Why Women Choose To Keep The Nail Business in Business

May 30, 2012  |  

Consumer spending may be down, money may be tight and monthly budgets strict, but one thing the ladies aren’t taking out of their beauty regimen is a manicure. VOA News reports that while other US businesses are slowing down in a weak economy, women are spending more on their nails. And these professionally fly women aren’t just getting a light pink coat or even a bright shade of red; they’re going all out with blues, greens and animal prints.

“It’s tremendous. I mean our sales have been double digit growth for the past five years,” Suzi Weiss-Fishmann, the executive vice-president and artistic director of OPI said to VOA News. Based north of Los Angeles, OPI distributes nail polish to women in over 100 countries around the world.

“You can really be kind of that conservative professional and wear blues and greens and any color and dark shades year round,” she reveals.  In addition to bright nail colors, women are also experimenting with nail art. The trend has been popular in Japan for about a decade, and has steadily been picking up speed in the US.

“Nail art is really for every woman. It’s like the new lipstick. Everyone is using their nails as their accessory,” said The Naja, a creator of 3-D nails. The Naja makes her products stand out by using unusual ordinary objects to create her designs, including hair extensions, paper clips and staples. And her business is booming.

“I actually have made more money than I ever have the entire time of the recession,” she said.

So why are women spending more on nails in the midst of tight economic times? The real question is, why not? When you only have $5 or $10 to spare, it’s much easier to splurge on a nail polish or an affordable pedicure than something a bit more costly.

Take it from college student Kathryn O’Sullivan. As she tells VOA News, “If you’re trying to get a new outfit or a new accessory or something, it’s probably going to be more expensive but you can just spice up your look with the nail polish thing, with these things, for a way cheaper price.”

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  • Jenn Whitford Palumbo

    It’s such a huge waste of money. Any women who can keep her nails from chipping for more than a few hours is a lazy woman who probably sits on her @$$ all day while her kids wait on her hand and foot!

  • I like having my nails done but I am not spending money on that when I can not afford it. I work and only make enough to get me through and a few other things. Wasting money on nails? Really? I’m an aspiring photographer and I’d much rather spend $300.00 on a new lens that $70.00+ on some freaking nails.

  • Chanda

    Nothing wrong with getting your nails done. I just hate those long, tacky talons that are longer than the actual fingers! It screams no job and poor hygeine. While you’re at it get the pedicure too.

  • GalaxyEmpress

    Nah, I do my own nails, those orientals are a trip and I can’t deal with them. The only time I plan on sitting in an establishment to get my nails done is if I own the place, end of story. ūüėČ

  • NicoleP

    I’m a licensed professional cosmetologist¬†and I get my nails done…..I don’t have time to do them myself since I am a single mother of a 4 & 5 year old girls¬†and THEY ARE my advertisement. I don’t do the ghetto colors (like in the picture) and the shop I got to uses PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT. I researched and even got bold and asked them what they use in the salon. I stick with a basic shape and color. My toes are a different story….I do them myself.

  • RedButterfly81

    I get my finger and toe nails done every 2 weeks, I just like to be pampered. I just don’t understand why women get looooong fake nails done and they work as cashiers at stores and tellers at banks where you have to type on the computers.

  • Sammilu1224

    The shape and designs on those nails MUST GO!!  

  • ok_dayumm

    I gues if that’s what you’re going to spend your money on..it is what it is. The thing that I don’t understand is why Black women don’t take over this business that they patronize soo much. It would be one thing if the Asians were somehow puttung money back into our communities or patronizing¬†OUR businesses, but they don’t. The majority of the time the only people who do business with us are us. Really…..other people don’t even eat our food but we will eat any and everyone elses (Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai…and so on). I once worked at a multi-service spa where there was a Black nail tech and a Vietnamese nail tech and the Black women would walk right past the Black tech to the other woman to get their nails done. Needless to say the Black woman ended up leaving.

    • sofie212

      I agree. We are being USED. Especially by the¬†Asian¬†community.¬†They don’t wear acrylic nails (and its not simply because it would hinder their ability to work, those products are deadly). They don’t eat soul food/African¬†food or¬†Caribbean¬†food, and they certainly don’t use tracks/wigs and black hair products.¬†They¬†don’t¬†even eat the very food that they cook in those cheap¬†restaurants.¬†They depend on the black community to do all of these things for them.¬†
      When we walk into their shops, they follow us around, look at us as if we’re all trash, talk crap about us in their languages and yet we continue to put food on their tables, clothes on their backs and Jaguars under their butts by being their patrons. This is disgusting.¬†


        This is very true and I have this conversation with my family many times.

        The MSG used in chinese food is deadly and most people don’t even know that. ¬†Just recently on CNN I heard that dogs across the country were dying due to some bad dog food that come to this country from China.

        Every time we turn around there is something bad coming from China….There plan is to kill off most Americans slowly and then take over….Mark my words!

        • Lol sometimes I would not doubt it. We’ve already seen Zombie attacks in The U.S. Nothing else surprises me.

      • Negress

        I stopped going to my nail shop when they made a point to talk about me in their language. I went to another shop while out of town and vowed never again. Thank to Sally Hansen salon effects, it is possible.

      • Negress

        I stopped going to my nail shop when they made a point to talk about me in their language. I went to another shop while out of town and vowed never again. Thank to Sally Hansen salon effects, it is possible.

      • Chanda

        I don’t wear acrylic nails, wear wigs/weaves or get my nails done in their shops. I usually do my own nails. I get what you’re saying though maybe they’ll do a documentary type film on this like Chris Rock did with Good Hair. Some bw probably wouldn’t pay it any mind but it would open a few eyes.

      • I agree 100. I honestly have not been to a nail salon since 2008. It was nice to do those things but realizing what you’ve said is on point. I won’t go and say all Asians are “bad.” I’ve had Asian co workers who were fun, friendly and a joy to be with but I’ve had a few bad experiences with Asians in stores, which is why I don’t buy anything from Asian owned businesses.

    • Chanda

      Sounds like they were stereotyping¬†and that’s just what they were¬†immune to. I hope that sista had back up income or went to another multi-racial spa at least. Times are too hard to be playing around like that.

    • Chanda

      Well, Serena Williams is training to be a nail tech you never know maybe she’ll open her own nail business(es). Who would pass up Serena for an unknown Vietamese chick to get their nails done?

  • Gmarie

    lipstick sales normally go up during recession times too. looking good makes you feel better when most other things are not going as planned. I get it. I typically attempt to do my own nails when money is short, but in the grand scheme of things it really isnt all that expensive. I definitely had to keep my hair and nails up professionally when I was out of work and interviewing (basic manicure not nail designs). Basic maintenance and hygiene are definitely taken into account when interviewing

  • Smacks_hoes

    Those nails in the photo are hideous…

    • Nisha136988

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!! Those nails read “I do not have a good job and I never left the hood‚ÄĚ JUST PLAN GHETTO HOT MESS!!!

      • Negress

        The nails are one thing but the skin doesn’t look soft or plush.

      • Negress

        The nails are one thing but the skin doesn’t look soft or plush.

    • Chanda

      At least her nails aren’t a foot long. Those older hoodrats are good for that shyt. Can’t even work or wipe your azz.