e-Bullying Gone Too Far: Sherri Shepherd’s Pressing Charges Over Twitter Rape Threat

June 7, 2012  |  

It’s a shame Twitter has come to this but it’s about time these Internet thugs see real consequences for their actions.

The drama started when Sherri Shepherd received a nasty tweet from Twitter user, “DaCloneKiller,”yesterday, which said:

“Somebody should drag u in a back alley and rape you.”

“The View” host retweeted the message and then sent her own tweets back to her harasser, saying:


“You think I should be raped in a back alley? Let’s see if the police agree w you & I took a pic of your tweet.”

“I am going 2 file a police report 4U threatening me. And so help me God, when I find out where U live, charges will follow.”

Sherri’s already spoken out about bullying on numerous occasions but now that she’s been an online victim of the phenomenon, she saw this incident as an opportunity to comment on the issue yet again.

“This type of bullying is one of the reasons children are killing themselves b/c there’s no consequences for the bully(s),” she wrote.

Oh, and in case “DaCloneKiller” thought she was lying, Sherri sent out followup tweets after leaving the precinct letting him know this situation is far from over.

“Just returned from filing a police report for this online harassment nonsense,” she tweeted a few hours later. “I will be pursuing this legally.”

Sherri added that she was told Twitter would have to be subpoenaed for the release of her harasser’s information, but as you see from her last message that is hardly a hindrance for her. This situation is going to go far beyond Sherri with a platform like “The View” and it’s about time someone figured out a way to deal with these obnoxious Internet bullies.

Do you think Sherri is right to press charges?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Hell yeah she’s right. People sit behind a screen and are completely different. Their disrespectful, rude, inconsiderate, and just plain mean. I think people need to start pressing charges to show them certain things should not be said. I never had to worry about this crap back in high school.

  • Why hasn’t Kate Gosselin filed a police report against Sherri for bullying her? It’s one thing to be bullied or see it and speak out against it but what happens when it’s you yourself doing the bullying? It might be a separate incident but maybe Sherri needs to take her own advice. If we’re going to start getting technical with freedom of speech threatening to burn the house down of her ex husband seems like bullying to me.

  • Johnylee

    Okay, for everyone who thinks that what that idiot did was not a criminal threat, you do not understand the term “Incite to violence”. Here’s a little info for you:
    One does not have a political right to express beliefs in a way that violates the rights of others. For example, the reason that there is no right to yell fire in a crowded theater (when there is no fire) is that doing so would violate the property rights of the theater owner (and, by extension, of the patrons who paid money to see a movie). There is no right to reproduce copyrighted material without permission. There is no right to slander others (though in this case as in some others the proper remedy is a civil case, not prior restraint). There is no right to break into a private establishment for purposes of delivering a speech. And there is no right to incite others to particular acts of violence. Some cases can be ambiguous. A clear example of something that should be protected is general advocacy of racism (even though such advocacy is immoral). A clear example of something that should NOT be protected is the distribution of literature that calls for the murder of particular individuals (which would be incitement to violence).

  • Looks like a lot of people get this “Freedom of Speech” amendment confused!! You have the freedom to say what you want as long as it does not incite actions that would harm another. He said “somebody” should drag her in a back alley and rape her. He wants someone to harm her, and said it on a public/social thread….so he did EXACTLY what the amendment said not to do. You can look at this like he is putting a hit out on her…thin line! Not cool, and I hope they find his behind and make him an example to all the others who like to get brave on the net!

  • CoCo’sG

    How is that a threat? He said ”
    “Somebody should drag u in a back alley and rape you.” he didn’t say he was gonna do it. If someone told you to drop dead are u gonna file a police report. I understand these “teams” go hard for their faves but I don’t think what he said was a threat to sherri, it was highly inappropriate , insensitive and out right mean, but a threat? Naa..

  • NSimonefan

    This punk was wrong for making the rape comment. I support Sherri with filing charges. But at the same time this is another reason why celebrities shouldn’t be on twitter anyway. Beefing with people online and calling other celebrities ugly (what Sherri called Lil Kim) is not a good look for a celebrity.

  • understand

    Yes, she should press charges. It is wrong that internet stalkers/bullies are free to post defamation while the victim of the crime (yes, it is a crime) is forced to hire a lawyer and spend a fortune fighting these low life scums. It is time for cyberstalkers to be thrown under the jail with no monetary costs required from the victims.

