Give It Up! Celebrities Who Are Desperately Trying to Hold Onto Their Youth

June 15, 2012  |  
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When it comes to show business, aging can be pretty detrimental to a career. It takes a smart and savvy celebrity to make the transition from young and hot to grown and sexay. Check out the celebrities who are still trying to hang on, in one way or another, to their former glory days.



Maybe watching the little girlies throw themselves all over his protegee, Justin Beiber, has Usher yearning for his younger days. While he still has much of the same agility he entered the game with, something just doesn’t translate when he’s dancing for his life on stage. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little two step every once in a while. Then there’s Usher’s penchant for using the drama of his real life relationships to sell records. That was so “Confessions.” Now that you’re a grown man and father, it’s time to keep the personal business, personal.

Mariah Carey

Mimi we love your music and we don’t doubt that you’re mature but we can’t help but notice that your wardrobe hasn’t changed much over the decades. At 40 something, we can tell that you’re trying to squeeze into the clothes you were rocking in your twenties. Your body looks great but you can be sexay in age appropriate clothes too.


Lil Kim

Oh, Kim. Where to start. Should I begin with the ill-fitting clothes? The unnecessary plastic surgery? Or maybe the petty beef with the new age female MCs. All of it is tired and reeks of a “has been” trying to hold on to their last bit of shine. Let your talent speak for itself and you wouldn’t have to do so much chatting.



I personally thought your moves during this year’s Super Bowl performance were pretty impressive for a woman of your age. But if you ask around, including the people in my office, you might find that people thought you looked a little stiff. You could have gotten a pass with the dance moves but the random flips were way too much. It’s time to tone it down.


Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo is a mommy now and she consistently shuts down the red carpet, even in her age appropriate attire. The thing about Jenny from the block is that when it comes to the love game, she’s still stuck in her 20s, (though she’s 42.) This might explain why she’s playing cougar, dating Casper Smart, the 25 year old back-up dancer.


Brian McKnight

Of all the people on the list, Brian McKnight is probably the most egregious example of a man who just didn’t know how to let it go. Ok, so your records aren’t selling like they used to. You might need to switch up the formula but abandoning everything you stand for and tarnishing your legacy with tasteless tracks about the capabilities of the female reproductive system are not the way to go. It just makes you look washed up and desperate. Do better Brian…even though it might be too late at this point.

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  • RenJennM

    This was a hating article. Madonna at her age is probably more flexible than I am, and I’m 23! I ain’t mad at her for doing splits and backflips and what not. So… why are you? C’mon son. These are celebrities! Rich ones, at that. If they want to live the rest of their lives looking like they’ve been frozen in time, why should we gripe about it? Aging isn’t bad to some, but to others, especially those whose lives are judged by how they look and dress, it can be devastating. Just saying.

  • Priscilla

    I don’t care how old you are, if you want to rock a mini then rock it, if you want to wear a crop top then rock it. Just make sure your bod is banging! Life doesn’t end just because you’re no longer 21, or you’re someone’s mom, or you’re someone’s wife. If it bothers someone including the person who wrote this stupid article then they always have the option of looking away.

  • Real

    Do your thing! Whatever age! If you feel young, be young! I understand about the wardrobe, cause sometimes it can be a lil much, BUT does that mean when you are forty its time to put a night gown on!!!

    • SJF

      If some want to then they can, but I know when I’m 40, if I still want to rock a mini, I’ll do so.

  • 7lady

    That is so true about Brian Mcknight! His tired butt even tries to lie about his age. Stick a fork in it

  • CriticXtreme

    They shouldn’t let it go. You should always fight to stay young. The alternative for these folks would be criminal.

  • Britt

    Where is Beyonce’s gyrating azz on this lisT?? And Nicki Minaj’s 30-year-old Barbie self….and Joan Rivers, and ALL of the Jackson Brothers??? Lol….this list needs a 2nd version….4real.

  • lol, as i watch Glitter…

  • Lmao @ “go do some whip its and have a seat”! *tears*

  • slc149

    Usher’s not old. He’s only 33. Too old for what/who? Just give it up to the teenagers then. At what age are we considered “old” now?

