Go Behind The Scenes of Beyonce’s Comeback Revel Tour

May 25, 2012  |  

Bey never really left, more like took a day off to give birth and came right back, but either way, her Revel tour in Atlantic City this weekend is considered the singer’s big comeback after having Blue Ivy, and she’s getting fans pumped.

To build anticipation for the tour—as if you could get tickets now even if you wanted to—Beyonce released some behind-the-scenes footage of the preparation that went into the show. Along with her team of choreographers, dancers, stage managers, etc, Beyonce got things cracking eight weeks ago to bring fans the Revel spectacular that will be her four-day Memorial Day weekend show. In the clip, Beyonce says the whole point of the concert is:

“Yes I had a baby and it just made me even more grounded and even more like you.”

If you’re headed to Atlantic City this weekend let me know if that mission is accomplished. Check out the footage here. What do you think?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • KeariaShannon

    I live for this woman’s personality!


  • Nitty

    No thanks.

  • emily

    If i had just half of her ambition……

  • I thought 4 was her best album… hmm… guess im one of the only ones who felt that way… 

  •  Findd_a_partner_to__live_a_comfort_and_luxury_lifestyle!

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     Beyonce got things cracking eight weeks ago to bring fans the Revel spectacular that will be her four-day Memorial Day weekend show. In the clip, Beyonce says the whole point of the concert is 

  • aokolue

    I’ll give it to Beyonce. That sister works hard. I admire and look-up to her work ethic. It just makes me want to step my game up even further. Regardless if you like her or her music or not, you got to give it to her on that front. Sisters let’s keep it real.

  • who cares, i know i’m not gonna be there…sad to say, but Beyonce is washed-up….she needs to let it go & stop trying to hold on to the past…the other members of destinys’ child sure has… she is no longer destiny’s child, but destiny’s mother….

    • Nitty

      Ha ha ha ha

    • SweetT

      Hate and delusion from every which way. I’d love to hear a valid explanation of why Beyoncé is “washed up.” Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

  • Lifeiswell

    No she does not have a diploma. That’s why she was at a school in NY for GED’s. Get the

  • Lola

    DAMNIT! What am i doing with my LIFE! Ugh! Beyonece, makes you wanna pursue your dreams! Go, B!

  • tee tee

    She needs to tour back to school and get a diploma . Be an example for her daughter

    • Whatever

      She already has a diploma, got it in 2000 along with Kelly. They write about it in the Soul Survivor book years ago. I swear MTO has been the downfall of people utilizing their own research skills. People will believe everything they read without proper proof, but want to be crying for “real” journalists in other posts. Go figure!

    • Whatever

      You need to tour back to school and utilize those research skills. She already got her diploma in 2000.  They talked about it in their soul survivor book! People seem to believe everything they read without a proper source, but somehow, are feeling sad for real journalists in other posts.

      • @msredbonebrite

        Girl, you know you can’t go to the comment section on any post about Bey & expect it to not have that one person who always reaching, like they know her personally! LOL!

        • BeautifulOne0502

          this “WHATEVER” person always and i mean ALWAYS…has so much to say….(Beyonce”s publicist)#ijs

      • Twinning

        Thank you
        They stay trying to throw shade at her

    • LezMiz

      Bey has a diploma. She’s on point.

  • tee tee

    She need to tour her azz back to school and get a diploma and set a good example for her daughter