Decoding Your Downstairs: 8 Things Women Need To Know About Their Va Jay Jay

May 20, 2012  |  
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The first thing you should really know about the vagina is that you should get yourself a group of girlfriends with whom your comfortable enough comparing notes and experiences! But, if you don’t have that group yet or the below issues just haven’t come up, then read on.


You can still contract an STD even if you use a condom

It’s a huge let down but, it’s the reason why sleeping with completely random men may not be the best idea. At least if you run in the same circles, you may have gotten word if the guy had something!  If the skin of the vulva comes into contact with affected skin on the scrotum, you can still catch an STD.

Use it or lose it

This typically only applies to post-menopausal women but, an unused vagina can form fragile tissue and even shrink, making sex difficult and painful.

Most women cannot reach orgasm from intercourse

There isn’t some club you just haven’t graduated into yet, or some form of intimacy you haven’t experienced if you haven’t reached orgasm through intercourse. Many women never do, but still have perfectly fulfilling sex lives.

A simple tip to finding the G spot

First off, the G spot is in a different place for every woman so don’t get frustrated if you can’t find it right away. However, in general it is along the front wall of the vaginal canal. Some women are able to find it by using their finger in the “come hither” motion, and doing that up and down the wall until they hit the spot. Of course, a man may not always be able to find that. But it’s nice if you have the info to try to direct him!

Your vagina doesn’t have to smell like roses

Or be “douched.” Just because hundreds of products have been created to help you “clean up” your vagina, doesn’t mean that’s what men want. If you like to use those products—okay. But don’t use them out of insecurity. A vagina is meant to smell like a vagina.

Your pap can only detect one type of cancer

And that’s cervical. It doesn’t scan for cancer on your ovaries, uterus or your colon. So if you’re concerned about those, see the proper health care professional.

Needing lubrication is normal

Plenty of women struggle to become naturally lubricated. Don’t feel like you’re the “kinky” one by standing in the K-Y aisle at the drug store. Comfortable and enjoyable sex is your birthright. So go get it.

The thing no one wants to talk about…

The queef. This is the sound that mimics gas coming out of your vagina. If this happens to you, don’t think your guy is thinking, “What is wrong with this woman?” He’s surely experienced it before. The queef is simply what happens when air is pushed into the vagina during intercourse, and a switching of positions allows much of it to rush out. Just ignore it if it happens, and keep enjoying yourself.


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  • Chris Wagner

    First thing to know. Don’t call it a va jay jay. Shall we call ours a la pee pee? See? Sounds absurd.

  • MPA2000

    How about keep it clean? There is nothing worse that a Pretty Black girl, with a funky Vay Jay smelling up the bedroom!

    Seriously Black women need to take notes from WHITE Women.

  • Jess

    was reading extra advises from fellow readers/commentators, then religious discussion started… :/

  • Lejon Leonard

    Yes women use your vay jays.its what she is meant for.and most of you should be getting wet naturally and having orgasms with penetration.if you have the right partner who will stimulate you,you should know this……don’t have time to tell you things to make you wet while reading my post.gotta go look for a lawyer to sue some dumbass cops.maybe later.

  • robert

    did i just hit an all african site what the &@#%

  • John Doe the Troll

    What the holy hell did I just read… Better yet, WHY the hell did I read this???

    BTW Ladies, #6… don’t take the authors advice on this…. please, use the product… PLEASE!!!

  • aaaaaa

    Keep the monkey clean!

  • yojoe

    What in the heck is going on ?? All Blacks should condemn this article as it is telling young ladies to use their VA JAY JAY or lose it !! Black ladies are having children 76% of the time out of wedlock and most have no idea who their father is or where their father is located and this article is telling them to use their VA JAY JAY or lose it !!! BLACK AMERICA PLEASE WAKE UP !!!!

  • wile coyote

    i love how women expect ‘MEN’ to somehow create this fantasy for their parts when half of them themselves don’t know how the freaking thing works.

  • Diane Nixon

    Important tool for section 8 income enhancement $$

  • Kumo Alesana


    Seriously? If this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you then you’ve lived a good life.

  • John Smith

    Don’t douche too much, most men love the smell of a vagina. It’s like catnip for human males.

  • Jayman

    you must be a guy.

  • phil

    I’ll tell you if you want my tongue in it then it better smell like roses. Or anything appitizing.

  • James T. McGuiness

    This thing should have included some information about the increasingly popular “squirting” and what the etiquette is of it. A friend had a girl squirt all over the inside roof of his daddy’s car. No one taught me about that–nor him.

  • James T. McGuiness

    If there is truth to that assertion I suspect it is mental rather than physical–on one or both partners side. Usually when a woman gets one by being pleasured in other manners, she can learn to “TAKE” others if the man lends himself to her for that. It’s about removing the ticking clock from the lady’s mind so she can confidently TAKE her pleasure (however long and whatever manner that takes).

  • garyjminter

    Thanks for the info on “the queef” sound! I thought she was farting!!!!!!!!!

  • annonymox

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  • ladyv

    okay I agree that some of these vjay cleaning products do more harm than good, but if you are experiencing an unpleasant odor down there, by all means go to your doctor, get tested. You might have a vaginal infection or disease. And fyi, roses don’t smell good to everyone. Also, be careful, getting soap or body wash inside of the vagina because it can cause a bacterial or yeast infection. Most of us, women are seldom told this. Use your favorite body wash but just don’t let it get into your vjay.

  • StraghtGate

    ….find a hot chick and forget it…

    • Theresa Parsons

      Who you lying to?

  • StraghtGate

    First of all, it is NOT that annoying term, “V-jay-jay!” Furthermore, the outer part is NOT a vagina (latin for sheath); it’s the vulva. Otherwise, it’s tantamount to calling her rectum an anus. You’d think that all women would know better.

  • Lisa

    …and who are you? if you have any professional affiliation with this website and topic Susie-q “Shame on you!” Smoke-screening! I am wasting my time. I hope you personally get something out of my message. Peace and Good Health to you.

    • lucy

      Well I got something out of your message:- an itchy rash where I’d rather not have one.

  • Lisa

    Oh cut the crap. Get to know your body and stop with the smoke-screening. That is the problem here. If your rhetoric is not about healing the vagina, keep it real and preach on that. Keep it in context. If Susie-q is a female – Have you checked your vagina lately??? Humm? I scared of you. Stay Real Peace….

  • susie-q

    You can’t blame God for what other people done to you. God gave every man, woman, boy or girl a chance to choose right from wrong. Either you are going to live for Him or you are going to live for satan. Satan says that he is going to and fro seeking whom he may devour. Sadly, too many people choose to live their lives controlled by satan. Don’t blame God for the evilacts of mankind. God is for peace. When you live that kind of life that doesn’t include him in it , than anything might happen to you.God could have made us like robots and made us live for Him, and do as he say do.But he didn’t he gave mankind a choice. Choose ye this day whom you are going to serve. God made time for man to get themselves together so that they can be redeemed back to Him.So, if you choose to live for Him, you will have peace, joy, love, and etc. When you choose satan well, you live a life full of chaos, and your final resting p;ace will be hell, which burn with fire and brimstone. People think when they die that’s it. No, No, No, after death there is a judgement.

  • Lisa

    Ladies beware. Men can possibly be walking around with an STI and not knowing it. Eventually the infection will affect your V first and may present itself gradually. Light ignored symptoms thick, sticky, pasty w/o odor indicates something is WRONG! Then it may build up to light dry discharge, puffiness, openness feeing, engorged feeling, then if not address a light smell may kick in, then the next thing you know your hair is becoming untamable and begin to thin, porous and its vitality is lost no matter how much moisture, oil, conditioners you use it wont work! Do not ignore it! And insist that your doctor prescribe something: diflucan or if it has an odor: metronidazole . I knew I contracted it from my boyfriend but my doctor Gyne insisted that it was just me and told me to use Refresh a brand. I had to challenge her credentials. I got what I wanted from my PC not the Gyne and I was a happy camper. My hair is back to normal, full of life, no odors, totally clean and free and I insist on using condoms and I have my own and if I have to fight with the guy I will nix him. Little boy and will argue with you till the cows come home. Get rid of him he is not worth it or make him take prescriptions as well. I am good and proud of myself. You don’t have to live with a suspect, smelly wet pooche.! Don’t believe it is just your stuff or you ph balance out of whack. Demand a remedy! FYI sweat is different from smelly. What counts is what’s the condition inside the V which will affect the outside eventually.

  • Tomtom28

    You just need to get a nice piece of kielbasa.

  • tonyccccccccccccccc

    fucks sake sex hijacked by Gods losers

  • Yvonne Walton

    thought this was about meant to be about sex and vaginas not religion

  • SamyyCiao

    Stupid dumb article – this is a bunch of bs!

  • Native Energy

    One last thing, its a renewable resource that does not come with a set number of times for use, so ladies feel free to use it as much as you like and definitely as much as your man wants it. It will not break or run out after too much use. As a matter of fact, its can get better.

  • John Jeffery

    Stop giving White people the power by calling them White when actually they are pink,
    which is a color fraud and is a violation the Law of Color in US and is rackett of white
    priviledge.. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  • Gerry

    WELL as the aul saying goes I’m game if the girls are embarrassed then send them to me I’m not one bit embarrassed. I’ll check them out and give them a rundown on how everything is doing.

  • 19kilo51

    I prefer it natural down there..

  • Ready Strains, actavis, harsh

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  • YES – I Love licking them.
    Righteous Robert
    Baltimore Bob

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  • hirachi

    use it or lose it? its amzing to me to see how blind people are the sexual manipulation prevalent in our culture today. from websites to movies to tv to magazines to advertisements to social media apps and sites.

  • Tyrone Lewis

    I don;t like it sometimes when it smells like the Docks where they unload the perch and the red snappers.

  • Phil T Kuhn

    Just fill your tire swing with some “Summers Eve” and splash that filthy underside. Let’s get them toilet trained first, then we’ll tackle hygiene.

  • Saggin Gin

    I wants my vagina shaved clean off so it stay cleaner lookin.

  • Buckwheat1600

    Why don’t WHITE Human women need to do this? Why can’t you bootlipped sows pronounce vagina?
    Your sprog launcher stinks like dried feces, old piss and anal lube? This is NORMAL for sheboons! Most of your 479# sow gigantiboon nigrapottamuses are front wipers because your azz is too big or your paws are too short. Tell your babydaddy to get the hose and powerwash that welfare check generator!

  • Saggin Gin

    Im so fat I can’t even see my vagina. I dont think it stinks.

  • Justin Igger

    The coochie was meant to be cleansed, not for fermenting yo bucks potatoes, nomesayin?

    • Saggin Gin

      Oh lawdy lord…dat funny. I be saving him some chicken up in there. The bone feel good two.

  • JennaTelya

    You EBT rats need to learn its not a welfare check factory.

    • Tyrone Lewis

      That’s what my momma tell me wear thyat pertection so the man don;t make you work for that kids EBT

  • James Mack

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    • Joshua White

      Hey Luna! Tic.

  • tacoman

    Stupid….People using their bodies for meaninless sex….just for entertaiment…..

    Well i am not afraid not to use condoms. The only woman i would have sex with is, MY life woman. I am am clean i expect her to be clean too.

    Being an intelligent humna, Sex is more spiritual than just premaritial entertainment.

    MY life has more value and meaning.

    • Joshua White

      lol!! —> ” MY life woman.”.
      …as far as YOU know!

  • Keith R Sauerwald

    A vagina is meant to smell like a vagina. True. It is also meant to taste good too.

  • Keith R Sauerwald

    An un-used vagina? Lordy me, I had no idea such a thing existed.

  • Keith R Sauerwald

    I sometimes don’t “reach my peak ” but I still enjoy it and revel in the knowledge that my girlfriend has too.

  • John Q Publiq

    A va jay jay should NOT smell like a va jay jay. That’s disgusting. That’s like saying my bottom should smell like a bottom and my wife should be fine with that. She would not be. Clean yourself, ladies.

    • Joshua White

      Most distasteful!…….posting the photo of your bottom!

  • LowBarInternetWriting

    More comma errors on the 4th page.

  • LowBarInternetWriting

    Spelling and comma errors on the first page? Journalism?

  • NJP1

    take your time getting into a woman’s mind, or maybe more importantly, give her time to invite you in there, and she will climax from just a light touch anywhere on her body—once she’s used to having you running loose in her head, and provided she wants you there of course, she will climax from just a look, or from telling her to…… when the moment is exactly right.
    Don’t ask me when that is, you have to take time to find out. (she’s your woman after all)
    When you’ve discovered that. I promise she will never leave you alone

  • Mike

    Hygiene is important. Brush your teeth for bad breath. Use antibacterial soap, water and a towel for other odors. Do it more than once a day, especially if you are about to get intimate with someone.

