True Life: Do You Feel Uncomfortable with a Male Gynecologist?

June 14, 2012  |  
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Recently Extra host and “Dancing With the Stars” alum, Maria Menounos, revealed to Howard Stern that she was assaulted by two doctors, one of them being a male gynecologist. Ever since then she has had a fear of doctors. This incident made us wonder, since most women see a gynecologist at least once a year, and our readers are primarily women, do our readers have any qualms or reservations about having a male doctor examine their most intimate body part? We took to our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what our lovely Noirettes had to say about this issue. Check out the very varied responses.

@NSquared72: Ever since I saw “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle” ions ago, I was like…nope! And that was before I started seeing one!

@TiffTalks I’m hesitant to die from an aggressive form of female cancer. Doc’s knowledge & bedside manner matters more than gender.

 Vicskeyas: Nope, I figure he is a professional and should behave as such

Linda: No.. As long as he is professional… And I don’t hear any moaning…

Michele: Heck no. I love my Gyno. He’s delivered all 3 of my children!

Yvette: Maybe just a little… when it comes to looking down there… it’s just so open… :0)

Medina:  Nope! Not @ all! I find them to actually be gentler.

Tiffany: It was weird at first, but I figured if my mom trusted him with her health then I could do the same. He also has the best beside manner that I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Porsha:  I personally prefer a woman because she has the same parts as me and can better understand the female perspective.

Lauretta: Well to me it would be a bit embarrassing and nerve wreaking to go to a male gynecologist regardless of the fact that he is a doctor. I get too many bad memories of creepy male doctors as it is. I would feel a little more comfortable with a female gynecologist then a male.

Dejonnee:  I prefer female. However there wasn’t a chance that I would see one when I was in the Navy. I had no choice but to see a male gyno. What’s sad is, back then we went through 3 of them, because occasionally they would brag about information, detailing women’s conditions and making fun of them.

Mariotta:  I’ve always had a female ob/gyn & have appreciated the discussions about female issues. However, I don’t think that male ob/gyns are not good or able to be good providers.

Layla: No especially if he’s cute!

Wytonia: I agree with Porsha. A male doctor may have better bedside manner but would prefer to explain my PMS with another female not male. He’s not going to understand my pain…

Roberta: well it don’t help when u see your first gyno on tv a few weeks later for bad behavior in his office …when i was a teen……but now nurses have to be present so i feel much better….

JC: Nope. I had a female doctor and she was just really cold and indifferent. Did make me feel welcome or comfortable at all. My male doctor made me feel at ease day one. As long as he is practicing I will be seeing him.

Courtney:  I don’t have a preference but a man only knows a woman based on a book, what they have been taught. A female has first hand knowledge. This is more credible than a book.

Diondria: Nope, it doesn’t matter to me as long as the doc is good. My current gyno happens to be a female, but that is because my friend referred me, and she has proven to be an excellent doctor!

Alia:  I prefer a competent doctor! Now if it’s between two excellent candidates & 1 is a man & 1 is a woman ….I’m going w/ the woman.


Jacquie: I prefer a man. I have had 3 MALE OBGYNs. For me a female would be judgmental about my cookie.

Kristal:  I feel more comfortable with a female ob/gyn than a male ob/gyn because I can talk to her more openly. Dr. Driver is such a nice person and easy to talk to. She makes me forget that I even though I’m covered up, my private parts are hanging up in the air for the whole world to see. LOL

Kokoa: Not at all. I love my obgyn! I had a male deliver my baby. He was professional, gentle and never makes me feel like a heaux when discussing my sexual history. I ♥ Dr. Silver and only plan to see male doctors in the future.


Jenee:  I’ve had two. The first time I was 13 and I was so nervous I didn’t even care. The second guy gave me my first pap smear and it seemed like he was down there forever and it hurt like hell. I like my female Dr better. I prefer a female b/c women are more sensitive and can relate. No man has ever had to lay down on a table with his legs open and have a stranger look up his hole and have a cold metal object stuck in it. As far as gynos go, I feel more comfortable having someone do to me what has been done to them before. 🙂

Sarita:  I have never and will never see a male gynecologist; the thought of it makes me want to pass out. No maa’m .. No way in hell. There is just something unsettling about a man poking in and out of me especially during the dreaded pap smear tests. *shakes in fear*.

