Pretty Girl Gone Plastic: What Happened To Lisa Turtle?

May 11, 2012  |  

by Marissa Ellis

It must’ve been really really hard for Michael Yo to ignore the elephant in the room as he was interviewing Lark Voorhies, one of the former teen stars of the hit 90s show Saved By The Bell. Voorhies played Lisa Turtle, the only black cast member of the lot which also boasted current stars Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen.

As you can see in the above video clip, there’s something really wrong with Voorhies’ face. She’s definitley had plastic surgery, which in the tradition of Lil Kim and LaToya Jackson, has made her look worse. It’s also obvious that she’s using bleaching cream or really light make-up, giving her a ghostly appearance.

As we all know, Black folks age better than the rest of the population but Voorhies is, by far, the oldest looking member of the SBTB cast.

The sad thing is that Voorhies was a beautiful girl, and would’ve probably remained so had she not touched her face. The former fiance of Martin Lawrence obviously suffers from a distorted perception of her self. At only 38 years old, Voorhies can pass for someone ten years older.

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  • MzAzania

    It’s definitely the hair, makeup and weight gain…she needs a new stylist and makeup artist, and if she doesn’t have those, she needs to get on it ASAP!!

  • Yolonda Jay

    I heard she had Lupus and this interview was in the midst of a bad “flare up”.  

  • Bella

    Someone told me she has Lupus, so that could be it…maybe.

  • CocoValentine

    she definitely did something to her face.  she does not look the same.

  • Ifuaskme2

    Dear Miss Ellis, There is nothing wrong with Lark. She has not had work done. To the others, she also does not have Vertiligo. (Its not Vitiligo).  She simply put some weight on and colored her hair. Still Beautiful

  • Dmissy

    I don’t know what happened but look at Laura Flynn Boyle and Ashly Judd. Those actresses had the same things happen to their faces. It could be medication.

  • Kmcambell7

    I’m not sure how you can look at her and not see the signs of cosmetic surgery! I’m more shocked that you think it’s just make-up and age. Did you keep up with her career? She kind of suddenly became this way. She did not look like this in her string of relatively recent  B-movies

  • Her makeup looks characteristic of someone who has schizophrenia. I love her but seeing her like that bothers me on the inside

  • She sounds and looks different and that’s not a good thing either. It could be the makeup she was wearing is not the best match for her skin, but you can’t tell me that her cheeks and eyes don’t look different. I mean really though?

  • Miss_Understood

    Shame on you all! Lark has LUPUS and is probay trying to cover the skin damage with the wrong makeup color. Please do a little research before you judge…

  • FromUR2UB

    I didn’t immediately recognize her by the photo attached to the story.  Her former appearance looked like the ‘after’ of a successful plastic surgery, while currently she looks like the ‘before’.  The thing is, something is drastically different about her features, but I can’t pinpoint what it is.  She’s still attractive, just very different looking.

    • FromUR2UB

      Looking at the video again, she has gained a little weight, but not so much to change her features that way.  Her Wikipedia picture from 2008 looks like her former self, including her skin coloring.  Maybe she has been ill.  Certain illnesses are treated with steroid drugs, which cause people to puff up a little.  People I’ve seen on prescribed steroid treatments do look unrecognizable sometimes.

  • jason vorhees

    i dont know much about the condition except for the swelling women get but could it be lupus?

  • i don’t know whats going on here so i’m gonna cut her some slack. she could have been sick like some have mentioned. if it is plastic surgery please chile get your money back!

  • LAME

    Do all brown skin black women with pretty hair look the same to yall? You’ve confused this woman with Michelle Thomas from Family Matters and the woman from LL Cool J’s show, Maia Campbell smh.  

    • LAME

      I’m surprised nobody has accused of of being the woman from Fresh Prince of Bel Air -_-

  • Squincher

    Dang:  I know who will play the great Corretta Scott King when her biography comes to the big screen!

  • Debtross59

    Too much makeup, she looks like a clown.

