My Goodies? Not My Goodies!: Celebrities Who Pulled The V-Card (Virgin)

May 26, 2012 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong

There’s something to be said for a person who has their beliefs and sticks to them…or they at least try.  Some celebs have made a vow to hold out on giving up their “V card” (virginity card, folks) until they’re married or until they meet the “right one.”  Others have tried to stick to these beliefs…and stumbled along the way but hey, I guess they held on as long as they could!

See who had or has held on to their goodies….

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  • Antoine Benoit

    Can you imagine holding out until marriage and find out your mate isn’t up to code and then you’re stuck with them? That would be HELL!!!

  • Alexia

    Adriana Lima was a virgin until 28? although people didn’t believe it because somehow modeling lingerie means you have sex. In that case I’m a big skank lol. Anyway it’s cool that they are virgins, do they need to discuss it? no but it’s cool to see people having morals in the sex department. When Lolo Jones announced she was a virgin right away I said where’s Tim Tebow?! perfect match. Athletic good looking virgins lol.

  • Analyst

    Ummmm virgins don’t attract me AT ALL…so I wouldn’t be trying to get into their panties anyway.

  • Negress

    I wonder if they know that announcing it just makes you a target.

  • tyrese sanders


    • Guest123

      you really believe Beyonce waited for marriage to have sex please… just because she ended up marrying Jay doesn’t mean they waited till marriage…

      • tyrese sanders

        Bey always gave me virg!n every time I saw her in an interview pre-Jay-Z in her ealier years.  Trust me, Bey was too sheltered to have gave it up like that a young age in her career.  You could just tell in the way she carries herself.  She’s a cornball.  Enough said.

        • Baddvixentype

          cornball, yes. virgin, doubt it. Jay was not her first boyfriend and what about all her other “relationships” out of the public eye. kissing on JT and marques houston…come on now. why do people want to act like bey is this perfect being. shes human. waited for marriage, i think not, sorry.

          • tyrese sanders

            If you think Marques Hosuton hit it…  Better yet, if you believe Margues Houston is into gurls than this conversation we just had is null and void from this point on.

  • Sekayitara

    Lol Dwight Howard that’s funny. He was the Tim Tebow of the NBA when he first came out.

    • Negress

      I didn’t know that. Poor thing. He got caught up.

  • NVAdamzz

    I don’t believe for a second that Taylor Swift is a virgin. She dated John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal who are both ten or more years older than her. I don’t know really of course, but I know that a lot of grown men aren’t quite interested in just holding hands and cuddling. She seems like the type to do everything except intercourse so that she can say that she is still a virgin. 

    • Guest

      Didn’t they both dump her over the phone? …maybe it was because she wasn’t fulfilling their “needs.”  ….IJS

      • NVAdamzz

        You’ve got a point there.

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  • RealTalk

    Some of these people maybe or have been virgins for a while and that’s all fine and dandy. However, I never felt there was a need to sing to the mountain tops rather you are a virgin or not. Being a virgin doesn’t make anyone better than the next person. Its not anything wrong with being proud of what you are but that doesn’t put you a step above the rest. Everyone sins. No one is perfect.

  • Melanie

    You guys forgot Jessica Simpson.  She was probably the most famous celebrity virgin that started people talking about this.

  • DavidAlexma

    Why is such a big deal if they’re still virgins. Why are they rewarded with “I commend them for doing the opposite of what society wants”. Its sex and whether  someone engages in the action of  it or not they shouldn’t be praised nor penalized.

    • Sabrina

      I would like to disagree. I really do commend them for admitting to being virgins and sticking to it as well. I recently lost mine, but before I actually did, I hated admitting that I was a virgin. Some people would look at me differently, or give the condescending “Aww, that’s so good.” Some people also associate a sense of naivete to being a virgin, which is definitely not the case. The pressures of society definitely does not help either. So the fact that they can publicly acknowledge their virginity (esp. the older ones) shows their confidence and how they really don’t care what people may think of them — which is very admirable and commendable.

  • Paul Dronette

    At first I was like “Dwight” and then I saw the last slide and …..BOL!!

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  • Amaziah Zuri

    Venus and Serena ARE NOT Jehovah Witnesses! Their mother is.  They were never baptized, nor do they conduct themselves as such. Please check your facts before you throw out labels. 

    • Mls2698

      I thought that is why they don’t vote. They said JW’s( no disrespect) don’t get involved in politics.

      • Amaziah Zuri

        JWs don’t vote, we are apolitical.  However, Venus and Serena are not. They were raised in a JW household but never made the choice to be baptized or adhere to the lifestyle.  They may still hold some of the beliefs however. 

    • DrennaB

       Serena has stated she is a Jehovah’s Witness. In fact, when she recently talked about dating again at some point in life she said he’d have to share those same beliefs as she is one. So those were her words, not mine.

  • Anonymous

    We live in an overly sexualized society, while many are caught up, many also have morals/values/belief that they hold on dearly to. These people are not weird, I commend them for doing opposite of what the society want to hear or do.

  • Kimster

    Taylor Swift: “Ms. Shock and Awe says she’s a virgin and with that silly look that seems plastered on her face, I can believe it” Wow. So disrespectful. How would you prefer her to look? It sure doesn’t hinder her success and influence. Rude.

    • DrennaB

       Hmmm.  My point could have been made with a different choice of words towards the end so I’ll eat that.  I would never knock her success or influence b/c I do respect that about her. A LOT.  I do get tired of that “OMG, meeeeeeee” look every time she’s on television though. 

      • Tesa

        Just curious, how does that look impact you and your life. I just wonder why people allow what other people do or say or wear impact them when there is no connection?

  • PeachesTheWriter

    It was once reported that when A.C. Green’s teammates would send women to his hotel room, A.C. would pull out the bible and start ministering to them h o e z. I love it!

  • IllyPhilly

    Wait are we talking about for ALL times supposed virgins or just updated ones because yall forgot a slew of them if its all times. 

  • EarthIsASac

    im 21 years old and i think i will wait until im in my 30’s or 40’s to have intercourse because i dont think it with happen anytime soon-dont think i want to

    • UK lady

       that’s noble in your 20s but I really don’t think you want to be the 40 year old virgin (sorry for being mean).

  • Charla

    I wish some celebs just wouldn’t mention it because no one is falling for their lies! It is noble to wait for marriage, but serial daters are not going to remain virgins for very long. Ciara, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus all said at one point that they were waiting for marriage. Ha!

    • Ragina Lashley

       Miley already said “sex is a beautiful thing,” and the fact that one of her boyfriends she had (the model who was older than her) was allowed to sleep in the same room as her….

      Miley I don’t think for sure is a virgin anymore – but that’s alright

      • Fresh45

         Only delusional people and little girls actually believed Miley was a virgin. I thought it was crazy and disgusting that she had a live in 20yr old boyfriend when she was 15 or 16. Like how do her parents,especially her father agree to something like that. If a teenage girl is living with her boyfriend, there’s a 97% chance that they’re having sex.

        • Mls2698

          Her parents pimped her out to music and men.

  • charlene

    why did you guys come off as judgmental to me towards the end?

  • Virgos Very Own

    your missing angela simmons and teyana taylor

    • EarthIsASac

      angela highly doubt it but teyana recently did an interview with the breakfast club and said that she is waiting

      • Slimlazy101

        Doubt that.. Who posts nekkid pics if their a virgin?

        • DeLeon629

          The same kinda virgin women who do anal, oral, & erythang in between to maintain their sexual “purity.” :s

          • Baddvixentype

            LOL!!!! Exactly!