Don’t Even Ink About It: 7 Places Women Should Not Get Tattoos

May 30, 2012  |  


Tattoos can be Hot, fun and rebellious but here’s seven places a woman should never get a tattoo!

7. Breasts

Before you think about getting a rose or a name tatted on your boobs think about how you’ll never be able to wear low cut shirts without someone seeing that ever again.

6. A$$

Tatts on the A$$ cheeks are never a good idea. It just looks plain tacky and

5. Thigh

The first way to ruin a classy moment is a big tattoo on your thigh in your dress or gown.

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  • Bee

    I am a 28 year old professional female with a 4 year degree, currently pursuing my masters. I am a manager for a non-profit organization for one of the largest fundraisers in the state of GA, and guess what? I have over 30 tattoos, most of which are visible on a daily basis. My arms, chest and legs are covered. My career entails that I interact with clients and medical professional’s daily, and despite my tattoos, I come highly recommended for my position by the personnel I work with. I receive many judgmental glances and have heard snide comments, but the truth is that I was given an opportunity by my superior to perform my job because my tattoos DO NOT matter. My appearance is professional and my body art is beautiful. I have received more respect and admiration from young women who wish to be in my position because of my firm belief that I can be professional AND have tattoos.

    What I find to be classless and unprofessional are those people who judge others based on their appearance, and not on their character. As a manager, I would not be inclined to hire anyone to my organization who is closed minded and of the assumption that their personal beliefs and point of views are the only ones that matter. A true professional understands that people come from all walks of life, and diversity is what makes the world such an interesting place. Not only this, but diversity in the workplace gives people the opportunity to perceive and learn new ideas from someone else’s perspective.

    I find a majority of the comments on this thread to be classless and full of prejudice.

  • I think its best to just think about the tattoo you’re going to get for a while. be extra sure you want it. If 6 months later on down the road yous till want the design, then its your choice to do it.

  • Miss D

    got my tattoo 15 years ago but it took me about 5 years to decide what I wanted
    (my initial “D” & rose) and where (a place gravity would not hit-left


    do not have a problem with tattoos. But I do have a problem with impulsive
    tattoos (body location, subject matter, size) that people regret later in life.
    I believe everyone has the right to live & learn lessons, but they should
    think about how those actions will affect them in the future (job, boyfriend/girlfriend,
    weight gain/loss, etc.).

    advice could apply to many areas of life like what we post on Facebook/Twitter…


    met a girl who had a small set of beautiful wings in the middle of her back.
    But what drew my attention was the “Pslams 23” written in cursive (wait for it…).
    When everyone else was telling her how pretty it was, I told her that doesn’t
    say Psalms it says “PSLAMS”. Everyone went to grab a Bible to confirm, and then
    she got mad at ME for pointing it out.

    Find someone trustworthy to advise and not just co-sign (oh yeah, make sure
    they can spell)

  • Tattoo on a woman is tacky, plain and simple.

  • Tattoo on a woman is tacky, plain and simple.

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

       If tattoos are done tastefully, why is it tacky? Because you wouldn’t get one? Neither of my tattoos are easy to find and are small and personal.Your comment is tacky putting all women with tattoos in the same category just because it’s not something you personally agree with. . . 

  • NikkitaMichelle

    chest, thigh, stomach, arms, neck, basically don’t get one.

  • I have my nose pierced and a small butterfly tat just above my righ breast!.. and imma preschool teacher and in school for sociology…..

    • Lysha

       Sounds really cute. I don’t have any tats but I think they can be tastefully done.

  • IllyPhilly

    Don’t tell me what to do! P.S. who sees the a$$ tat in public? Please don’t tell me people walk around with butt cheeks hanging out and they’re not on the beach. 

  • jason vorhees

    I think it all depends on the cultures you are into.  Im 36 with piercings and tatts but at the same time im into those cultures.  Would all the “negative” remarks be said to a woman who was a tattoo artist?  What i cant stand is hood rat tatts.  No thought into them just random jailhouse looking ink all over womens bodies.  To me if a woman is going to get tatts, spend the money to get a awesome piece of art not something that looks like you just finished a bid upstate. 

    • Lysha

       Just curious, are you bisexual Jason?

      • jason vorhees

        nope. why do you ask?  Is it the mildly girly screen name of the most awesome movie killer of all time?  nahhh that couldnt be it  … my next question would be what does a persons sexuality have to do with answering a question about tattoos?

        • Lysha

           These two things don’t connect – I know!  Random question and I apologize. A few days ago I was reading a thread and saw a comment by a bisexual guy. It interested me and wanted to have some dialog with him but wasn’t signed in yet. I couldn’t remember his user name. Anyway, the multiple piercings had me curious also. 

