Obama’s Support of Gay Marriage: Which Re-election Fate Did He Just Seal?

May 9, 2012  |  


Just a short while ago news broke that Barack Obama just made another heroic first as president: He became the first seated Commander-in-Chief of the country to openly support gay marriage. The announcement came via an interview President Obama did with ABC’s Robin Roberts in which he made a clear declaration that he believes homosexual Americans should have the same right to marry as heterosexuals. He stated:

“I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.”

The president’s “I do” to gay marriage rattled through the Internet with several celebrities—both gay and straight—sending out resounding support and thanks to the president for taking such a bold stance. But regardless of President Obama’s seemingly altruistic goal of wanting to support same-sex couples and families, making the announcement was certainly a gamble, and a decision that definitely wasn’t made without thoroughly assessing the risk-benefit ratio.

The thing is gay marriage is nearly as polar an issue as capital punishment or abortion. You’re either starkly for it or against it and the ramifications can be great. The homosexual population has grown as a powerful entity in society and it makes sense that the president would want to openly align his candidacy with the belief gay couples should be allowed to marry, because although his position does nothing to affect state legislature regarding marriage laws, it does potentially boost his vote with the gay population. On the other hand, it could wreck his stance with those who do not have such liberal views on gay marriage. Already there have been comments on news and blog boards from past supporters of Obama saying he has now lost their vote. They hardly feel his declaration is bold, but rather a cowardly buckling to pressure from the homosexual community.

As far as conservatives go, there likely wasn’t much Obama could do to change their minds to vote for him anyway, and though some believe this issue will now be one of the main points of contention in the coming race, it wouldn’t be wise for Republicans to openly bash the president’s support of gay marriage knowing how many votes ride on that. Besides, the president believes this is no longer a bi-partisan issue but rather a generational one. He told Robin:

 “You know when I go to college campuses, sometimes I talk to college Republicans who think that I have terrible policies on the economy, on foreign policy, but are very clear that when it comes to same sex equality or, you know, believe in equality. They are much more comfortable with it. You know, Malia and Sasha, they have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. There have been times where Michelle and I have been sitting around the dinner table and we’re talking about their friends and their parents and Malia and Sasha, it wouldn’t dawn on them that somehow their friends’ parents would be treated differently. It doesn’t make sense to them and frankly, that’s the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective.”

President Obama has clearly laid his perspective out on the line and it will be a few months before we see the full ramifications of that choice. Beyond the gay-straight divide he’s crossed, many are curious as to how this open acceptance of same-sex couples will affect the president’s relationship with the black and Latino communities which across the board are thought to not be as on-board with gay marriage. Many have felt the president has the black vote in his back pocket but this could potentially change the game.

Do you think Obama just sealed his fate as the president for the next four years by supporting gay marriage or will he lose support for standing for this controversial right?

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Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Jen

    For those that will abstain from voting because of this singular issue…you’re fine with that?  The potential of being politically wiped off the face of the earth means nothing to you?  I just wonder if any of you thought that the very people who fought for your right to vote, some of them of them were gay?  Or are you stuck with the fact that it was just Rosa Parks and MLK, Jr. who did the fighting?  Is it possible that you are more concerned about what goes on in the privacy of their homes than to vote?  There is a man who is willing to do absolutely nothing for the lower to middle classes of people.  If you are not wealthy then he will pass you by.  I would rather vote for someone willing to at least fight than not.
    Amazing everyone runs for the bible and judge when the word “gay” is mentioned.  Well what ever happened to Love Thy Neighbor?  It’s in there!  Same rules should apply. 

  • Jen

    For those that will abstain from voting because of this singular issue…you’re fine with that?  The potential of being politically wiped off the face of the earth means nothing to you?  I just wonder if any of you thought that the very people who fought for your right to vote, some of them of them were gay?  Or are you stuck with the fact that it was just Rosa Parks and MLK, Jr. who did the fighting?  Is it possible that you are more concerned about what goes on in the privacy of their homes than to vote?  There is a man who is willing to do absolutely nothing for the lower to middle classes of people.  If you are not wealthy then he will pass you by.  I would rather vote for someone willing to at least fight than not.
    Amazing everyone runs for the bible and judge when the word “gay” is mentioned.  Well what ever happened to Love Thy Neighbor?  It’s in there!  Same rules should apply. 

  • ElvisWasAHero2Most

    It most certainly won’t be detrimental to his campaign, quite the contrary in fact.  If anything, this announcement from Obama (which, let’s be real, we knew all along) was bound to happen.  He has now energized the youth, female, and gay demographic with one stone since all of those groups strongly support marriage equality.  The effect this statement will have on the Blacks and Hispanic demographics remains to be seen.  

    Black people, come on now, no matter how Christian you are (or at least claim to be, because a lot of y’all ain’t doing Christ-like actions) are you really going to not vote for Obama now?  Though there is a strong possibility many will not vote at all, which is basically a vote for Romney.  We need to acknowledge that the second term is nearly as important as the first term, for if the president loses we won’t see another Black person in the office for a while.  The attitude will be, “Black president?  Eh, already tried that and it failed.”  Hopefully we realize this and continue to support the president despite our ancient, excuse me I mean religious, beliefs.  