  • DropZoneMom

    SERIOUSLY???!!?? Achieving the Big O through intercourse is the easiest, fastest, and most satisfying way I’ve ever ‘made the trip’. Truly didn’t know some women had issues climaxing this way. SO odd.

  • Chris Thompson

    Yeesh whats with the ads on this site. Very annoying.

  • Bhozx Esnaberho Romo

    wow nc 1

  • LuciousVanWinkle

    yeah… the one about the “natural smelling vaginas”…. Yeah, that’s fine if a vagina has a slight aroma (like most womens do), but if your muff smells like a rotten fish that’s been left round the back of the fridge for a few weeks, get that douche out and fanny-blast it.. The best way to test if you have a bad-mound is to half way through sex, stop, give your man a BJ, if it the smell/taste makes you gag then that’s why your man doesn’t go down on you anymore… get the jetwash out and take care of it…

    • jesless

      if your vagina smells that bad something is wrong besides the vagina being dirty. the inside of the vagina is self cleaning, it does NOT need to be cleaned. the outside however does. if you clean the outside, and there is still a scent. you need to get to a doctor to see what is wrong, as this is NOT normal…



    • LuciousVanWinkle

      you’ve got to be trolling, right?

  • Lucky_Teeter

    Rule No. 9 : keep some hair around the v jay. i’m not fond of all this waxing,shaving, totally bare lady bits.

  • David


    “…..The first thing you should really know about the vagina is that you should get yourself a group of girlfriends with whom your comfortable enough comparing notes and experiences …”
    guys don’t talk about their junk amongst each other…. geeee….

  • Guest

    Trim it or shave it please!

  • Randy

    I love the smell and taste of a non menstruating vagina as well as the sounds made by the who possesses it if she is pleased with my attentions to it.

  • ljpljpljp

    I think that any woman who didn’t know any of that would need more than a handful of tips.

  • Jayman

    Just as long as it smells and tastes great. Mmmm, how sweet.

  • I swear…

    number 10. You can get worms and they go from your anus to va jay jay causing recurring infections and dr’s won’t tell you sh it. Especially if you black…

  • I will bet you a Popeyes 8 piece chicken dinner that the chick in the photo is fine. I wish she would move her hands.

  • Kenneth Sapyta

    The queef is as I call it “blowing up the balloon” then when you take your lips away from the vagina peerrfeeect pppuuuurrrrr QUEEF. Yum.

  • Yep their supposed to smell that way, yums .

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  • Wm Thomas Capps

    I love Va Jay Jay

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins

    well Ladies know Ur VAYJAYJAY

  • mikinzla


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  • Quarty

    IDK, maybe bringing you closer to the person you are with, just enjoying the moment.

    And like the article said not all women can reach their peak through intercourse. So do you feel that those woman should just never consider having sex, because according to you there is no point?

    • ladyy

      i agree with youuu, you really dont need to climax for you to enjoy

      • Ben

        ~The Truth of Life in 3 Pages~
        Google “TruthContest” and Click on “The Present”^^^

  • MIRON1


  • Burnie Rubble

    Nothing could be finer than licking Halle Berrys vagina in the

    morrrrrrr ninnnnn

    Nothin would be sweeter than her lips around my peter in the morrrrrr ninnnnnn

    If I had a dollar

    you know what i’d do

    I buy a box of MAGNUMS

    and i’s use um on u!!!!

  • SD

    I’m Glad The Quiff Is Normal….I Was Embarrassed When That Happened To Me LOL.

  • Dan

    #1 You can still get an STD using a condom… Really? How dumb do you think your readers are that you think it’s a good one to lead off with… While we’re at it we better remind them they can still get pregnant even if they are on top, gravity isn’t strong enough to be an affective birth control method… (sarcasm)

  • Jeffrey Gee

    You didn’t mention inny and outty va jay jay’s? I wonder if child birth has anything to do with it? Women don’t need to douche, but you have to keep it clean and fresh. I am sure you wouldn’t want to go down on a man with sweaty balls…

  • fibble

    It’s REALLY difficult to take anything seriously with the words “va jay jay” in the title. What, are we all in middle school??

    • Cranium

      lol, I was thinking the same thing., But then again look who the author is.

  • Miles Hagen

    Good article. As far as #6 goes regarding smells I’d just say that the article is entirely correct. However bathing beforehand is mandatory (use the 8 hour rule). I say that ’cause I’ve been with several “one-nighters” who seem to have missed that memo.

  • wombstretcher

    smells like fish,lovely dish,smells like cologne,leave it the hell alone

  • You’re

    You lost me at your.

  • Brenden Le

    Did this list seriously just suggest you don’t “need” to douche. Yes a vagina can smell like a vagina but some vaginas are a little suspect…fish if you will. Don’t complain about men not eating it right if you don’t take care of yourself. Can’t believe I just read that….

    • Krazilia Love

      are you a man?

  • wills

    Are women self-conscious about the way it looks? Do all women shave?

  • sanid

    Thank you thank you for telling people that you can still get an STD with a condom due to contact outside of the condom-protected genital area. So many people still don’t know this!

  • sanid

    Regular douching is actually not OK – it can throw off your pH balance and make your vagina more susceptible to UTI’s or yeast infections.

  • Constance

    Anyone else hate cutesy nicknames for the vagina? I know our culture is ages away from calling any “private” area by its actual name, but “va jay jay” doesn’t help matters.

  • naoma

    EGADS. Our daughter knew all the correct words at age 3. A friend of hers was with her on the porch and I heard the little friend say: “My mommy is having a baby and it is in her tummy.” Daughter came in slamming the door and said “She knows nothing of the womb.” Yes, she knew all the words, etc. but was not allowed to divulge info to friends whose parents would probably come after us.

  • Justin

    Needing KY jelly is normal!? What? Lets include the fact that most American males are circumcised, that being a condition where the lubricant sealing foreskin that contains mucous membranes are ablated and the coronal ridge draws out lubrication habitually.

    Nature devised a mutual system that doesnt include a need for external lubrication via sexual selection.

    Way to sell to the readers.

  • Jackie PutridyCorpse Breedlove

    You won’t need lube if your man had foreskin.

    • Alexis

      you’d need multiple visits to the clinic for UTI’s! foreskin is unsanitary

      • Just Noticed

        That is NOT true at all. Foreskin NATURALLY grows. Maybe you have just sexed dirty men. A man with bad hygiene with or without the foreskin… is going to be a problem. Also, that is such common knowledge it prompts to advise you to take a sex health education class. ….. your welcome in advance.

  • Vincent Byrne

    Careful of the grammar. It should be ‘you’re’, not ‘your’ in the first sentence.

    It should read: “….. the vagina is that you should get yourself a group of girlfriends with whom you’re comfortable enough ….”

  • Aaliyah

    Hi, Im Aaliyah, Im 29. Never had sex, how do I go about taking care of my vagina, properly take care of it ..what products to use…keep it clean and healthy?

    • chrystine

      Nothing but soap and water on your vulva and inter/outer labia. There is no reason to douche. It’s not necessary and upsets the body’s natural pH. Check with your doctor since medical advice is best.

    • IMJSANYUmad

      DUMB HO^

    • Joshua White

      Never mind the other dopey responses Aaliyah. Just bring it around to my place…..

  • Sienna

    what was the statement about if you dont have sex your vagina shrinks?

  • AlabamDeb

    You’re right. And in that situation it wouldn’t be their penis…more like scrotum. I don’t want to hear children use that word either. It just sounds so uptight “we teach our children to use the proper terms”…get over yourself!!

    • naoma

      We believed in always telling our only child the truth. She has grown up to be a fine and wonderful young woman.

  • Steph

    Can we grow up, behave like adult women and stop using cutesy names like “vajajay” for our vaginas? It infantalizes women.

    • Bhakta Jim

      I agree! I prefer to use the standard medical term, “pootang” or “bajingo”.

    • chrystine

      Agree 100%, thank you.

  • Scott H

    Some women can have an org**m from stimulation of the ni**le alone! So try
    having your man do some o**l stimulation on that during intercourse. 🙁 surely this will help you girls!!! Good luck! — On the same note, when that is done to me, and only that, I can feel sensations down there! It stimulates the same area in the brain in the pleasure center that intercourse does.

    It keeps blocking my messages -_-

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  • Jen

    Don’t douche! It kills the good stuff that takes care of the bad stuff, making you smell worse in the long run.

  • Jennifer J. Majors

    Some good points!

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  • Nino Rekhviashvili

    Va jay jay? Can you not say Vagina? Isn’t there enough same associated with that word to begin with? Grow up, people! People have vaginas!

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  • tenisha charmin

    … should a vagina smell??!!

    • Joshua White

      Vaginas don’t smell!!
      No nostrils….

  • Ednar

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    “You lissina me, boy. Somma day you gonna be runna da business, you

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  • Ednar


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    take a glass of water and start swishing it in your mouth. Just swish and swish
    but don’t swallow it until he either leaves the room or goes to bed and falls

    Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor, looking fresh and reborn.

    The woman says:
    “Doctor that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband started losing
    it, I swished with water. I swished and swished, and he calmed right down! How
    does a glass of water do that?”

    The Doctor says:
    “The water itself does nothing. It’s keeping your mouth shut that does the

  • Ednar

    Fw: A good friend! Bachelors Beware!!!!

    A man brings his best buddy home
    for dinner.

    His wife screams at him. “My hair & makeup are not done, the
    house is a mess, the dishes are not done,

    I’m still in my pajamas and I can’t be bothered with
    cooking tonight! What the hell did you bring him home for?”

    “Because he’s thinking of getting married….”

  • Ednar

    Subject: The ex-wife

    Tim decided to tie the
    knot with his long time girlfriend.

    One evening, after the
    honeymoon, he was assembling some shell reloads for an upcoming hunt.

    His wife was standing there at the bench watching him.

    After a long period of silence she finally speaks. “Honey, I’ve been
    thinking, now that we are married I think it’s time you quit hunting, shooting,
    hand loading, and fishing. Maybe you should sell your guns and boat.”

    Tim gets this horrified look on his face.

    She says, “Darling, what’s wrong?”

    ”There for a minute you were sounding like my ex-wife.”

    “Ex-wife!” she screams, “I didn’t know you were married

    ”I wasn’t.“

  • Ednar


    I was a very happy man.

    My wonderful girlfriend
    and I had been dating for over a year.

    So we decided to get

    There was only one little thing bothering me, her beautiful younger sister,

    My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very tight miniskirts and
    generally was bra-less.

    She would regularly bend down when she was near me. I always got more than a
    nice view. It had to be deliberate, she never did it around anyone else.

    One day she called me and asked me to come over. ‘To check the wedding
    invitations’ she said.

    She was alone when I arrived. She whispered to me that she had feelings and
    desires for me that she couldn’t overcome anymore.

    She told me that she
    wanted me just once before I got married.

    She said, “Before you commit your life to my sister.”

    Well, I was in total
    shock and I couldn’t say a word.

    She said, “I’m going
    upstairs to my bedroom.

    If you want one last wild
    fling, just come up and have me.”

    I was stunned and frozen in shock as I watched her go up the stairs.

    I stood there for a moment then turned and made a bee-line straight to the
    front door.

    I opened the door and headed straight towards my car.

    I then noticed my entire future family was standing outside, all clapping!

    With tears in his eyes, my father-in-law hugged me.

    He said, “Sergio, we are
    very happy that you have passed our test.

    We couldn’t ask for a
    better man for our daughter.

    Welcome to the family my son!”

    The moral of this story is:

    Always keep your condoms in your car.

  • Ednar

    Subject: Fwd: Trust
    your Husband

    There comes a time when
    a woman just has to trust her husband…

    A wife comes home late at night, and quietly
    opens the door to her bedroom.

    From under the blanket she sees four legs
    instead of two.

    She reaches for a baseball bat and starts
    hitting the blanket as hard as she can. Leaving the covered bodies groaning,
    she goes to the kitchen to have a drink.

    As she enters, she sees her husband there, reading
    a magazine. “Hi Darling”, he says,”

    Your parents have come to visit us, so l let
    them stay in our bedroom.

    If you get a chance, say

  • Ednar

    Jake was dying. His wife sat at the bedside.

    He looked up and said weakly:

    ‘I have something I must confess.’

    ‘There’s no need to, ‘his wife replied.

    ‘No,’ he insisted,

    ‘I want to die in peace.

    I slept with your sister, your best friend,

    her best friend, and your mother!’

    ‘I know,’ she replied.

    ‘Now just lie back and let the poison work.’

  • Ednar

    Subject: Romantic

    A couple was Christmas shopping at the mall on Christmas Eve
    and the mall was packed.

    As the wife walked through the mall she was surprised to
    look up

    and see her husband was nowhere around.

    She was quite upset because they had a lot to do.

    Because she was so worried, she called him on her mobile
    phone to ask him where he was.

