Mary Kay Consultants: Why I Respect Your Gangsta, But I’m Not About That Life

June 1, 2012  |  

Not long ago, I was sitting at a local bar enjoying a quick bite with a friend.  As he and I dished about life and sports as guy and gal pals do, a lady comes over to our table and she says to me, “You’re beautiful.”  Flattered by her words, I tell her thank you and let her know that I really appreciate the compliment.  I intend to get back to the conversation with my friend, but she continues.  “And you’re very graceful.  I noticed you when you first walked in.  Are you a dancer?  You have the body of a dancer.”  At this point, I’m still flattered but I’m definitely getting a little uneasy.  I politely thank her again, and let her know that I am in no way a dancer and that I could only dream to have the body of one.  Surely our quick exchange would be over at this point and I’d be able to go on with the conversation I was clearly having when she walked over.  Yet, she continues: “May I ask what kind of skin care products you use?”

It is at that point it hits me and I could hear the voice of Florida Evans crying out in the background, “Damn, damn, damn!!!”…I’ve been caught by a freakin’ Mary Kay lady.

Is it just me, or are Mary Kay consultants highly aggressive?  As the young lady starts to explain to me that she owns her own Mary Kay business and would love to talk more about the products the company offers, I know instantly that it will NOT be easy to get rid of her.  Even after explaining to her that not only do I rarely wear make up but that I also have a really simple and natural skin care regimen that doesn’t involve a lot of products, she refuses to give up.  Now, I’m the kind of girl who rarely gives out my information.  I think long and hard about giving my number out even to men I’m actually interested in.  But the Mary Kay lady walked away with my phone number and email address.  That’s how aggressive she was.

I can think of at least three other separate occasions when I have been borderline accosted, in very similar fashion, by Mary Kay consultants.  Walking down the street, shopping, dining out, I’ve been blindsided by members of the pink brigade while doing all of these things.  It always starts out innocently, usually with a compliment, and just when you start feeling yourself and plan to give a quick “thank you” and strut off—they go in for the hard sale.  They do not take no for an answer.

I recently found out that I’m not alone.  A number of my friends have had very similar experiences with consultants.  In fact, one friend compared the tenacity of some Mary Kay business owners to that of followers of a certain religious faith who are usually very eager to share their beliefs.  We’ve decided that of the two, Mary Kay is definitely more aggressive.  They’re gangsta.  I respect it, but I’m simply not about that life.

While I’ve decided to, henceforth and forevermore, run in the opposite direction when a Mary Kay lady makes her presence known, I know that the company offers some very positive incentives for women.  Mary Kay allows women to go into business for themselves and to do so in a way that affords them the flexibility that many other careers fail to offer.  In an economy as tough as the one we’re currently enduring, that’s nothing to smirk at.  Consultants are able to take advantage of a 50 percent discount on products, making a 50 percent profit on all products sold.  There are leadership opportunities that allow women to transition into director positions and help other consultants build their businesses. And we all know about the infamous pink Cadillacs that Mary Kay Consultants can earn; add diamonds and luxurious trips to the list of enticing incentives as well.

For some, a Mary Kay business may be just what the doctor ordered.  Lots of people are searching for the perfect way to create additional streams of income for themselves.  For me, I’ve been scarred and I am indeed scared.  I like to tell a woman she is beautiful and keep it moving, but that doesn’t seem to be the Mary Kay way.  Eh, different strokes for different folks I suppose.  Since I have yet to find a successful way to emerge from an encounter with a Mary Kay consultant without giving her some sort of information, I’m just going to try to avoid these saleswomen at all costs.  What about you?

Have you been in any situations when you’ve come unsuspectingly face to face with a Mary Kay lady?  How did it go?  If you are a Mary Kay lady, have you enjoyed your experience working with the company thus far?

Sheena Bryant is a writer and blogger in Chicago.  Follow her on twitter at @song_of_herself.

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  • Annoyed

    I realize this post is old… but these rants and comments are so frustrating to me. Why bash all of Mary Kay because YOU can’t say NO?
    Not one person in Mary Kay or any business can make or FORCE you to do anything. She might seem “pushy” but I bet you money that if you simply said, “I am really not interested” she would stop wasting her time and yours. And if you DO give her your number and she calls you… don’t lead her on. It is that easy!! They will keep calling until you actually say those words. So grow some overies and actually say “no” instead of play games and then bash her behind her back.

