Single Black Male: 3 Reasons Why Men Send Unsolicited Photos of Their Junk

June 25, 2012  |  

Since the advent of the Struggleberry, sexting has become prevalent in male/female communications. We have evolved from the “beep me 911” era, to emoticons and MMS messages filled with pictures, voice recordings, and other filthy treasures. Usually men will engage in such behaviour when they know a common interest exists, but some guys go the extra mile. They think outside of the box so that they can get inside of yours, ladies. So what will they do to change the game? They will send you pictures of their junk of course! Women have asked me for some time to explain why a man, who isn’t their boyfriend, husband, or even sleeping with them, would send them cock shots? Why would they choose to defile their iPhone screen with such temerity? I can think of three reasons men want to show women what they’re working with early and often:

It’s Part Of His Courting Process

I’ve never been accused of having “game”, but there are dudes who calculate their movements with women to the most minute details. There are also men who just don’t give a fcuk. Where these two mentalities converge is when we discuss package pics. When men get your number, and holla at you, they are trying to impress you, make you laugh, and ultimately unlock the gate to your box everlasting. According to their logic, one of the fastest and most impressive ways to get in a womans pants, is to show women what’s in theirs!  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Why would men send a text that says “You tryna chill tonight?!”, when a picture of their meat can say all of that and more, right? Right?!

He’s Impressed And He Feels You Should Be Impressed #AsWell

Men can act like the most confident of the sexes at any given time. We think we are Big Meech, Larry Hoover, Obama, and Jesus at the same (damn) time! When it comes to sexual prowess, it’s even worse. It’s not just the “handsome” dudes either, because if you don’t think ugly dudes don’t win, then you are delusional. Speaking of delusional, some of these men that send women pictures of their strombone personify that term perfectly! They aren’t ashamed of themselves, and they will sext you with the biggest, pedophile-like smile on their faces. They figure that since they are carrying a small person in their pants, one glance at this specimen on a woman’s smart phone will make their panties rain from the Heavens! Unfortunately, this small person might be mini-me! Most men don’t measure up to their own illusions of grandeur, and they end up looking foolish!

He Doesn’t Understand The Unwritten Female “Show And Tell” Law

Fellas, I’m about to drop the most precious of jewels, so pay attention. When you text, write, or email anything to a woman, you are subject to the Female Show And Tell law. This law dictates that any incriminating pictures or text messages that you send to a woman, whether solicited or not, can and will be shown to the recipients 5-500 closest female friends for review and ridicule purposes.

Those pictures of your Love Below that you sent her with the “toungue sticking out” emoji, have now been viewed over 1000 times in the last half hour by her inner circle.  You have a legendary email chain titled, “Look at what this negro sent me :-O” being distributed all over the Internet now! At this very moment, that woman and some of her friends are in a GroupMe or GChat conversation now discussing your idiotic actions.

If you didn’t know by now, understand that women discuss men with their friends. Your girlfriend’s best friends know your intimate details, or enough of them to make you side-eye the entire clique. If women are that candid about their mates, how much more candid do you think they will be with a dude they haven’t been intimate with yet? Hey, maybe you are half man, half horse, and you don’t care, but know that you are the personal Instagram model for dozens of women that you don’t even know. For free.

Ladies, I hope this gives you proper insight to what men are thinking when they hit send with a racy picture attached. This audacity by men is high risk, high reward. Remember that if they do it without reserve, it must have worked before!

Women: What do you do when you receive an unsolicited D-Pic? Why do you think this occurs? How do the men react?

Fellas: Why do you send these pics to women? What do you fear when you send them, and how often does this tactic work? Do you think it’s easier to get pics from women or men? Are these chicks pictures cute? Forward to the email address “” Please and Thank You!