    In a calm voice, the husband said, “Honey, you remember the jewelry store
    we went into about 5 years ago where you fell in love with that diamond
    necklace that we could not afford and I told you that I would get it for you
    one day?”

    The wife choked up and started to cry and said, “Yes, I remember that
    jewelry store.”

    He said, “Well, I’m in the bar right next to it.”

  • Ednar

    Subject: watery eyes after sex

    eyes after sex

    Two black guys were in
    a bar talking, and one says to the other, “You ever notice after you have
    sex with a white woman that your eyes burn, your nose burns and you get all

    The second black guy
    says, “Yeah, all the time.”

    The first one asked,
    “Why is that?”

    The second says,
    “I’m pretty sure it’s the pepper spray.”

  • mo

    Va jay jay? Really? It’s a vagina for pete’s sake! If you can’t bring yourself to call it what it is, then why are you discussing it in the first place?
    VAGINA…say it!!!!!

  • Destinie Indy Starr

    Douching is BAD for the vagina. You’re actually pushing everything up/inside when you do that. Plus those douches contain chemicals that could disrupt the normal microbiota in the vagina and that will make you more susceptible to various infections.

  • MNEditor2

    The WordPress program we work with flags certain words with sexual references. It’s nothing personal, we don’t want to talk like like kids, but it’s just how we have to occasionally label things. Thanks.

  • CeeEllEff

    The Director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children recommends we teach our children to use the proper terms. Typically, pedophiles will use cutesy names for body parts. If your child knows the right term and suddenly starts using something cute for “it”, it’s an immediate red flag that something is up. A molester isn’t going to talk to your daughter about her vagina, he (or she) WILL however, talk to her about her “cupcake” in order to make it sound fun or like a game. For anyone who wants to dog me for this or argue about it, this isn’t my personal opinion and I could care less what you call it – I’m just sharing a recommendation from an expert who deals with this everyday.

    • Zone11

      Uhh, two weeks ago, my grandson told us his teacher took the class into the school garden and they ate cupcakes. And he said he saw a bird eat a butterfly. Trouble in River City?

  • FlipFuzion

    Please ALL women don’t listen to that part where it basically says douching isn’t a big deal…yes it is, there is nothing worse then a fishy smelling you know what!

    • Guest

      Douching is BAD for the vagina. You’re actually pushing everything up/inside when you do that. Plus those douches contain chemicals that could disrupt the normal microbiota in the vagina.

  • blazinsun69

    You women reading this please remember it… you should smell/taste like a woman.. not a bottle of perfume.

  • dalewynn

    This writer is a retard.

  • Natural is better, perfumes, deodorants, or sprays ruin the taste. A healthy vagina has a sweet airiness to it, with a very slight hint of sexual musk. On the other hand there are some you wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole. And it makes you wonder why they don’t notice it or won’t do anything about it. As the Pssy Nazi would say, “No more dates for you”.

  • Nene

    To get pregnant.

    • Justin_Igger

      To keep the welfare checks/food stamps rolling in. Negro abortions are already at about 51% in America, if not for the free negro handouts that number would go way up.

      The world does not need one more negro, that’s for sure.

  • Copper

    Regarding #6, you actually shouldn’t ever douche because it can mess up the pH of your vagina and cause infections. If you keep your vulva generally clean it shouldn’t smell that bad anyway. Also, taking OTC probiotics (look for anything with Lactobacillus acidophilus in it) can help get rid of or prevent yeast infections… just a useful tip.

    • sweethoney

      Instead of douching soak in a tub with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar after sex or your period.

  • tintin

    i like the queef one. I thought it meant you had a big hole

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  • Good conversation! And what about clearing off the pubic hair? How good or bad is it?

  • Good conversation! And what about clearing off the pubic hair? Ho

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  • Talk about it with friends. U might learn something.


    for a nice and fresh smell wash your vagina with natural (non-sweetened) yoghurt daily if you like or a few times a week rinse off with cold water or you can add a dash of lemon juice ( use the fruit) in the rinse water as well it is a natural antiseptic…works in combating thrush as well

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  • Injynqbs

    Nice article and I say call it [almost] what you want. It’s yours. Embrace it and if you want to name it Marla you can. Men embrace theirs. I mean I bet you could think of 10 different names for one right now. ; o

  • QueenOfPharaohs

    Ok….SOOOOOO too many ppl are getting hung up on the actual word used in the title when no1 is focusing on the entire article itself. I enjoyed it very much! It was insightful, educating, and relatable. Thank you so much. And for the record ppl, maybe she used Va jay jay becuz their are still ppl (even adults) who find the term “vagina” alil strong..Just like most ppl are finding breast feeding in public offensive…Be appreciative for the article in it entirety verses blasting the author for choosing a word.

  • Dionerobertson


    This is vague as hell.  Your 1st point was hold up on the sex because of STD (What kind of STD’S?  What is the STD rate for….touching a c**k?).  Your 2nd point was have sex or it will hurt(How much do you have to have in a year to avoid pain?  Can pain be avoided if one uses a wand or a dildo?)!!!!

    Due to alcohol content (which drys out your vag), making it hard to lube naturally/a dry vag can lead to rips and pain) douche is BAD for you.  PLEASE give a sound reason that is a fact.  

    Many of the points featured sex; nothing about how often to clean a vag, how often is too often to get any infections, Not even how to get a pap smear.  Mega Crap!!

  • ElvisWasAHero2Most

    And my appreciation for my penis grew immensely after reading this.  Damn ladies, how do y’all do it?

  • Why is the P word Named after a Lion Tiger Panther Puzzy Cat & Not  A Rabbit or Bear? I was Just Wondering The Origin to That Wet P Word

  • Tempestcater

    Douching is awful for your vagina. It rips sensitive tissue and may make vaginal infections increase. I am really disappointed by this article. If you are going to talk about our sexual health please do a thorough job. 

    You also could have put up a stat about condom usage and how often that vuvla and scrotum infection comes up vs….Not using a condom at all. When our community is facing huge problems with STDs and unwanted pregnancies to put that Condoms wont protect you when for the most part they do is just redic. I speak to Black women who think that condoms wont prevent pregnancies…so they have babiees they dont want and open their bodies to STD infection. 

    Would it have been awful to have aOBGYN  write this article. 

    • sweethoney

      If a woman has a latex allergy she can use a condom made of polyurethane. They sell it at most pharmacies.


    “A  vagina is meant to smell like a vagina.” <<<—uh yeah every vagina has its own distinct smell. But. i shouldn't be able 2 smell your downstairs. Mild soap and warm water please!

  • Psylocke_2001

    That line “a vagina is meant to smell like a vagina” reminds me of a line from The Vagina Monologues.  

  • LOL:)

    I feel bad for women who have never achieved orgasms… My only complaint during sex is that my husband gives me too many. You have to push down and tighten your keigel muscles during sex if you want to have an orgasm. You are just as responsible for your orgasm as he is.

    And who didn’t know this about their vagina?

  • Guest

    Um…I really hope this isn’t new information for some of you grown women. Everything presented here should have been known back in high school. If you don’t know how your vagina works then something ain’t right!!

  • Mls2698

    For the record, I don’t know about you, but I don’t go around imagining how any woman’s vagina smells.

    •  I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Why are you imagining how the writer’s “kitty cat” is smelling. Find something to do!

      • Mls2698

        I just spent two semesters taking anatomy & physiology classes complete with cadavers ( we had to study it from the hooter to the tooter) and this chick is going to tell us we are dumb. Those classes were hard as h*ll, but I guess I should have just logged on here and let a monkey explain it to me. smh

        •  LOL, you remember that cadaver smell (~_~)? Baby oil ?? I just can’t figure out where she got that idea. Why would she think she need to do that? Why mask a funk? Fix the root cause! You shouldn’t be smelling like a skunk crawled up in you & died, or Pappadeux’s weekly special can be served straight from the middle of your legs, or the back of Long John’s Silver’s, Red Lobster, and Planned Parent Hood combined. All I tried to say was wash & eat right, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

          • Mls2698

            I think we finally ran her away.

            • LOL, maybe…. though I have a feeling she may be back. I feel sorry for her. I think she was under the impression that the natural scent of a vagina is stinky so you HAVE to douche. Hopefully she stopped being mad long  enough to actually learn from these comments.

              Maybe she has more male influences. They say they like it, but don’t know she is destroying herself. it’s like she has been too worried about making sure she give a man what
              he wants, rather than make sure she is not harming herself in the long run.

              oh well, she’ll wise up…hopefully…lol

  • Ashely


    Where To Seek The  Serious Relationship. 



  • pashunfruit

    I’m one of those women that do not orgasm during intercourse, I’ve gotta do a little extra to achieve one….I used to think it was just my issue but I’ve learned even before this little blog that I’m not….but still enjoy sex very much!

  • U_envy_me12

    a lot of these comments are hilarious! I dnt knw if I would call this article informative, but thank goodness I knw how to take care of mine. douches are bad m’kay and so are all those “feminine” washes and body wash. It just needs a regular mild soap, nothing fancy. and they should of mentioned how to correctly wipe after going to the bathroom b/c it’s grown a** women out here wiping back to front and not front to back like ur actually supposed to. fellas need to start asking in the gate “how well do u wipe?” I dnt even sit on other chicks toilets…and I flush with my foot….yes in yo house lol.

    • Zan

       I’m glad SOMEBODY brought up the wiping issue…and that loon up there commenting in all caps must be one of the females who thinks it’s okay to wipe back to front because can douche all the fecal matter out of her vagina. *eye roll*

    • Chanda

      I was with you but why not just flush (the toilet) with your hands, you have to wash them anyway?

  • Rene

    There are 5 holes not 3 in case some of yous did not know.

    • Mls2698

      I’ve got three, did you MAKE more holes? Unless I count my mouth and ears……….IDK 0_o.

      • Mls2698

        And nose.

  • Chanda

    MN, you should’ve mentioned that not everyone bleeds their “first time” because a girl can pop her cherry from wearing tampons or vigorous sports.

  • Jobsgivsyy

    Call it by the correct name. Its VAGINA. not VA Jay Jay we’re not 3

  • Nitty

    Are some people actually arguing about vaginas?
    C’mmon ladies.

    • quick quads

      dumb, right???????????

  • Terra

    The smell issue comments are killing me. LOL.
    Real Talk, a man who doesn’t love the smell of a well taken care of pussy/vagina whatever and who would rather it smell like some fruit and flowers might be a little fruity.
    Literally have had a man grab his shirt wipe it of, smell it and then keep going. 
    Douche is bad for many people and unnecessary. If you find yourself using it often then something must be wrong with you because your body was created to repair itself… when it smells “musky” then you go check that out or clean up and let your body do it’s job. 
    Oh, and keep it dry.  Cotton seats and all of that.
    The End.
    And whoever Jerri is, you must be an idiot. 

    • Mls2698

      Had no Idea you could say ” p***y” on this blog.

  • 08033

    the QUEEF!! i feel a little bit embarrassed when it happens ..i just laugh it off 

  • CriticXtreme

    You’re wrong about this one. If it smells like fish, you’re about to catch something. Some serious itch-e-poohs or worst. 

  • Many of you are paying to much attention to slang names for vagina and not focusing on the topic. In my opinion, it should be called “The Devils Paradise”. This is my slang for it. To move on, thanks for making tricks aware of events and potential issues with their lady business. Some will listen but other will not until it’s to late. It’s gotten so bad with STD and the monster especially in the black community that they need to bring back the Scarlet letter to identify these tards who keep their legs opened like 7-11 and unprotected penises spreading these diseases. So no matter what you call a vagina, like a penis, it’s dangerous with or without a condom. 



    •  Wow! ummm, why can’t you wash down there the same way you wash the rest of your body and it smell the same as the rest of your body. Your vagina is not a rose or strawberry, so it shouldn’t smell like it. If you have an “off” smell or a “bad” smell (ie fishy) you probably have a ph in-balance or infection and should do something about it. See a GYN or buy some RePhresh ph balance pills. You can maybe change the smell, and I’ll go ahead and say it, taste, with diet. Drink lots of smoothies with lots of fruits & yogurt or purchase you some Sweeten 69, but to suggest somebody wash they coochie out with baby oil ??

      • cmh1978

         FROM  a man point of view I love strawberries so with that being said if it smell like strawberries. then I will take my time and slowly lick and kiss it like a sweet strawberry.

        •  Woah Now! LOL, well for you then your lady could make sure to: “Drink lots of smoothies with lots of fruits & yogurt or purchase you some Sweeten 69” You both get what you need.

          • JERRI MALONE


            • Look up, you will see that my reply was to cmh1978, I ain’t a bit more thinking bout you.You are just disrespectful. As Tamar would say “Get Your Life”, from now on, you will be talkin to yourself.

              •  ….and cmh1978 was replying to me, see where it says: “in reply to Que Stevenson” he probably ain’t worried about you either.

            • BTW, the word is spelled “Ashy”! How are you gonna insult someone and can’t spell?