  • Superfly

    I heard she had Lupus and also some bouts with bi-polar disorder. If so the medicine she takes for both disease my cause her to look like that, and she’s trying to hide it with make up.

    • Superfly

      UGH! Typos…sorry

  • Me

    Maybe she has health problems. You never know. Stop always assuming that if someone is having a skin issue that they’ve had surgery. 

  • Smart & Sassy Mom

    This makes me sad

  • Me

    She could go to the local department store and they probably could make her look better than this. The lip is way too harsh and she definitely needs a new foundation.

  • imjussaying

    I don’t think its plastic surgery.  It looks like she has aged, gained weight and put on some really bad make-up.

  • she looks scary. I thought black don’t crack.What happened? Did she have plastic surgery?

  • guest

    It actually looks like she has Vitiligo and is having a hard time finding the right make-up to match and cover ht doesn’t look like she had surgery. 

  • Renee boseman

    She might have some kind of disease. Lupus maybe. Something’s wrong with her. Normally she wouldn’t have aged that much and surely not have changed so drastically at 38.

  • Go mommy halle

    Really people- she has no eyelashes, no eyebrows….think we can safely say it is OBVIOUS she has either of these conditions (an autoimmune disease, cancer after effects of chemo/radiation or a kidney condition that requires steroid use)

  • Go mommy halle

    I don’t know what happened..but I will say that my cousin has had chemo, radiation and then been prescribed steroids also ended up with a ashen, grayish skin tone that took 2+-3 years to reverse itself.

     Praying that her health issues also clear up- this isnt plastic surgery…this is illness. Please fall back with this type of reporting and PRAY

  • Debz

    OMG! Awful!!

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  • MsQuita

    I think she has Lupus. I am gonna look it up….

  • Eyeconic1

    It’s obvious she has not had plastic surgey.  She has gained weighted and she is bleaching her skin.  You can tell she is still the same beautiful girl and has still has that bright pretty smile.  If it is not those two things it maybe a skin disease.

  • Age

    My initial thoughts were not very nice so I wont say them. As a plus, she is one of the few black actresses that don’t need to stay current for us to know who she is. Go her!

  • A_chocolate_treasure

    She clearly doesn’t appear to have had plastic surgery, neither her nose or lips look any different.  Her make-up is awful, but her appearance seems to me to be more of a result of an illness than surgery.  ie: bloating etc.

  • she just has gained weight and has on very BAD BAD BAD make up and age

  • Kerryra

    Sad but manageable a really good make up artist might help her look better for the camers

  • Mia

    She doesn’t look bad as in surgery overload bad.  She’s aged, people! She’s getting older. I will say her makeup is terrible, but that’s it!

  • Lovedoc

    Looks like she has lupus.

  • It just looks like she is bleaching…and yes she does look 10 years older than her true age, sounds it too.

  • Ricardo

    Well she’s certainly gained weight, her nose looks like it’s had a bit of work… and maybe some skin lighteners. Weight can completely change people but not usually the appearance of the nose. She’s certainly not as gorgeous as she used to be and she’s aged quite a bit 

  • StayTrueToThee

    So sad that such a beautiful sister felt the need to do this to herself.  She’s not alone, Lil Kim, Vivica and so many other beautiful women bought into the bull and altered their gorgeous God given faces!!! Plastic surgeons exist because ordinary plain janes want to look like these women!!!!!

  • Disappointed at this post

    Not to mention if she sees this post she might feel bad enough about herself and get some work done, and therein lies the problem! MJ, Lil Kim… And countless others, were fine before… But after all the public scrutiny… and possible low self esteem they felt the need to go under the knife. I’m glad she stayed out of the spotlight because Hollywood & the media is twisted. She doesn’t have a problem that a good diet, workout & stylist can’t fix.

  • Disappointed at this post

    That’s how rumors start MN. It’s pretty clear she didn’t have plastic surgery… No plump lips… No super tight face or surprised eye brows. She clearly just gained weight you can see it in her face. She maybe guilty of some bleaching to even out her skin tone (judging from the marks on her shoulder), a bad make up job & the red hair doesn’t favor her she looks really nice in Golden tones. However, she’s still cute a cute girl beneath all that. This article is reaching at best… Smh thought MN was better than that.

