Quote That Makes You Go Huh? If Michelle Obama Could Be Anyone, It Would Be Bey?

May 25, 2012  |  

I know Beyonce and the first lady have this great move your body partnership/admiration for one another thing going on but the FLOTUS just took it to another level.

In the latest issue of PEOPLE which hits newsstands today, Michelle was asked by a reporter, “If you could be someone else, who would you be?” and she gave a rather interesting answer:

“Gosh. If I had some gift, I’d be Beyoncé … I’d be some great singer.”

I know. Half of you are ready to gag and the other half are bouncing in their chairs with excitement. It’s a pretty polarizing statement.

For a minute I thought, well that makes sense to go from being scrutinized for everything you do as the wife of the President of the United States and having a big deal made over every little move toy make to—then I thought wait a minute, she already is Beyonce. The Bey of the White House perhaps because it ain’t easy being Beezy. The pressures on these two women is just about equal despite a huge variance in importance. More than anything though it seems Michelle wishes she had the gift of singing, perhaps like her hubby so they could do a little Al Green duet.

Anyway, in an effort to curb the Beyonce hate I won’t ask what you think about the Flotus’s answer, how about this instead: if you could be someone else, who would you be?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Crazy thing is Michelle Obama actually wanted a divorce from the President before he became President. http://www.americanlivewire.com/michelle-obama-wanted-a-divorce-barack-and-michelles-almost-divorce/

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  • Eangel872003

    dont wanna be no one else but me but I’d sure take Michelle & Beyonce’s money…I could be me to the 10th power!  lol


  • Guest

    Wow. I don’t even want to jump in but… it’s not that serious. I think they asked FLOTUS if  she could be anyone for ONE DAY, who would she be. ONE DAY. I think the one day got lost in the media and people who hate Beyonce are taking this and running with it. Mrs. Obama and Beyonce are both accomplished sisters who admire each other. What is wrong with that? Some people are so jealous and can’t see past their envy. So sad. Envy is a sin people. Get your life together and leave FLOTUS and Mrs. Carter alone.

  • Sabrina

    If I could be someone else, I would be an angel in heaven. 

  • Klynnfun

    God, please help us all.

  • IllyPhilly

    Where’s the sicko under a blanket screaming, “Leave Beyonce alone!” 

  • StayTrueToThee

    WTF?!!!! Michelle I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your blood sugar was low when you made this statement.  You’re supposed to be intelligent, Ivy League educated, an attorney, married to the most powerful person in the world.  Please be more careful in future of the words that come out of your mouth.  You’re one of the few black women we have out there who isn’t embarrassing us!!!! Let’s keep it that way PLEASE!!!!!!

  • emily

    Bey, Oprah, or Flotus.

  • Jolie

    LMBO @ Brande attempting to curb the hate.

    As a Mrs. Obama stan, I feel the need to say that she followed that comment up by saying that stars like Beyonce always seem to be having fun. I completely understand that. Some of the glimpses that we see of Bey’s life do look fun as heck!

    I would choose to be Mariah Carey because her life seems effortlessly enjoyable and I truly believe that she is happy from the inside out. It’s infectious, imo.

    • Jolie

      Darn it! I meant to put hate in quotation marks because most of the comments are just personal opinions.

    • Guest

      Thank you. A freaking voice of reason in these comments

    • Ndthomas369

      I’m wit u on the Mariah tip … She is my fav plus she hood wit it … All the songs wit rappers she ain’t 2 good 2 do … Only thing is I would def be a Mariah that danced my @$$ off! Lol

  • Anonymous

    Bey and her people are doing everything to keep her relevant. FLOTUS being part of their publicity stunt is simply disappointing. Bey is talented but this idolization is ludicrous. Everything about Bey is actually irritating me right now, she’s doing everything to still appear perfect because she knows how confusing/inconsistent her pregnancy was. The fact that she’s responding to it confirms there’s some truth to the conspiracy. The Obamas need to stop trying to be celebrity, they are political figure, they are losing respect. They hold the highest job, and they need to keep that in mind. It’s obvious she admires Bey but enough already. Ignorant people always think people are hating on Bey. There’s nothing to hate or be jealous of, I’m content with my life and will not have it any other way.

  • This statement definitely brought the First Lady down a few notches – it defies logic! 

    On Wednesday during lunch, I got into a heated debate with a staunch anti-Michelle Obama (black) man and I fiercely defended her. I just hope I never run into that man again, I’d have to bow my head in shame.