              • Tracey

                are there certain medicines that keep you from being aroused, ie: you go from wanting sex all the time to just going through the motions to please your mate.

        • I don’t need to use your bogus method to get a man to take his time & slowly lick and kiss it like a sweet strawberry….I bet you looked up “sweeten 69” didn’t you? hahaha, don’t lie! I’d rather be Ms. Smoothie, than Ms. I-have-used-so-much-mineral-oil-in-my-snatch-i-destroyed-my-coochie.

          • Kristina Tramel

            LOL!!! @ Que

      • @ que stevenson, i was thinking the same thing. why would you put something foreign such baby oil in the birth canal. the vagina wasn’t meant for that. the vagina has its natural juices and it should be smelling like a vagina. You should be concerned when your discharge has an odor and your discharge is yellowish greenish in color. Thank God I don’t have any of these problems.

        • Mls2698

          Pick one for your sentence: To, Two, or Too. Still can’t figure it out, huh?

        • Mls2698

          And I ” see dead people” with all that wh*ring and MEN you speak of.



        •  My advice was to you because the advice you gave to the author was ridiculous. You go ahead and douche, and finger yourself with baby oil if you want to. Come back and read these comments when your coochie is all dried out and smelling like ROTTEN strawberries cause you have become dependent on mineral oil. That’s probably happened already. Why else would you assume the author meant your vagina is suppose to stink, when she said “your vagina is suppose to smell like a vagina”? A normal, clean, and healthy vagina, doesn’t stink. Doesn’t smell much different than the rest of your body.

      •  I could have a tattoo on my face and you wouldn’t be able to tell from the pic to the left of this comment. You just wanted something to say, and that is what you came up with? From the gitty up, you have made no sense at all. I dare you to say something intelligent…I’ll wait.

      • Looks like you are getting all riled up because you see how out of line you have been. Maybe you should just delete your initial comment. Pretend you learned something.

    • Kris50

      Who told you this? Your great grandma? Umm back in the early 1900’s they use to douche with Lysol…are you gonna do that too?
      Douching makes any smell you got WORSE. That’s why you have to keep doing it, because it kills the bacteria and interupts the ph balance needed to keep your vag healthy. And a bath with baby oil??? Girl are you kidding me??? Ok, keep pushing all that nasty stuff UP, FURTHER into your business and your cervix or uterus is gonna be all kinds of f****d up.

    • Mls2698

      Roses and strawberries? Maybe if you’re a diabetic with uncontroled sugar levels.

      • Mls2698

        Celibate for six years. Only wh*re hopping women need to invent strategies to keep their vagina fresh. Summer’s Eve has an intimate wash, but it may cost more than the $1.59 you pay for baby oil. And stop typing in all caps like an untrained monkey.

      • bahahahaha. Trust & believe, if my man is whispering behind my back, it’s because he’s hitting it from the back. “it doesn’t make sense for me to try to explain myself” You just aren’t capable…it’s too late. You had the audacity to post what you did, now accept the feedback.

    • Melanie

       Douching dries vaginas out.  You may want to talk to a doctor about this before you insult someone else s intelligence or cleanliness.  You vagina naturally cleans itself.  God knew what He was doing.  And bathing in soap and water is not going to have you smelling like strawberries.  If it does, you may wanna think about changing soap, cause you’re doing more harm than good.

    •  To my daughter: “Here’s what NOT to do!” To my son: “See here is why you need to watch who you sleep with. Broads like this who think they are clean & smell like roses and strawberries because they masturbated with baby oil in the tub”

  • That came off the show “Grey’s Anatomy” and it has taken over the proper term Lala….people are not comfortable or adult enough to face reality and talk about what is necessary for their health.

  • Everything I’ve ever read or heard from a gynecologist has told me NOT to douche. Although the packaging says that it balances your pH, it actually does the opposite. It removes the “good” bacteria that is needed to keep your vagina healthy. Douching can actually lead to BV, and the smell from that is very strong and fishy.

  • Noirevixen

    Foreplay guys is for both of you.  If you get this part right, the oven will be nice and warm to stick the bread in.

  • Madame Noire – I believe it is called a vagina


  • Lastly, I would LOVE to see some slides concerning men and their sexual health and activities. Why is always just the women who are targeted? Hmmmm? 

    • bishop

      Maybe because it’s a female site with articles directed to females. Why can’t women like you appreciate being a woman and stop worrying about men and what we doing.

      • Bishop said what I was about to say…albeit This really is part of the problem. Spending pointless time worrying about the opposite sex rather than ourselves. 

      •  That didn’t even make sense and the 24 likes scares me.


      AND YOU ARE???????????????  AND WHO YOU REPRESENT????????????????? OH NOBODY JUST LIKE I THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As a sexologist, I would like it if bloggers black bloggers would please stop calling a woman’s vulva “vay jay” it’s annoying. It would be nice if your going to quote anything that you use stats to prove how many women don’t have orgasms by intercourse alone. It’s over 70%. Trying different positions and different techniques can help with all of that. 

    Although you mentioned the G spot you didn’t say HOW to gain pleasure from it. Why not?

    All of the other information was shallow at best but hopefully it will get black women to think about their vulva (vagina). The cancer slide was a gem.

    I did like the slides showing white men with black women.. nice diversity.

    • Tazeypooh02

      If you want technical terms, read a book. Calling a vagina a “vay jay jay” is no different than calling a butt “cakes” or “donk.” If gossip sites were formal people wouldn’t click on the stories. It’s not like we don’t all know what they’re talking about. These types of sites also call penis “slong” and a pregnant stomach “a gut full of human.” It’s ignorant, but it’s a blog and not meant to be science journal.

    •  Oh really?! I didn’t ask for a science journal I asked for respect of the female body. The only way people are going to learn is if you provide them with accurate information. That is what is wrong with the black community now and yes I am black. We come up with all of these “nick names” for body parts that should only be used in the bedroom or when talking to your girls or boys. Part of a blogs responsibility unless it’s personal is to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC not buy into immature names for the female body or male body for that manner! I bet if I asked the editor or pres of this blog if they wanted to be taken seriously, I bet they would give a “hell yeah”.  Now did I have to look THAT up in a science journal to figure that out?

      • SookieStackhouse

        And race became a part of this….when?

    • Anch30

      The blogger being black should not even be an issue. If there is something YOU want to see in a blog, YOU do your own.

  • noodle

    take care of every part of your body! 

  • Live_in_LDN

     My vagina aint handicapped

    • noodle


  • VampireBill

    A vagina is supposed to smell like a vagina, but only like a human’s vagina. Nobody wants the smell of one on an octopus or wildebeest. When wild cats start following you around the neighborhood then you know you have some problems. Then, keep the hair tight because I don’t want to feel like I am reaching into a bag of popcorn. That is just me, you and yours can make your own rules.

    •  As a sexologist.. yep I am one. Natural washing everyday should keep wild odors away. However, douching actually is damaging to a woman’s ph balance and can bring a host of infections and irritations. Keeping the pubic hair trimmed or not is a preference not a necessity, if the hair wasn’t meant to be there it wouldn’t be.

      • noodle

         i was just thinking that, my GYN told me not to ever douche, bc im very sensitive

      • Mls2698

        What’s a ” wild ” odor, kind of like a muskrat? Can I plait my hair instead of trimming?

        •  You can do whatever it is you want creatively with your personal hair. Keeping it washed is the most essential thing. I like the idea of women choosing creative ways to handle the hair. I know clients that shave it in very interesting ways and a couple that have it shaved with tattoos! They seem to think it’s powerful conversation starters! lol

      • Zan

         Thank you thank you thank you for bringing up the douching issue…that stuff is SO bad for the vagina!

    • Caroneisha

      “When wild cats start following you around the neighborhood…” LMFAO!!!! You are so crazy!!

    • Sweethoney

       If a vagina has a odd or strong odor it’s more than likely and infection. Go to Gyn. Some infection reoccur in some women. PH is a big factor strong soap, sexual intercourse and or your period can bring on an infection. Natural remedies are good also work for some women.

      • gabrielle

        My doctor’s have said that using simple home products like plain yogurt can cure some of the off balance your “V” might have. So putting it up in there can help with bacteria.

        • SookieStackhouse

          I pretty sure women don’t have a “V”. It’s called a VAGINA. VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA

    • Wild cats? LMFO!! OH wow… that was a good ‘ern.

  • Guest

    HOLD UPP!!! i’m a virgin and i don’t touch myself.. i did try to have sex once but it wudn’t enter.. (i’m happy it didn’t for now) but does it mean my vagina will shrink if i don’t do something? LMAO im getting scared here…. lol

    • San

      I hate blogs because they can have u so confused…stay pure as long as u can. This perverted society will have u messed up. I’m 33 and on partner 2 and i’m not ashamed. Is it worth opening ur legs all the time….hell no…..

      • Guest

         yea dats wat im trying to do.. i just hope it doesn’t shrink.. and all  LMAO

        • Coco Black

          It definately won’t. If you had a few troubles before..prob means you werent aroused!! So he clearly wasn’t worth it or the one 🙂
          I was around 24 when I lost my virginity….so you keep doing your thang, there’s absolutely no rush. None whatsoever!!

          • Guest

            lol thx ill hang in there!!:)

          • Mls2698

            Gonna say this just for laughs, so don’t anybody get upset: There is no “one” who is capable of popping cherries. The “one” is who you marry.

            • Alcupid

              Lol so right n if you cherry gets popped dude was too rough n didn’t take his time! Ladies your the Captain, the DRIVING instructor! N ain’t no such thing as beatin it up unless he tryin to get lumped up there should be discomfort but not PAIN he going to treat ur body how u allow!!! And use it or it will dry out n cling together lmao is fact! I took some time off two years actually n I dried up like a raisin everything started sticking together doc said. She laughed @ me she said ur not using it r u? I said no I had to use vagasill moisterizer! Then I was fine. I share my story to help another! Ladies if u abuse her u will end up with a hysterectomy!!!! Make da men in ur life treat her with respect!!! Most don’t know but u r a WOMB-MAN

              • buckeye

                wow, that’s a hoot the alcupid… i can’t decide if that’s how yooz taukz, or whutall… but it was entertaining… i think i had to re-read each sentence to follow along…

        • Jadonnie-ava-marie

          Good for you girl keep your virginity for as long as you can my older sister is 27 and she is still a virgin.

          • Joshua White

            hm… Poor thing!
            Remember:- Mary was only just pubescent (11 or 12 yo) when god did her. ….and Eve was only about five MINUTES old when god told her to get on with populating the earth.

            There’s a scriptural lesson in there somewhere!

      • Nene

        Thanks you. This world is so wicked. That’s why God is mad and will be bringing this evil world to a end soon.

        • naoma

          What a load of baloney. Don’t hold your breath for that “evil world to end soon.”

    • Mls2698

      My anatomy & physiology professor said that some women’s hymen is so tough that surgical intervention is needed (not trying to scare you). The first time can be tricky, anyway. But for now, continue to stay a virgin for as long as you can (marriage?). Nothing wrong with touching yourself, you should know your body before anyone else does; well, all that a solo act can teach.

      • Guest

        gosh u are scaring me tho lol i don’t touch myself because its awkward actually and my ex tried to do it and it hurt like a b***h.. so i don’t even think about going there again lol

        • akha1784

          The key is moisture.  Use your saliva  or his saliva to start off and be gentle.  I would suggest starting off on your own, so that you can know the pace and the amount of pressure that is good for you and then you can give him instruction.

    • Anna

      Girl, I was thinking the same thing!  I’m in the same boat as you and got nervous wondering if my vagina is disappearing as I type this!  LOL

    • Cuetojess

      YOu should please urself before someone else can cause then you won’t know what you are suppose to feel. The when you do finally have sex you will be just going in the motions to no where at least for urself.

    • Ffts_19

      Please re-read the post, it says post menopausal women.  

      • Anna

        It says “TYPICALLY…post-menopausal women.”  Meaning normally, but not written in stone. Though I’m sure that is generally the case.

    • Chanda

      But you’re not post-menopausal are you? I think they’re only refering to much older women because they dry up after menopause.

    • Yes. It’s called vaginal atrophy. Some use vaginal dilators to stay normal.

    • Karma

      Vaginal atrophy is REAL! An older friend of mine (56) was told by her GYN that her vaginal walls have collapsed and begin having sex or to try stretching exercises. It was even difficult to perform a pap on her. My friend is post menopausal, too. Her doctor told her that she needs to *use it or lose it*. She uses a long toy to try to stretch it. Don’t worry…this usually happens to older woman.

      In the meantime, learn your body. If you feel uncomfortable, have a glass of wine (or two) and listen to some nice(not trashy) music to put you in the mood. Touch and look at yourself! It’s your body and you need to be aware of what you like sexually before you do decide to have sex.

