Made For T.V. Moms: Our Favorite Reality Show Mothers

May 12, 2012 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong

First of all, I’d like to thank Claire Huxtable, “first” Aunt Vivian (ya’ll know the “second” Aunt Viv was a joke) and all the other television moms that may have had an impact on our lives growing up.  Personally, when Claire yelled at Vanessa for going out of town to see “The Wretched,” I almost cried out of fear and imagined my own mother.   But those days are gone and the “television” moms we have now for the most part are on reality shows.  So here’s a shout out to all the mothers of today’s television – love them or hate them, they seem to be wonderful moms…

MadameNoire Video

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  • Thugstress326

    Can’t stand ANY of the mothers posted except Mary Mary..

  • CA Pullen

    Drenna, you must have been smoking something to select mama jones, evelyn lorzada, kris jenner, nene leakes,  why don’t you finish the job by adding keisha coles’ mother frankie to the list?

  • puddingpop

    I agree I love Mrs. B and Justine. I almost died when I saw Kris Jenner as the first mom. I associate their behavior first when I see these ladies. So even if they are GREAT moms.. my brain wont allow me to look past their attitudes..

    And Evelyn….. Evelyn Lozada? Cmon… are you for real?

  • Tina

    Or k jenner!!! Please

  • Tina

    Get it together with this bogus list MN nobody thinks lozada is a great mom. I think y’all were just reaching on this one.

  • IllyPhilly

    Who made this list!? Did you get paid off!?

  • Anonymous

     Some of the mothers on that list are perfect example of just because you popped a baby out doesn’t make you a  mother.  Mary Mary and mama Braxton is good, she needs to shut Tamar up more. Justine Simmons is a great one.

  • Melissarose10166

    What happened to Justine Simmons from “Run’s House?” I know the show doesn’t come on anymore, but she is the epitome of a great mom. Maybe she’s too good for this list. 

    • IllyPhilly

       You are correct!!

  • Ay

    Oh and I guess pimps can be perceived as parental figures *looks at Kris Jenner*

  • Ay

    Mothers lead by example, the fact that Evelyn Lozada is on here says a lot.

  • Papillon

    Our favorite realty show mother’s…what?

    Our favorite realty show mother’s hairstyle?
    Our favorite realty show mother’s parenting tips?


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