  • Bri

    I love when MN posts a story that has anything to do with Beyonce. I love Beyonce so I definitely want to read the story BUT more than that I want to read the comments. A Beyonce story on MN is GUARANTEED to provide me at least an hour of entertainment while reading the comments! I adore Bey and Ive gone in hard to defend her plenty of times in the past when I was a TEENAGER! I, however, am an adult now and I don’t understand why other adult women will shut down the entire world to prove how terrible and disgraceful Beyonce is or prove how awesome and phenomenal she is. Its crazy!! Sometimes I read comments and my jaw is hanging open for ten minutes. Sometimes Im crying laughing! The bottom line is that none of us knows her personally so everything we say is an opinion. Y’all act like you know for a fact that she wants to be white, or didn’t carry a baby, or ate a booger in first grade!  People only “know” what the media puts out which are their (the media’s) opinions in the first place. You look really silly trying state your opinion based on someone else’s opinion as fact. Ha! Everyone doesn’t have to like her and if you don’t, spewing hatred and false information isn’t the move. It doesn’t make her look nearly as bad as it makes you look. And if you love Beyonce, you don’t have to defend every little move she makes. You look silly (and a little crazy) too. Like I said before, I love her and will continue to support her just like I love the milkshakes at Chic-fil-A and will continue to support them. Its my choice. If the FLOTUS wants to be Beyonce, cool! Thats her choice.

    • Mrsadkiah

      The people going hard for or against her are children. Be that literally or figuratively that’s what they are. 

  • Twinning

    Some women gonna be upset
    Your nubian queen michelle obama paid a compliment to the “devil” beyonce
    Womp womp

  • ariesdollface

    i am surprised by Michelle’s response but i’m equally surprised at the opinions(?) levelled at Beyonce in these comments. none of us know either of these ladies–they’ve at least met each other. perhaps Michelle has reasons beyond anything any of us knows that prompted her response…idk

    anyway, if i could be anyone else, i’d be a taller, wealthier version of myself. still working on the $ but i’m pretty sure i’m done growing…up anyway

  • November Rain

    I threw up in my mouth a little when I read the title of this article.

    • D. Rose in the paint

      and how did it taste?

      • November Rain

        Kinda like sweat mixed with battery acid, egg and I think I tasted cinnamon…

  • Charisse hill

    If I could be anyone else in this world I would be my daughter. She is such a strong young lady and has over come so many odds and adversities.

  • wow what is so wrong about being Beyoncé? She’s successful, has worked hard to get where she is, she never stole/dated anybody’s man, she has a good reputation I can go on. Just like you and I she has her flaws and all cos not even mother Theresa is perfect so some of you sitting behind your computers criticising these celebs just cos their flaws are put out there for our entertainment is quite hypocritical. I’m sure some of you have done worse things than these people have done but bcs nobody probably outed you on a paper or mag doesn’t make you better than anybody else. Like some people have said maybe Michelle meant talent or performance wise not personality wise. The hypocrisy of the human race. Bey may not have tons of degrees but being out there and working with people is what we spend years studying just to prepare for working with others and she earns more than many people with PhD I know. 

    • TRUTH

      Why does it always have to boil down to money measurement.  Mother Theresa, Ghandi and MLK didn’t have her money but they made a hell of an impact on humanity.  Money doesn’t equates role model.  If you notice with all their “talents’ most of them go broke and become ‘has-been”

  • okay

  • awet

    Some of you ladies take things way too seriously! Beyonce is a beautiful and hardworking icon, has a loving husband, baby, family, fans… I’d take that life!

  • Love_Sexy

    I wouldn’t want to be anyone famous but I would love to have the celebrity money….I would use the money to help the poor to make a better life for themselves……That is something I always dreamed of doing.

  • Nitty

    I know even the president was like
    chiiild please

  • tee tee

    Y would u want to be like someone who don’t have a high school diploma. Sold her soul but always thanking god.She never do any thing for the community when it comes to helping the sick .she not that great of a singer. Jennifer Hudson ,fantasia,mariah, Adele to name a few r good singers. Not a person who doesn’t write her own music. Don’t say uwant to be like her Michelle just because she wrote u a letter.sorry I’m not buying it

  • shelshel

    Double o_O

  • Ay

    I’ve said it before and ill say it again, Beyonce has the best PR folk in the land LMAO

    OT: If i could be anybody else, I would be Oprah. I would feed the poor and house the homeless with her millions *cough cough*

    • TRUTH


    • Trisha_B

      *Billions! lol

      Beyonce doesn’t have a high school diploma (she has a GED), she has poor writing skills, has people who control her every move, scared to be herself, etc. Why would the president want to downgrade like that? I like beyonce as a performer, but i would never want to be her. Hopefully Mrs. Obama was implying she just wanted to be like Beyonce performance wise 

      • Whatever

        Scared to be herself? People control her every move? Do you know her in real life? I guess you don’t know that Beyonce has her own company that she runs and pays for things herself when her label says no. Every single person who has ever worked with her has commented on the fact that she is in charge of everything and nothing gets released without her permission, but yet, you believe bloggers and people who have never met her.

