Mona Scott-Young Has a Tip For Love & Hip-Hop Critics: Change The D*mn Channel

June 20, 2012  |  

We’ve only seen one episode of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” but it obviously didn’t take long for people to chalk it up as a ratchet hot mess of a show. Apparently all that talk has made it’s way back to the show’s producer, Mona Scott-Young, and already she’s tired of it.

Using the best platform to get your “I don’t care what you have to say ’bout me” thoughts out there, Mona took to Twitter to extend this message to critics”

You know what they say..”Shoot the messenger”. But more simply, if you don’t like the show…DON’T WATCH IT! Freedom of choice!! I just … the folks talking s*** but glued to the screen. Change the damn channel!! LOL!”

I mean yeah, at this point arguing against this show is like making a case against video models in rap videos: these women signed up for this, nobody is forcing them to be there. Now, if the show turns violent like “Basketball Wives,” which it doesn’t appear to be from the season preview, then there should be an argument against it’s promotion of bullying and all that mess. But right now all we’re seeing are women walking around like little lost hip-hop puppies. You could probably make a case for it’s exploitation of fools in love but these women were lost long before the cameras started rolling.

That being said, do you think Mona has a point? If you don’t like it, don’t watch?

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  • Alias Darker

    I don’t tune in to this show but still i have a problem with it . the effect it has on younger people . It’s my right to worry about that and the same way this b*tch is rejecting the responsibility of any consequences this show may have , the same way I’m saying : It’s my right to worry about it ! the show is in the wrong, it’s encouraging certain types of behavior, making them look cool and alluring . sorry but I don’t find a bunch of illiterate fools and hookers cool, nor funny and entertaining . I believe this show is a money grab period . they don’t give a damn about anyone they affect . I am so sick of this generation .

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  • RealTruth

    Either she’s another money-grubing idiot or she just doesn’t get!Not only will I “change the channel”but I will not spend a dime on any sponsor that advertises on these wretched shows. So go shuck and jive that b.s. someplace else!

  • Love me love me not

    Stfu and watch the show only the ones complaining must

    identify wth these behaviors being portrayed I am African American and this show doesn’t bother me nor define me I have white friends and meet new 1’s everyday they don’t even know this s*** exist this is entertainment and this is how some people live there lives if it brings back memories of your behavior get psychological hel

    • Love me love me not


  • Pristine

    No, she does not have a point… She is yet another person out to make a profit off the degradation of Black people. Real Housewives of the OC had women who were married… Real Housewives of Atlanta there were like 1.5 husbands. Basketball WIVES .5 husbands. Now comes Love and Hip Hop Atlanta… home of Jazzy Pha, Andre, CeeLo, and a host of other REAL HIP HOP Artists and producers who might be a little more above board and she picks these ignorant dregs of Atlanta Society to represent the scene… PUHLESE… you can tell when people are dragging the bottom of the barrel and this was definitely a drag… A FORMER PIMP are you kidding me? I did not watch because any time a grown man is asking a woman who’s baby is it I already know its a disgrace… yes its proof that you are having unprotected sex with a woman who is iffy… come on better quality TV… stop worrying about your pocket. We need the Drop Squad for this woman.

    • These women may represent YOU, but she does not represent those of us who are not like that. If grown women want to make fools of themselves they should be able to do it. they have no obligation to an entire community of people unless we elected them to that position.


    all the talk (negative or positive) only promotes these “reality” shows for a whopping $FREE.99. not only should we change the channel, WE should boycott it all and force VH1 to stand for “Video Hits” AGAIN….not “Vixens & Hoes”

  • Excepcion

    Just wondering if this woman has kids .. better yet is she a god mother/auntie/sister .. is she telling her “kids” to stay tuned for the next episode ? I doubt it. Even if you were to chalk it up as adult entertainment she’s a poor excuse for a role model/mentor if that’s how she deems herself. We know what her price is now and shes selling her self cheap !