  • Beth Lynn

    I am a MK consultant so I will have to remember not to act like this! I don’t want to be a scary MK zombie. I know a Juice Plus lady like that. When I see her coming, I cross the street! This stuff is very good and it should sell itself. I am a consultant not a pusher!

  • Guest
  • T

    I use Mary Kay products and I love them because they do work! I recently became an MK consultant and I don’t harass people. MK is sales. Point blank period. Other companies are just as aggressive with their marketing you just don’t realize it. McDonalds, Pepsi, and other companies use subliminal messaging ALL of the time…and you fall into it. Don’t hate on MK. There are thousands of women making money out the wahzoo and I plan to be one of the them.

  • jyladvik

    One of my neighbors is a Mary Kay consultant. She has come over every Sunday afternoon, when I’m taking my nap, and practically beats my door down. My husband answers the door and tells her I’m sleeping. I’ve also been friends with two women who got involved in Mary Kay, and started calling my work phone number repeatedly, causing problems for me at my job. One of them managed to find out my husband’s cell phone number and was calling him during meetings at his job. Ladies, please stop these aggressive tactics. You cannot recruit me to join Mary Kay. There are thousands and thousands of women in my city who sell this stuff.

  • Scrib

    They’re agressive because they’re taught to be that way. There are entire scripts that scream “Stalker!” like this one from top Mary Kay leader Gloria Mayfield-Banks:

    “If [she says] no to an appointment, then ask for outside orders. If no, ask to be a model. If no, ask her to fill out a marketing survey right now. After two attempts at calling her, send her an e-mail. If she still doesn’t respond, throw her number away and move on…numbers are the key, work them and you will be richly rewarded.”

    Lesson learned: She’s going to hassle the heck out of you, but not because she genuinely cares about you. You’re nothing but a number and she’s working you hard, sister. PINKTRUTH.COM

  • IMO

    For being so AGAINST MaryKay, Sheena Bryant certainly goes into a recruiting spheel about the “benefits” of joining MaryKay.

  • Jgz316

    I’ve seen that website plenty. Whoever is the blog owner is way too obsessed with taking down MK. Whoever it is knows the names of consultants and all their “gossip”. It’s almost stalkerish. I wouldn’t believe all the information that is on it.

    • IMO

      Paranoid much? For some reason you keep visiting Pt. Why? The contributors to the site are there voluntarily (as in “not compensated”). They are from all levels….from “never in” to “car driver/co-payer”, to director, senior director and a NSD. Some day, when you sober up from the pink koolaide and clear your head from the pink fog…’ll understand. We’ll wait for you.

    • Scrib

      Gee, a site with well-researched material containing names of Mary Kay leaders and and actual quotes regarding the filth they teach…only in the cult of Mary Kay would the concept of research be considered “stalkerish.”

      I suppose you shun libraries as well because all the books contain names and information.

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  • I am a Mary Kay consultant and I hear this all the time. Thankfully in our unit we are taught NOT to be pushy salespeople. It is not about us, it is about the women we encounter who need our services. Maybe they need to income or maybe they just need something to help with their undereye circles. Either way, if you are doing it to help people you will be more successful than if you are out there desperately trying to get sales.

  • Pink Truth

    What Mary Kay offers IS something to smirk at: Almost everyone in MK loses money. That’s adding insult to injury in a struggling economy. Women are not earning anything, they’re spending a bunch of money they can’t afford. But Mary Kay pretends that they’re helping women, and the general public believes that lie.

    Of the 1% or 2% of women who are making money in MK, the vast majority are making minimum wage.

    Let’s be real about what MK offers women: The chance to part with thousands of dollars, with almost no chance to turn a profit.

  • Moosmama

    Mary Kay is not a positive experience for all women, in fact, those “successful” consultants with their cars and bling more than likely are faking it until they make it, they give off the illusion of success as a way of attracting people who want to be successful. When you first get into Mary Kay, you are told it’s just 100 plus tax to get started, but then they turn around and put the hard sell on you to buy inventory before you even have your first customer, that consultant who accosted you probably is swimming in debt hoping you will be the magical lead that will finally buy some of her over priced drek, and why would the upline promote buying inventory without having customers? the answer is simple, they receive up to a 13% commission from those orders whether the consultant sells it or not, they also receive various bonuses. Visit for the truth about Mary Kay

  • Adrienne

    When I made the decision to become a MK consultant several years ago I also made the decision not to be a MK gangsta. I do not accost people on the street about the product. I don’t call or solicit customers. I have a small devoted clientele that allows me to maintain my 50% discount. When people ask me about the product, I offer information. I post sales on my facebook page and via text message. I truly believe that the aggressive nature of other MK consultants makes it difficult for the lesser aggressive consultants such as myself. Consumers will always purchase products that they like. And the one thing I do know is that if you start using MK as part of your daily skin care regimen, the differences will be seen immediately and the product will sell it self.

