forbes comes out with the “LOWEST-PAID” actresses list, im sure blk actresses will dominate that one lol XD
    Seriously tho, only a handful of blk actors (i.e. blk male actors) are gettin multi-million dollar movie deals becuz they can bring in a crowd…no matter how many Tyler Perry movies get made, its not gonna make any blk female actress or blk male actors stock rise up in hollywood, being in one of those Tyler Perry presents movies is actually more of a burden than anything, its a small step above the crappy indie-film barely anybody goes to see or hears about, only person making money off those c00n flicks is Tyler Perry and the white folks at Lionsgate.

  • cool boy fresh

    hollywood was not made for blacks.why cant we have our own hollywood , rich black people dont do nothing but kiss whites ass.because rich black are scared of whites

    • dee

      I’ve NEVER heard of blacks being scared of whites. You sound uneducated and immature. There are many colored folks that have it going for them self just check out Tyler Perry. Think about your ignorant comments before you post them.

  • I, for one, am totally shocked that a blk woman didn’t make the list considering that white Jews run Hollywood and you would love to say white men love them some black women. If they love you so much surely they would pay you enough to make this list correct? lol