  • LOL:)

    Its called LUPUS! She has all of the obvious symptoms! Look at the butterfly rash on her face! Damn.

  • Lissybsmith

    Oh ish! What the french???? She looks HORRIBLE! This is what happens when people TRY to stay young looking and it completely backfires. Accept it, we all age so why not do it with class? At least at the end of the day you will still look like yourself. Ugh this chick is so ugh.

  • Lil_mz_choc

    Yeah I just think she needs a better make up artist.

  • Masave1

    That’s really sad…seriously.  Somethings going on…like what is that on her shoulder a burn??  That is NOT just bad makeup.  I saw her on some reality show or some reunion show a while back and she didn’t look like this BUT could kind of tell something was up.  I could see some sort of an illness or abuse…It’s sad.  Hope she gets help she seems to need.  (I’m sorry I wouldn’t even show off that burn much less do an interview).

  • its_me_llc

    Bad makeup.  Poor girl.  Her face does look like a plastic mask but probably not due to plastic surgery. At least she can wash off the makeup and lose a little weight.  (Not too skinny now girl!)

  • Way-ment …. I thought this young lady passed a long time ago. Like some years after the show ended. I am so totally confused. How’d the nose get bigger. hmmmm Something tells me ………

    • LAME

      You have her confused with the woman from Family Matters. They favor, and yes the other woman passed.

  • CarmyneRevolver

    I think she’s ill. I don’t see surgical procedure. I see weight and illness.

  • Ladylartey

    this is not a case of plastic surgery… her issue is makeup application…the foundation is too light the conturing on her cheeks is not well blended…this ia actually makeup for a black and white photo shoot but they also shot in color so the makeup is just wrong…plus she aged and has gained a significant amount of weight…we cant believe everything we hear….

  • Present: Bad makeup, terrible eyebrows, weight gain.

    Not Present: Plastic Surgery.

  • Jess

    She looks high first of all second of all why is she so white and her nose is pointing up third of all WAT THE HELL!!!

  • Ladybug94

    I am in no way a doctor but just looking at her and comparing her with people I know who are dealing with this she seems like she may have lupus.  I could be wrong but that’s what it seems.

  • I’ve seen a woman with great skin like Lark go on a drug binge and her skin had the same horrid look.

  • Mspam36

    I think that it more of her makeup than anything else, I agree with those that see no evidence of any surgery. What I see is someone not knowing how to apply makeup properly as well as not  picking the right skin tone colors. She still a beautiful woman, just needs the right makeup artist or she needs to learn how to apply it correctly, maybe a little less makeup.

  • Smacks_hoes

    She had an eye lift and Botox

  • IntuitiveSoul36

    I think she still looks wonderful. I mean she’s obviously aged but there is also a bit of weight gain mixed together with what looks like a bad makeup day. Other then that she still looks great and still has that beautiful smile of hers. People can’t stay beautiful forever people, even Jasmine Guy ( who still looks wonderful also by the way ) has aged…..this look here is just the result of people who DON’T OPT FOR THE PLASTIC SURGERY and choose to age “NATURALLY”. Because there are definitely people who’ve had plastic surgery and look a HAAAAAAAAAAM!!!! So I MUST applaud her and a few others for growing old GRACEFULLY! I think she still looks beautiful! God Bless her because her “light” is still gleaming 😉

  • i just see reallllly bogus makeup

  • MzTeaze

    I had to ask my friend who confirmed that she looked like she had some surgery accompanied with the wrong colored foundation.  She thinks the foundation might have been an attempt to hide some scarring.  Either way, she looks terrible.

  • DoinMe

    Wasn’t she strung out on drugs and had some mental illness going on? Maybe she tried covering up the toll drugs have taken on her, but that makeup is not something a normal person would think is ok.