  • Shireen

    I’ve been really amazed at some of the negative comments I’ve read on here. I do feel that many of you have had unfortunate experiences, but let’s be real- every shopping trip to TJ Maxx or eating experience at our favorite restaurant isn’t the best either. Mary Kay is an AMAZING company. While some sale force members, use the approach of warm chatter to find potential clients/ customers- not all do. I leave one thought with you all, when you sit down with a MK consultant, you always have the choice whether or not to purchase, and you always have 100% guarentee, if you do not like something you purchased, you can return it to your consultant- and the COMPANY, not the consultant, takes it as a loss. MK stands on the fact that we take great care of our customers, and we want them to be happy- not scare them off, or make them feel uncomfortable. Also, take a moment to remember, that when you DO purchase from an MK consultant, you are helping a woman achieve her dream, help her family financially, or reach a goal. She is a small- business owner in your community trying to gain her piece of the “american Dream”. You may find that you like that idea as opposed to helping the owner and CEO of a major corporation get richer and richer…. Just a thought, but I’ll help a small business anyday. You all may want to give an MK lady a chance. She’s working in a business that supports “God First, Family Second, Career Third.”- the priorities we all need to live by. and BTW- for all of you non-makeup wearers- which is totally ok, considering I don’t wear much myself- the SKINCARE is phenomonal.

    • Moosmama

      As the consultant you have to shell out the money to the customer when they want their money back, the company doesn’t give money back to the consultant, they will send you a replacement for the product but only after you fill out a product replacement form and wait about 2 months

      • LOL wait 2 months? what i actually get my product replacements quicker than i recieve orders i pay for. i always tell people who are thinking about starting a business with MaryKay, “never share a big idea with small minded people”. There is just to much negativity in the world. which is why only a tiny percentage of the world population are wealthy, they didn’t seek advice from close minded people. MARYKAY is NOT , I repeat NOT for every woman only a small percentage of women will succeed in the business , because guess what not everyone can do a teacher, a doctor, a lawyers job even if you study it doesn’t mean you will be successful! Thats just life, everybody doesn’t know how to sell or have the patients, we all want to be rich overnight! well good luck with that, be realistic with your goals and stick to it but don’t blame Marykay for your down fall, blame your lack of passion and motivation to do the work.

        • IMO

          …and it’s “PATIENCE”….as in remaining calm under distress. “PATIENTS” are customers in the medical field…..

          Here’s a suggestion….why not take some of your “profits” and take a course in English Comp. and learn sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, etc. Or at least buy a book on the subject.

    • you said it BEST!!!

    • Scrib

      Mary Kay Cosmetics puts “God First” about as much as Playboy Magazine does. God is only a name-drop…a bargaining chip meant to snag women into joining the fold. Once they’re in, however (and especially if they choose to move up the career ladder) those women begin to see that their leaders are preaching a superficial god of works, a god of deception, and a god who advocates storing up treasures here on earth. It’s a god quite different from the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

      The sad part is that consultants fear calling out the garbage these leaders are teaching because Mary Kay’s leaders indoctrinate the sales force, telling them that to say anything even remotely critical of the company is “negative” and if you do, everyone needs to avoid you like the plague. Cultish? Absolutely.


