Turns Out Women Hit Their Sexual Peaks Sooner Than We Thought

May 29, 2012  |  

For the longest time, data had us thinking men and women’s sexual peaks would never match. With men supposedly hitting there’s at 18—odd—and women at 30, it wasn’t likely those two sexually charged paths would ever cross. But a new survey provides some hope, or maybe better perspective, about when men and women actually have their best sex lives. For women, the age is now 28 and for men it’s gone up a lot, 15 years actually, to 33.

“This destroys the myth that it takes some women longer to master their sexual responses,” said a spokesperson for lovehoney.co.uk, a sex toy company which sponsored the survey.

“Despite the female sexual reproductive system being far more complex than a man’s, women are discovering what works and what doesn’t faster than men.”

That’s an interesting concept although it sort of falls in line with other results from the survey which found, on average, women lost their virginity around 17 while men lost theirs at 18. The results also throw questions at the whole concept of who’s really sowing their wild oats with findings that women are typically most sexually active at 25 but that’s not true for men until 29. I have a feeling women might be taking advantage of their young single years in their mid-20s while men might reach their prime at 29 in terms of career which also ups their overall attractiveness to potential partners, i.e. women start throwing it at ’em.

The good news is the sexual peak ages aren’t that far apart anymore so it shouldn’t be too hard for a 28-year-old woman to find her 33-year-old match, maybe.

What do you think? Does 28 sound like the right number for a woman to have her best sex life?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Kerry

    Older men are HORRIBLE in bed. They are horrible. 5 minutes, out of shape, pot bellies. You can go from having no orgasms with these so-called ‘older’ men to having multiple orgasms with the younger men. I won’t go back to older men. I don’t care how many Viagra pills they pop. I get tired, too, of older men bragging about how well they are satisfying younger women when they are lucky to have sex just a couple of times per week. When I hear an older man brag, I know it’s just bravado. When I hear a younger man brag ( which I have yet to do because the younger men I have been exposed to personally are “doers”, not “talkers”), I know they are speaking the truth. Goodbye older men. Enjoy the Viagra pills!

  • alterD

    I don’t know where you got this information…it’s totally ridiculous. BOYS, 18-22 are like bunnies. Women don’t enjoy sex until their 30’s. Period. Studied over and over and over, and you just act like all of a sudden you know better? BS

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  • MzB

    I am 26 yrs old and I feel that I am at my peek now along with a few of my girlfriends so it think the assumption that women are enjoying their single mid 20s is exactly on point!

    • Zan

       I thought the same thing, until I turned 30…that “peak” I thought I’d hit when I was 26-27 was NOTHING compared to how I feel now! I think it’s about confidence, also…and like others mentioned, knowing what you like and don’t like and not being afraid to let it BE known. 🙂

    • KourageousKya

      I think you are right!! I am 26 as well and I out-do my bf all of the time and he is 32!! LOL I definitely think this survey is on point because I don’t see my sexual peak getting any higher than it is RIGHT NOW! But if it does, that will be great too!!

    • alterD

      Yeah? Just wait til you hit 35. I think it’s hilarious you can speak for your sexual peak when you aren’t even there yet. Glad you’re enjoying it, no one said it wasn’t good in your 20’s…just that is PEAKS later…you’ll C young’n.

  • But awesome sex can be accomplished if women start to masturbate and knowing what their bodies like before having sex

  • Hmmm…interesting but can it all just depends on the women?? I mean i wouldnt expect some female who is in her teens to have the best sex but I mean a women who are in their 20s in beyond because during those years a women finds herself. and when she does thats when the best sex starts. But then again I thought it was the 20s when women have awesome sex??!

  • Ibdw2

    I believe it is in the late 30’s and 40’s.. a woman is just getting to know who she is and what she likes by this age.  She has also learned a few things about men and matured a lot by then..

  • CaliGirlED

    Who did they survey? What was the age range? I don’t know enough people to gather survey data, but I know many women, over the age of 40, who would argue that their sexual activity and appreciation of it in their 20’s does not compare to that of their 30’s or 40’s. But what do I know, apparently the experts have spoken! :-/

  • L-Boogie