StreetZ is a writer for the men’s blog Single Black Male. Streetz enjoys the enigma that is his life, and let’s his opinions excel in textual form. His passion for storytelling and diverse interests are driven by both his life experiences, and his desire to motivate and be inspired. Follow him on twitter @StreetzTalk


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  • I’ve never gotten one of these. Ever. No.

  • Me

    It occurs because they toss it out there in hopes that you will send them nude photos back. I do, just photos of other men that have sent me unsolicited photos.

  • Ifuaskme2

    Men send DP’s because they have nothing else going for them. Except that what they thought was impressive wasn’t going for them either.

  • Analyst

    It’s always the men with the smallest d**ks that send the d-pics.. #Fail.

  • although I’ve never done it for fear of being killed, I’ve always wanted to send a pic back of another mans package that i have stored somewhere in my “i cant believe this negro just sent this sh*t to me” file..but i think ill wait until i receive my 100th unsolicited dic pic in recognition of such a special time in my life…I have sent other random pics of other guys (“at the gym”, or some other occasion with no shirt on from like 2 summers ago) to guys who send me an unsolicited pic and then ask for a “pic in return” like i have a album full of vagina pics… and they send me these pics at like 3:00pm…like dude…im at fu**ing work, and i work with kids why the hell would i want this right now?! (or ever for that matter)…don’t get me started. i just posted a status update about this very subject the other day which is my biggest pet peeve and will totally ruin any potential relationship/dating interest. any unsolicited pics (dic or no dic) is practically a deal breaker…

  • PoetDiva

    Lmao this is an epidemic. My sister and I laugh and share pics all the time and unbeknownst to the sender he just got a big X and a not happening beside his name.

  • Jasmine M.

    Honestly….the last time this happen to me I was with my entire family and it popped on the screen. From a man I stopped talking to for months nonetheless. I went off on this man…in the most pleasant way possible. I basically said, “How dare you send something this like this to my phone. You have no idea if I am with my family or friends or who has my phone. That was incredibly disrespectful” to which he replied, how is that disrespectful I’m just letting you know I’m into you. And I said if that is how you show me you care…then don’t. Thank you very much. Goodbye
    Like its said in the article it must have worked on someone and I pray for those women who fell for that nonsense.

    End of story he hasn’t text me since.

  • Paulette

    I dated a guy briefly who sent me a picture of his “D” and then a shot of his behind unsolicited after I refused to send him pictures of myself. Needless to say that was the end of our relationship that day! It’s really a classless move by a guy unless the women request such a picture.

  • RedButterfly81

    After my divorce I talked to 3 guys and they sent my dk pics and I’ve never spoke to them again. I’m trying to get to know you, not what’s in your pants and showing your dk pics tells me you only want to fk and I’m more than just a fk. Mama didn’t raise a slore!

    • SeriousMenCanReply

      Honey RedButterfly, sorry to break this to you but that seems to be the norm with these men in the “dating” game nowadays. Flashing their woodys every chance they get. I have been dating for years and it seems like the 1st thing guys do when they get the chance is send a darn nude pic asking if you want it. (women are guilty too.) Hopefully you’ve met a decent guy since those 3, but I am sorry to hear you’re back in the sea with these hoR..ny fish.

  • Magg

    Just wanna say that i love streetz!

  • What’s sad is I have rec’d so many of these terrible photos, I now tell guys that I give my number too- NOT to send me d**k pics! Of course they all say, “I would never do that” blah blah blah, but as soon as I dont mention it- bamn, nasty d**k pic from an a**clown.

  • Honestly I love the D pics but only if I requested that he send one to me. I only hate them if thats the first txt msg that he sends me when he is trying to get to know me

  • Mrs. A

    I agree… Usually men who send d*ck pics are Freaks. Their goal is to try & impress you so they can hit it quick.Beware ladies

  • sabrina

    I. Hate. Getting. D. Pics. And you are ABSOLUTELY right…that picture will be shown to all of my friends and then some. And we will all laugh at your stupidity and lackluster genitals. And I will be turned off. So it’s pretty much a lose-lose situation.