  • Victoria

    I signed up to be a Mary Kay rep for one reason and one reason only: to connect with other women. Nothing more and nothing less. As for the money and pink cadillac, I could care less. I have no interest in driving a pink car and wouldn’t care if it was a Rolls Royce! Pink is so not me! LOL And as for money, my husband made almost $100,000 last year (I’m currently a student and starting my own business, so I don’t work outside the home), so I definitely don’t need the money. I also am not the type to chase women down and act like an in-person telemarketer or stalker! I don’t like it when people try the hard sell on me, so I’m not about to try it on anyone else. The reality is, Mary Kay is NOT the only beauty company in the game. Nor, are the products the best on the market. Therefore, not all women are going to be interested in using them (In case you’re wondering, I use some MK products but I also use other brands as well). My National Sales Director worships at the altar of Mary Kay. I don’t. The only one I worship is God. I will mention to people I’m a Mary Kay rep and if the person asks me about the products, fine. But if not, I drop the subject. In other words, prospective customers have to approach me. Not the other way around. And while how I do it is not the Mary Kay way, it’s the ONLY way I intend to run MY business. If I never win awards, drive a pink cadillac, make lots of money, or move up the ranks in Mary Kay, that’s fine by me. Some reps need those things to feel good about themselves. Thankfully, I’m not one of them! 😀

    • David

      You sound like a stuck up b**** Victoria. I wouldn’t let my future wife buy products from you just on that fact alone.

  • Numero Uno

    This is so funny because I always run into someone who sells Mary Kay. I can’t get away from them. Especially since several of my coworkers sell Mary Kay. Ugh! Every other week they trying to show me some products. It’s so annoying because I always feel pressured to buy something since I have to see them everyday. Lol. I’ve only bought a couple of things from them though, just to be nice. I’m not really a big fan of MK products, plus I don’t wear much makeup. anyway.

  • DeeQueen

    OMG, this happened to me twice already and I told them I don’t wear makeup; I entertain them, but give them a false number. Can’t have people blowing up my phone…they’re like telemarketers in the flesh. Sheeesh

  • I’ve never encountered the pushy salesperson. I used to sell MK, I made
    enough to keep my house out of foreclosure long enough to sell at a
    profit. i, then, sold real estate. i do not chase anyone, don’t like
    anyone in my space, didn’t get the cadi or the grand am but was able to
    go to pay for school. I made beautiful gift baskets, the kids learned sales techniques and has the entrepreneur bug.

    • Victoria

      You go girl! Smart move on your part using MK to keep your home out of foreclosure! Some people fail to realize there are reps who are only selling MK as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Congrats to you for making it work for you!

  • smart_n_sassy2

    In everything there are some good and bad aspects. I have come into contact with some awesome Mary Kay sales people and then I have come into contact with some who were just the exact opposite. I think it is human nature for people to generalize there opinions or perception off of one or even a couple of negative experiences. Althought this is wrong, we do it. Let’s accept the fact that we are human. I have been a Mary Kay consultant before and I am currently one now. What I am finding is that so many people have had what they feel to be negative experiences with “pushy” saleswomen who sell MK products that when someone like me comes along who genuinely loves what they do and want to work with other women to show them how this business can enrich their lives, I have a difficult time because I am not aggressive. I genuinely want to tell ladies what these products can do for them and how if they choose to start their own MK business, it can definitely change their lives. Let’s face it, what ever type business you are working, you get out of it what you put into it. And with a MK business like with other things, many times people decide to quit before they can began to see the fruits of their labor. I mean you get out of something only what you put into it. For instance, I have had days when I did not have any extra money in my pocket and then someone inquired about a product or one of my customers purchased something and then all of a sudden…..I had some gas money. You have people in Mary Kay that make hundreds of dollars a month and then you have some that make thousands and thousands…Again, you get out of it what you put into it. I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I agree with voicing what I think and feel. But a lot of the time people shy away from things they truly don’t understand and they let one negative experience of a pushy salesperson turn them away from something that could change their life or someone else’s life. I mean…I am just saying….

    • Scrib

      The only way anyone can make the bigger bucks in Mary Kay is to recruit. It’s interesting to note that a consultant could sell a truckload of makeup and not get promoted one rank, yet the second she recruits a body, WHAMMO, instant promotion. It’s not about the makeup; it never was and Mary Kay Ash said so herself in her book “Miracles Happen.” It’s about the recruiting.

      MK changes lives, but not in the way you might hope. This company is exceptionally damaging to the finances, morals, ethics, families, relationships, faiths, and consciences of women. PINKTRUTH.COM

      • Tanisha

        A cashier at Lowe’s can check out a boatload of customers and NEVER get promoted. They can also bring someone into the company and STILL not get promoted. The way I look at recruiting and team-building is this, there is this business opportunity that has afforded me a particular lifestyle, why wouldn’t I want to share it? Now, if it were a business I created, then no, I would be happy just to make money off you and others like other big businesses.
        MK has not been damaging to my finances, morals, ethics, family, relationships, faith, or my conscience. I am the same person I was before I started my MK business, I just have more friends, more residual income, more confidence, more knowledge on skincare and makeup, and more control over my life.