    • Chicpic

      yes, it will continually shrink until its closed all the way.
      You will know it’s shrinking by the sound it makes- a sucking noise; like water going into an unclogged drain…..

    • nichole

      ridiculous of course not, stay pure until the right husband comes along,,,

  • Lalatarea

    #1 STOP calling it a va jay jay, you are NOT a child and it is not a toy! i hate when grown ask women use such childish words like va jay jay to describe their body parts!

    • Lol! Lala that IS getting annoying!

    • THANK YOU. I can’t stand the word either.

      • guest

        your so right my older sister who isin her 30’s and normally quite grown up and mature about things still to this day calls it a fufu. it drives me insane

        • quickquads

          a fifi is what men make in prison to satisfy their urges……..have no clue what a fufu is…………

            where u hear that? Lock Up on MSNBC?

            • Aziza


          • T_nyemba

             fufu is a starch, made from a number of different grains depending on what part of Africa you come from.

            • Kedara

              I was thinking the same thing..isn’t fufu an African grain to make a cream of wheat type dish? LOL

          • Thenji Maynard

            Fufu is a delicious carb meal of Nigerian origin. It’s made out of corn or cassava. I don’t know how the word relates to a female body part.

            • Prince

              ? its not Nigerian. The word Fufu is Ewe, and cassava can be found all over West/Central Africa. smdh.

              • NO_Name

                I can’t agree more. Fufu is EWE, pure west coast. You can use cassava, yam or plantain (banana plantain). Nigerians have it too but it’s definitely not Nigerian). Fufu isn’t vagina. it’s more about banging than the va jay jay itself LOL.

            • Scott H

              Whatever the relation is, it’s the corniest thing I have ever heard! While we are at it, who the hell coined the term “cookies?”

              • Chris F

                @Scott H It was limp bizkit

                • Lacey English

                  @Chris F I thought that was “Nookie”? LOL

              • De McBride Curtis

                According to Kelis it’s a Milkshake LOL

    • RoyalQueen

      Tell’em why you mad son(Ed Lover voice)……

    • quick quads

      i call her cupcake…………

      • Drew Smith

        I don’t often call bullsh*t, but when I do, it’s because I smell it.

      • Drew Smith

        I don’t often call bullsh*t, but when I do, it’s because I smell it.

    • Makemsaydee

      Take a chill pill jack

    • You said

      “i hate when grown ask women use such childish words like va jay jay”

      How do you feel about adults and the use of proper English?

      • I CAN’T

        I think she used “ask” in place of the profane word for donkey because it might be blocked by the moderator.  Just a thought.  

      • Brad Skidmore you are the most thoughtless poster on this site. How do you feel about adults and the proper use of a BRAIN????

    • Kierah

      I call it “my pretty.”

      •  LOL,  I have my daughter (4yrs old) call her’s “butterfly”. When she gets
        older, she can call it what she wants. Right now, it’s better to hear
        “momma, I need some new panties, these ones are hurting my

        • That is cute I grew up just saying vagina str8 to the point we didnt have cute lil names for it…….. But now when I refer to it I call her Mrs. Kitty cuz I have 2 sons 9 and 6 

          •  It’s just something about children saying “vagina”  or “penis” that is weird to me. I think it’s okay to substitute when we are young. Children can learn the technical names just before puberty, and then let THEM decide what they want to call it after that. My boys are 9 & 17 and they say “Beans & Franks” or “nuggets” (they picked those).  But, to me, it’s better to hear “Oww, you got me, my beans & franks!” or “she kicked me in my nuggets!” than the alternative, especially in public.

          • naoma

            To Stevenson: I cannot imagine these hokey words for body parts. But, that is just me — see my post below. Our daughter went to a doctor and she was around 3 at the time also and he asked if she could “wee wee.” She asked him this: “Do you not know the word
            ‘urinate’?” Ah, yes.

            • pepjrp

              Oh come on… 3 years old?

          • fibble

            No matter what you want to call it, a more important question is why are you discussing that body part in front of children??

        • WALTERWEBB

          freelance writer (walter webb) and curvy magazine

        • Spiritwoman

          My step daughter also referred to hers a a butterfly. I have also heard tulip. (haha- 2 lip)

          • pepjrp

            I guess these are all girl or female terms… guys never say those. Ha.

        • Charzae

          My daughter and I call them our lady bits. And boys have boy bits. I have told her the correct terms for all the parts that make up her lady bits and she immediately told me she didn’t want a vagina. Ewww… get it out of me mommy. Was pretty funny. The word I like the least is vulva, sounds too much like vulgar, not a good name for an area of anatomy in my opinion. So I skipped that one and did the rest. She had some very interesting questions that is for sure. She was almost 4 at the time.

          • Joshua White

            ??er ….Isn’t a vulva where you stick the pointy thing to pump a football?

      • Deej

        I was raised calling “it” my “private”, meaning no one has any business down there but me, my Mom, or my doctor when I was a kid.

        • Chrissy Marie LaRochelle

          agreed, same here

    • It’s ok once in a while, I think it’s cute. Don’t get your panties all in a twist, girl.

    • kimaras31

      You need to stop, this post is old but I just saw it. I busted out laughing lmao because I agree with you 100% I bed its my pu$$y and on the streets its my vagina. Never my via jay jay, cu-co, Nana, or my juice box.

    • mo

      me too!! va jay jay is just ridiculous.

    • Steve Skinner

      The term “va jay jay” comes from Dr. Vijay Jalgaonkar, a famous gynecologist. His colleagues and the hospital staff just called him “Dr. J.” for short because some of them had a problem to remember his surname, but he supposedly didn’t mind this a bit. After a time, some people at the hospital where he worked started calling him “Dr. Vijay J.”, which – after the “Dr.” title was dropped – came to signify that part of the female anatomy which was the focus of his medical practice.

    • HarryArmstrong

      Who in the world thinks of these words? Somewhere in the USA someone’s greatest accomplishment in life will be they invented the word va jay jay. I think people need a life?

    • pepjrp

      It just plays into racial stereo-types. Funny where ignorance will appear… even in a oh so modern magazine.

  • (DADDY DON’T READ THIS TWEET) A fulfilling sex life without orgasm? The devil is a lie!  You may not be able to reach orgasm through penetration but there are several other ways for your partner to take you there and he better! 

    • akha1784

      What was stated was a fulfilling sex life without ever having an orgasm from intercourse, which is penis-vagina penetration.  But orgasms can be achieved from oral, anal, fingers, and I’m sure a plethora of other ways.  Knowing what works for you is the key because you’re ultimately responsible for your sexual satisfaction.

    • sweet & shower

      Damn skippy! I am living proof that good communication and getting her comfortable are the steps to cloud 9!

    • Scott H

      Stimulating the n**ple or***y is the solution since it stimulates the same area in the brain that is stimulated when intercourse happens, which is the pleasure center!

      • Chicpic

        and men can get pleasure from having their n*pples orally stimulated as well but theirs are not as sensitive as women’s

        • Scott H

          I’m pretty sure they’re not, my girl squirms around when I stimulate her and I barely feel a sensation down there. *shrug* Hell, I can stimulate her sensually with just my fingers! Again, me not at all… Hers are more fun to play with anyway!

          • nichole

            does anyone here ever think about …..God and sin ..??? sad it will be just a matter of time and……

            • Scott H

              I’ve thought about God a lot over my life, and where was he when I was being beaten near to death by my own religious family? Where was “God and sin” when they lied about it each time and I got in trouble with the police when it was my blood was all over the ground, I had bruises all over my body including ligature marks from being strangled? When no one did anything when my mom shoved me at age 14 causing a HUGE scrape on my back? When my dad almost cracked my skull? Where was your God when my mom did crack my skull and put me in a COMA?! Where was your God when I asked them for forgiveness and they yelled at me and beat me up some more including throwing a heavy object at my head 3 months after I got out of a coma?! When did anyone thinking about “God and sin” when they stole $20,500 from me to get out of debt when I asked for help to get out of the medical debt she caused? Doesn’t your God talk about not stealing from the sick, blind, and hungry? I can barely walk, my spine is messed up, and my right arm is useless, but my family steals my Rx painkillers! The injury from the coma made it so I can’t smell at all, and if certain chemicals are inhaled they cause a seizure in me but my family keeps spraying the same cleaners and using solvents around me… My family rarely stocks the house with food and never takes me anywhere to get some food, but when I manage to buy my own they always steal it and eat it!

              Does anyone every think about not shoving their personal opinions down the throats of everyone else as a passive insult? How about you finish your sentences and forget about the ellipses that you uses incorrectly!

              Do everyone a favor, and don’t insult others just because you don’t
              agree with them! I am sick of anyone and everyone especially how anyone religious is a weekend-warrior and is basically like someone who
              goes to the gym to learn how to exercise and then never does it! So please SHUT UP!!! OKAY!?

              • KayC

                Hi Scott,
                I sympathize with you whole heartedly but you shouldn’t let others get under your skin. Clearly that person is not in any way a “Christian”, “a soldier for Christ”, or any phrase that fits because as we all know…God will be the judge and therefor we are not to cast our own opinion towards one another (a horrible habit of so many in this world). I do hope that you have found someone to talk to or help you out/through that situation.
                Please, don’t allow others to influence your reactions and look forward to the future, and don’t dwell on the past. You can’t look forward if you are always looking back. I myself have been through a lot though I am not saying that my history was worse or that I know how you feel but I do hope you won’t take this the wrong way.

                On a light note…I am sure Adam and Eve and all of the great men and women had to procreate in order to have children, I do not believe that it says anywhere that you are not allowed to enjoy it with an significant other. Be blessed!

                • naoma

                  I left all church at the age of 9 and never looked back. Read a poem that was not at all religious and teacher at “Sunday School” praised me for it. (Thought he was ‘not too smart’). Then at Sunday Church service a handicapped man who heard the preacher pray for the roof to fall on the heads of sinners within yelled “Preacher you are full of
                  S**T.” I thought he had a really true understanding and walked out when he did. Never went back. EVER.

                  • Duck Dodgers

                    You should educate yourself then. Read the book “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist” and find out just how much more faith you have to have to believe there is no God than there does to believe there is one. You can pretend there isn’t one, and who knows, if you are right, then no harm no foul. But, if you are wrong, well, I guess you can make excuses, but millions will be in your shoes telling the same sad excuses that won’t wash on Judgement day. You had plenty of time and plenty of people who tried to warn you to take a closer look than you are taking, and to look at our world, our Universe, and all life that exists just on our Earth, and to say all that happened by accident and by happenstance, sorry, you have to have a very small mind to say such things.
                    I will give one instance as an example. Scientists cannot figure out why the human body ages. There is no reason for it. Our cells, every single solitary cell, regenerates every so many days or so. Those dead cells come off in the shower (skin cells) and ear wax and other excrement’s that get rid of waste and old cells. Our bodies should never age, yet they do. You could take 100,000 super computers and they couldn’t do the things our human brain does without us even thinking about it (Breathing, beating heart, controlling the liver and kidneys, stomach digestion, etc..) but then me just using my fingers to type this message, those computers couldn’t be wired to a human and perform those acts all simultaneously, without fault or errors, and they say we only use 10% or so of our brains full capacity. I wonder why that is. So be an atheist and run from “Church” but not all church’s are bad, hate to tell ya. Just takes some looking to find the right one. But just denying God exists because you had a bad church experience is pretty sad.

                    • Tom

                      Yeah, you’re, uh, wrong. We know exactly why cells age. And believing in something for which there is zero proof is the definition of stupidity. Religion poisons human existence, and those that claim to have personal knowledge of a higher existence are either delusional, lying, or selling something. Typically, it’s a combination of the three. And it’s fine to believe whatever fairy tales you wish, but keep them to yourself. No none wants to hear people claim to know that which they cannot possibly know, and use that imagined knowledge to pass judgement on others. Religious belief isn’t necessary for a moral compass, and anyone claiming that is a simpleton.

                    • Cindy Finch Mass

                      Granted , you can believe as you wish , but stop telling those who are not atheists to shut up ! You can express why you don’t want anything to do with religion, yet don’t extend the same to other people with different opinions ? You cannot prove that God does not exist .Both sides can voice their views.

                    • Julio Duque

                      Freedom of speech is alright but If you are badmouthing loving Christians, that is the same as persecuting the Lord. True Christians just want to love God, love their families, love people and pray for the unbelievers to be comforted by the Hope of eternal life which God offers. Do you have a problem with that?

                    • Joshua White

                      OH CHRIST!!

                    • Celia Louise Bean

                      Thankyou! Amen

                    • Joshua White

                      PETER KOCAN

                      It was our professional renown
                      That we could tell the Markings of the Beast,
                      That we could half-depopulate a town
                      And still assert that witchery increased!

                      Unfair to see us as demented fools –
                      The canting loonies of a darker day.
                      We worked within a sober set of rules,
                      And had our codes of conscience to obey.

