Legends Of The New School: Today’s Artists Who May Just Go Down In History…

June 3, 2012 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong




In case you may not have known, June is Black Music Month and people, we’re in a musical crisis: Where are today’s legends? Though many of us grew up on our parents’ music (Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Earth Wind & Fire, etc…) and some of us in the 80s were blessed with Michael, Whitney, New Edition and Prince, the 90s and beyond have presented a challenge.  I’ve come up with a list; you may or may not agree, but we need to talk about this! Who is an all-around legend to you?

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  • Envogue

    En Vogue’s debut album was Born to Sing…in 1990

  • Cali2MD2010

    Correction for the blogger…En Vogue’s debut album was called Born to Sing. Funky Diva’s was their second album. Please check your facts before posting!

  • monitorette

    TRue, BC Jean will never forget that Beyonce has stolen ‘IF I were a boy’ from her / Ne Yo will never forget that Beyonce claimed that she wrote Irreplacable for girl empowerment when in fact N Yo penned this song, … and as a whole the artists who wrote for her will never forget that they illegitimately lose a part of their royalties because Beyonce is illegitimately added as a co-writer. It is not because BILLBOARD are acting as the super PR for Beyonce that the rest of the media has to follow this path, even though Beyonce releases good music

  • Guest

    I agree we should add lauryn hill, Jill Scott, A.Keys, Erykah Badu.. So many more.

  • Numero Uno

    I agree with pretty much everyone on this list.

  • Kneekieee

    Ms. Jill Scott..
    Don’t you dare leave her out.lol.
    I love R-kelly to pieces..met him too.

  • Uhhh Usher Hello?!?!

    • drennab

      Ush definitely is a viable option.

      I didn’t want to get too long-winded in the intro pirce but we have to be able to draw the line somewhere between an artist who made good/great music and a person who has legend written over them. If it were the former, I’d have names for DAYS!

  • EarthIsASac

    erykah baduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu HELLLLLLLLLLO

  • opotrini44

    you forgot Faith Evans and even Usher..hello?????????

    • dancerzrule14

      I can see Usher (as an R&B icon) but Faith a legend?….shes hardly a legend.Idt u can be a legend if most ppl dnt care abt u.

    • Numero Uno

      Usher…maybe….Faith Evans, as much as I used to enjoy her, I would never consider her having legend status.

  • Tallchiick

    Beyonce definitely deserves to be in this list…what other female artist (in the last 20 yrs) came from a girl group and made/kept herself relevant, and became a solo superstar??…Bey already a legend..

    • Numero Uno

      Exactly! She came from an already hugely successful girl group, and went solo, and became even more successful and famous than she already was. Kudos to Bey. She’s about the only artist nowadays that I would pay to go see.

  • IllyPhilly

    Boyz II Men!!!! Bout to blast the greatest hits right now!

  • IllyPhilly

    Boyz II Men!!!! Bout to blast the greatest hits right now!

  • Tagirl

    Mariah, Celine & Toni are make the greatest singers of all time. Toni’s first 2 albums were everything and Mariah and Celine are Mariah and Celine.

  • Fashion lover

    So no one that debuted in the 21st century? Half of these people are already seen as legends u didn’t predict anything

    • IllyPhilly

      LOL damn don’t take away their dreams? LMAO