  • Leslie

    You know, I had to laugh at this because Im “about that life” and have seen both sides of the coin- being “pinked” and “going pink” 🙂 I agree that there are some that are too aggressive and there are those (such as myself) that take the laid back approach- be genuine, take the “no” and move on to the next that will say yes like I’ve been
    taught. In any business you have to feel your audience and know when to press or step back, and I’m sorry you’ve all experienced the less than positive side of MK. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me at
    Thank you for writing this, I’ll be following your blog 🙂

  • jag4608

    My mother dabbled in selling Mary Kay when I was a teenager, so I learned the tricks of the trade early. Even though she doesn’t actively sell anymore, I use that as an excuse when I get ambushed. Conversation goes something like this:

    MK Gangsta: “Excuse me? I just wanted to tell you that your skin is absolutely gorgeous!”

    Me: “Thanks! My mom sells Mary Kay…let me guess, you do to!”

    Using this script gets me cleared every time 🙂

  • lol, the equivalent of jehovah witnesses (no offense, i respect them but come on now…)I always lie and say that i have really sensitive skin and I can only use a special PRESCRIBED facial products- and if they continue there is always the opportunity to walk away (I got followed by avon once before though…creepy)

  • Mina

    What I don’t get about Mary Kay is that they used to sell their products without a case. That was years ago but I don’t care either way now if they’ve changed that. Why the f#$k would I buy eyeshadow that comes shrink wrapped and not in a case with at least one brush?? I was turned off after that and told that MK lady exactly where she could go!

    • who was selling u eyeshadow in shrink wrap! lol that must be a bootleg version, were u in the market??? lmao.

  • Lol yu just venting because not all mary kay consultants act like that lol!! I see people are using the slang “you ain bout that life” smh when that went universal I though that was only a southern slang!!! It was big back in 07-08 everyone down here was saying it now the rest of the world caught on to it lol

  • I try to support anyone who is trying to run their business. I try to find something I like and can use. I am not a fan of most MK, but I like their lip liners. They are very moisturizing and the colors are great.

    • you like all of those things but yet you are not a fan. lol you are contradicting yourself don’t you

  • Tina

    Ahhh!  I was one!  It didn’t last long…at all.  I was trying to help out a family member, and joined her team.  I ordered my products, and then something told me to search the net.  Well, most of the info I found was negative, including that MK is a cult…lol.  I sent EVERYTHING back.  I love the products.  They really are great, but I can’t deal with the ambushing.

  • Meadel25

    I used to be a mary kay consultant and what I can say is that everyone handles their business differently.   There is a difference working from desperation and inspiration.  Those who work from desperation are those pushing Mk ladies, those who work from inspiration actually have a desire to show other women how to be in business for themselves and provide financial stability to their lives. What some reps seem to forget is that mk is direct marketing and it is a people business.  That be said, don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you.

  • abc123

    Thank you for this! I almost got sucked into it by a girl who was supposedly trying to be my “friend.” She only wanted to get a referral bonus off of me! LOL. Every time I talk to her, she’s telling me about promos I can utilize to by thousands of dollars worth of product so Mary Kay can make money, but if I don’t sell it, I’m out all that money…no refund! Totally unnecessary! I’m so glad someone finally said it!  

    • Kat

      Actually, the Mary Kay company offers consultants a 90% buyback guarantee. anything you don’t want they will refund 90% of your money if you bought it within the last year.

      • IMO

        They only offer the 90% buyback because IT’S TEXAS LAW. They basically charge the consultant a 10% restocking fee….and then turn around and re-sell that SAME product to another consultant as “new”. Outdated product they sell on eBay. Many consultants have gotten some of this “restocked” product in their orders….had the previous consultants re-order label on it. Run, Run, Run away from MaryKay.

  • That hustle is called “warm chatter”…I was in the life for a while but I wasn’t able to do it. It didn’t fit my personality.

