Has The Reality TV Relationship Curse Struck Phaedra and Apollo?

June 1, 2012  |  

There are only a very small handful of marriages that have been able to withstand the realty TV curse and from a few rumors going around online, Apollo and Phaedra’s may not be one of them.

Granted this knowledge supposedly comes from a “friend of a friend” of the real housewife of Atlanta by way of MuthaKnows, but word is “Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida may have moved out of their marital home and gotten an apartment of his own in Atlanta.”

There are a couple reasons why this could be a possibility. One is the issue of Angela Stanton’s book and the supposed rumors/ratchet reality of the couple’s past that it exposed. I don’t know that Angela revealed any stunning revelations the couple wouldn’t have known about but Phaedra may think it’s not a good look to be associated with her ex-con husband right now while these rumors are flowing.

There’s also the possibility of infidelity which Straight from the A is reporting. Apparently some girl on Twitter has been putting messages out there about meeting a guy who calls himself Troy and lives on the fourth floor in apartments near Lavista and Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta. The woman says he “resembles Apollo” but since she has no photo proof and still can’t tell if he’s really Apollo or not, I’m going to guess he’s not and she’s just looking for some attention.

You also can’t rule out the need for Phaedra to have a new storyline and this could be it. Although I feel like Phaedra’s never sold herself out for the show before, she might be scared she could get the boot like Sheree. Hopefully none of these possibilities is the truth and Phaedra and Apollo are still going strong. Otherwise, another reality TV couple may have bitten the dust. What do you think?

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  • La Shante’

    Not ANY of this is anyones business. Whatever they are going through if ANYTHING should be handled behind closed doors with the public and others OUT OF IT. That said, I also think they are a mismatched couple, AND as he IS a handsome man, HE IS NOT ALL THAT. She is a hustler through and through.

  • La Shante’

    Not ANY of this is anyones business. Whatever they are going through if ANYTHING should be handled behind closed doors with the public and others OUT OF IT. That said, I also think they are a mismatched couple, AND as he IS a handsome man, HE IS NOT ALL THAT. She is a hustler through and through.

  • Runtelldat!

    Hopefully its not true, they seem to be good for each other or, at least for their family. I like Phaedra, I think she is kind of classy and more mature than some of her cast members. She is DEFINITELY not afraid to recognize success and give credit for it. I wish them the best!

  • Nicole

    I think it may be a clear cut case that they got married because she was pregnant and in her family it’s a sin to have a child out of wedlock.

  • D. Rose in the paint

    Apollo can do better! Phaedra seems like a controlling, limited, stuffy, typical “independent black woman”! Apollo would fair better with a younger, free minded, not so serious type of gal!

    • Ms.CeCe

      Apollo married her cuz she got money and probably good in bed. She she got her a light-skinned handsome dude! Cuz she is not all that cute really…….

    • Anonymous

      This is the answer of a typical immature black man. It’s better to be an independent black woman than a loser, ex con man. Apollo has nothing going for him. You mean Phaedra can do better because she’s the one who’s educated, don’t know what she’s doing with
      him. I still don’t know the theory behind black women who fall for losers. If you call being business savy, providing for your family controlling, it shows your ignorance. Apollo is inarticulate let alone lead his home, so Phaedra has to lead. Instead of black men complaining about how controlling black women are, JUST MAN UP.

      • D. Rose in the paint


      • D. Rose in the paint

        The immature one is you…you have a very shallow, undeveloped, tainted, and limited perspective and a very poor judge of character. You are a typical black woman fooled by the media, corporate America, and stupid mothers. You seem to judge people based solely on material and their ability to provide as oppose to their overall character and human qualities. See my theory was based on Appollo’s kind heart, loving spirit, manliness, willingness to be a good father, and virtue. And Phaedra’s fraudulent behavior, shallowness, greed, selfishness, and low self-esteem. But see you are so blinded by material and accomplishments that these very important aspects have completely evaded your mental radar you are clueless to these aspects….you dont even know why they are important! You wouldnt know a good man if he was sitting right in your face, which is typical of modern day black women! And this is why the quality black men are marrying women of other ethnicities! And the so called independent black women are single, lonely, and miserable waiting to meet Donald Trump/Tupac who doesnt exist! This is probably why you will have a hard time finding a partner in life yourself. You are the one who needs to grow up! You need to really re-evaluate life and society!

        • guest

          @ D. Rose in the paint Apollo is that you? LOL. Sorry I just had to joke 🙂

  • immaguest

    You know, if you watched this past season (yes I’m ashamed to admit but I did) it didn’t seem like Appollo was feeling Phaedra at all. He seemed like he didn’t really want to be there, really standoffish. Like he was angry. I don’t know, just my observations. Maybe it was the cameras.

    • I noticed that too, but I hope it’s a rumor and just the cameras. I’m not a Phaedra fan, but I’d never wish to see a marriage break up. They seemed to be all over each other at one point, in love with lots of passion and inferred spice. But then again, the way she talked about her sexuality….I dunno. Maybe that was just me.

    • Fan

      I think so too. Phraedra started going hollywood and triedto be friends with silly people like Sheree talking mess and getting him in the drama then trying to explain his job to the world trying to make him more important. she seems to had a good relationship before she started acting phony

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Hopefully this is a rumor. But the 9 year age difference (she’s older) and the fact the fact that she may have gotten married because she was pregnant, add the cameras, and a tell-all book. That’s stress for anyone.

  • Lovelyday

    I pray that is just rumor. They seem very good together.

  • Jane Doe

    Phaedra is ugly. Apollo couldn’t possibly have loved her. He was an ex-con and their relationship was a sham like most ugly woman/handsome man relationship. So it is not surprising he cheats on her. 

    • Nicki

      You’re an angry BIRD Jane Doe. A very ANGRY bird. Let’s guess, you probably have NO MAN. I see women like you all the time (angry because you don’t have what it takes to pull a HOT guy so you HATE on other women who have what YOU WANT!) Pheadra is an attractive woman, so before you call anyone ugly, take a long, hard look in the mirror. YOU’RE UGLY on the INSIDE (which is a million times worse) so GO HAVE A SEAT!!!

    • Ladybug94

      That doesn’t even make sense. Alot of nice looking guy date unattractive women. They usually see something in them they outsiders don’t.

    • Phaedra Parks is really attractive.

    • Phaedra is not ugly and she has a great demeanor.

      • Ms.CeCe

        Her business sense IS attractive though! She can make some money!

    • Gimmeabreak78

      Wow. Hate much?

  • chaka1

    She better realize her child, marriage and personal life are more important than some insipid TV show. 

    • Gimmeabreak78

      Yes, but that would be too much like right, so it probably won’t get done. SMH.

      • KourageousKya

        I was going to say the same thing!! LOL