  • NoConcern

    I think that people just expected more from the Basketball Wives because they appeared to represent a different group, but as for Mona and her folks…I think whateva honey, you and your cast do you…lol

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  • colliz6

    I agree with Mona, i can’t stand all the bitching and complaining about these reality shows yet the same ones complaining tune in week after week. Reality shows in general whether the cast is black or white is ratchet and laced with drama. If it’s so offensive to you DON’T WATCH. Those of us that do watch can do without your the bickering and unnecessary remarks. Thank you.

  • MzCali

    Slow clap for Mona. That’s a life lesson as well. Whenever you don’t like something change it or just keep it pushing. I like the show because instead creating drama in my own life I can watch someone else’s drama. And for any dummy that says “oh people are going to think we all act like this and blah blah blah” Everyone already have a stereotype of us anyway. I mean hello our President and First Lady are the epitome of black class and they still call them monkeys and n!ggers, so I say to all my black people, be yourself because no matter what there will always be an idiot that WILL judge you even before you open your mouth!!!!

  • Truth

    While I’ll agree that no one is forced to participate or watch these shows, she’s smart enough to know that NO medium radio, tv, internet, etc. is above critique. When you portray women in what most would deem a negative light, you’ve signed up to get all the backlash and smack-talking that comes with it. So yeah, Mona, I’ll change the channel; but you also need to get real. Oh and speaking of, I’ve never seen such poorly scripted acting in all my life. No wonder it comes on before Single Ladies.

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  • Instead of setting an example for these young women, She is pimping them as well. She is no better than the no good n*&&a# they are calling men.

  • Miami

    These shows go beyond you changing the channel. They are a breeding ground for negative perceptions of black women that will no doubt impact the way we are engaged in the streets, in corporate America and around the world. If you don’t think these images matter – you are wrong and short-sighted. Start traveling a little more and see how blacks are viewed around the globe since people in other countries only know us from what they see. These entertainers have no sense of responsibility. They trick off an amazing platform to uplift the community to play right into the very stereotypes that limit us. #Do better

  • lisa

    We all love watching train wrecks, and this is going to be a hot mess of one. If not for nothing it’s a lesson in what not to do to keep or get a man. It’s still my guilty pleasure, and will change the channel when I’m good and ready.

    • Coco J

      Damn right! Lol well said.

  • ijs

    It’s like a train wreck, once I cought a glimpse I couldn’t turn away. But she’s right, as Americans we have the freedom of choice and I plan to exercise it and not watch that ratchetness.

  • Evilena

    Kudos Mona…I said the same thing about all the BBW hoopla. If you don’t like it…why are you watching? And if you aren’t watching…how do you know what’s going on. There are real problems in this world…this is so not one of them.

  • guest

    this is all im going to say about the matter. If you do not like the show guess what all reality shows are the same. DO NOT WATCH TV PERIOD….. go outside or read a book..its simple!

  • Cha Cha

    that’s exactly what I did last night… changed the d*mn channel.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    She’s absolutely right. I don’t watch the show and won’t watch the show. If other people follow suit, it will go off the air.

    • LoveBeingBlessed

      great! loving this idea!

    • Coco J

      That looks good on paper…but people will never NOT watch these shows…people are nosey by nature…so when these people put their business and lives on national TV, of course people are gonna watch…these shows will continue to get good ratings.

  • Yvette

    Let’s look at this show for what it really is okay. Mona is not exploiting these women because they knew what they were signing up for, so actually they are exploiting themselves because they could have said NO when approached about doing this show, but money and fame (infamy) is obviously more important. Now, is Mona reaping the benefits…….YES, but that would not happen without WILLING participants. I know that alot of stuff is edited but there would be nothing to edit without the material that the cast members supply. I detest Shaunie O’Neal’s behavior because she sits back and tries to pretend she doesn’t have the power that we all know she has as an executive producer of her show. As far as I know, Mona has never ran from the fact that she does have a say so in what happens with this show. And let’s face it people, crazy is and down right triffling is what sells unfortunately. SMH.

    • Pristine

      She is not exploiting the people on her show… HECK NAH… they are making money. Who she is exploiting is the Black Community. We have to be careful of what we are portraying for ourselves. I saw outtakes, and since Monday I have seen about 15 women in my community wearing a big head scarf around a wig. Most people with common sense know that the woman who was wearing that looked like a damn clown, yet these highly impressionable ignorant viewers will copy what they see on the show.