Shari:  I prefer a male…I’ve had a bad experience with female gynecologist.

Natalie: My GYN is a male and I’m very comfortable with him. I like him a lot and he’s funny.


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  • adjkfl

    I’ve never actually been to a gynecologist, but the one time someone has examined my junk it was a lady…

  • sweettea

    Personally the sexual preferences of my gyno isn’t a factor. I’ve had both and would rather a female. They get in get what their looking for and get out. No extra conversation no roughness. Over in 5 mins

  • Keptwoman

    I’m so loving this article and the comments. I’m scheduled to see a male GyN for the 1st time next month, and I’m a little concerned.
    I know there is suppose to be a female nurse in the room with us. Furthermore, I trying to focus on him being a professional. My first thought was “hell no”!

  • Bella

    Ugh, my first experience of seeing a gynaecologist was last year when I had my IUD fitted. Initially, I thought I would be seeing a female one, as that was all I saw coming in and out of their offices. Unfortunately, my one was a black Nigerian man who looked uneasy the moment he saw me, which was made worse by the fact that I am ALSO Nigerian. You could just tell he didn’t want to give me the IUD and he definitely wasn’t gentle. Even when I went for a check-up a couple of weeks later, I got him AGAIN! I have to go back soon for another check-up, but I’m hoping I won’t be seeing him.

  • Samantha C.

    I love my male gyno. Very professional & gentle.

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  • Gooddoconly

    I have a male gyno and i had a female gyno. In my search for a gyno i was looking for an experienced doctor, one who is highly knowledgeable about the field. I could care less about their gender. I go to doctors after i do extensive research about their quality of care and if their office has the latest medical technology. My doctor is really good, he picked-up on changes my PCP didn’t. My gyno’s office is so relaxing. I was impressed.

  • I’ve gone through several traumatic sexual experiences throughout my life (I am only 22), so not only will I refuse a male GYN, but I also refuse a female GYN. I’ve gone only once and it was because something scary happened to me and I had to go. Having someone down there is emotionally painful for me. I have to mentally check out. I am scared because I know if forbid my health is at risk I still may not even go. This is what happens when you abuse children/sexually assault someone.

  • @Medina hit the nail on the head. I have had 3 female gynos and my now male gyno (which my mother had been telling me for years). I told myself before i ever had an appointment that i would be more comfortable with a female….and I swear all 3 of them retook my virginity with how rough those pap smears were. My male doctor makes me feel comfortable, and it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to destroy my insides.

    • greyz anatomy

      I got felt up by a female gyno. As for those who think male gynos are weird, would you
      be turned on if you saw diseased vajayjays everyday?

  • If anything I would feel more comfortable with a man doctor than a woman one. But at the end of the day they are professionals.. Doctors on average see so many penises and half naked people, and vaginas… it shouldn’t really be a big deal

  • Melissa

    Im sorry but I prefer male doctors. I dont feel comfortable naked in front of other women.

  • FromUR2UB

    YES! You cant help but feel like you’ve been felt up.


    It doesn’t matter to me if my gynecologist is a male or female. I feel comfortable with either one.

  • ibdyw5

    I prefer female doctors overall for most procedures. I have female doctors and, request when I can.

  • jmk11

    Mine is a male (although I do think he is a little fruity) and it doesn’t bother me he is very informative and makes you feel comfortable.

  • I’d rather a female gynecologist and i’ll never go to a man…it’s just a comfort thing.

  • Adrina

    I’ve had both, and never had a problem with either. Most of you probably feel comfortable with a female because iti’s automatically assumed that the male is a heterosexual. But how comfortable would you be with a female gynecologist if you knew she was a lesbian?