                      Burning for the truth, we only built
                      A case on what we truly heard and saw;
                      And if it always pointed to the ‘GUILT’,
                      Well, it wasn’t innocence we hunted for.

                      And people were supportive, by and large.
                      They understood the set-up rather well;
                      – That criticism would attract a charge
                      Of being in complicity with Hell.

                      Our overriding passion was concern.
                      It overrode us everywhere we went.
                      It drove us on relentlessly to learn
                      What pimples on a witch’s elbow meant.

                      You’d hardly credit all the pains we took
                      With pincer, rack, hot-iron and ducking-stool.
                      In all good faith, how could we overlook
                      The use of any diagnostic tool?

                      So scrupulous were we in these affairs –
                      So jealous of a blemish on our names –
                      Nobody ever lacked our tender cares,
                      Nor ever went unjustly to the flames.

                      And though in recent centuries we’d feared
                      That our profession might be dead and gone,
                      Some gratifying symptoms have appeared
                      To show the work is being carried on!

                    • Joshua White

                      Anything, if it’s restricted/subject to punishment/open to bribe, etc. isn’t “free”. (also applies to the ‘free-will’ lie.

                      And yes, I do have a “problem with that”.
                      YOU have no right to even attempt to interfere with my life ~ just a s you claim an atheist (or moslem or catholic or whatever) has no right to interfere in your’s.
                      ….and in any case, what if I DON’T WANT to be ” comforted by the Hope of eternal life which God offers”
                      (or doesn’t; only 1000 gross jews will be the recipients of ‘eternal life’ according to Revelation!)

                      GBShaw ~ among others ~ made the point:- “Do NOT do unto others as you would have them do unto you; their tastes may not be the same.”

                      Or as someone else was heard to say: ‘A man would rather go to hell in his own way than be pushed into heaven.’

                      Personally, I can think of nothing more boringly frustrating and pointless than being sentenced to ‘Eternity in heaven”.

                    • thisblackduck

                      I bet that the victims of the holcaust prayed with more fervour that you could muster in a lifetime. Please don’t pray fo people who value reason over superstition.

                    • liberal and proud of it!

                      What has Obama got to do with this conversation? Or being Liberal for that matter? This is why I understand why non believers get angry at some Christians. Anytime people don’t agree with you they are automatically labeled atheist or worse. . Can you not have a conversation without resorting to name calling?

                    • Joshua White

                      Stupid woman; stupid argument. Would you make the ‘free speech’/right-to-advocacy argument on behalf of a gang of child-rapists? Murderous Jihadists or Jewish mass-murderers?
                      That entire (but common) line of self-righteous/self-justification is absolute bullshit.
                      …….but what it DOES prove is that godbotherers don’t think. Which lack of the need to think is probably why they’re attracted to religion in the first place.

                    • Hermit

                      So, in complaining an argument you arbitrarily declare is “stupid”, you make the stupid comment that “godbotherers don’t think”. You know that’s bullshit, right? One of my friends, a good Christian man, is a University Professor. Others have degrees in psychology, anthropology, medicine, biology, and the list goes on. Many are practiciing scientists. Some are great philosophers. Your argument is not even worth the bother of countering it; it is clearly wrong.

                    • Joshua White

                      All your comment demonstrates is that you’re also a non-thinker, Hermit.
                      Titles and rankings bestowed by the contemporary academia proves nothing other than that those so graded have absorbed and regurgitated the contemporary dogma. ‘Thinking’ is NOT required…and is, in fact, most often ostracised. It was that very crowd that had the Jesus-character crucified because they couldn’t tolerate a new thought. (though even simple uneducated fishermen had no problem with it!)

                      As a (presumably) christian you should always keep in mind that it was the incumbent ‘educationally-qualified experts’ of their day that insisted on the existence of talking snakes (STILL DO, according to you!), a flat earth being at the centre of the unverse, that mental and/or physical illness was demon-possession and that prayers could cause some god peculiar to specific groups of homosaps to interfere with and over-ride the laws of nature. THINK! If provable realities could be altered on a whim it would render the scientific qualifications of those you cite meaningless.

                      And as for your cited ‘philosophers’: they bring to mind some long-standing sayings ~ such as ‘Those who can, do; those who can’t teach’.
                      ….and more specifically:- “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
                      Philosophy has to date not even explained in any universally-acceptable way what ‘life’ IS. Until they do that nothing else they waffle on about has ANY value.

                      One could argue endlessly about various fantasy-details and claims of equally-endless religions. But the basis for virtually EVERY religion, and particularly that burbled by your cited (judeao-christian) ‘experts’, relies upon the assertion that the world and the universe was ‘created’ in an instant, from nothing, for no stated purpose…..and only some 6000 years ago. Immediately after which man was constructed from INorganic dirt in less than a day. And that a rib from that man ~ carrying ONLY a Y-chromosme which he got from…, ‘god-only-knows’ (sic) ~ a woman was built, essentially defined ONLY by being an X-chromsome carrier….which she could NOT have gotten from the judeao-christian god ~ a male according to all the (biblical) reports.

                      If you can find any ‘scientist’ that will assert that cornerstone Genesis as reality I’ll go ‘he’….and the ‘scientist’ will be a blatant liar about either his science or his religion.

                      …and looking further ahead perhaps some egghead could explain ~ keeping in mind that it’s NOT possible to be a human male without it ~ where ‘Jesus’ got his Y-chrom. from? Obviously not from his ghost-god ‘father’, hey?

                    • Doutfuloutcome

                      Who’s name calling now!

                    • Don

                      YIPPY !!! Amen ! … As a kid ‘Baptist’ with my parents, I got satisfaction from going to church with them. Only because I needed the rest for a hour ! LOL As a ‘realist’ at even that age, I couldn’t believe all of that hocus pocus and impractacality. Want to know what is wrong with humanity? RELIGION RELIGION RELIGION !! Since those early days I have leaned to APPRECIATE ! At 86 1/2 I feel lucky that I have lived a really full and active life – long enough to dispise the killing in this world in the name of – you guessed it, some kind of stupid RELIGION !!!!!!!!

                    • Joshua White

                      Your right to believe anything ends at the point you start inflicting it on others; and godbotherers in blatant ways and subtle can’t help doing that ~ in both their personal lives and in the public forum. (eg.~ one of many ~ Tax-exemptions that others have to pay for.)

                      Moreover, SURE I CAN! –> “You cannot prove that God does not exist .”
                      Too easy!…in a multitude of ways.
                      eg.. Can your god, with no material matter, create a hu-u-g-g-e boulder??
                      If not he’s NOT the described god.
                      If he can, the next question is:- Can your god create a boulder so massive that he can’t lift it?
                      If not, why not?

                      Your silly claim is a lose/lose position.

                      Further……YOU can’t prove fairies don’t exist, can you?
                      If you can, then show us the proof which founds your assertion.
                      If you can’t prove they exist then ~ according to your stupid argument ~ it means they MUST exist.
                      …..So then perhaps you’ll show us the evidence to THAT effect.
                      No?? 😉

                    • I was with you til’ the end of your statement … “Loudmouth atheist AND libtard Obama supporter”… what God do you worship… what faith do you belong to that allows such judgment… what does the President have to do with the conversation… your judgment is no better than his disbelief. SMH

                    • Hermit

                      Yeah, you’re, uh, wrong. The evidence of a Creator Designer is everywhere you look, and you don’t see it because you have decided not to retain the knowledge of God. Your choice. But we will be faithful to God, who tells us to warn people everywhere of the coming judgement.

                    • Tom

                      Evidence of a creator designer? Funny.

                    • Joshua White

                      waffle-waffle. How could anyone say the chaotically-random shambles “everywhere we look” is evidence of a creator-designer : unless it’s a creator who obviously needs a guide-dog.

                      Aside from which you (along with godbotherers generally) don’t address the issues raised.

                      Incidentally, did you not follow the Dover ID trial, during which even it’s originators admitted there was no basis upon which to base the ID argument? (But perhaps you’ve noticed the sudden silence which has descended upon the subjct and its former advocates.?)

                    • cleve

                      Cares to share exactly why cells aged?,also i am sure if you are on the ocean in a boat alone and your boat start taking in water; with no life jacket on board, your life flashes before you with the possibility of drowning. who would you call on, the devil, or god?.

                    • thisblackduck

                      the navy

                    • Joshua White

                      It’s commonly accepted ~ even by the god-brigades ~ that Satan is a LOT more reliable ~ and less churlish and malicious ~ than any god you’d care to name.
                      Remind me WHO was it that drowned virtually every living thing on earth with a Great Flood?
                      …….sans aforementioned “life jacket”.

                      Probably all those poor bastards (and animals and trees, etc.) called to their god to save them. Given the result I suggest they couldn’t have done any worse by appealing to Old Nick.

                    • Theresa Parsons

                      So, I guess we just exist because simple organisms just exist. There is no higher power because we just fit in this world because we are just here. …………………How in the he…. do you expect we are here? There has to be a God……………… There is no way that we could plan an ecosystem like this…………It is too perfect….We all fit into place.

                    • Joshua White

                      Typically, Theresa, you’ve got it arse-about.
                      We are NOT “just here”; we’re here because of Darwinian ‘Natural Selection’.
                      …….meaning we evolved to fit into the ecosystem currently existing and adapting to the changes in the environment.
                      Or not. And if we didn’t (and don’t continue to do so) that branch of the ‘Tree-of-Life’ would wither and die. Extinction.
                      And far from being “too perfect” the changeability of environments is a constant battle the existing species have to fight every day: from one breath to the next.

                      But don’t misunderstand; that’s not a burden. I think it’s the sort of exhilarating circumstance that makes ‘life’ worthwhile.

                      Why don’t you try giving the ‘god of the gaps’ a miss and look at the realities. Once you get into them you’ll be more excited and fascinated (and more capable of ‘love’) than any DIY god could make you.

                    • Mummy

                      Telomeres maybe?

                    • Harley M. Gentry

                      Actually, scientists know exactly why we age and they have known for decades. They’ve actually been spending the last few years trying to figure out ways to reverse the process.

                    • Joshua White

                      Bloody (dogmatic) nonsense!
                      ‘Atheism’ doesn’t require a ‘belief’ that god doesn’t exist. It requires no more than a LACK of belief that he’she’it DOES.
                      Atheism is the default state of the whole of ‘creation’; NO OTHER living thing invents gods to justify its thuggery and bastardry or to lay off it’s weaknesses, fears and incompetencies.
                      Homosaps is the ONLY species out of step with natural reality ~ and not even all of its members are.
                      NO newborn child pops out of its mother’s belly singing praises to god and arguing about who’s up who for the biblical rent! (tithe).

                    • Doutfuloutcome

                      We will still pray for you!

                    • Doutfuloutcome

                      God loved us when we were yet sinner’s. God still loves you Joshua and no matter what the world has done to you God only wants the best for you. A future in love and prosperity.

                    • Joshua White

                      A god with a track-record for treachery, mass-murder, misery and mayhem is not a god I’d want anything to do with, even if such a beastie did exist. This is the same ‘god’ who actually boasts about creating Evil!
                      ……and is more malicious than a little boy ripping the wings off flies and than laughing at their distress.
                      It is said that if the other animals had a Satan he’d look very much like us ~ the ‘image of god’.
                      And BTW, I have no shortage of ‘love’ not prosperity.
                      But thanks for the offer.

                  • Julio Duque

                    A crooked preacher is a poor excuse to leave God. Stay with God until Jesus does you wrong! Stay with God until He quits loving you!

                  • renee

                    Just know not all churches are like that. you will find some really bad ones and really great ones. plus, should you choose, you don’t have to go to church at all to be a believer. you can read the bible and spiritual books on your own….

                  • Marilyn Willett

                    i am quite sure God doesnt need you
                    but you need Him

                • Scott H

                  I have, it’s called XBOX, Nintendo, and music! My girlfriend has mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and other mental health things that I have dealt with and have (had) myself, so I am helping her through that chaos because unlike her ex I know what is going on. The sad thing is it presents itself predominately with a significant other… So she thinks it’s entirely me… Estrogen based psychosis is strange…!

                  • dedanan

                    I think I am in the same boat, (I think is it him: he says “X” that I do bugs him and I say “that’s just what you did to me yesterday!!! {orwhateverday}!”, I was going to say the same thing, basically), however, I also believe it is the sample of reality that my parental units gave me, they were constantly fighting, I hate this part of me and yet I cannot escape… , so I hate myself and try to be, most of all -if I can remember, … KIND to other, as would like them to be to me

                • lss

                  God will judge your family. Believe it or not there are good Christians. Not perfect. Your family is not an example and they will be judged. Please if you are not out already, get out NOW. No one can hurt you if you don’t allow. Not saying your life will be perfect and things will happen but get out of the situation and never look back. You don’t need forgiveness from them nor do you need to at this point forgive them. Get some counseling, it doesn’t have to be Bible based but get some good books and read them and get out. I think it is perfectly okay to not have contact with them again.