  • Gg

    she looks sick…and maybe thats why she had surgery to try and fix whatever happened…MN you guys are just as bad as mediatakeout i don’t think she is well…she was too pretty to ruin her face like that…something is wrong and her voice even sounds funny….my prayers go out to her and her family…

  • Korey

    I think it’s a skin condition. 

  • itsjustjeannine

    She is still beautiful…just has put on WEIGHT…that is normal..happened to me too….she does NOT look like she has had plastic surgery at all and her makeup is horrible but that is all I see…she doesnt look bleached either…brown skin can be lighter or darker at different times of the year…sorry…paparazzi propoganda hard at work here…besides the weight gain there is no real story here… are STILL beautiful…..have a beautiful life…

  • I don’t think that’s plastic surgery. That looks like someone who has had one too many nervous breakdowns and probably a dependence on antidepressants. Those things can change your looks drastically. 

  • It looks like she may be bleaching her skin. It doesn’t seem like she had any plastic surgery. She a little chunky. Or she just have a bad make-up job and need to fire her makeup artist.

  • Kalivingston01

    I don’t think she had surgery. It just looks like she’s sick or was sick AND the makeup is horrible! It looks like she’s always camouflaging her underete darkness with a really light concealer and her foundation doesn’t match. Other than that she looks great. :-/

  • Whoooo I don’t know if that’s all plastic surgery.  Her makeup looks horrible and she has that puffy, distorted face of somebody who has kidney issues. 

  • From the butterfly rash accross her face I’m guessing she has an autoimmune disease…I don’t think plastic surgery is the culprit. I guess you can’t rely on your looks to get you through but kudos to her for her seemingly upbeat disposition.

  • Melissa

    Wth! She looks like a monster. What did she do to her face? She has obviously had work done especially on the eyes. It’s like she tried to make them more Asian looking or something. Poor thing she has some issues

  • Essence1essence

    It actually appears to be vitiligo and not plastic surgery at all. The areas around her eyes are much lighter than the rest of her face, a common pattern for this condition. MN really should do more digging before getting people ready to judge. If anything it looks like she needs a more effective concealer to even her skin tone. I actually feel bad for her but she looks happy and God her for still putting herself out there.

  • omg! I actually thought she was one of the prettiest women in the world wow thats sad as hell

  • Yostghost

    Why is her skin so splotchy and blotchy??  Makes me wanna just CRY, she’s so ugly now.  But damn, she’s still smiling and that’s the only remainder of her past beauty ! :'(

    • Ne Ne aka iB@S

      yeah i think that is is eczema….that she tried to cover up

    •  awww i don’t think she’s ugly. thats taking it a bit far but she is showing clear signs of struggle. IDK what is going on but i’m gonna just pray for her

  • BlueRoseATL

    I don’t think she has had plastic surgery (who knows?!) – but she has some extra weight in her face.  She does look lighter though – but that could be many reasons!

  •  Perhaps just bad make-up???

  • Brksdll

    Doesn’t look like plastic surgery. Looks like weight gain and bad makeup! 

    • Dfdjk

      Her nose is the same

  • She was once one of the most beautiful women. So sad.

  • Natalie

    I think at one point she was really sick… it looks like a skin disorder

  • Purplerain1988

    What in the hell is wrong with her skin? Damn Lark! You was beautiful!! SMDH

  • TTT

    I’m convinced its just her make-up. She still looks  the same!


    • LAME

      I agree. Her face looks the sames she’s just gained weight. That is not plastic surgery, its horrible makeup or possibly horrible makeup used to cover some skin ailment.

  • Alhasit

    Honestly, if you look at her nose and lips, they really don’t look as though she has had surgery; at least not to “A” line her nose or plump up her lips nor or her eyes pulled up into her temples.  There is someting other than surgery going on here.  Her cheeks and eyes are swollen, and honestly, I don’t think she had plastic surgery.  It looks like she made have had an allergic reaction to something and it permanently affected her face.  Yes, her skin is lighter but it looks like powder compared to the rest of her skin.  She has been through something else and I don’t think it was surgery.  Her face is quite the opposite of what you see with lil Kim or LaToya.  She appears to be ok with whatever it is . . .