        You all stay coming for Beyonce’s intelligence and yet, you aren’t smart enough to even understand the context of the quote or the fact that mediatakeout is not a reliable source.  If you used those research skills that you learned in high school, you’d know that she does have a high school diploma that she received in 2000.  However,, you all claim Beyonce is controlled and yet, your thoughts are controlled by what people make up on the internet. It’s ironic, isn’t it?

      • Whatever

        She is afraid to be herself? She is controlled? Do you know her personally? Every single person who has worked with her has stated that she’s in control of everything.

        I find it funny, yet ironic, that people come for Beyonce’s intelligence and yet, they are not smart enough to comprehend the context of this quote.  What is even funnier is that you are talking about her being controlled when your opinion stems from unreliable sources and what people on the internet say, not people who have actually worked with her or people that have actually been in contact with her.  In case you didn’t know (since your high school diploma wasn’t useful to you in doing some research), she already has a diploma. And are you looking down on people with a GED? Some of the brightest people on this planet didn’t even graduate high school. I guess Bill Gates is stupid because he dropped out of college and George Bush is the smartest person because he graduated from Yale.

        • jasmine

          i think you’ve made your point quite clear in the last few posts…we all get where you stand! ranting to others with different opinions is not winning you any supporters. take a breath! furthermore, while beyonce may not be my favorite artist but she IS talented and caring. i’m not annoyed or offended by michelle’s comments…it’s not that freakin’ serious!

        • BeautifulOne0502

          DAMN!!!!!……you sure have a lot to say….MY GOD!!….Are you on Beyonce’s payroll????….#giveitarest

          • Whatever

            Nope just bored with plenty of time to spare. I wish I was on her payroll though. I’m sure it’d be hard work but getting to meet the first lady and expressing my admiration for her beyond a law degree and traveling around the world would be well worth it. Hmm, maybe I should look into some applications. I’d be an awesome employer for her, wouldn’t I? LOL

        • miche

          Beyonce, is that you?….i swear you are on the defense just as if you were her…she ain’t even that concerned!!!…lol

          • Trisha_B

            I think its Solange or cousin Angie


    How convenient for her to make this comment when Bey has a show this weekend at AC?!?  These people are so fraudulent.  This is a new low for Michelle.  Really, is that what you strive for your daughters to be after spending tons of money for private school?!?  To spread legs and grind?!?  Whatever!!

    • Whatever

      You people are so psycho. A new low for Michelle? Beyonce isn’t just respected by Michelle, everyone from Oprah to Nelson Mandela to Bono to MJ to Tina Turner to Clinton to Warren Buffet has had nothing but kind and amazing words to say about her. You all think that just because you sit behind your computer, read rumors, and use it to back up your unwarranted hate that everyone must feel the same way.  All of the important and influential people who have met her seem to love her so perhaps you all should be asking yourselves why you are so hateful towards this woman when people you consider to be so intelligent and influential view her in a completely different light.

      The Obama’s have been HUGE fans of Beyonce before they even got into the presidential office.  Michelle took the girls to her concert back in 2007 and Beyonce was supportive of Barack way before the entire country got Obama fever.  As a matter of fact, he was the one that asked her for an autograph when he first met her at a small fundraiser.  I remember because this was back when Tucker Carlson was still on CNN and Tucker joked about Beyonce being Obama’s kryptonite. So what is so fraudulent about her answer? She has always been a fan so it would be fake as hell if she pretended not to like Beyonce to appease simpletons on the internet.

      Michelle recently talked about how amazing Beyonce is to her girls, but at the end of the day, she is their ultimate role model and not Beyonce and that’s how it should be. No popstar should be raising anyone’s kids and that’s what Michelle was emphasizing. She still loves Bey and probably always will.  

      Beyonce does some amazing things for charities that you all don’t even know about and yet you’ve reduced her to some singer and think this is a new low for Michelle.  Ask those girls at GEMS what her presence, money, and time have done for them. Ask the ladies at the Phoenix center about the hope her cosmetology school has provided for them. Ask the children around the world in hospitals what her random visitations and gifts mean to them.  The woman does soooo much that she refuses to broadcast and yet, she receives so much hate.

