True Life: What’s The Best Comeback You Had For A Man Who Hit On You On The Street?

June 7, 2012  |  
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Man, our Facebook fans are a riot! You never dissappoint with your sassy and off-the-wall responses to our very direct questions. Once again, thank you for sharing all your personal narratives and your in-you-face opinions. This week’s question to our fans was “What’s the best comeback you had for a man who hit on you on the street?

You know who we’re talking about, the guys who have so much bravado that they don’t need to offer you a drink or even need an excuse to approach you while you’re walking past.Here’s what ya’ll had to say:

A man once said to me, “Hey Baby what’s your sign?”…I said, “No standing anytime” and kept it moving…lol.

“Do you think that’s how your daddy got your mother?”

I was walking with my sister and this guy actually says ”how yall ladies be?” My sis says ”we be literate” and bust out laughing. He just kept it moving.

I usually say we can go out if I can bring my 3 kids or he pays for a sitter. 🙂

I know your wife. Tell her I said hi. (you know thats a wrap).. lmao

I simply would say that I although I appreciate the compliments, I am happily married. Sometimes we just need to say thank you and keep it moving. No neck rolls, eye roll or none of that. How you respond will depend on if he’s persistent or not.


One of my friend’s cousins said this to a young buck “Boy, you still wet behind the ears, you want some breast milk?” I almost died! She just had a baby a few weeks before! You should have seen his face!
– Que

I love it when they say, “I know you got a man!” I say, “so then you know, I have to be on my way”, give a little dip, and keep it moving.

I got five kids…… I looked down and then back up…… He was no where to be found ….hahaha …. Didn’t have ti worry about him no more that night

I don’t speak English.

I got heels bigger than your package.
–Nicole C.

“Hey Hot lady what’s ur name?” “Well my birth name was Marlon” LOL, J/k! lol
–Maria D.

” I’m sorry, but I’m not your type.”
– Wanda

Man: “Can I talk to you fro a minute”? Me: “You just did” :-/

“I don’t date drive-by baby makers!”

depends on how he approaches.. for the well mannered ones, they get off easy with a smile and a litle bit of convo.
But…for the brother who has too much to say and no respect I simply advise him that should he insist that I take his number, call him and give him some, he will need to compensate me handsomely for my troubles. And they walk away!! and I say it all with a smile!

This guy said “has anyone told you today that you are pretty” I said “yes, you’d be the second today” he just walked away..not concieted but you asked….

“Did your Mom help you come up with that?”
– Amy

It was midday so I said “Why aren’t you at work?”
– Martina

If it’s something inappropriate, I say nothing. I don’t respond to a way I don’t like being spoken to. Sometimes the best shade is not to acknowledge

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  • T. W.

    The best three responses(depending on the question and behavior) are 1. Thank you 2. No thank you and 3. Nothing.

    Where are the real men? I am sick of perverts and men asking me if I am married.
    Check this out. A dude asked me what church I went to, if I wanted to go to his, and if I was married.
    What does my not being married have to do with him going to church?

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    There is a reject hotline number …713-866-6249.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I don’t know if it’s a southern thing, but the the first thing a man always ask me if I’m married. I remember one time a man was trying to talk to me at a red light. He asked that same question of whether or not I was married. I responded “Yes, to the Lord.” I thought that would scare him away, but he said “He’s a good dude.” Thank goodness the light turned green!

  • All of these smart aleck comments to men trying to meet you. But then you all won’t dare come on to a man because you think that’s a “man’s responsibility.” So you want men to speak first but you also want to be the judge and jury of what the man says? Interesting. Since you all don’t approach men it would be nearly impossible for you to understand how difficult approaching a woman is. How hard it is to say something that is interesting, non threatening, all the while subjecting yourself to likely ridicule. And I don’t want to hear that old song about “Just come up and introduce yourself.” All men have tried this tactic only to find out that women say they like that approach but rarely respond positively to it. Men approach women in ways that work. A certain approach might not work on YOU but it has worked on someone that’s why we use it.

    • MLS2698

      No lines are required. Only a woman with low self esteem needs an onslaught of compliments to be interested. The old “nice weather, huh?” is better than most approaches. And for the record, introducing yourself is tops for most dignified women. Try thinking about what actually comes to your mind first (not if its sexual), tell her, make it apply to her; no generalizing.

  • Britt

    I say absolutely nothing. That’s always a winner. They can’t get upset or entertain when u give them absolutely nothing to go with. It has worked every time for me. Although I do get some snyde remarks here and there but that just comes with being a woman and the overall decline of men with manners.

  • cyriellecendrillon

    I don’t usually have comebacks it depends on the person.. i usually just smile and walk away or actually have a conversation to see who i’m talking 2.. i’m just open minded and u never know what someone could bring to the table…so i talk a little bit and if he seems like some crazy dude or them hood dudes.. i’ll just be like i gotta go.. smile and say bye.. no need to be rude…i’ve met some interesting people lol.

