What’s So Funny? Let Tameka Explain

May 23, 2012  |  

I came across this picture on my Facebook timeline last night and it was posted with some caption along the lines of WOMEN! How could someone smile putting someone else through so much pain—or something like that—attached to one of Usher’s many profile pages. I saw that it had a lot of likes but I didn’t know how much pick up it received until Tameka Raymond put out a response to it, which means you’ve probably come across it too.

Coming out a day after we saw Usher wiping away tears in court, Tameka’s grin does look rather sinister in a “haha I’m taking your kids and your money” kind of way, but the timing is also why I was weary of potential propaganda. After she got word of the pic, Tameka tried to clear the air. She tweeted:

“He is looking at cell phone! NOT CRYING. WE BOTH LAUGHED. This was today & NOT during any testimony! Don’t listen to fools….Im done responding 2 this stuff.. Just pls dont drink the Kool Aid or be fooled by obvious PR stunts, they’re rampant these days. Nuff said.”

Truthfully, Tameka could be laughing on her own if she wanted to. It’s not like popular opinion really matters in terms of who gets custody and I don’t think there’s much she could ever do to make people like her anyway since most never really did from the very beginning. She does look awfully cool and calm smashing on whatever is in that container though. Somebody must think she’s got this case in the bag. Every time we see Usher he looks like he needs some Kleenex and a drink.

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  • Anonymous

    Both of them act immature and are irresponsible parent. 

  • Love Spell

    I bet he wishing a 100 times he would have listened to his mama

  • Carolyn

    It should be the children both of them should be thinking about. They are the ones that will hear about this when they become much older.

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  • mochaaa

    usher needs to take some advice from nas. she is the mother of his children so don’t try and paint her negatively now. hmm

  • Mrsadkiah

    Why the eff does it matter that she’s smiling or why?! Gosh people need to chill.

  • Lucky

    She’s going to be in his pockets for YEARS!! I bet he’s wishing he had listened to his mamma. 

  • Mls2698

    She is smiling because she got that fool by the balls after spitting out two kids. She looks like she is at the movie theater, and if the box was bigger, it would be buttered popcorn.

  • superwoman

    I know I am going to ruffle alot of feather by saying this but her goes….I really want couples who are going through divorce or a bad break-up to get over themselves and do what is right for the kids because they are the ones who suffer in the end. Tameka needs to remember that those boys are not going to stay little for long. They will one day be able to read and find out what she is putting him through. Now, I am NOT defending Usher because I don’t know him personally but what I am saying is that it is never cool to use your kids as a pawn because you are bitter that your ex has moved on.

  • Sammilu1224

    Her face always look like that..get off the gas photog

  • Lola

    His mother told him not to marry this golddigger, now look…

  • superwoman

    I saw a short video yesterday of him on the witness stand being hammered by Tameka’s attorney about his lifestyle, and YES he was crying and wiping tears. That picture above is NOT it. What I find so heartbreaking is that she is smirking like this is a game and she is winning. Well, news flash Tameka it is NOT funny and in the end your boys are the one’s who will suffer. I know what I am about to say will ruffle some feathers but so be it…I REALLY wish women would stop using their children as pawns because they are bitter about the divorce or the breakup. I know first hand what bitter parents fighting over their kids feel like because I am a product of that and believe me…my brothers and I suffered behind my parents’ foolishness for years! Get it together parents, it’s NOT about you. Find a way to be amicable so your children can have healthy, happy lives. Remember, they notice and hear just about everything you do (even when you think they aren’t paying attention).

  • Shay

    Who said that there wasn’t someone over there speaking to her?  Or she was thinking about something unrelated to the case.  I’ve been to court for custody and child support numerous times with the same fool and needless to say, no time in the courtroom is fun.

  • he looks like he is looking at a cellphone (which i’m wondering how he is able to have one in court). both of them are just so …..smfh. 

  • Missjofnc

    She is definitely smirking.  I feel bad for the kids that this is a part of their childhoods and lives.  She was calculating and he was a fool. She will have to deal with the fallout from what her children find out about her as they get older. But with her attitude and demeanor I don’t think she even cares.

  • cabugs

    That is a very powerful photo. But like everything, context is important.