          • jason vorhees

             no problem.  I think the whole “multiple piercings” thing with bisexuals men had to do with tongue piercings. But this is a fairly recent (within the last few years) stereotype.  My piercings and tatt work ive had since the mid 90s (way before most black folks were thinking about either because it was only the goth, vampire, heavy metal, biker folks were really doing it.)  I dont really understand where the stereotype came from because straight men in the previously stated cultures had been doing it for decades. As well as tatt/pierce artists.  Whats even more funny to me is if a seemingly straight looking woman has a tongue ring nobody asks her if she is bisexual.

            • Lysha

              Good point about the tongue ring and women. Maybe because in general women “accessorize” more than men do? What kind of piercings do you have?

              • jason vorhees

                bull rings (posts through the cartlidge between nostrils and double spikes on each nostril)  and spiderbites (double posts close together on both sides of bottom lip)…

                p.s yes i have real job lol (IT geek) (all the piercings are out during the day while at work and the only tats that are exposed are on my forearms when i wear short sleeve shirts). i had to state that because i get that question alot when my piercings are all in and tatts exposed when i go out.

                • Lysha

                   Ouch!!  You mentioned earlier about being into certain cultures that involve piercings and tats; what would those cultures be? If I am intruding, please let me know and I won’t ask any more questions.

                  • jason vorhees

                     growin up i was a hybrid kid (i was the  black kid in your school that hung out with the punks, goths n heavy metal folk). goth, heavy metal, vamp cultures.  across the board piercings and tatts are pretty much part of those. As i got older i really grew fond of the piercing and tatt cultures.

                    • Guest

                      That just explained a lot.

  • Herm

    Sisters making it easy to spot the trash if you step out and see shaniqua with a tat going up her leg RUN she probably got two bastards at home and a locked up boyfriend lets be honest people aren’t keeping it modest getting smaller tats

  • Jumelle

    this will always be up for debate- 

    I have one tattoo- extremely small, black scripted ink, on the right side of my upper shoulder (back)-I got it two years ago when I was 30 years old-its classy, not outrageous, and can be covered in a “corporate environment”- I’m constantly complimented on the simplicity of my tatt- 
    when I was 17, tattoos just started becoming popular amongst black youth, and I thank the Lord that I wasn’t into them at that age, because I can just imagine what I would’ve put on my body!!!

    I will say this– your age will most likely dictate your tattoos- I see these young people nowadays and they look EXTREMELY FILTHY- While I feel it is your choice in how you want to decorate your body, I say don’t be foolish-You will have to live with it forever unless you have the money to dish out on laser removal, which is not only expensive, but painful–

    do you think anyone will take you seriously with a set of ruby red lips plastered on the side of your neck? Or your child’s name branded as a necklace? Butterflies down your back?  A Dragon spitting fire on your thigh? an ice cream cone on your face?  Psalm 21 down your arm?  


  • mary


  • EarthIsASac

    You like tattoos or you dont-thats it-why does everything have to be so gendered. what i dont like more is a person who can take a dude fully tatted like lil’wayne then look down upon a woman if she chooses to do the same. there are no rules when it comes to how to decorate your body-DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!

  • EarthIsASac

    You like tattoos or you dont-thats it-why does everything have to be so gendered. what i dont like more is a person who can take a dude fully tatted like lil’wayne then look down upon a woman if she chooses to do the same. there are no rules when it comes to how to decorate your body-DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!

  • Jaida Bang

    I’ve personally never seen a classy chick with a tattoo. lol

    • Miss_Understood

      Damn where do you live?? Maybe it’s your environment because I’ve seen business women, doctors and attorneys with a tattoo or two, and these women OOZE class…granted, the tats were small and tasteful

      • Jaida Bang

        Atlanta is where I live. but I was born and raised in rural north carolina. I had never even seen a woman with a tattoo until I was 20 years old and that was 11 years ago.  there is just something about most tattoos that are simply classless in my opinion. I now that statement will piss of a lot of people because it is hard to find people without them these days but most unless they are small and can be hidden with clothes are to me unattractive.

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

          and what makes them classless? a tattoo doesn’t make a woman, it’s the woman behind the tattoo. and for your information, my two small tattoos are very small, personal, and easily hidden, but they don’t impair me from doing my job or being a good person and doing the right thing.  your comment went from opinionated to ignorant starting with “classless”. . .

