Oh, Is She? Nas Gives Gwyneth Paltrow a Pass on The N-Word Because She’s a Real N*gga

June 11, 2012  |  

From Eurweb.com

When it comes to the N-word, rapper Nas is down for using it by any means necessary it seems.

So, it should come as no surprise he has no problem with actress Gwyneth Paltrow using it as she did in her world rocking tweet last week. He says she has free reign to use it because “she’s a real n***a.”

“I would slap the s*** out of somebody for Gwyneth Paltrow,” Nas told (Atlanta’s) CBS Local. “She’s the homie, she’s cool. Gwyneth gets a pass. Real people get a pass. We know what this s*** is. We don’t interrupt Italians when they say ‘Wop’ to each other. They gonna punch you in the mouth if you interrupt that. Don’t interrupt us. We pick and choose.”

Watch the clip of Nas’s defense of Gywneth Paltrow and read more about why he thinks she gets a pass on Eurweb.com.

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    Some folks don’t get it,running to save Missy Ann at all costs .Even worse Nas claims to understand and equate with his black roots but yet this idiot condones this behavior.What a Doo-Doo Bird.

  • Avant Strangel

    Nas is an a$$hat. It’s a word based on it’s historical context alone shouldn’t be coming out of the mouth of someone like Gwenyth. Nas and PaltrOW BOTH deserve to get the taste slapped out of their mouths. Rap does not represent the entire black populace and the ignorance promoted through rap is just a Machiavellian way to get us to destroy ourselves. I already have a problem with brothas using that word indiscriminately in public now some who want to act like dumb porch monkeys want to give whites a pass??!! Really? The question to ask Mr. “I’m-all-about-deconstructing-and-exposing-the-illuminati” Nas is: has he sold out or bought in?

  • Eric Bolton

    NAS……An excellent example of what is totally wrong with our society. Profane, crude, lacking in self-control, and completely lacking in personal worth. How tragic a personality. Society would be far better without the like of him.

  • simplyme

    lol I’m sorry but Nas sounds like an utter fool in that quote. I really don’t care about Gwenyth Paltrow using the word…obviously she didn’t mean harm…I’m more concerned about these so called Black ambassadors who think that because they are famous and in hip hop they speak for all Black people. Truth is I can’t stand the N word and I believe no one should use it. But its harder to tell others this, when we have idiots like Jay Z and Kanye running around (who supposedly represent African American culture world wide) titling songs like this N*** in Paris.

  • Bella

    Really Nas? Really???? *facepalm* smh

  • the question that needs to be asked is would gwyneth and chris smack the sh-t out of someone for nas?

  • Outlast

    I wasn’t offended by what gwyneth said because i dont think she meant harm by it however I think the issue is that why did jay z nas kanye and these other so-called ambassadors of hip hop and the black culture allow her to get so comfortable to use this word freely

  • CaseyR

    This doesn’t sound like Nas…..at all…..neither does the Jay-Z lunch story….wtf is going?

  • on 1 hand I actually think the premise of appropriating the word & throwing it back at those who have historically used it to wound our psyche, is cool. theoretically. If this was a truly an egalitarian society and all things were equal. But we know that ain’t true. Gwyneth Paltrow wouldn’t change places with any of ‘her’ ninjas’ if her life depended on it—and they RICH. If she can get a ghetto pass, where is my rich white ‘bish’ pass?

  • Mrsadkiah

    Black people: STOP USING THE WORD. Period. Then we wont have this problem.

  • dowski

    It’s the name of the song. The only racism I’m seeing below are some of these posts criticizing nas for being ignorant and or blacks or black men.

  • We as People give that word toooooo much power. The longer we make the word an issue…. that longer it will be an issue! pls #getyolife and get over it!

  • Dan

    Especially if yall talkin about Nas. If anybody understands the plight of black people, the psychology of the word and the culture surrounding it, its him. This man has STUDIED this stuff and understands all the “damage” it causes is mostly self inflicted because yall dwell on negativity. It became a common term to help band-aid the pain that stuff caused and it WORKS. People use the term everyday as a term of endearment and no one says anything about it. If it hurts because a white person said it, you’re an idiot. Nas had an album literally centered around blackness, afrocentricity and the word Ni))er, and yall say he’s a fool for understanding GP is hurting NOBODY by saying it in a tweet? A TWEET EVEN. Point out to me the direct damage this word causes to you. Please. Tell me how this tweet will influence white america to punch black people in the face for fun and make little black kids illiterate in 12 of the 50 states. Please tell me. Calling Nas, a puppet for whiteness? NAS? REALLY. Do you actually know anything?

  • Dan

    If somebody can explain to me how saying the N word in a non negative context oppresses black people still I’ll jump to the moon in one leap and dance on Mars. Im black and I use the word all the time. If GP cant use the word in positive context no one should be able to say anything ever. By no means am I a slave to whiteness and Im completely aware of and against white privilege, but cmon son this N word stuff has to die its a word if it bothers you its truly because you let it. Dont blame that stuff on nobody else but your instabilities.

  • IllyPhilly

    Damn my comment about the other rude and racial slanders we have to overcome didn’t make it?

