Steam Time! Turning Up The Notch on Deep Conditioning By Steaming

May 23, 2012  |  

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Steam Time! Steaming Your Hair

Steaming is great when you are deep treating your hair! It is basically taking your regular conditioner and amplifying the results. Steaming opens the follicles of your hair and allows your conditioner to penetrate deeper than just putting conditioner on. This provides extra nourishment to your strands. If your hair needs additional moisture, steaming is for you. Take a great deep conditioner like Optimum Care’s Deep Conditioning Masque and apply it to your hair and steam away! This can stop your hair from breaking.

Here are some steaming options:


You can use the steamer when you go to the salon for an approximately extra $15-20 with your visit. You can also invest and buy yourself a steamer for between $90-$150 (like the Huetiful steamer). You can just sit under the steamer with conditioner or an oil treatment. You can either wear a shower cap or not. If you have longer hair like myself, pin it up so all of your hair is being reached.

Steaming At The Gym

You can actually go to the steam room at your local gym. Wash or rinse your hair after you work out, apply a moisturizing conditioner to your hair, and head to the sauna for about 20 minutes.

Hot Towel Steaming

First, make sure you have a small towel or towel turban. You can place it in a bowl of water and put in the microwave. Be very careful and have on something to protect your hands. Make sure it’s not too hot! Wring out the towel and wrap around your head for 15-20 minutes. If you need to, put a shower cap on top to keep it in place and to hold the steam in.

Steaming In The Shower

Really, just a hot shower that produces steam can be great for your hair! Turn your water on hot, close your doors and windows and steam will fill up the room. You can do this after you wash and condition your hair. Leave the conditioner on and just relax in your bathroom while the steam is in the room.

Do you steam your hair? What method do you use?


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  • Love steaming my hair with a hot towel

  • Chessica450

    I am currently investing in the Huetiful Hair steamer and it comes with facial steamer attachment ans the head band to hold your hair in place….I am such a hair guru lol I’ve made alot of mistakes learning about my hair, trying different products, researching online/watching youtube videos/joining hair care forums/blogs…with some trials and errors I know what works for my hair and what dont..I am on a hair journey and discovered alot of things that works for every hair type….my favorite must have right now are Castor Oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Rosemary Oil (essential oils/carrier oils), V05 Moisture Milks cheapy conditioner  (Great for cowash days), and APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!! washing my hair with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (Diluted in water, no approx measurements, usually I fill an empty V05 moisture milk bottle with 3/4 water and 1/4 ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

    • Chessica450

       The ACV is a great cleanser (replaces shampoo) and moisturizer, it seals/closes up the hair’s cuticle, making it smooth and shiny!! and I have no tangles!!! you can add herbs to it as well I normally add about 5 drops of rosemary hair oil to my ACV rinse/cleanser, am gonna start adding Tea tree oil ( great for killing bacteria/fungus/stops flakes on scalp and is a great it promotes hair growth causing blood circulation to the scalp) adding my steamer instead of using my blow dryer and shower cap for deep conditioning treatments will be so much better! 🙂 and using the steamer after a protein treatment is an absolute must!

      • Chessica450

         I am so happy to share the ACV (APPLE CIDER VINEGAR) with you guys, if you guys can look up the hair benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar online trust me you will be doing your hair a favor

        • Girlwonder614

          Maybe I used too much, b/c when I did the rinse, my hair was so hard and tangled, I vowed Never to do it again. What’s the measurements u guys use?..

          • Chessica450

            If that happens to you then you are using too much, (my hair takes well to the ACV) in your rare circumstance, it is advised that for the ACV rinse, you use 1 part ACV and 3 parts water—–> 1:3, like 3/4 water then 1/4 ACV….get a measuring cup and put 3 cups of water, then use a quarter amount of ACV…you can apply Essential Oils like Rosemary and tea tree oil (any other potent essential oils) 4 to 5 drops…you can use the rinse right after you shampoo, because the shampoo’s PH level is high in Alkaline which is damiging to the hair’s natural PH balalnce which is Acidic, the Apple Cider Vinegar balances it out :)….I just all together stopped using shampoo…I cleanse my hair once a week with ACV mixed with Tea tree/rosemary essential oils, then once or twice a week cowash my hair with a cheapy V05 Moisture Milk conditioners which costs on 50 cents to 99 cents at any Dollar Store/discount Stores etc….happy hair journey and I hope you find what truly works for YOUR hair, because God knows I been through alot of trial and errors trying to find which hair regimens and hair products works best for my hair…


    I’ve had my hair steamed at the beauty salon, but it was very expensive. I now use the steam room at the gym. Steam is so good for your hair and skin!