  • Loverslane

    she dont look THAT BAD! i think its just wrong foundation. I dont think she had surgery

  • Eangel872003

    she was a very beautiful young lady- I feel so bad for her plastic surgery gone wrong- its very evident something wrong happend- she seems to still have a beautiful spirit- thank God

  • FumigatedBraincells

    HOLY CRAP!!!   Lark Voorhies used to be the hottest chick I’d ever seen.  The kind of beauty who, if she wanted to, need never have gone under the knife.  she’d have been one of those 60 year old women who was still cute ‘n smilin’ no matter how many wrinkles or laugh lines she had.  Now the mania for plastic surgery and this supposed “perfect mask” appearance has infested hollywood and convinced actresses they need to look like a ghostly mannequin to be ravishing beauties.. God forbid any sign of human imperfection cross their faces.   Meanwhile these supposedly skilled plastic surgeons continue to cut a swath of disfiguring “surgery” throughout the nations of the world.   Yet another tragic example of beauty destruction!!!  The surgeon ought to be in jail!

    • BRIANEZ_01


  • Daphne

    This does not look like the work of a surgeon…There must have been an illness or something as it appears that she has gained some weight. Sadly she does not look healthy to me…I pray that she is ok…

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t appear that she’s had surgery.  She’s put on some weight and it is showing in her face.  She also needs a new makeup artist or some serious help with it because it looks as if her makeup was done by a mortician.

  • Jolie

    Wasn’t there a time when she was ill? Or was that just a horrible rumor? Either way, her makeup doesn’t compliment her well. She doesn’t seem to have had plastic surgery.

    • I agree, it doesn’t look like plastic surgery to me. The thing that stands out is her very bad skin. I don’t know if she tried to bleach her skin or what but that is the thing that makes her look so strange and that fact that she have no eyelashes. I feel so bad for her because I don’t even know if she realize how strange she look.

      • Smacks_hoes

        She had plastic surgery…. It’s obvious her face looks very different

  • Guest1234

    YIKES!  It’s a horrible shame that she couldn’t see how beautiful she was.  She was gorgeous.  And she mutilated herself.  That is so sad.

    • Guest1234

      You gotta wonder, what the heck did she WANT to look like?  I know it couldn’t have been this.  I sincerely hope not, anyway.  

  • mike


  • not a fan

    I just SMH @ the surgeons!  I know that money talks and the b.s. walks but wat about letting your work speak for you to bring in more customers? That right there, is a hot mess! You would think with all of the technology advances, this type of plastic surgery would be obsolete. As for lil kim, latoya jackson and Lisa Vorhees, ppl can say all they want but it’s evident that there’s self hate involved. I’m all for making changes for self love and acceptance, even if it’s surgical but when you sitting in the office making all of these circles on your body and buying all of these creams, it’s time to see a therapist. If you can embark on making changes on the outside, make an attempt to change on the inside and get sum help before you come out looking like what’s in that clip. Smh. 

  • Papillon

    Something weird is going on with her skin color, but I don’t see any obvious evidence of plastic surgery. At least her nose looks normal 🙂

    She still has a beautiful smile and from this video, looks pretty happy.

    •  I agree. I don’t see the obvious evidence of surgery. I think she just needs to go back to her natural hair and keep the red out. She’s heavier as well. Invest in better makeup or something

      • Dih

        I had to look at the video again, and it looks like she has that skin disease.  Her skin is dark in certain spots and light in others and it may have progressed in her face more than her arms. 

        • FromUR2UB

          Vitiligo?  That’s a thought.

        • Blackberry

           There was a dark spot on her shoulder.

    • Cohenbdblade

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    • Dih

      Exactly, I agree.  She has on bronzer and other makeup that doesn’t necessarily fit her skin color.  Face is puffy, and she looks to be heavier than before.  Also, she is getting older she is no longer a teenager. We all change when we get older. 

    • Cejay1220

      I agree with you. She just has a fuller face which happens to a Loy of women over time. She’s still beautiful but definitely has something odd going on with her skin tone.