      What’s low is ridiculing Michelle for her answer!!

      • TRUTH

        Here we go, somebody on beyonce’s payroll or her childhood friend.  You think you know her and can defend her, you don’t.  Everyone one wears a mask and Beyonce of all person probably wears a few!  Get over yourself!! What has beyonce done to better humanity?  Charge $1000 for her concert?!? Please.  As I said Beyonce is a great performer (am sure your infected brain skipped that part) but for Michelle a law school grad, to say she wants to be Beyonce is mindblogging to me!!!

        • Love_Sexy

          I agree with you 100%.

        • Whatever

          Oh please, you all think that just because someone isn’t hating on Beyonce means that they are family. Then what does that make you? An ex disgruntled employee? Someone she pissed off? You think you know her to determine that she hasn’t done anything to better humanity, you don’t. Get over yourself and the fact that the first lady has chosen to be Beyonce for a day.

          As far as what she has done to better humanity (since you claim you didn’t read my entire post), like I said, go ask the girls who were sexually trafficked and raped by predators at GEMS how she has bettered their lives.  Better yet, why don’t you go ask for the former drug addicts at Phoenix house what her Cosmetology school (that she still contributes 100K a year to keep running) has done to better their lives. Why don’t you ask the thousands of children she’s worked with at the Make a Wish foundation what she has done to better their lives.  As for her concert tickets, they’ve ranged from 20-1000 so I don’t know what your point is.  Not to mention, she always has some sort of charitable donations tied to those tours. For the DIL tour, a profit went to the AIDS research in South Africa, for the Beyonce Experience Tour, she held canned food drives all over the world and it was so successful that she partnered with Hamburger Helper for the Feed the Hungry campaign for the I AM…Tour. It was so successful that they actually exceeded their original goal by three times.

          Beyonce does a lot that she doesn’t broadcast. I know all of this because I am a fan and have been following her since the destiny child days.  Fans would’ve never even known about her work with the girls at GEMS had the founder of the program not written a letter to Ebony thanking her for what she contributed to the program.

          And graduating from law school doesn’t make someone better.  I have tremendous respect for the first lady that goes beyond a law degree. Am I supposed to have respect for Bush because he’s an ivy league graduate? I know people with PhD’s who don’t do anything with it or even use it to propel their own lives.  The first lady truly knows Beyonce so she probably knows way more than you know about what Bey has done to better humanity; also consider the fact that she was the first person the first lady called to help with the Let’s Move campaign. Obviously, she feels Beyonce is willing to help in any capacity.  

          It’s only mind-boggling when you only believe crap on the internet and think all she does is pop some coochie and shake her azz. Furthermore, she didn’t even say she wanted to be Beyonce, but I guess you were too busy fuming to realize that.

          That’s another essay/short story you can claim not to have read.

        • Whatever

          Are you a childhood enemy or are you a bitter ex-employee because you aren’t on her payroll? You don’t know Beyonce either so get over yourself too. You people think just because everyone isn’t finding hateful things to say about her or calling Michelle fraudulent or finding a new low, they must be on her payroll. 

          What has she done to better humanity? Why don’t you go ask those young girls and women who were sexually trafficked, raped and abused at GEMS about what she has done for them! Why don’t you go ask those former drug addicts what her Cosmetology school, that she contributes 100K a year to, has done for them. Go ask those thousands of kids at the Make a Wish Foundation what she has done for them. Go ask the millions of families who benefited from those feed the hunger campaigns that she did on every stop of her tour what those contributions did for them.  Or why not ask the people who could potentially benefit from the tour profits she provides for AIDS research.  How about those at-risk youths who have a safe haven to go to after school at the Knowles-Rowland Center. Perhaps you should also ask those hurricane Katrina victims about the housing apartments that she and Kelly built in Houston so that they can have a place to stay.  

          Michelle being a law grad wanting to trade lives with an entertainer shouldn’t be mindboggling or surprising. People with PhDs have expressed interest in trading places to be entertainers. Michelle didn’t even say she wanted to be Beyonce the person!

          • TRUTH

            Damn another short story (which I do not have time to read, again!!!).  Lmfao @ you people.  Am sure that what Beyonce refers to you as.  Beyonce has been sued for stealing and taking credit where credit wasn’t due.  Her stomach craved in like a paper bag while “pregnant”  Ask Kelly and Michelle about her.  You see them hanging with her a lot?!?  Ok then!!   Anyway I made I point and am sticking to it.  No need to reason with the unreasonable!!!