                  • Julio Duque

                    Some people are raised in an abusive family and become Christians because of it. Others are raised in a loving home and become atheists because of their choices. It is your responsibility to seek God before it is too late. He already gave His Son and that is all the grace we are going to get. We get Forgiveness of sin through Him and the hope of eternal life. Anyone has a problem with that?

                    • Joshua White

                      With a god like that:- “He already gave His Son” who needs Satan?

                      Thank god I’m an atheist!

                    • hellie

                      did you mean thank God??? that you’re an atheist?

                    • Joshua White

                      I write what I mean.
                      Thinking outside the box has been a habit ever since I heard the question:- If god is omnipotent, can he create a giant rock…so big that he’s not able to move it?

                      Personally I can find no sign of god anywhere in the universe. But if one were to actually exist logic dictates he’d have to be on a scale no human mind could could imagine, let alone comprehend.
                      The fact that humans can create gods in droves, to suit any time, place or circumstance ~ all with the ‘Ultimate’ label, absolute and undeniable ~
                      clearly indicates that ‘The One True God’ cannot exist.

                      As Lazarus Long put it:- “If ‘everybody knows’ such-and-such, then it ain’t so, by at least ten thousand to one.”
                      He also reckoned:- “Any priest or shaman must be presumed guilty until proved

                      ….and finally (for now) do keep in mind that:-

                      ” Delusions are often functional. A mother’s opinions about
                      her children’s beauty, intelligence, goodness, et cetera ad
                      nauseam, keep her from drowning them at birth.”

                    • Hermit

                      Really, you think the omnipotent argument is a good question? Sorry, its just silly and frivolous. No wonder you make such foolish arguments. What a shame you were so easily diverted from the truth.

                    • Joshua White

                      The ‘omnipotent argument’ is sound because gods ~ by definition ~ must be omnipotent. It’s the very job description for the position.

                    • Manjah

                      we don’t understand this. Explain it,

                    • Nelson Bridgford

                      So did the Egyptians whos first born children god killed out of jealousy.

                    • Nelson Bridgford

                      One son is really bugger all comparatively.

                    • Joshua White

                      hm. Sorry. Any bastard that would have his own kid crucified (even though the kid didn’t WANT to be crucified) is not the sort of creature I’d want to associate with. Abraham had the same kink!

                      Only Satan appears to have lacked that murderous, child-abusive compulsion!

                • Joshua White

                  Rather too late for that silly sentiment Kay –> “I sympathize with you whole heartedly but you shouldn’t let others get under your skin.”
                  One might suggest that some local jihadist be given their name and address and religious proclivities.
                  God helps those who help themselves!

                • Hermit

                  In fact, there are verses in the bible where we are told that we should judge (I Cor. 5:12, I Cor. 6:2,3 etc.). But in many issues, God has already judged, His judgement is there for all to read in the Bible, and what Christians are doing is not judging, but warning others of what God’s judgement is.

                  • Tom

                    Yeah, keep your warnings of an imaginary god to yourself.

                  • Joshua White

                    I also have trouble envisioning a judgmentl god ~ on TWO counts.
                    Firstly:- loving -ness and judgmental -ness are mutually-exclusive concepts. (“Remember:- ‘Love is never having to say you’re sorry’?)

                    Secondly ~ ignoring the ‘Free Will’ argument, for which there is NO biblical basis at all ~ theology tells us that godhood is ‘outside of time’, and that therefore his ‘omnipotence’ means he knew ~ in advance of the very ‘Creation’ ~ about everything that ever was, is or will be ~ in all of endless Time.
                    That includes the falling down of sparrows and the hairs on your head ~ and EVERY SINGLE thing that we call ‘transgression/sinful’ that did,is, or will occur.

                    Given that insight (and remember: BEFORE the Creation) precludes any grounds for judgmentalism whatsoever.
                    ie. God cannot judge people for what he himself engineered and permitted.

                    Eve was railroaded.

                  • Joshua White

                    That argument makes a nonsense of ‘Free Will’ doesn’t it?

              • Notnene

                my advise to you is to get away from the people who have hurt you and continually hurt you before the unthinkable happens. Please tell someone including the doctors caring for you or the police. God gives us free will and they’ve unfortunately used theirs to hurt you but I trust that God will perfect everything that concerns you in due time.

                • Scott H

                  I still believe in only what I can see, because believe in a deity is the problem that caused my so much pain. I have two good legs (kind of) so I am going to use them to get up and walk!

                  • Hermit

                    Aaahh – so you don’t believe in electricity, or love, or that people have personality, a soul or spirit? You think you’re just a biological machine that came into existance from nothing, and that your self-consciousness is just an illusion caused by random little electrical charges and chemical interactions in your brain, and therefore that you the person inside the body doesn’t actually exist? Good luck with that.

                    • Joshua White

                      What, exactly, do you (and others) mean by:- “believe IN”??

                • Joshua White

                  Where does THIS nonsense come from?
                  Chapter and verse please.

                • Joshua White

                  Sort of like the bloke bashing his head against a wall because it felt good when he stopped, d’you mean?

                  The problem with god (any god) is that he has to make you suffer in order to prove how keen he is to help you ~ on his terms and at a price unilaterally decided by him.

                  We are, after all, talking about a god who made his own son suffer horribly and get crucified in order to prove how ‘loving’ he is.
                  With friends like that, who needs enemies?

                  But anyway, god won’t talk to me because I ask embarrassing questions.
                  My problem is that Satan won’t talk to me either. If anyone knows how to contact him please let me know: I have an offer for him too good to refuse.

                  • Hermit

                    He’s already well in touch with you. And you’re listening to his script.

                    • Joshua White

                      No he’s not. …And you can rest assured I’d be as critical of his script as I am of ‘god’s’ in ANY instance where the assertions couldn’t be demonstrated.
                      A main difference between god and his deliberate, special creation (Satan) is that the latter doesn’t ask you to ‘have faith’ in him. He’s willing to SHOW you what’s on offer.
                      ….and by all accounts lives up to his promises, unlike god.

              • Chicpic

                Well they (your family) tried to destroy you but you’re here-alive. Maybe that’s where God comes into play….JS

                • Scott H

                  If God came into that situation, he did it through me, man, science, technology, and the theory of relativity! Look at the Bible, it says that god gave man knowledge (more or less) and the earth to use it. Man has to do what God told us to do, and regardless of religious beliefs the Bible has some damn good rules to abide by. Now if only mankind would stop hating on the bible, Christianity, religion, and just be good people. I mean I am atheist/agnostic (I forgot the definitions and I am too sleepy to look them up right now) and I like Christianity for the most part (okay I am too lazy to look them up!)

                  • oldskool one

                    But the Bible was written by man, it wasn’t sent FedEx from the magic guy in the sky. People write books all the time but it doesn’t mean they are true.

                    • Julio Duque

                      No necessarily. The Bible is composed of many written accounts by many writers, of different places and backgrounds. It is a historical document which contains the words of God. The writers are not speaking out of their own imagination but were “inspired” by God’s Spirit about what God wanted them to say! They wrote the words of God as He related to man since the beginning of time, until the last age, beginning in the First century.

              • m.scott

                My heart goes out to you, and I am amazed at your strength after what you have endured. I wish I could remove the pain, suffering and memories. I too was abused – and still am even having MS. I don’t know you or where you live; I hope my thoughts of love and safety reach you somehow. You are loved by me. You are an incredible person. Also I wish with all my heart that you will align yourself with nice caring people and get far away from those that are abusing you. I love you so much.

              • Zone11

                Be careful; your family’s god will take away your internet if you get too uppity.

                • Scott H

                  How immature are you? I am 28 years old you early teenage drama queen… Go trolling somewhere else you idiot.

                  • hellie

                    you’re mature?? calling people names is not mature.

                  • Joshua White

                    Zone 11’s comment sounds like a perfectly reasonable warning to me. It’s a common religious practice. They call it ‘removing temptation’. Another practice is locking small children into dark closets so no-body can hear them shrieking in pain.
                    …or poisoning them (remember Jonestown), etc.

              • beenthereb4

                Scotty, wow, you are a survivor! You are truly deserving to be able to live without fear, and others ‘God”, ok. I’m sad to have read the torture that you’ve been thru, hopefully you will be able to get out of that horrible house! I want to help you, inbox me ur screen name, and not only will I email you back, I WILL Pray for you to live in a happy, healthy loving home! Happy Holiday to you!

              • Furino

                Gosh, that is the worst story i have ever heard, and my heart breaks for you. No wonder that you are so disturbed by the thoughts of God. I know you don’t probably want to hear it, but God had nothing to do with your horrible experiences. i am very, very sorry this happened to you. There is absolutely no justification for their crimes against you. You need to get an advocate that can walk you through the legal system that you may escape your bondage! Go to Child Protective Services and tell your story. You need much help. I love you man!

                • Joshua White

                  Nonsense!:- “but God had nothing to do with your horrible experiences.”
                  Not a hair grows on your head or a sparrow falls to the ground without god.
                  Either he runs the joint or he doesn’t.
                  Y’can’t have it both ways.

                  • Furino

                    Sorry, but he doesn’t “run the joint”. There is such a thing as the free will of man that He doesn’t violate. Eventually the will of the Lord is done, but it is not something He imposes upon mankind on a daily basis. Much that is not God’s will takes place every day. So you will have to chill out Josh, and get some understanding of things.

                    • Joshua White

                      Where DO you people get these absurd ideas?? –> ” There is such a thing as the free will of man that He doesn’t violate.”
                      Can you name the chapter and verse??
                      Everything I’ve ever see of the so-called Word of God is in the form of instructions and commandments.
                      “Love they neighbour” does NOT carry an optional ‘But only if you feel like it,’
                      Ditto: “.. it is not something He imposes upon mankind on a daily basis.”
                      There are endless cases of where ‘he’ DOES in fact meddle day by day ~ and sometimes even more often.
                      Men live and die and pray (or fail to pray) on a DAILY basis, and Jesus himself ~ time and again ~ directs us to act in the day.

                      “…Give us our DAILY bread” etc. etc. etc.”
                      …and ‘created’ wine at the particular party, on a given DAY, WHEN his mother told him to!


                      “Render unto Caesar” ( TODAY before the tax man comes knocking!)
                      …and in Matthew 17:- ” Notwithstanding,
                      lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and
                      take up the fish that FIRST cometh up [ NOW!}; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them. [NOW!]
                      for me and thee.
                      And not only did he have to be crucified on a particular day (Friday), but a a particular time (before the sabbath ~ ie sunset).

                      ….And on the third DAY [count ’em] he rose again.

                      ….and we won’t even look at the old testament!
                      God:- “Moses, take your bloody shoes off! I Just swept the mountainside.
                      The whole point of having a god is that people need someone ‘bigger’ than themselves to ‘run the joint’.

                      ……and not a single sparrow will fall without god’s say-so.

              • Mack Norris Jr.

                Scott, I’m sorry these things have happened to you. I don’t know how you feel except from what you have said. “Very” hurt, angry, trapped.

                It also sounds like you are angry at God. It’s OK to Tell Him so in the way you want to. God is The Big God. Since he knows how you feel let him know personally. This time expect the unexpected from him. I have prayed for you as I’m sure others have also.

                God Bless You Scott, More Than What I would Dare To Ask!!

              • Patferr

                Dude, Sorry you are such a dumbass, that you keep going back to “family” over and over to get abused. After they abused me one time, I would be gone, and would have found some way to make it without them. You apparently kept going back for more, even let them have access to your $$, and you blame your poor choices on “GOD” lol, you are a hoot dude.

                What I hear you saying is “Where was your God when I stepped in front of that bus, and it hit me and damn near killed me? Where was your God when I jumped off a 3 story building and landed and broke my legs and arm trying to brace my fall, and was in the Hospital for weeks? Where was your God when I gave my Father who was convicted for embezzling $$ from his job, and stole my sister’s college scholarship money, but I gave my father my $22,500 to pay for my hospital bills, and he didn’t pay it, so don’t tell me about YOUR GOD, cuz he never saved me from my piss poor decisions. So just shut up already. No decent God would give man free will do make his own choices and live by the consequences of them….What a poor pitiful human you are to blame God for things you pretty much did to yourself. These days, just an accusation of abuse gets the kids out of the house in most cases until it can be determined what is actually going on so part of what you say I don’t believe anyway. Either way, did you ever pray to God to help you? Did you cry out to him or just not believe he existed? Lots of problems with your story and BS.

                • Guest

                  There are countless other reasons why I don’t believe in God. I believe in Jesus Christ but not in God. I believe that God is more the rules of the universe than a being like you and me. So yes I do not believe in God.

