Remember The Black and White Twins?

June 8, 2012  |  

In 2005, twin sisters Kian and Remee from the U.K made international headlines because of their stark contract in appearance; one kid looked white and the other looked black. One was brown haired and brown eyed, and the other was blonde and blue eyed. It was an anolomy of genetic outcomes. The parents of the twins are both mixed, but the odds were against seeing this type of outcome. According to the Daily Mail:

The odds of a mixed race couple having twins of different colours are a million to one. Skin colour is believed to be determined by up to seven different genes working together. If a parent is of mixed race, their eggs or sperm will contain a mixture of genetic codes for both black and white skin. However, if both the egg and sperm contain all white genes, the baby will be white. And if both contain just the versions necessary for black skin, the baby will be black.

The twins recently celebrated their seventh birthday and it seems that the twins are looking more alike and that the “white” twin is looking more black as compared to this photo below when they were born.

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  • B

    Aww, they are TOO CUTE!!

  • CynthiaChiles

    They are adorable and a testament to why discrimination is wrong.

  • I think its cute how they still both have the same hair texture.

  • I see two Blacks here. One lighter than the other. So ridiculous!

  • Mystique

    I don’t believe these girls are sisters at all. I think it’s a hoax.

  • LadyLark

    1st all there is no scientific evidence of RACE. Back when man was ’bout perfect they produced this adnauseum. LOL Don’t let the poly-driven pseudosci’s convince you that race is determined by genes. We’re genetically all the same RACE just different manefestations of the same ish.

    • monitorette

      Or let’s say that we all belong to the one and only Mankind (in French = espèce humaine) but there are indeed different races within this Mankind.

      • angel

        @027dd2f0f319a5cee5900e6a32067c3a:disqus I completely agree with u. There are definately real skin-deep differences between black and white ppl. Idk y ppl have such a hard time embracing it. It dosent necessarily have to be a negative thing it just is what it is.

      • angel

        @027dd2f0f319a5cee5900e6a32067c3a:disqus I completely agree with u. There are definately real skin-deep differences between black and white ppl. Idk y ppl have such a hard time embracing it. It dosent necessarily have to be a negative thing it just is what it is.

  • lewisjm

    God is in control – what, now they are trying to explain Him away out of the equation? NOT! They are beautiful.

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  • I think its just beautiful. This was only GOD’s recipe and only he knows the ingredient for those two pretty girls.

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  • All I know, those are two pretty little girls and their parents are blessed. Who cares about their difference in pigment. We come in all shades DUH!

  • They’re adorable. I’m so sick of people saying one is black and one is white, they’re both biracial ones lighter, one is darker… that is all it is to it.

    • LadyLark

      YUP YUP! exactemone

    • lol

      But Obama is the first black president, right?

      • Victor

        Really?? You had to bring politics in to this?

  • I think that is amazingly beautiful! Wow!

  • It’s true about genetics! My daughter is mixed ethnicity but she looks Hispanic like her father but her eyes would change color (grey) that my grandfather used to mention about his side (funny colored eyes). I’m chocolate colored like my dad, grandmother, and uncle and my mom and grandfather, and great aunt are carmel and lighter,

  • FromUR2UB

    I’ve heard about two other cases like this, the first one about 30 years ago. I think those were twin boys. I wonder whatever happened to them. Each time, it happened overseas.

  • i know i’m gonna get it but wth. harpo who baby is dis ! lmao!

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  • sd687

    To the writer – the word is “anomaly”.

    Anywho, those are beautiful little girls.

    • MLS2698

      On anomaly, lol. Happens all the time on this site.

  • Anonymous

    Genetics/biology is incredible. Sometimes, you can’t explain God’s creativity, so you leave it alone.

    • lalatarea

      yea, did u miss the part when genetics DID explain it?

      • Anonymous

        Did you also miss the part where genetics couldn’t explain why some African children with dark skin had blue eyes or natural blonde hair. In biracial/multiracial cases, they will find white genes down the line but in these cases they couldn’t find any white genes. And, that’s exactly what I mean that God’s creativity is too much sometimes and we don’t have answer to everything. So, let’s leave it alone and enjoy it.

        • It’s because we are the original people where everyone else’s genes derived from. If you go to Africa, the homeland of all people, you will see people with all different kinds of eyes, hair colors, hair types, and other phenotypical features.

          It ain’t about god. It’s about the beauty of genetics and biology.

          • Anonymous

            With the beauty of genetics and biology comes God who created it. You can’t separate science from God, God is science.

            • God is mythology and the anti-thesis of science. I won’t waste time trying to convince you otherwise, as it is obviously not going to happen; just wanted to state the facts.