    Hispanics are a more interesting demographic to watch.  Like Blacks, Hispanics are very religious but also aware of the consequences of Republican policy on issues that matter to them such as immigration.  Romney, if he wants to lock this demographic down, will need Rubio on the ticket as VP.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Obama counter with some kind of immigration reform (sort of like the reform he promised in 08 that hadn’t happened… ouch) in the event Rubio comes together with Romney.  

    Like my man Alonzo Harris said, “This shit’s chess, it ain’t checkers!”

  • F3ral Anarchy

    He pretty much just slammed the door in the faces of his biggest supporters.  White, christian middle class america.  After all they were the ones who put him in office. ((sorry blacks and latinos there just arent enough of us to actually sway voting for the presidency but it was good to see alot more of us turn out.)))  Until the federal govt completely seperates themselves from the church this will always be an issue.  Marriage is a religious term and should be left for churches to decide if they want to marry gay couples.  The govts job however is to protect a humans civil rights. Civil union is what that piece of paper says when you pick it up from the courthouse not “certificate of marriage”

    • Jen

      That door was slammed the minute he was sworn in as the POTUS!  The christian middle class still has a problem with him, he’s supposed to be Muslim, not a citizen, all of the blatant disrespect remember? Back him into a corner and he comes out swinging! It may not be to the liking of many but good for him! He’s got my vote.

    • Jen

      That door was slammed the minute he was sworn in as the POTUS!  The christian middle class still has a problem with him, he’s supposed to be Muslim, not a citizen, all of the blatant disrespect remember? Back him into a corner and he comes out swinging! It may not be to the liking of many but good for him! He’s got my vote.

  • FromUR2UB

    I will support this president despite my personal feelings about the topic.  I understand why he had to do it, and there are too many other things at stake for this to be a deal breaker.

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  • Kashbmaryd

    Glad to see the POTUS use his cajones for once. Screw all these people saying they won’t vote for him because of it. It took balls to get slavery overturned, it took balls to get women’s suffrage, and it’s going to take balls to get marriage equality in America. The president can expect another $5 dollar endorsement from me and I’m a straight, married Christian.

  • Anonymous

    Biblically, it’s wrong. Politically, you try to appeal to everybody. This is where separation of church and state come into picture.  America was built on morals, values and we are clearly drifting away from that. The reality is, homosexuals will still do whatever they want but publicly coming out as a president to support a controversial topic is careless. As a black woman, I’m not obligated to support just because we are discriminated against, it’s two different things and only idiots equate those two. I still have my personal strong beliefs and nothing will change that.  There’s a reason, a Democratic president never publicly announced their full support for gay marriage as a president because they are very much aware that majority of Americans, no matter how liberal they are believe in man and woman marriage. Bad move, Mr  President. And, people need to shut their mouths condemning Christians, it’s called freedom of speech and opinion.  This and his Obamacare is making me more concerned for this country. I hope some of his policies don’t go through. Romney is a joker, so hes definitely not getting my vote.

    • ElvisWasAHero2Most

      Well yes, this is America and as you said we separate the church from state.  In a way I’m a tad disappointed with Obama’s statement, for he’s really only expressing his opinion and not suggesting anything new.  We already knew he stopped defend the Defense of Marriage Act and we already are aware the 10th amendment to the Constitution allows states to decide their own laws that are not federally applicable.  He says states will continue to decide what they want to do with regards to the issue, and 30 states already have banned gay marriage.

      But may I ask you personally, is the issue of gay marriage really that offensive to you?  It’s really just presenting a group of people who are de facto married to enjoy the tax benefits that other married citizens have.  Homosexuals go to war for this country, pay taxes, etc. so why can’t they enjoy the benefits the rest of us have?  And to correct you, the question of support for gay marriage is about even nationwide.  

  • Kay

    It’s sad that people would rather opt out of voting. So many of our people died for the right to vote, the very least you can do is exercise your right to do so and make it a point to be registered for the November election.

    Secondly, this country was NOT based on Christian values, it was based on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. That is a piece of American history that people choose to ignore or distort.

    And finally, you don’t have to be pro-gay to vote for gay rights. It is INSANE that anyone would believe that a president who is a minority, would be ANTI-minority. You might not agree with gay marriage, but if you are a minority, you MUST BE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS. You need to bite the bullet on this one, get over the ‘gay thing’ and give our votes for civil rights and a president who is trying to make the country work FOR EVERYBODY. 

    Look at the attacks from the right: women’s rights and health issues; welfare; the right to vote is becoming more difficult especially for the poor and minorities; gay rights; young people, education and the opportunity for college education. The GOP has no regard for people who are less well off than they are. They don’t even want to include us in the discussion about our own wellbeing. So we MUST do what is in our best interest and vote in a democratic president, regardless of how you feel about gay rights.

    • Mrsadkiah

      100% AGREE!

    • Jen

      Dang it!  I could “like” once!  With that being said…this was well written well said!

