Where You Been Kiely Williams of 3LW?

June 15, 2012  |  

Although we’ve seen a lot of former 3LW members Naturi Naughton and Adrienne Bailey as of late, we haven’t heard as much from Kiely Williams. According to the former Cheetah Girl, she likes to keep a low profile and is now focused on working with other artists instead of being in the limelight. Peep the interview where she talks about her musical roots, which group members she keeps in touch with, and the backlack to her single “Spectacular.”


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  • Tiera

    Great interview! She looks good! We all age as we get older stop looking at made up faces and thinking they are cute or beautiful! You will be surprised how their skin looks underneath just like yours!

  • Missy

    She reminds me of that chick that was Miss New York..Tiffany Pollard..Talking alot but not saying nothing. I remember her from that 3LW fallout. What she did to Naturi spoke volumes about her character. Keep doing all that fast talking..everyone still remember your BS.

    HOPE!!!! BE BLESSED!!! :)) :)) :)) :))

  • Bailon?

  • SdotS

    its her hair.

  • JolieMelodie

    Real artists dont ‘do what the people want’ they recreate themselves all the time, and give people what they didnt even know they needed. They walk to the beat of another drum. I’m not impressed.

  • Sam

    She doesn’t look so well. Yikes…

  • Miss E

    Her skin color looks odd?? is it her makeup? or lighting??

  • guest

    her hair is so flat and I cannot stand her from the time she was in 3lw I think she was that groups down fall….nasty attitude!

  • kat

    she’s fat

  • Hajar’s Mama

    She sounds so irritating, judgmental, pretentious and self righteous.

    • wordwhale

      What makes her sound pretentious?

  • your realtru

    she gained alot of weight, and theat hair is NOT flattering

  • hun

    she doesn’t look right for some reason.not how she used to anyway.

  • honest

    since her mom was manager of the group ms keily was extra nasty…mostly Naturi…and thats why she left the group…i believe her too because they were about to blow up why would she leave right then and there? and Raven Symone was going to whoop that butt on the cheetah girls movie set when Keily tried to come after her man…..(my sister was cool with raven’s manager and she was there when raven called her spazing about Keily)…Karma is a B….she thought she was going to be the next Beyonce

    • Tyler

      You are full of it because Raven has already admitted she has love for the females…and although she could of had a bf at the time, I just find your story too hard to believe.

  • Beckie Samuel


    • Guest


  • Kitty

    Naturi Naughton is the most successful of them all. She claimed the Williams had her removed from 3LW due to colorism. Not sure if its true or not but she is doing her thang.

    • Enygma

      I remember the story of both Adrienne Baillon and Kiely Williams bullying or making fun of her and downing her for the color of her skin and throwing fried chicken at her. The point of 3LW was that they were supposed all be visually different from each other but that same point became a point of contention later on.

      • Take that

        That is the most stupidest shyt ever. Dark skinned ppl are always pulling the color card even against other black ppl. You know what from now on I will pull the color card too especially against darker skinned ppl.

        • CarlaKah

          That is so unproductive… and dumb

          • Really

            Why is it unproductive…..does it only has merit when a dark-skin person complains which seems to be all yall do anyways…..Yall really need to stop with that victim mentality and self imposed immunity that allows dark skin people to say whatever they want but others have to tip toe around you . I am so sick of it. Black is black.

            • CarlaKah

              Look up colorism. Learn the reality and history behind it. It is not about “playing” the victim, but about injustice based on fenotypes. This needs to stop everywhere in the world.

  • Anon A. Mouse

    Adrienne Bailey? Lazy editing per usual from Madame Noire.

  • Jane Doe

    She looks older in a bad way. She does not look good.

    • fitnessforlife

      she looks like a muppet.

  • ieshapatterson

    she seems smart& sensible,so i hope she goes far.

  • Merriegirl

    I was with her until she touched on that messy Spectacular video. Shows like Bad Girl’s Club are NOT real life!!! They are exaggerations of the behaviors of some young women. & making a video about that type of lifestyle is definitely not the way to be a “non-tabloid celebrity” she doesn’t work at planned parent hood she does not have the platform do portray or educate people on sexual behaviors.

    • IfUDontCareWhyYouReadingMe

      she can if she wants, who are you to say she cant explain or talk about sexual behavior’s plus-Bad Girl Club-there are people that act like that for real. i get her logic,

      • Merriegirl

        Well clearly Im right since the public had such a negative response to the video.


    She seems cool!

  • Smacks_hoes

    She’s a lot different than I thought…. Interesting

    • wveronica7

      I agree