Solange Addresses The Natural Hair Police of the World: “I Don’t Want to Talk About No Damn Hair”

June 8, 2012  |  




Don’t get it twisted, although Solange Knowles is a spokesperson for Carol’s Daughter, she doesn’t want to answer questions about her own hair, despite what the critics have to say about HER strands. After coming across a Tumblr post that pointed out praise for her protective hair choices (the big curly wig she wears sometimes) as well as negative comments about her own natural hair (it’s dry, it looks unkempt, etc.), she decided to talk about hair on her Twitter for the first time, and the last. And she went in. The most notable quote from her tweets was the following:

“Look, all i’m saying is. My hair is not very important to me….so i don’t encourage it to be important to you. Im very emotional today (involving something else) , so i’m letting the momentum of that help me to express the fact that…I dont want to talk about no damn hair… mo.”

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  • Sookiiee

    might as well talk about hair it has kept you relevant and its not like people want to hear her sing soooo lol

  • Sookiiee

    might as well its not like people actually want to hear her sing lol

  • gmarie

    why are people so offended though? lol it’s just hair. I don’t get this whole “pack” thing with the natural hair community. She’s allowed to have her own opinions on this issue separate from the status quo, and it is clear that hair is an afterthought in her life. She has a child to raise, a household to keep and a career to manage too. Never assume, the only thing you may have in common with the next woman IS your hair.

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  • Guest1234

    I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce, but I will say this: Beyonce seriously needs to have a little chat with baby sis about professionalism. I don’t imagine Beyonce would ever make this big a fool of herself. What an ungrateful little brat. She gets paid to be a spokesperson for natural hair care products, then throws a public hissy fit over a few ignorant comments from anonymous internet trolls? Her entire career is buttressed by natural women who like her style, and she throws all of them (and her sponsors) under the bus? Not a good look, Solange!
    That is deeply unprofessional – and ugly.


    First she becomes the poster child for natural hair now she’s fed up. The timing on this is bad, with the whole carol’s daughter natural hair transitioning web site. Maybe she wants to go back to wearing weaves and singing backup for Beyonce?

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  • NikkitaMichelle

    I guess her contract with Carol’s Daughter is over?

  • Welp… she is obviously SICK and tired of the same questions EVERY time from different… but eh… she is human. Leave it alone, just move on to another topic. Like with Chris Brown, just move around the question…

  • Lucky502

    Solo has rocked some bomb @$$ wigs. But since she’s a spokesperson, she needs to play her part. I wonder how Lisa Price reacted to her comment. O-o

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  • Chanda

    Maybe she’s just tired of talking about her hair simple as that. She’s not the only natural out there so she can’t speak for all naturals. Ever since Jill Scott began straightening her hair the focus went from her hair to Solange’s. Keep rocking that natural but talking about being natural does get old after a while.

  • I had to Google her. She better start talkin….

  • DoinMe

    I’m with her on this. This whole natural hair vs permed hair vs weaves vs wigs talk is annoying and ridiculous. White women perm, wear wigs and put in extension and never is a word said about it. Let us do us, how we choose to do. We have entirely too many other problems to worry about other than dividing us by how we wear our hair. It ain’t that serious.

    • SMHgurl24

      Bt she being paid to talk about her hair (CD) so unless she does somethig else thats the only thing ppl can ask her about. this has nothing to do w/ the perm/ natural debate shes representing a company so she should suck it up or quit

    • KamJos

      Do White women put weaves in to make their hair look like kinky natural hair? Do White people spend large amounts of money to shape and style their hair to make it attain the texture of women from Sub-saharan Africa and do the same for their children?

      • angel

        No, they dont. i dont get y some ppl have a hard time of admitting that. Yes, some get curly perms but either way it dosent look like “our” hair, and they arent aiming to make thier hair like “our” hair.