  • unque43

    Yes she should. That tweet went to far.

  • Lynne

    Yes, she certainly was right to press charges. It’s unreal the audacity that some folks have — they’ll just say anything no matter how crude and/or inappropriate b/c they are ignorant cowards and know there will be no repercussions.

  • It will be interesting to see what charges will be filed if any. The person tweeting that comment didn’t say they would do it themselves so it will be hard for her to say that person personally threatened her.

    • JEM

      Good point. It’s ambiguous because the “somebody” they referred to could be themselves, someone they know, or just wishing a random person will commit the harm. But at the very least, I would think it’s a form of sexual harassment and would be against the Twitter TOS. Although getting banned from Twitter might not mean much.

  • Kearia Shannon

    I’m sure he’s scared now…

  • Kearia Shannon

    Good for her!

  • Kearia Shannon

    Good for you Sherri!! These e-thugs are out of control! Knowing damn well none of it would be said to anyone’s face!


  • dee

    Actually, he did not threaten her… he said what he thought should happen to her. Freedom of speech…. Now had he said I am going to do XYZ… then that is a threat! People need to stop associating all negative thoughts as bullying… I mean seriously… kids now days can not voice when they don’t like someone… If a person does not like you, especially a child, they shouldn’t have to be forced to put up with you and not tell you they don’t like you and don’t want to be bothered with you. IN SCHOOL… they say that’s bullying when it’s not!

    • So being verbally aggressive with someone–whether it’s “I’m going to rape you” versus “you need to get raped” is acceptable, free speech? That’s really not the only negative thought he had for her. This person kept going and going with the Tweets about Sherri, getting egged on and applauded by followers. Semantics aside, a threat is a threat. You don’t have to like someone, but it doesn’t give you any right to threaten them or suggest a threat. The same goes for kids. There’s a huge diff between not liking someone and keeping your hands and words to yourself, and not liking them and being unable to keep either to yourself. When aggression becomes the top agenda verbally or otherwise, THAT’S BULLYING.

      • dee

        Sticks an stones may break your bones, but words should never hurt you… unless you’re wearing you heart on your sleeve…. and don’t know yourself or worth!

    • Sticks and stones get to people in all kinds of ways. Some of us wear hearts on our sleeves, and some of us are protected in that way. But nobody’s perfect. So I still say that it doesn’t need to get to that level where people just say what they want and get away with it. Those sticks and stones and the “it’s black and white with no gray area” leads to apathy and kids killing themselves left and right. Not everyone knows their self worth and when you’re much younger in this aggressive society, sometimes the sticks and stones mantra don’t mean diddly.

  • guest

    finally!!!! Someone going after some of the nut jobs out there. Sherrie scored some points in my book.

  • Although what was said was horrible, I don’t think it is a crime. First, he didn’t say that he would rape her. He said somebody should do it. Stupid, yes. Classless, yes. Criminal…I don’t know.

    • No, probably not a crime, but something should be done. If you feel so bold to talk like that, you should be ready and willing to take the consequences.

  • kaysing

    Finally. People think can say/do whatever they want anonymously online, until the cops come knocking at their doors. ‘Free speech’ does not include heinous threats that this punk would probably never say to anyone’s face.

  • JEM

    That’ll definitely set a precedent. I hope other people follow suit- celebs and non-celebs. This online violent/death threat trend is so ludicrous.

  • MeeNee

    Yayyyyy!!!! Get’em Sherry!! All of this bullying is so out of hand it needs to be handled from the smallest form. Not saying that this is a small threat because it DEFINITELY is NOT! And its good that she is a celebrity so that more attention can be brought to this incident.

  • SickOfRidiculous

    The Internet has given some people the false impression that they can say anything to anybody behind the comfort of a computer screen. The public has become very bold in the comments made to others via the web. I feel that Sherri is well within her rights to consider the comment a threat and to take legal action. This will send the message that obscene comments and online harassment will not be tolerated. I don’t blame Sherri one bit.

    Also, these little “teams” (i.e. TeamLilKim, Beyonce’s Bees, the Barbz, Rhianna Navy (sp), etc) are all ridiculous. It is not sensible to go so hard for people you don’t know personally and who more than likely could care less about you. The next time you’re short on your rent/car payment/daycare fees, call up the celeb that you threaten to commit murder on behalf of and see if they cut you a check. Get real.