  • Guest360

    I’m sure GP didn’t mean any harm in what she said. Afterall it is the title of the song. However, did she REALLY need to put it on twitter? That was dumb on her part. I don’t like the n word and would prefer if no one, whether black or white, used it. However, if you are one of those who can’t get it out of your vocabulary, be mindful of those who are still affected by that word and adjust your speech accordingly. If you and your friends say it, then keep it between you and your friends. The entire world does not need to be privy to the dynamics of your friendship. Least of all with a word that up until recently (and even today), was seen as a way to hurt and humiliate black people. Just be respectful of the people you’re talking to. It really isn’t that hard.

  • LT

    There is no hope for black people as a whole. Most have lost all their diginity, common sense and self respect. It is a DAMN shame. The sambos today are far worse than those of yesterday – and far more dangerous. Upward and onward to the Original People who have not lost their way.

  • Tisha

    Damn and I use like Nas!

  • Gabriel Rincon

    Maybe Jay-Z and Kanye shouldn’t have named the song N*ggas in Paris if they didn’t want anyone saying the n word. Just Saying

  • Numero Uno

    I personally didn’t get my panties in a bunch just because she said it, because I’m sure she didn’t necessarily mean it in a negative way since after all..that is the title of the song. However I’m not exactly defending her because she should have used better judgement. I’m more disappointed in JayZ and Kanye, two black males that used the word in the title of their hit song. And I’m embarrassed because all of them have made her so comfortable around them as their homie or whatever that she felt it was okay for her to say it. I’m sure she probably has said it around them before and they just laughed it off. It’s so weird to me how these black men are quickly coming to her aid and willing to even lay hands on someone, yet when it’s something involving black women, they would probably be no where to be found.

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  • i’ve been knew about nas. when i expressed my feelings the last time about him a lot of ppl were offended. i use logic when dealing with folks now. so him making this idiotic comments is no surprise to me. he is a fake and a phoney. some nice songs do nothing for me but entertain me and thats it . i know thats not how he really is. if ppl look at what he is doing instead of what he is saying they wouldn’t be shocked or questioning why would he say this. stupid ppl always do the same stupid thing over and over if not checked on it or exposed.

    • maye

      you are right nas sound so stupid to me, ignorant

  • Stacy

    Slavery is over but many are still enslaved. It amazes me how all these black men are coming out in her defense, no where to be found when it’s time to defend their own people. One of my colleagues, who is Jewish brought the topic up during an event we attended outside of work. He asked what my opinion was on the situation, I told him, I don’t think Gwyneth meant any harm, but because of the history of the word, it will always be controversial. I don’t condone it when used among my people let alone non black people. Another colleague, who is black also attended the event and joined in the discussion. He made it a black man and white woman issue by giving example, if his wife says it as a title of a song, it won’t take it personal because he knows she didn’t mean it in a degrading way. I said, it’s better not to say it, doesn’t matter if it’s the title of a song. For some reason, some black men think every black woman is angry or out to get them for liking a white woman. He told me, I was overreacting because she’s white, very typical with Black women. It was embarrassing and I felt humiliated. I wasn’t going to entertain such disrespect, so I left. He later apologized, and I accept his apology. However, black men stop making a fool of yourselves and keep in mind a man with integrity is more attractive.

    P.S Free yourself from mental slavery.

    • lalatarea

      WOW i wud have made him look like an idiot! “so what exactly is it abt my character that u feel the need to clump me with the false negative stereotypes of black women that u are oh sooo educated on?”

    • Kimster

      His example was redundant because that was the exact issue with Gwyneth Paltrow and the topic of your initial colleague conversation. You didn’t feel she meant harm, but its use was inappropriate. It’s sad that he decided to put you down, a black woman having a conversation with someone else, over a word that has been demeaning and insulting to blacks for decades. He should be embarassed. I would have heard his apology out, but I wouldn’t have accepted it.

  • Losh

    Nas ALWAYS does this. He’ll do something ignorant and I’ll hate him for a while, then he’ll come out with a couple good tracks or something and I’ll start to like him, or at least remember why I used to. And then right back to something ignorant. Why won’t you let me love you like I used to Nas? Why?

  • angelfaceash1234

    oh really nas? since when has it ever been ok for her to use the n word? who died and let you be the spokesperson for all black people? I felt offended when she said it but also you really can’t blame jay and ye for naming the song that anyways.

  • luverly

    FAIL, on so many levels.

  • Guest1234

    Since when does one man have the authority to make it officially unoffensive for a select group of people to use offensive language? I wasn’t aware that Nas spoke for all black people – and could hand out passes for folks to call me a n***a at will. WTF?

  • DoinMe

    And i thought Nas had more sense than that. SMH.

    • TRUTH IS

      He busy drinking Jay Z kool aid. Disgrace!!

  • Thisis me

    i couldn’t even completely finish reading that mess it sounded that stupid and ignorant

  • Thisis me

    nasir you ought to be ashamed of yourself for cosigning this. this is just proof that little circle (beyonce,jay,kanye,the dream,russell simmons,nas,etc.) are all puppets and out to brainwash the public.jay and kanye can’t comment on it because they’re the blame the ones who put the word in the song in the first place so they send out their little minions to publicly kiss their arse and try to make others think they speak for all black people about certain topics.

  • bluekissess

    Puts head down and walks away… why oh why must (some) blacks be so ignorant? This goes to show how money can play a part in your dignity and character

    • Guest1234

      I actually tend to disagree. I think he lacked dignity and character before the money. Money doesn’t change who you are – it merely unmasks it. He’s always been a daggone fool.

    • ronniececil

      she is just so self absorbed and he is ignorant to the fact that she is using him for her own