  • shay

    I prefer male GYN’s over females any day of the week. Females make me feel very uncomfortable on the examination table; I can’t get used to them having their hands in me (ughhh). The male GYN (on the other hand) is a great listener, gentle and have excellent bed side manner.

    • Melissax1972

      Me neither I felt so uncomfortable when I had to deal with a female once my reg was on vacation.

  • Zhazmin

    I prefer a Male gyn. Always have always will,


    I’ve only been to one gyno and the doctor is MALE. He makes me feel comfortable, is so very nice, friendly and professional at the same time. I don’t think it is fair to make generalizations about either gender based on a few experiences. As long as my doctor has those qualities, I’m straight…regardless of gender!

  • tb530

    Just feel more comfortable with a female.

  • shary92

    i just don’t understand why male doctors become gynaecologist in the first place?, there are so many fields of practice they can go into. I prefer female docs they just understand and know where everything is and i’m confident no need to freak out with a dude perving on

    • Sha Sha

      Exactly! I saw a male doctor when I was 18 and when I was sitting on the exam table he pushed his crotch up against my knee while “examing my breast”, I immediately ended the visit and got out of there. I was afraid, confused and embarrassed but I did not report it because I thought then it would be my word against his and I regret it to this day. To me, a man wanting to look at and explore noonies all day long is either a perv or has a desire to be a female (gay?). I refuse to see a male gyno and actually get nauseated at the thought of it.

      • There’s always suppose to be a woman nurse in the room while they examine, for this same reason.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    don’t bother me none. mine is a male and he’s a doctor, point blank period. he know what i have just as I do, and i’m pretty sure he’s more snatch than an adult film star on a daily basis and i’m pretty sure mine is no more significant or erotic than the next in a clinical setting. . .

  • Muscasa

    I would feel better with the standard male… but i dont know why lol i cant give a good explanation to my reasoning… oh well, i just really want whoever knows what they are doing lol

    • IfUDontCareWhyYouReadingMe

      what is standard male???doctors mostly being male is a problemo…thats why i like that it is evening out

  • RoseMarie

    i like Male gyn’s I have had females and they are always rough and have a “Woman UP” attitude about the whole visit. the males, are more gentle and ask questions. I get my pap from a woman and i feel like i been beat up. I guess since he doesnt know how it feels the males try to make it as easy as possible

    • kay

      I agree I’ve had some very painful experiences with women. I prefer men because they have always been gentle, professional and respectful towards me

      • IfUDontCareWhyYouReadingMe

        really, interesting

    • Chanda

      I’ve had the same experiences. He was an older male and was gentler and there was a female nurse there. I have no issue with male gyn’s.

    • Zan

      I’ve also had similar experiences with female OB/GYNs…I much prefer males for that very reason. They are usually gentler, more understanding, and less judgmental in most cases.

  • Numero Uno

    But I will say that my mom has had the same male doc since I was born and that was 28 years ago. So nothing against male gynos, I just prefer a female gyno.

  • Numero Uno

    I prefer female gynos. I’ve had male doctors on two separate occasions and it just felt so weird to have a man looking down there that wasn’t my significant other. And I’ve always been of the mindset that even though he’s a doctor and looks at va jay jay all day, he’s still a man first. However, if a male was all that was available and I needed to be seen right away for whatever reason, I wouldn’t hesitate to be seen by a male doc. It’s just that given the choice, I would prefer female.

  • linena

    I had a female whom I loved all of my post puberty life. She was so nice etc etc, but months before I found I was pregnant she relocated to another state. I ended up with a nice male gyn. He was cool. He was a baseball fanatic,and threatened me not to have my son on his birthday which was also a game day. Can you guess when I had my baby ?? Yes on that exact day lol !

  • victoria

    I prefer female gyno. Although, i have had 2 male gyno in the past without any issues.

  • mischa34

    Must be female!

  • majl

    I had a female gyn in college, it was SO uncomfortable.Strictly male gyn for me

    • wveronica7

      I agree, I am more comfortable with a male and a female nurse in the room