      • DoinMe

        Who gives a damn “why” women choose to wear their hair? It’s a personal choice and frankly, no ones business. And why do you assume they do it to look like someone else? Some women wear weaves to protect their real hair, or sometimes just to give them a different look. So what? Do you and let others do them.

  • MLS2698

    I think she wears wigs sometimes, so that would mean she is faking the natural hair which is worse than faking with straight hair. So don’t talk about it! IDK, why can’t black people wear their hair as it grows without people making a fuss? I love twist outs, but I don’t want them to be perfect; I like it when they become loose, and create two textures. Beauty is as beauty does.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      She probably wears the wigs as a protective style like some natural girls will rock a straight sew in for a while to give their hair a break. She just chooses to rock the more curly natural looking weave

  • Guest360

    I love Solange and I think her style is very unique but I’m slightly confused. Why are you a spokesperson for Carol’s daughter if you don’t want to talk about your hair? O_o When the only thing that people have heard about you the last few years is your hair, how you do it, what you do to change it up, what products you use (and endorse), hell, you went on OPRAH when Chris Rock was promoting “Good Hair” and told everyone why you chopped off your locks. You can’t then expect people to not talk about something you’ve spent the last few YEARS talking about yourself. Suddenly you don’t find your hair important? Ok…Lol. I can understand if she’s getting tired of all the fuss her hair is getting but I’d rather she say that than have the outburst she just did. Haters are going to hate. Being in the business, she should know that. No need to take this one thing they say about you and make it more important than it is. If the comparisons to Bey didn’t bring you down, don’t let this do it either. It’s just hair.

    • Candacey Doris

      She’s a spokesperson because 1. it shows other women they can have gorgeous natural hair and 2. it pays the big bucks. That doesn’t mean she has to talk about it in every interview. They can ask about her music or her artistic ideas or anything else. She’s not just hair.

      • angel

        What music?….

        • monitorette

          Ot the journalists can ask her: ‘How does it feel to be just a socialite and to be at the place you are because of the work of your parents and of your sister ?

      • Adrina

        Exactly! She has more ish going on like Djing, modeling, and yes her music! She’s a songwriter and singer. Just because she’s not pumping out an album every week like her sister, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have music.

    • Papillon

      Solange reps CD because she wants to get paid, not because she has any interest in being an actual spokesperson. And she only got that gig because of Jay-Z, through Bey.

      I’m glad she made that statement. Now we can go back to ignoring her like we were before she cut her hair off.

    • monitorette

      To all the media : stop interviewing Solange about her natural hair= it would be a relief for her and mostly for us.

    • Lise

      She had this outburst because people are always commenting about how her hair looks dry, has no shape and that she should do twistouts. Of course, she has to talk about it since she’s a spokesperson for Carol’s Daughter. But people have no right to tell her how she should wear her hair.

  • lmaooo while everyone is sitting here thinking this i’m thinking so this is probably how beyonce’s hair looks too. hmmm….yeah aight ….

  • Angel

    Really? It was nowhere near being that serious… Shes overreacted

  • B

    It’s really annoying have to be interviewed about natural hair, as if the way my hair grows out of my head is extraordinary.

    • Shaundra

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KamJos

      It is when wearing your hair the way it grows out of your head is rare and seen as less desirable.

  • jsajea28

    How aboutnot being a spokesperson for carols daughter and solange darling u won’t have that issue,. IDIOT!

  • Fashion lover

    It’s rude to keep asking about it it’s just hair

    • Msmykimoto2u

      But what else are they going to ask her about? Her music?


    I wonder what else is there to talk about? Oh, her new album….my bad that was yrs ago. Celebrities work hard all their lives to become well known and then try their hardest not be recognized!!

  • gmarie

    I don’t blame her! This is the reason she cut her hair to begin with. Yes her hair style may make a statement, but the statement does not define her as an artist or as a person

  • sammi_lu

    LOL!!! okaaay..tell ’em Sol Angel on some “I am not my hair isht”!