          • EarthIsASac

            Thank You SO Much For Saying This-i never realized women who talk class are the most judgemental

          • Jaida Bang

            my post was not meant to offend you or any other tatted female but i knew someone would upset about it. But it won’t change because you call it ignorant. smh I was raised totally different from you obviously. And don’t engage in certain things no matter how trendy it is. if you actually paid attention to what I wrote you would know that I said “unless they are small and can be hidden with clothes are to me unattractive.” so your two small tats don’t even apply to what I am talking about in the first place.

            • Please stop using the word “tatted”, you’re too classy and sophisticated to use such a word. 

              And, yes, I agree with the salient points you raised – some individuals are offended simply because what you said applies to them. They’ll just have to get over it!

              I think it is laughable that some of these females are claiming to be classy even though they have tattoos. What they fail to grasp is that having a tattoo negates any classiness a woman might have had. 

              Tattoos and classiness are mutually exclusive, that is all.

            • Ms_Sunshine9898

               Oh no I read what you wrote alright, down to your comment about small tats. Don’t try to backpedal with self righteousness, it is what it is. You were being judgmental, point blank period. That is your problem. Your upbringing was probably no different from my own, the only difference is I chose to get tattoos, you choose to look down your nose at people who already have them. It’s not that you even disagree about having them that’s the issue, it’s the fact that you clearly think you are more “classy” than other women for not following trends as referenced by your tone. That’s fine, it is ok, but don’t blatantly turn your nose up like you’re better than everyone else. . .

              • Jaida Bang

                this topic is old.

        • Miss_Understood

          Exactly, you just said you were born & raised in RURAL North Carolina and live in Atlanta…sooooo….

          • Jaida Bang

            i really don’t have the time to go back and forth with you. I won”t change the way you feel and you won’t change how I feel ether. It is pointless.

      • Cassie

        Good comment- I am an attorney with five tattoos. To each his own!

      • Mls2698

        It’s such a sheep in the heard reflex to have tattoos.Not gonna talk about class, but I have seen people with tatts that have a religious tone (usually Christian) while not knowing that God forbids marring of the body. I say be informed and think about the future. I worked with a nurse once who had to keep a bandage on her hand  because of a tatt; she would get irritated when they asked her to cover it. I think she should have made a better choice of locations.

        • Miss_Understood

          I agree-Location is very important, tattoos should be easily hidden for professional or religious situations…

      • no

        just because you’re a dr or lawyer doesn’t mean you are automatically classy…

        • Najlamuta


        • Jaida Bang

          thank you!

          • Miss_Understood

            I’m not just talking about a bachelor’s degree in communications or something, I am talking about women who have gone beyond to a Master’s, Doctoral or Professional degree and have established themselves in their careers-as one of these women who also has small tasteful tattoos, I know that women who have worked that hard to get this far in life RARELY jeopardize it with some hoodrat Nene Leakes type of behavior…I personally have never met a “ghetto” doctor or lawyer, SORRY, just haven’t…once again maybe it’s your environments

    • Mls2698

      The tatts on people’s  neck make me itch.

      • Jaida Bang

        me too. I wonder if they ever plan on having a decent job too.

    • ME

      i got my first tat last month in honor of my mother that passed last month.  it is on my shoulder/back and there isnt anything classless about it.  i am a professional woman and even the President of my company loves it.  If you never seen a classy chick with a tat then you need to reevaluate the people you are around. LOL i’m just saying

      • Jaida Bang

        so sorry for your loss. and as for your comment about the women I hang around… none of them have tattoos.  

    • Jaida Bang

      everyone is replying to me and I think that its interesting really. but I am not the only one who feels the way I feel. some people just wouldn’t say it to you directly but they think it about you. so take your frustrations out on me if you must. call me ignorant, question who I hang with. it don’t change the cold hard facts. who’s next?

    • Nia

      I work on Wall Street in Manhattan and I have a tattoo. And its on the back of my neck. I just wear collared shirts or delicate scarfs while in the office. And I work for a Fortune 500. A tattoo doesn’t determine where I am going and where I have gone in life. In fact, I have two of them.

  • Bambam

    So glad I have no tattoos. The way I see it, they’re main purpose is to identify corpses and remember names & birth/death dates.

  • Noni

    How about not getting tatoos..PERIOD

    • Gimmeabreak78

      That sounds too much like right.  Having the beautiful umblemished skin God gave you is outmoded for too many people, unfortunately.  Too often, tattoos are for people who cannot think further than five minutes into the future. 

      On another note, the popularity of tattoos is so overboard, that I find it extremely appealing when a man DOESN’T have tattoos.  All of that smooth, umblemished skin–yay!

    • Guest

      Thank you! The female body is a work of art. Tattoos are like graffiti on the Mona Lisa.