      LMFAO @ lose lose.

  • Claire

    I can’t get over how men young and old feel the need to send pics of their Wee Wee. One guy sent me a pic even I asked him not to and it was uncircumsized. Gross!



  • MLS2698

    I’ve never had that happen. But if there was a chance of it happening, I would send them a pic of my uterus (trans vaginal ultrasound courtesy of my gyn. I know I have at least one on file).

  • Mssayitaintso

    I donot have any male friends that send me such photos. I’m very careful who i pick as my male friends. Just like i will never text naked photos of myself , i will be offended if someone did that and i will curse them out!

    • Hold on Ms Sayitaintso – you NEVER take nekkid pics?! EVER?! hmmm i dont know chief lol. Maybe you dont send them but women always become enamoured with the bathroom mirror. Dont front! lol

    • Just like i will never text naked photos of myself ,” Wait never? lot not ever? I thought women did this all the time? Maybe its just me? lol

  • J’nel G

    When I had male friends before my engagement. Men would do this especially the ones I emphasize I’m just looking FOR FRIENDS. I guess they thought that could steal me away. But delete, ignoring, and a quick block of the number always worked for me.

  • I knew women show their friends pictures of some man’s c0ck their seeing because women have a tendency to talk openly about s3x to their friends. Women are too stupid to realize all the details you share about your man only heightens the chances of your friends sleeping with him. The bigger and better his c0ck is the more your friends will want to sample it. Women are beyond dumb!

    • kim

      This article isn’t about women sharing pictures of their man, but the random dude who probably sent it to 5 girls anyway…

      “Women have asked me for some time to explain why a man, who isn’t their boyfriend, husband, or even sleeping with them, would send them cock shots? ”

      Chances are if she’s showing her friends, they are not even together.

    • jazzlyric32

      No woman is turned on by seeing your junk, trust me all we are really doing is laughing at a man who sends unsolicited pics, its becoming too common and too damn tired. FYI if that man is your husband or boyfriend, no real woman would show that to her girls, we show the guys who no chance in hell of ever getting near our panties, and the d**k pic was just the nail in the coffin

    • I agree

      I agree with you Cool Breeze. I am a woman who loves her friends and shares secrets with them but the one “secret” I do not share is the s3xual details of my partner and I. I don’t talk about how big my man’s d*ck is, how good he eats it or how he knows how to put it down, how many orgasms I have in one session, NONE OF IT. You discuss that, then in the back of one of their minds they are curious and will probably want to try it at some point. (especially if they’re not getting it at home.) Of course GOOD friends would not do this, but I don’t want to find out who would or who wouldn’t so I just keep the personal DETAILS of my man’s lovin to myself. Now if the pics are of a guy I know I won’t be dealing with on that level and the pic is something worth looking it at, I’ll share with my friends.

      • Wouldnt it depend on the type of “friend” that was though? If yall were just having relations with no strings, wouldnt you brag to friends? I know women do this almost subconsciously so thats why i ask, lol

        • I agree

          Yes, definitely. I’m referring more to someone that I have feelings for or someone that I can say we are in a strong monogamous relationship; I would not share those details. But someone who I am not on that level with, I wouldn’t care. Yes, I’d definitely share the details and perhaps share the guy. But if serious feelings or love is involved, then I won’t share certain details. I know people are going to say you should be able to trust your friends. I do, but you can’t put anything past ANYONE, so to avoid that, I don’t dangle the carrot, ya know?

          • U just dont want to tempt fate. trust me the curiosity will build lol. Whether they act or not is a different story

            • I agree

              @Streetz da Matt @tter: You are right, if people are going to screw they’ll screw. I just don’t want to add to the curiosity. I want to keep the good stuff to myself. I’m selfish that way.

        • Amija James

          Hell yeah! If he’s just a piece, send me a pic! If it’s big, that’s just going to make me want to hit!