            • Whatever

              Yes, backtrack and show yourself to be the hater that you are because you have nothing else of substance to add to this conversation. You asked a question and I answered and yet you think I’m unreasonable because it shot your entire theory to hell?

              She has been sued and yet, no one ever seems to actually win their cases against her. Or are you dumb enough to think that being sued equals being guilty? The first lady seems to think she was pregnant and had a baby; even said in an interview last month that Beyonce is a wonderful mom! Actually someone did ask Kelly about her recently and she said that you haters need to get out of Beyonce’s business and leave her alone and Letoya said the same thing a couple months ago. Kelly continues to express how happy she is for Bey and was actually hanging out with her in NY just last month. Michelle was just saying last month that she and Bey talk all of the time and she has nothing but wonderful things to say about Bey too, including the fact that she’s so much more beautiful now than ever. She said she would be going to NY later this month to see Bey and Blue.  Latavia has been doing interviews and also saying wonderful things about her too so what do you want to ask them cause they damn sure ain’t going to spew hate like you? 

              • GiveMeABreak

                Is Beyonce someone you want your daughter to look up to? Someone who didn’t finish high school and is known for being a half naked seductress on stage? If that’s fine with you, then hey, that’s you. I understand why someone would be upset about what MIchelle said. She could have chosen someone who has risen through adversity and has become successful, or someone who acts lady-like at all times. But she chose Beyonce, which embarrassing. She exposed the true nature of this country and the direction that it’s going in. This is why our education is so horrible because ladies in powerful positions like Michelle encourage young ladies to be booty shaking entertainers rather than respectible doctors or business owners or CEOs!

                And just because someone doesn’t worship Beyonce or anything pertaining to her does not make them a hater! It’s sad no one can express their opinion against Beyonce without being labeled as such. She is human just like YOU and ME and should be treated as such.

                • TRUTH

                  On point!!

      • TRUTH

        BTW.. thats a nice long arse essay/rant, you got going there.  Time didn’t permit me to read the entire short story!!

      • Charisse hill

        That just shows me how much real sense those ppl you just mentioned have. Im soooooo sorry. Beyonce is not a role model, atleast not for my children.

        • Whatever

          Nelson Mandela has no real sense? Warren Buffet has no real sense? Oprah has no real sense? Well, since you have so much sense, you should know that these people have their reasons for having so much admiration and respect for her and it probably goes beyond being a role model. It’s a good thing that Beyonce isn’t a role model to your kids because she shouldn’t be. You should be raising your own kids, not Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Nelson Mandela, Lebron James, Bono or anyone else.  Charity begins at home, remember that!

          • miche

            you all need to stop!!…at the end of the day, Bey is a human just like all these other celebrities you mentioned and just like the rest of humanity, they are all imperfect…we don’t know any of these people personally so all you can do is go by what you see portrayed in the media…stop looking to imperfect humans to place on high as if they are better or worse because of what they have or who they know…judge instead by the content of their character…grow up and stop all the bickering, it just sounds childish!

        • Mls2698

          There were lots of women in entertainment who did’nt sell their crotch at every moment, but maybe that’s her ” thing.” Kind of like Tina Turner’s legs. I know Mrs. O would want her girls to sell their minds.

    • shelshel

      Honestly I’m lost for words. I guess to each it is own 🙁

    • lavendarbloom

      She said and I quote” If I had a gift,  I”d be Beyonce.. A great singer or something ”   So much envy and hate.. for what …go do something productive so that maybe some child may want to emulate you…..Truth no no no “Fraud’

      • guest



    Because I write against Michelle’s quote my comment has to be approved?!?


    Why everyone feels the need to defend Michelle “oh what she was trying to say was?!?  She knows exactly what she is saying. This is a low for her .  Is this what she wants her “daughters” to strive to be after paying all that money in Private schools (to bust it open and grind?!?)??  It’s quite convenient for her to say this foolishness now since Bey has a show this weekend!  Bey can perform her azz of but this is not what I will strive or want my daughter to strive to be!!

  • Lalatarea

    let’s see how much she wants to be like beyonce if that rumor and her and kim k budding up are true! ijs

    • TRUTH

      Money makes them all family & friends.  So don’t be surprized.  Wasn’t one or two of the Kardashian/s been invited at the white house before?!?

      • Love_Sexy

        The mama and Kim went recently and I was suprise by that crap.

        • TRUTH

          Hmmm…nothing surprises me anymore :-/

  • Mrsadkiah

    She’s just saying she’d like an amazing voice and to be and amazing singer. I don’t think she want to actually be Beyonce. If I were talking about wanting an amazing voice I don’t think this is the person I would have thought of though. *shrug*