  • Rickee

    Meanwhile, if they dress all dowdy, you’d judge them for that too. Women can’t win sometimes! Live and let live already…

  • jade

    This article is soo stupid
    I can’t even write anything

  • royfrank3434

    Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by
    those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to

  • let’s be real

    I’m sure I’ll be hunted down and killed for this, BUT i think bey should be on this list. I’m wanting to see and hear more growth from her performances and interviews. I’d like to see her out of her onesie and extra hair. Just like mimi, she is a wife and mother. I would love to see her in the vh1 storytellers type setting, without all the extra, just her, back up singers, and a live band. She has the voice ,when she isn’t hollering and wailing, she just needs better( more) Adult( non- club, mature) lyrics/ material.

    • AdoreZel

      Man,I basically said the same thing. Her song “Party” was definitely meant for someone younger the lyrics were not for a married (then) pregnant woman at all lol.

  • JBoogie…

    Can we please add Jay Z to the list also.. havent you proven to the world that you are the best in the game right now…jumping around on stage acting like a 20 year old just makes you look like your trying to prove that to urself now…Move over and let somebody else watch the damn throne…

  • My_Mind_Speaks

    Articles like this is why females think that they are not pretty enough, s*xy enough, small enough, and young enough to compete in a competitive industry…Only one man made the cut? Snoop, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne still act as if they can still close the club down…Why not point them out too?

    • Numero Uno

      Tell it!!!

    • Becbec99

      Jay I understand but lil Wayne isn’t that old

      • IslandChick

        As a father of four you have no choice but to grow up. Lil Wayne wearing patterned female jeggings does not contribute anything worthwhile in being a father. However, he is really mature when it comes to him having all of his children’s mothers getting along with each other.

    • jade

      I thought this site was to uplift women
      More articles tearing women down on here

    • SJF

      Tell it honey!

      • Carrie

        Why are women always portrayed as DESPERATELY trying to hold onto their youth anyway??? IMO most of the women on this list are just doing them, being who they are, and living life the way they want to. They most likely wear what they wear because they like it. Most people’s problem is that they don’t live to fit into someone’s box. Life doesn’t end at 40, nor does it end just because you’re a wife or someone’s mother.

  • Cat88L3

    LOL, could you have found a more horrible pic for Lil Kim?

  • Squeezablechic

    Mimi is always in a mini…smh!

  • Yvette

    Where is Kanye West on this list? He should have been right behind Usher in this line up. I STILL shake my head at the way he did Taylor Swift a few years back on the VMA’s.

  • shame on you

    hot mess her name is Lil Kim there is no more to say…she was the QUEEN BEE back in the day

  • shame on you

    you 4-got Vivica A. Fox any more surgery and she looks like a drag queen/pron star [HAHAHA]

  • JaneDoe


  • ms lady

    Vivica a. Fox should have been the first one on there. She is well over 40 and still trying to dress and date young boys


    I swear Mariah is only 12 y.o in her mind….sad. She doesn’t age so thats a good thing. The others barf!!

    • Carolyn

      Sad how? I doubt she’s sad. When you wear what you want and do what you want because it makes you happy and ignore the constraints society tries to force upon you, you’re never sad.

  • Rayven

    Mariah is the poster child for trying to hold on to her youth. She is wife and mother and its time to let go of the too tight, too small clothes!

    • Mickey

      Being a wife and mother doesn’t mean you have to change you are or the way you dress.

  • RedButterfly81

    Where’s Demi Moore and Vivica A. Fox?

    • christielove

      Word! Demi Moore and Vivica A. Fox are soooo pathethic trying to chase after young men,they are past dried out.

      • RedButterfly81

        I know right, they need to quit!

        • Demi

          What about you trying to chase white men, you black tramp!!

          • RedButterfly81

            How about you stop chasing after young men who don’t want your skinny washed up butt troll! Go do some Whip-its and have a seat!

          • Stop it!