Denied! Judge Says Pilar Doesn’t Need $24K/Mo For Kids

May 16, 2012  |  

Deion Sanders will have to pay child support to his estranged wife Pilar, but it won’t be the $24,000 a month that she requested. A Texas judge believes she needs less than half of that to raise the couple’s three children and ruled that Deion pay her $10,500 monthly.

Pilar argued that Deion has a net worth of $250,000,000 which made the former pro baller noticeably chuckle out loud in the courtroom, as if to say his wealth is nowhere near that number. Regardless, Pilar broke down exactly where she intended to spend some of his ends:

$2000 food/restaurants
$900 clothing
$450 personal care, haircuts
$500 school lunches
$750 child care
$500 cell phones
$1000 entertainment and events
$2000 children’s lessons

CBS may have only gotten a partial list, but since those items only add up to about $8,000 and seem to cover all of the kids “necessities,” I can see why that $24,000 number didn’t fly—although most divorcing spouses tend to get a lot more.

Deion testified that he only makes $1 million per year from his job as an analyst for the NFL Network, but his 2010 tax return showed his earnings were closer to $2 million. Beyond child support, Deion will also have to pay Pilar’s legal fees, which add up to $275,000. Ace Showbiz reports that he will also have to pay $3,500 a month for the mortgage of her new house in Celina.

More importantly, the couple has worked out a visitation schedule for the children, pending a full custody hearing down the line so hopefully there won’t be anymore late-night assaults.

Do you think Deion and Pilar got fair deals in this settlement?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Guest18

    $5,000 should be the cap for child support – PERIOD.  It should not bear on how much the man makes.  That is pleanty enough to pay for private school, healthcare, clothing, food and all other expenses.  It’s called CHILD SUPPORT for a reason.  For all of you who disagree – do any of you need more than $5,000 a month to live comfortably?  I think not.  These women are disgusting with this mess.  And I am a woman – so I can say so.

  • Jessi Bee

    that’s fair enough just b/c he makes a lot of money doesn’t mean she should get any just b/c they’re divorcing don’t be greedy

  • Unque43

    $500 a month for school lunches? Come on now what they serving at those kids school.

  • Hrdblkman

    Blk women want white women treatment without looking like a white woman… News flash heffas: that’s not how blk men roll… Blk men aren’t giving prim8 looking females any $$$$ these days, better off being a baby momma or a hooka

  • I think Deon chose Pilar and she was good enough to have his children if they are done then she deserves to be able to maintain a certain lifestyle and take care of her children.  They bring these girls out poverty and then when they are tired of them they want to send them back to poverty and that is not fair for her or the children because even if he has full custody she is still their mother. It is not like the monthly amount will send his punk a** to the poor house so yes she deserves whatever she can get.

  • KeptWoman

    I’m glad her legal fees and monthly mortgage will be paid every month. However, I still think she should receive more than $10,500 a month. He’s making one million to two million a year? $15,000 would be more reasonable in child support.($5000 per child)

  • D. Rose in the paint

    Chick get A JOB!!!

  • D. Rose in the paint

    This b**** shouldnt get a penny………..get a F****N JOB!

  • My question to site moderator is how could you even allow @STANSFOREALS:disqus  derogatory comments if you actually read the comments before you allow them, he needs to be banned. I’m disgusted at this.

    • Mls2698

      He just cut/pasted it from Bossip, which is the same site as MN( yes, they are the same people) . Bossip’s language is more harsh, but as long as the actual words aren’t used, MN will let it go. It was more of a quote.

  • vrich

    Former supermodel, Linda Evangelista, is suing her EX-BOYFRIEND, for $46,000/month for ONE child, but, it’s crazy for Pilar to ask for $24K for THREE children after being married for 12 years???

    • Mia

      Isn’t he a Billionaire though?

    • Islandgraphics Biz

      I think her ex is worth 4 Billion , so if you do the math, not even close. Pilar is a very beautiful woman, not to mention swexy.. Because of her Ghetto mentality, she will make a good side piece to a rich guy… not a wife. Women you get more money with honey than s**t. Also if you don’t marry him you come out better in the end… financially anyway.