    • Jay Bee

      Yes to everything you said. This behavior is less about being a fan and much more about having some serious mental issues and deficits in your life. Good for Sherri.

    • Can I like this? Can I love it instead?

      • SickOfRidiculous

        Lol! It just sickens me how stans are willing to murder, rape and pillage for these entertainers who don’t even know they exist. Entertainers are human just like us. It’s totally cool to appreciate their work, but the stans are over the top.

    • L-Boogie

      Thank you, Sick of Ridiculous. You are so right.

    • MsObsidian

      It’s about damn time for comments like this to be posted. I am over these internet, Twitter, Facebook ganstas running their damn mouths, but when the sh*t hit the fan the cat catch their tongues. Social media as I have said before on numerous occassions and will say again so eloquently … is creating a culture of super gossipers, cowardly sh*t stirrers, and a bunch of numb skulls that love to shout “Team” this and that. Dumba**es get a life! Better yet, read a book! #TeamIamSoOvertheSocialMediaBullsh*t

    • NiceNasty

      You hit the nail on the head. I mean it’s crazy how they jus go to the extra defending these people. They are crazy but then sometimes I think it jus may be someone who knows them(friend, relative). IDK, I seem to get that feeling about some of them.

      • SickOfRidiculous

        I like to force myself to believe that the stan community consists largely of children, teenagers and mentally challenged adults. I refuse to believe that level-headed adults are behind stan foolishness.

  • ILlestBlanco

    DaCloneKiller is a member of Team Lil Kim Sherri tweeted calling Lil Kim a ugly thing whi h is bullying so he defendef her notice the article failed to include that

    • Anon

      Calling Lil Kim “ugly” is one thing, threatening someones safety is another. Grow up. Besides, shouldnt Kim respond if she was insulted??

    • That still doesn’t give him the right to talk trash to her, and then keep doing it. That’s childish. What’s worse is the people applauding that garbage, “just because”. Kim is very outspoken and could speak for herself if it bothered her at all.

  • Good for her. Sick of so called men dissing us Black women and no one comes to our defense thus we have to protect ourselves! Do the thing, mama!!

    • What does what we’re talking about have to do with men dissing black women? You have an agenda thats unnecesary on this topic.

  • @twitter-57111908:disqus I agree 100%

  • Jay

    Yes, people always try to get internet balls and act extra, especially on twitter. She has every right to press charges, and I wish everybody would take this route to show online bullying is not okay.

    • Jay Bee

      DEAD@”E-balls” Rotflmaooooooo

      • LOL it’s true though. Everybody’s behind their computers, and they get extra like crazy with the things they say. Especially some of these young girls and men…forget liquid courage….DEM E-balls!

  • Anon

    I follow @SherriSheppard and its all behind some stupid a$$ people thinking she “insulted” Lil Kim! People that dont even KNOW Lil Kim calling themselves #TeamKim. Ghetto hood mentality at its finest. The threats kept coming and even when @LailaAli stepped up to defend her, they threatened HER! I hope they all go to jail.

  • Mia

    Normally I find Sherri to be a close minded ill-informed obnoxious simpleton, but on this I agree with her. Anytime you mention rape you have more than crossed the line. I just hope someone fills out the paperwork for Sherri because she’s not too bright.

  • roni

    Wow um…dunno why my comment was hidden due to “abuse reports” but I will keep it short. That is sad. He is pathetic, still going at it. His followers are pathetic too. He lives a sad life if it’s like that.

  • mina

    Yes. That should not be taken lightly.

  • The pathetic part is that he’s still going at it, alllegedly having a supportive fanbase for his mess. What kind of sad person needs to get so nasty like that, writing garbage as entertainment? And WHYYY would anyone want to follow and support it? That’s sick.

  • This is sad, however these stars are targets. She let the public into her life by showing her wedding and talking about her ex and kid. PEOPLE player hate so they jealous of her.

  • bluekissess

    Finally someone is taking action. I’ve always disliked people with fake user names can feel the urge and need to say anything to anybody. That tweet was so random and hateful. Where’s the petition? I want to sign it

  • gmarie

    serves him well

  • I think she has every right to press charges. With freedom comes responsibility.

  • JJ


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  • Aprilshowers

    Why would some one say something like that I agree done ppl just cross the line