                  • Eve

                    God is alive that is why he gavwe us Jesus Christv as proof that he is alive and loves us i would advice you to go to Genesis in the bible to learn more about God and you will realise how much God is beauitiful

                    • Joshua White

                      More stupid dogma:- “God is alive that is why he gavwe us Jesus Christv as proof that he is alive”.
                      Before such pontifications are even halfway acceptable you need to define “alive” ~ ie. ‘life’. What IS it?

                  • Julio Duque

                    Alright, depends which God. Why would you not want to believe in the true God, creator of all things? I only believe in the God that sent His Son to die for my sins and was risen. That is the only God that matters!

                    • Joshua White

                      ….. Anybody else would be jailed for child-abuse, murder, interfering with the deceased, etc. etc.(God is alive that is why he gave us Jesus Christ as proof that he is alive”. If your neighbour treated his kid like that would you praise him for it….or call the police?

                      The problem is that everybody insists their DIY-invented god is the ‘One True God’.
                      Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones created more believable characters (eg Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

                • Joshua White

                  “God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. Blessed be the name of the lord”

                  …and he knew what he was doing when he gave you lot a hard time…..How else would you ever have been able to tell when you were happy?


              • mch

                1 Peter 4:12-13
                Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed.

                • Joshua White

                  hm….sounds like we’re back to the subject of sex and orgasms again! 😉

              • Eve

                i sincerely apologise for all you have went through as a christian i feel it is my duty to let u knowv that God is there and loves you irregardless question is are you born again? If not so then it simply means that you dont have the right to ask of him since you are not his child yet if you want a turn aroubnd for your life ask him to be ur personal saviour,believe and confess then you will see that he is alive and he will take you out of any impediment.GIVE YOUR LIFE TO HIM and all will be beautiful for you

              • ZAcki


                I think you may need to seek help…

              • Julio Duque

                Where was God? Same place where He was when His Son was nailed to the cross FOR ALL THOSE SINS. . Same place where he was when His Son was risen. Patiently reserving His final judgment when time is up!

                • Joshua White

                  Yeah! He STOLE my sins ~ after I refused his services!
                  So much for ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’.
                  …and my Free will to keep what’s mine.!

              • c

                So your family are arseholes…does this automatically equate to there is God? I guess that’s the same as my 7 yr old with several cavities in his mouth trying to convince me there’s no such thing as toothpaste

                • Blondie 0317

                  sounds like to me he hasn’t brushed those teeth, or, you let him eat too many sweets. Our bodies were meant to live off the earth. I don’t see any apple pies hanging off of trees. We are to eat meat, greens, nuts, fruits of the earth. Do I do it, no. I eat sweets. When I go sit in a dentist chair, I don’t blame God. I blame myself for not flossing and cleaning and eating as I should! Sounds like to me, you are blaming our LOVING GOD for things that are your own fault. We have to take responsibility for our own actions. I hope you don’t wait to find the God that I so desperately love. The God that sent his only son to die on the cross after being beaten, hit, made to drink vinegar while the soldiers were betting and gambling over his clothing. He did all that and die to save you. Don’t wait until it’s too late. I pray you don’t.

                  • Marishka Noyb

                    maybe the vinegar or Gall(look it up)was reserpine or bacium ……..

              • Jon Wilford

                I read your post from a year ago… I’m not a religious nut but I am a Christian and there is a big difference. You obviously have never taken the time to read the Letter God gave us to help us navigate through the flesh life but you might want to read and study Jeremiah 23:33-40. God does not cause burdens but if you want to blame God for your troubles in this life, He will dump the whole load of the burden you accuse Him of and then some… the only way to get that load and burden off your back (a revolving door of misery) is to repent and ask God for forgiveness for the accusations you’ve made against Him.

                God could be trying to get your attention and you’ve turned your back on Him… which is very dangerous.

              • Joshua White

                Why are these scumbags still alive?
                If you need help to get out of that situation —->

              • Hermit

                I’m very sorry that you have had such terrible experiences. However, not one of those experiences were the work of God, so why blame Him?

                God is not running this world, WE are. Suffering, disease and death are the results of sin. We are all sinners. God wants to put an end to the suffering, but that will require him to destroy everything that is corrupted by sin.

                That includes us.

                But God has made a way out of this for us, and He is presently giving people the opportunity to avail themselves of that escape. Eventually, He will step in and put an end to all the suffering and sin, and only those saved by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ will be taken to Heaven to be with him where there is no suffering, nor ever will be.

                No doubt you will rail at me for having the bad manners to answer your post, but you are quite wrong in blaming God for your troubles, and that needed to be addressed.

                God is the only one who is on your side and wants to bring your suffering to an end, and take you to a place where pain and suffering will never be experienced.

              • Gerry

                Well U can’t blame God for your parents ill treatment.

              • Caddy Cadwell

                god has nothing to do with this

              • Freddie

                Where: where we; when he was going thru far worse than you.Trust him he was there He saw and He feels your pain.In him is Your ,Love, Peace and Hope for a future.Rise and walk.

              • Freddie

                Oh and remember….He never once complained or asked that His accusers be punished…..Father forgive them they no not what they are doing…blameing God for your bad treatment is like blameing the rain for getting you wet.Get out of the rain into the shelter let the Sonshine in….God Bless….

              • renee

                om gosh, no one should have to endure what you went thru. I am so so so incredibly sorry for your pain, and the absolute inexcusable negligence of others in standing up for you and getting you the hell out of there. may I ask your age? can you get out of their house? pls know, the god they serve is no one else but Lucifer himself. their actions prove that, their words don’t matter. just actions. I do believe and follow God, but I can understand, someone in your shoes growing up with parents who ‘claim’ they follow god, but beat and abuse the hell out of you, would really deter you from EVER wanting anything to do with what they believe. just know, they are hypocrites, liars, not true Christians. its always proven by the actions of a person. And God does ‘not’ approve of their actions, nor are they on their way to heaven unless they repent, and God has seen what you have gone through and it grieves His very heart. He can make it up to you and use your experiences to help others in the same boat if you will allow Him to. pls know He loves you and never abandoned you, we have free will, which is a gift from Him, though too many use it for evil. my heart breaks from what you endured. pls pls know He loves you and your ‘parents’ , I loosely use that term, I should say ‘abusers’ will be judged and burn in hell for what they have done. unless a complete miracle happens and their heart changes and they repent, but I don’t see that coming……

              • Marilyn Willett

                how about you move out??????

              • Maurice James

                @ Guest. I am so sorry to hear about all the horrible things that happened to you in your life. It’s horrible that people have no sense of love for others especially when it’s your own family that is doing the abuse. May I ask a question. If you had a son or daughter that is of full age and responsible for making their own choices grew up to live horrible lives but had a great upbringing. You raised them right, to respect themselves, others, and God but they started mistreating people, stealing, killing, not concerned for anyone or anything else but everytime they got into trouble they use your name to try get out of it and everyone said that you were horrible and blamed you for their actions, cursed you and basically damned your existence all because of their choices. Would that hurt you? That’s basically what happens to God. He gets the blame for everything that goes on when we have the power of choice. People choose to do horrible things, people choose to murder, rape, abuse, steal, etc and God is most times the “fall guy”. I really pray that you receive 100% healing spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, in every area of your life. God loves you so much that he didn’t allow all of that to kill you. Think about the many people that couldn’t survive what you did/have. Job lost everything from money to children. Satan had to get permission to afflict Job but God had faith in Job and Job received back everything and more. You may not understand the whys and even hate or deny God’s existence but God still loves you in spite and wants to shower you with his love and grace. Don’t let the cruelty of man cause you to become bitter and angry. God wants to use your story to help someone else make it through. God bless

            • mikinzla

              GOD NEVER CAME.

              • Blondie 0317

                Many things we don’t know about this situation. I wonder if he protected the parents that beat him. God does send in strangers. I, as a nurse have had to watch for child abuse and believe me, we called the cops. When you got old enough, and kids are calling 911 at 3 years of age. I can’t help but wonder if you are wanting a pity party. I am a Christian but I am beginning to wonder about you. I prayed for you today.

            • Tom

              What was sinful here?

            • marcos

              god give me the flesh to enjoy it you need to try it you will feel very close to god when you do it

            • julie

              hey weren’t we talking about sex, what happened

            • Joshua White

              You’re right! We should all remember to thank god for creating evil (sin)
              Isaiah 45:7 ~ otherwise how boring life would be!

              • Blondie 0317

                and you are quoting the Bible but don’t believe in God! Shame on you. You better beg God for forgiveness of your sins and ask him, The Lord Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior before it’s too late. If you don’t believe in God, why are you quoting Bible verses. Man you need to get with the real program. I wonder if your story is something of a fairy tale, for attention. I am really beginning to wonder but I will be praying for you regardless just in case it’s not.

                • Joshua White

                  I don’t “believe IN” (whatever THAT means) Donald Duck, either, but enjoy his books (comics) and the antics therein all the same.

            • Craig Chambers

              Guess God should not have made humans so hot to trot.

            • Mark Hayward

              God does not exist .. just ask Guest below

            • ladyv

              why do you have to destroy a good conversation? Some of these people might be married and if so what is wrong with enjoying sex with your husband or wife. When God made us he also made sex enjoyable. Who are you to judge?

            • Apothis

              Are you referring to the god who manipulated our DNA about 50,000 years ago and brought humans to our present form today?

            • 503F

              Open door, pull pin and toss!

              Troll level: Jedi.

            • LorenzoWalls


            • What’s sad is that you’re assuming most of the people aren’t married… kinda says more about you than anyone else on here… your judgment is a sin too you know.

          • glump

            They are inherently less sensitive, and it has A LOT to do with mindset. If you go in believing that you won’t get pleasure, you won’t get pleasure. Also, like most other parts of the body, it becomes easier to get what you want the more you do it. So, if you want to get pleasure from your nipples,put yourself in the mindset that it is an enjoyable act, and keep trying

        • Babagordy

          No, it does not serve any useful purpose nor do men derive any pleasure from it

          • Chicpic

            That’s not what I heard

          • Chicpic

            I know some men who do

            • Babagordy

              That might be true; but I do not think majority of men derive any pleasure from it. However i will suggest you research further. I have speaking from my personal experience as a male and from discussion with friends

              • Chicpic

                well, men are sensitive in this area not as much as women…..

    • Padoryn

      He better? Really? Imagine if your man said some crap like that to you.

    • Justin_Igger

      The single most important thing for negro females to know is that nationwide, negro females have about an 80% chance of having at least one STD. 1 in 2 negro females have herpes, according to the Center for Disease Control. And these are just the ones that have been tested and diagnosed.

      • IFeelSorryForDumbPeople

        That’s a dumb, bold-faced, racist lie and you know it! Shame on you. Get a life!

        • Scott H

          You really should look at statistics from the CDC before you go around claiming racism like the boy who cried wolf -_-

      • LaLa

        Did you say “negro”?? Just how old are those statistics??

        • k

          dang…all of this sensitivity mis-placed. Negro, af amer, black, coffee, whatever. quit being so self absorbed in what you are called. Nomenclature is a part of life. I was called a coconut. so dang what. get over what you are called because i’m about to call you insecure, stoopid, and petty. There are bigger things in life. Do something and do something with your little life because it will be over soon. reality. get over who you all think you are. vjj is so trite and wrong. Why the heck are you even talking about this stuff when you have an obgyn to get real facts from. Like your sleep around guy will give you AIDS because if you call it a vjj you probably are. Respect is given if you respect yourself. Whether you believe in God or not. Enjoy life, but at what cost? How do you feel when you are left behind (and don’t say you are not) unless he has no where else to go and you make breakfast, dinner…etc. You go to work and that lazy bum is still there texting other people. Guys and girls: therefore the AIDS.

        • Joshua White

          “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

        • Joshua White

          Apparently pre-PC.
          ‘Negro’ is just a word (which means ‘black’); while not strictly accurate (there are NO actual ‘black’ people) there is no intrinsic harm in the word.
          Although some social circumstances need to be improved, I object to the perversion of the English language (one of mankind’s best achievements) in the pursuit of social-engineering Political Correctness.

          Calling homosexuals ‘gay’ is another prime example of such perversion.
          Under today’s rules Shakespeare wouldn’t even have been allowed to publish the ‘List of Contents’ of his work.

      • Munchkin Moo Moo

        the word N!gro is an offensive one. Plus, this is a hateful racist lie that belongs in another century. This attitude deserves to be quelled. Get off Disqus you waste of skin.

    • johnbrazil

      Have you tried Aural sex? …….Pardon? What’s that you said?

    • StraghtGate

      Sure, and I’ve done them all. However, it’s better to find sensuous, highly orgasmic women and not work so hard for so little. That’s a job for unattractive men.

      • TheBestStraight

        You’ve never done any of them, and you know it. Indeed, you’ve never been with a woman. Keep pursuing that Asian boy in your profile pic — the love of your life. My goodness, you are one ugly h0m0.

      • TheBestStraight

        You know a lot about unattractive men, don’t you. You ARE one, AND you f–k them.