  • GloriaG

    A White woman would have been given more than that!!!! I find this figures appalling and shame on the husband. He seems to relish in hurting his wife. Shame on him!!!

    • D. Rose in the paint

       You have really bought into the “woman always being the victim” school of thought? This has nothing to do with race.

  • Cuetojess

    She is crazy she needs to get a job her lazy behind. This is a new day and age where real women work and if they are a stay at home mom they are doing something with themselves. OMG get a job Pilar

  • Lesy

    Trick please. That is fair. He should not have to pay that kind of money a month. Girl get a job plenty of black women get divorced and make it happen with less than 10K in child support, their kids are fed, happy and clothed. You just want to live an extravagant lifestyle cause he had your a** on a budget when you married. Fail.

  • RedButterfly81

    I side with the judge on this one. I mean, she wants that high-end lifestyle, how about she get off her a**  and work like the rest of us moms providing for our kids! 

  • wveronica7

    I think the courts are favoring Deion, yes it is a lot to US who do not live the life style that they are accustomed to, however, the children are used to it and they should have a smooth transition. Alimony was not mentioned because I believe the pre-nup restricts the amount. Kelis was getting more than $24,000 a month with one child and Deion makes more than Nas. Pilar is not stellar and Deion is an a**hole but I believe she is getting the short end of the stick throughout this divorce. 

  • Jay

    She is no longer trying to hide the fact that she is a gold digger.

  • Hrdblkman

    The funny thing is pillar would have made more money as a prostitute in that 10 years than married to Deion. Like I said blk women can’t benefit from marriage like white women cause no blk man will marry them without a prenup.

    • Stans4Forreals

      @ HardBlackMan: I’m going to repost this here cuz that u brag about n*ggers getting prenups against sistas only is a great deal of the reason everything i said in this response originally on B0ssip will always be true: REPOST: I can’t even believe that dumb n*gger said what he said as if non black women dont clean n*gger males out even more… Thats y non black women target rich black males.. They know they stand a much greater chance of getting paid.. Becky knows she has to put in some serious work before she can take a white man to the cleaners.. Linda Hogan had to be married to Hulk for 24 years before she was able to own his a s s in a divorce.. Vanessa Bryant owned her n*gger in just over 10 years & Elin owned her n*gger in just over 5… Everyone knows who comes up off the money everytime & its a n*gger!!

    • Stans4Forreals

      My repost is the exact reason why white & nonblack women like Vanessa & Elin will continue to own u stupid f*cking n*ggers & your money..

      • Are you there, I mean in the head, you have to be completely unintelligent, and obviously ignorant. First off you started off with the term n*****s so actually, you would be therefore reported. In all reality the only report you need to concern yourself with is a credit report: so you can pull out a loan, go back to school and hopefully seek an education. Besides, the cases you shown were the exception not the rule. I’m not saying HRDBLKMAN was 100 correct but you look 10 time more ignorant (& hickish) than he will ever sound.
        Good luck in life too. (Name calling? Really? That s**t DEAD!)

      • Janthonyrose


      • Herm Cain

        Chick your really pathetic I bet my bottom dollar your lonely and insecure and not attractive if you don’t deal with brothers what the f*** do you care You do care your feelings are hurt you’ve never felt wanted or appreciated and you despise brothers for it I bet that first n***a to flash a smile at your ugly a** can get the draws

    • D. Rose in the paint

       you fuckin right….we dont trust these media and hood raised chicks.

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  • Ms. Spring

    Serves her right. 

  • nik


  • Although healthy, happy children can be reared on a lot less than 24,000 dollars per month, it is unfortunate that it appears she is being made an example. Many, many ex-spouses are alotted much more than that for child support, sometimes for one or two children – not three like Pilar has! You get married, you hope it works, and if it doesn’t you hope no one has to suffer.

  • if deion is paying alimony then that is enough for the children. she does not need 24,000 a month . i saw something about 400 for haircuts? she better take them to the barbershop around the way and be done with it .

    • Guest18

      Thank you, my son’s cut is $10 and his line is always tight. LOL