              • Anonymous

                Good, you realize it will be pointless to convince me of lies and deception. God is mythology? Childbirth, nature, the complexity of the human body, they all point to a higher power/being than us. How can HE be anti thesis of something he made himself. He’s anti when we human beings take credit for HIS handiwork. Well, I’m a creationist. I will rather lean towards being created than connected to some apes. We might share the same similarities with apes, but there are vastly different.

          • Anonymous

            Beauty of genetic and biology comes from God. You can’t separate science from God. God is science. He gave Doctors the ability to study the human body but they didn’t create these bodies, He did.

        • LOVEEEEE your response (Anonymous)!!!! lol people always wanna check people…

        • Truth

          @anonymous: There is no such thing as “white” or “black” genes. There are genes that make your eyes blue, and genes that make your skin the color it is. There are certain genes that are common among certain ethnicities, but that does not make them exclusive to that ethnicity. So in short the genetics did explain it. But yes I do agree that God is amazing and there are many reasons he made things the way they are and we’ll never know why he did 🙂

          • LadyLark

            He likes variety and yet unity at the same time. :’D
            Peee Luss: ‘They’ (maaad scientists) been trying to find a Black Gene for the ages so as to try and prove ‘Blacks’ are inferior ‘genetically.’ It’s just a divisive political ploy, don’t fall in that ditch guys. One LUV!

          • Anonymous

            I totally agree. Me referring to genetics, I’m actually referring to scientists who try to explain every single thing like they know every answer. The explanation many people tend to have when they see some black people with features that are commonly referred to as”European features” is this black person must have a white person down the line. So, if you are a lighter skin black person, it must be because you had a white person down the line to have this complexion. If you have slanted eyes, you must have some Asian in you. My point is, that’s not always the case because Africa has so many people who carry these genes and it’s not a “white” or Black thing. In conclusion, genetics carry certain features not race. These twins are not black and white twins, they are twins with different features.

      • LadyLark

        These twins look almost exactly the same just diff ‘skin color’. None are of different RACES. Genetics didn’t explain ‘race’ it explained subtle differences in ‘features,’ it was the spokesperson that called it a genetic explaination but it was really just political. Mo info luvs, get some. :’D

  • Guest

    The white one kinda looks black. The black one looks indian. The parents look better than the both of them.

    • TRUTH IS

      Lol @ this racist undertone comment….lol

  • jessevandell

    They’re still adorable. Their was another case like this with twin boys in Germany a few years ago, except the parents weren’t mixed, the mom was black and the dad was white.

  • IllyPhilly

    Hey genes come from waaaaay back when. and if the couple are both products of bi-racial relationships, I don’t see the surprise.

  • They are gorgeous! Crazy how genetics work!

  • EarthIsASac

    genetic pairings=cool

  • Trisha_B

    They are so pretty! I love genetics, you never know what you’ll get. My friend is brazilian, she’s brown skin. her baby father is mixed w/ white & black. Their daughter came out white w/ blonde hair & blue eyes. now at 4 years old, she’s still white but her eyes are a light brown & her hair is a darker brown & curly. everybody always ask what race is she b/c you can’t tell from looking at her. I wonder about the white baby that was born to that African couple. I wonder if she has color to her or if she’s still white

    • BabaPuppe

      You said your friend is Brazilian… You don’t make it clear whether she’s completely black or not. My boyfriend’s father is Brazilian, extremely mixed (tanned skin in all), and four of his children have eye colors that range from blue to green and hair that ranges from pale blonde to fiery red. It’s not uncommon or rare to see a brown skinned person with light or “white” children in Brazil…

      • Trisha_B

        sorry, i should have been clearer. I just said she was brown skin b/c in Brazil, a majority of the people are mixed, so both parents can be brown skin but have a kid that is white. My friends mom is black & her dad is like an olive, sun-kiss color.

        • BabaPuppe

          Ohh okay, cool. I didn’t mean to come off rude towards you if I did.

  • JustSayin’

    Biology is an amazing thing, I have a friend that is bi- racial. She is part Africian American and Irish, she looks more Africian American. Her husband is Mexican American, their daughter looks like just like her Irish grandmother, blond hair and blue eyes. The young lady does not resemble either one of her parents even in her features. All grandmother, people often thought she was babysitting her daughter when she was growing up.

  • universal

    wow, they are some dark and light skin cutie pies and they look almost exactly alike except for their obvious skin color differences. btw, both parents look hispanic to me, but ohh well…….

    • sweettea

      Hispanic isn’t a race its an ethnicity so although they might speak Spanish they can still be black and white

      • monitorette

        no, since 1492, ‘hispanic’ is too large a concept to be considered a race or an ethnicity. You can not be white, or black, or mulatto, or Indian, or mestizo, or all toghether etc… to belong to the same ethnicity or race. Hard to define but to me not an ethnicity. ..Let’s say a culture?…


    I find these cases very interesting…..what about mysteries that happened wayy back and they couldnt decipher what happened?? Hmmm

  • L-Boogie

    Genes are amazing.