  • Tagirl

    LMBO at this article. It’s way on point though. My mom decided to sale Mary Kay once, when I was a teen, but found that she wasn’t about that life either(the aggressiveness that they need to exude). She ended up with hundreds of dollars worth of makeup that she turned around and gave as gifts to people(birthdays etc). I’ve never used any of their makeup, just some of their facial cleansers and lotions.

    • Tagirl


    • Scrib

      Consultants are often stuck with product because many directors tell them to give MK at least a year before returning their inventory. Some directors even throw God into the mix and say something like, “You won’t reach your full God-given potential unless you give it a full year!” The sneaky twist to this is that after a year, the consultant CAN’T return the product for the 90% buyback because she’s passed the return-by date!! Oh snap!

      There’s a reason why there are over 30,000 hits for “Mary Kay makeup” on eBay. Women are trying to unload this stuff on anyone who will take it off their hands. PINKTRUTH.COM

  • Dreamie318

    This is why I could never be a saleswoman for a company like Mary Kay. I don’t believe in harassing people to buy crap they didn’t want in the first place. Many times when I’m in a situation like this, if I have the money I find myself buying something just to get that person out of my face. These salespeople need to think about whether their actions fall within the boundaries of politeness & common courtesy. If I were to be as aggressive about NOT wanting the product and rather wanting the salesperson to get out my face and go on about their business, I would be considered rude. These people do not just let you politely decline.

  • Stragi25

    Its either them or the Avon lady!!

  • Sabrina

    Yeah, they’re annoying. I had an “acquaintance” (did I spell that right?) that sold MK and she would always seem so fake to me. She invited my friends and I to “hang out” for a “facial party” or some crap like that, and it turned out to be a sales thing. At the end of the day, the face wash made me break out. I did buy some eyeshadows, but they were nothing special.

  • Korey

    I don’t use cosmetics… But I love to get political with them… I ask if they test their products on animals, if they are reducing their carbon footprint, are the pink Caddies hybrids…. 

    They usually just walk away by then. 

  • Jessjanet32

    I have and it can get pretty annoying. I’ve been invited to events that turned out to be Mary Kay parties, which I didn’t appreciate; I don’t like being tricked into anything. Or ‘winning a free makeover’ and when you show up, they try to sell you what they use on you. One woman blew my phone up and I’m to where I just don’t entertain any of that. Do what you do but know when to back up.

    • J

      yes, Ive even had women invite me out to coffee, under the pretense of forming a friendship, only to try to recruit me to sell…UGH

  • MissK

    “DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!” hahahahahaha – I was JUST discussing this with a few of my marketing classmates and the idea of personal selling can quickly garner the same skepticism and stigma most consumers have toward the proverbial “used car salesman.” 

    • Hi miss K I know you don’t know me but I myself am starting a business. If you don’t mind I would love to get some advice from you on how to be a better sales-person…I am not into network sales…however i do believe that a career in sales can be lucrative.I want to find the right way to connect with my customers so that they will for me on facebook Hope to hear from you soon

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  • Pivyque

    I have been…but I always say the same thing “I don’t wear make up, but I do appreciate the compliment. Have a great day! *Smile*”

  • Chanda

    I thought about becoming a Mary Kay lady as a side hustle but changed my mind. Don’t use their products and won’t commit. I’ve never been bombarded by Mary Kay ladies from out of nowhere. Usually the Avon lady just give you a catolog and sample and keep it movin’.

    • jyladvik

      I agree. I like Avon so much better. They don’t try to pressure anyone.

  • LESY

    I do not believe in promoting businesses like this. I feel if I pay someone a compliment it should be geniune not to get them to buy something. I understand their hustle but its overwhelming. I was in college and decided ok I will buy the pack to use the make up. But they kept calling me for meetings, asking about sales. I did not do for money just for cheaper makeup. People stopped me and asked what I use and I told them. THey either bought some from me or my site or bought a pakcage. I never approached or pitched to anyone. I do not want family and friend avoiding me because they dont want the sales pitch. I am me. I do not sell it any more just did for like 2 months in college… and I made about 2000 dollars. I stopped to concentrate on school and run an online store. Mary Kay is like a cult, they use whole women running theire own business as a ploy. They push too hard and I dont have patience for them. When you run a business let it speak on its own. I hate pushgy sales people …. to keep interrupting your conversation was rude. To give you a complimnent to sale something is fake. Mary Kay needs to have several seats



    • Victoria

      I wouldn’t exactly call $90 for a skin care kit cheap! LOL