      • Oh my God, she is not exploiting the black community. In case you didn’t know there are more people in the black community than those on tv. These people do not represent us, they represent themselves.

  • E-GO

    I agree with Mona 1000%, change the channel! It’s not just Blacks shows that get a bad rap, it’s all reality shows! Why do we as Black take all responsibility and blame for everything and why does one bad Black show represent us all? It doesn’t! Who cares what White people think? In fact, only nitwits believe everything that they see on television! White people who actually know Black people don’t think this way about all of us. Have you see RHONJ or Mob Wives? Trash as well! If you want to watch something positive, then watch PBS or the OWN network and get a life!

  • beenana

    why does Mona act like people cant have an opinion of the bull crap she puts out there. i do agree if you don’t like it change the channel.However if you are like me you saw some of the show, thought it was bulls@#t and decided to change the channel and then take mess about it. I watch 30 mins of it, decided it was scripted and changed the channel. I’m sooooooo tired of watching the same thing over and over and over again, but this show for some reason just takes it to another whole level of ratchetness to me. so I wont be watching the show. I rather watch Tia & Tamera that comes on at the same time

  • Mona has a point. If we don’t like what is being portrayed then we shouldn’t watch it. If there are not enough viewers to watch the train wreck of these females then the show will be cancelled which will force people like Mona to come up with better shows with some positivity

  • Mona does have a point. If we don’t like what is being

  • StephLuv

    Just expected more from you Shaunie, I mean Mona! Something more creative than another show exploiting black women on tv. Not watching!

  • Common Cent$

    Oh please how about putting out better content you know if we stop watching you will stop getting those checks to pimp out the women on your show. Please have a seat Mona!

  • moren

    The show is gutter, but you know what I said ? Maybe by next season ( like other shows) they will have stepped their game up bringing more fashion, class etc etc…..LHHATL is hood, and my problem with that is story lines are ok but I tune in mostly to see the fashion, their big houses, fancy cars, favorite hot spots, along with a juicy story-line. I will continue to watch maybe ( I get bored fast) but that’s what i’m missing from lhhatl ! Something need to be done to step the quality up. Weather it’s a quality cast member idk

    • Coco J

      I also MAINLY watch these shows for the fashion & hairstyles too…everything else is just extra for me…My fav on LHHATL is K.Michelle…this Chile had 3 different hairstyles in the 1st show….LOVES IT.

    • Ayana

      Thats also the main reason that I watch the show! I’m in the dashion business and I need to keep up with the latest and greatest! I can’t deal with the drama and the ratchetness tho! If the shows were a little more classy like Single Ladies, it wouldn’t be that bad!

  • IllyPhilly

    That’s right cuz hoodrats need to their representation on tv too. I’m tired of seeing all these positive Black men and women laughing and loving and living right on every damn channel. *side eye*

    • LoveBeingBlessed

      that is so right YOU hit the nail on the head with that one! lol

    • omg, I love you!

  • Coconut

    I go along with the writer, as long as it doesn’t turn into BBW then I don’t care. I’m really tired of us having to walk on eggshells around white ppl in fear of what they think of us. If they think we’re like these women on these shows, they’re going to think that regardless. Of course, we shouldn’t give them the ammo, but I know I’ll don’t act like this and never will, so I’ll just tune in for the rachetnes. *guilty pleasure*

    • Gimmeabreak78

      To be fair, I don’t really think it’s about what we (black women) look like to white people. It has more to do with what we look like to our daughters and little sisters. if those young ladies think that being a rapper or athlete’s plaything is all they should aspire to in life, then we are in big trouble.

    • Evilena

      Many white people are gonna think negatively of you for no reason other than that you are black…will you stop being black??

      • guest

        thats right!

      • guest

        thats right!

  • Sweet_yams

    I agree that people should not tune in… I also believe TV programs should be developed that better depict people of color…..these shows display the same BS of other reality shows just different people