  • jackieOsassin

    i love when i politely shoot them down because i am in a relationship, but the dude persists with the infamous, “well, do he let you have friends?” :-/

    i say, “if i were YOUR girlfriend, would you feel comfortable with me being friends with a guy i just met at a gas station/supermarket/my job/school?”

    his response (almost 90% of the time): DEADPAN.

    then i walk away. ^-^

  • A guy asked me out on the street and I told him, “Sure. Go get your car. After we drop my momma off at the doctor and go pick up my 3 kids from their 4 daddies and take them to 24-hour daycare, I’ll be ready.”

  • She Speaks

    I definitely agree that it is a lose-lose situation whether you are polite or not.
    I used to say “Thank you!” and keep it moving. All that did was keep them coming unfortunately. Now I ignore them completely and they get pouty and pull the “You ugly anyway b****!” b.s. I am quick to remind them however, that I wasn’t so ugly when they initially tried to talk to me.
    I really think it has a lot to do with how they are raised. Unfortunately, our young men are seeing boys on television (even cartoon characters) speaking to their peers, women characters, and even elderly every which way! Of course females are doing the same on television too…why can’t we just be respectful to each other anymore?

  • IllyPhilly

    Man: “Hey se*y, what’s up?”
    Me: *scratches crouch very openly.* If they say or do anything except walk away I run.

  • goddess8281

    These situations are a no-win to me. You can be polite and tell them you have a man, they will ask “do you want any friends?” If you say you’re not interested, they wanna know why and try to be your therapist. If you give them attitude, guys get aggressive, disrespectful, or even violent. The dating game has become a jungle, aka Jumanji!

    • kim

      lol you are no right

  • JustSayin’

    I remember having drinks with the boys after a recreational game along with my husband, when my husband told a mutual friend of ours he wanted his car( he drives a BMW). Our friend, quipped up “well, I want your wife.” The table fell silent, and so I piped up and said, “get in line- you aren’t the first and damn sure you won’t be the last!” Everyone started to laugh, but I can tell my husband didn’t care for the remark our friend made. I was shocked, but had to say something. It was an

    • MLS2698

      And that’s why men should hang out separately with their boys, and you with your girls. Now your husband will always be looking a dude with the side eye.

  • Kj27

    Gotta be careful with all the neck rolling and attitude. One of my classmates lost her life in front of her daughter by a thirsty dude who ego was bruised. Keep it simple and classy then keep it moving.



  • CriticXtreme

    I get so disrespected by the sisters and all I say is Hi.

  • E McArthur

    when they’re just trying to give a compliment, I say “Thank you.” but if they aren’t…I’ll curse them out and make them apologize….(most will apologize too)

  • Guy: My Range rover’s parked outside.
    Me: Oh for real? So’s my Altima

  • Shameka Melvin

    When I am asked my name I often say “Nancy Reagan”. The smart ones get the hint to leave me alone. the dumb ones often say “well you got a man miss Nancy?”…

    • Shameka Melvin

      I also remember a pest while I attended Pgcc. He would yell out obscenities to me daily. so one day I had on some tan boots and he yelled in front of everybody “come here Boots, with your thick @**” so that day I guess I just wasn’t having it so I yelled back “that’s not my name with ur tacky @**”. everybody laughed. I was embarrassed for my actions…but I had had enough. HE WAS VERY POLITE AFTERWARDS THOUGH AND STILL WAS IGNORED.

  • Leela

    So you want to take me out? Ok, cool. What about this Sunday we go to church? Dudes squeal out when you mention some Jesus. lol

  • Herm

    I teach women I deal with to be respectful say thank you I got a man and keep it moving some brothers just wanna be acknowledged acting stuck or to good is the quickest way to be called a b***h next time that missing tooth brother says you look good say thanks smile keep it pushing

    • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

      I recognize that common sense isn’t that common but why should women have to respect men who do not have respect for themselves (aka show their azz by their rude approach)??

  • Evilena

    I’ve learned to not have a smart-aleck comeback…you don’t know to whom you are speaking…you also don’t know what they are capable of. I’ve seen a girl get sucker punched in the face by a dude for not being interested. Instead-I tell them I am a platinum lesbian…while they try to figure out exactly what that means…that is when I scurry on my way.



      • goddess8281

        Me too. Does your ideas involve a dark closet of secrecy and denial, too?

    • Pink.Bananas

      I totally agree. I had a guy ask for my number and althought I respectfully declined he put a gun in my face and robbed me. Then as he’s robbing me he says, “all you had to do was give me your number.”

      • goddess8281

        Omg, that’s horrible. I’m sorry that happened to you.

      • MLS2698

        Damn! He would def turn into one of those dudes who beats women.

  • I tell them in a snarky way, “My mommy taught me to not speak to strange men I don’t know”

  • Kim Morris

    When asked for my number, I tell them 867-5309 and tell them to ask for Jenny.

    • Leela

      Now that song is in my head. LOL