    • Jen

      Dang it!  I could “like” once!  With that being said…this was well written well said!

  • A.J.

    Well, it’s not going to stop me from voting for him in this upcoming election.  Even if I don’t personally agree with every single one of his policies, overall I still think he’s the best candidate, and I’m rooting for him sll the way.  Nonetheless, I do think that there are some more important things that deserve national attention, such as the state of race in this country, the economy, our education system, etc.

  • Leah12

    To the people on here reading comments, please know that some of these comments are being made by conservative white folks trying to pose as black people.  Average black  people dont care either way.  They are not that passionately against gay marriage.

    • Kay

      That’s good to know. Not that I am surprised….

    • BabaPuppe

      “Average black people don’t care either way. They are not that passionately against gay marriage.” You could have fooled me. 

  • Leah12

    He has my vote and Im proud of him.  Im tired of people saying that black people are against gay marriage. not true

  • Smacks_hoes

    I’m Christian and I proudly support gay marriages! That is all…

    • activist1

      Me too and I support President Obama. I don’t see eye to eye on a lot of his policies and thought he didn’t do enough or lagged on this which was frustrating. But now, I’m very proud of him as a sitting president that he took this stance whether it leads to federal legislation or not.

  • I would think that as much support as the black community gives Obama, they wouldn’t become petty and stop support him over something like this. Gays have every right to be married. And i’m proud he is taking a step in the right direction. I find it funny that alot of people turn a blind eye to when Obama continued bush’s tax cut, and took away civil liberties with NDAA, all of that’s fine. But god forbid he agrees with two woman getting married. Seriously?!? where are your priorities?

  • Goddess Madagalene

    I believe he did it because of the Anti-Gay referendums that are being brought up in individual states to bring out the extreme Christian wing of the Republican party.  The anti-gay referendums also include a variety of additional laws that exclude the poor, Latinos and African Americans in the process.   

    Unfortunately the Republican party would have used his obvious support for gay rights and positive policies versus his personal belief (before today) to suggest that his world view was the same as Mitt Romney.  President Obama has done a lot for same sex policies and to me the action means everything, but for low information voters, the fact that he had not come out to personally state his beliefs would have been what Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers would have pushed.  Thus low information voters would believe their spin.

    His personal belief that he presented today, is just that a personal belief.  This does not change legislation and/or current federal policy.  President Obama has done everything he can to assist all groups in America (women, African Americans, Latinos, Elderly, Military, etc)  versus the Republican party that is attempting to cut the social safety net, education and women reproductive rights and roll back his accomplishments every day. 

    If his personal belief on equality marriage overrules how he has governed and prevents him from gaining votes then there is a bigger problem in this country.  This country is governed by the Constitution not the Bible.  If people think the BIBLE should govern, they are confused about American History and they are individuals that should not complain when Mitt Romney takes the oath of office and takes care of the rich and tells everyone else to “kick rocks.”


  • Gimmeabreak78

    As a Christian, I think homosexuality is a sin.  We can argue all day and night about that.  However, as an American, I recognize the fact that marriage in this country is a secular institution, not a religious one.  Gays and lesbians are not beating down the doors of churches, mosques, and synagogues demanding that those houses of worship sanction a marital union amongst them.  Appropriately, they are petitioning their government to recognize their right to marital couplehood.  Why any relgious person in general, but Christian specifically would think that is appropriate for their government to handcuff all Americans to the theological beliefs of a few is beyond me.  What, for example, would happen if Muslims and Jews who are prohibited from consuming pork decided that everyone needed to follow their religious diet, and the secular government needed to enforce the prohibition?  The suggestion is asinine.  Christians need to get a grip on reality.  We don’t own a monopoly on marriage.  Atheists can get married.  Prison inmates can get married.  Buddhists can get married.  Shoot, even second cousins can marry each other in some states.  We have bigger fish to fry than worrying about two gay people getting next-of-kin, hosipital visitation, and tax benefits (because essentially, this is what marriage entitles you to).   

    • Mrsadkiah

      BRAVO! You need to become the spokes person for rational Christians/believers lol!

  • Rah Truth

    If Obama really support gay marriage, he would have said it all along. With the election coming up, he knows he needs to win back the votes of the young, more open-minded voters who put him in office the first time. And, yes, many of them were gay and/or supported the gay lifestyle. Had he opposed gay marriage, we all know he would have lost his chance to win. Think about it politically. If he wins, he’s not actually gonna do much for this issue. He’s just thinking smart so that he can win.

    • BabaPuppe

      There is no “were/was gay.” If you’re gay then you’re gay, there is no changing that.

  • Negress

    I loves the president with all my heart but I can’t go for that. You got to draw the line somewhere and that’s my line.


    Morally conservative, socially liberal

  • jackieOsassin

    i believe he has made his opinion known so close to election because he wants to generate attention for supporting such a polar topic. i think it’s wonderful if he did it with the right intentions; if he truly DOES support the right for same-sex couples to get married. however, if he did it just to secure the gay vote i fear he might have lost a good portion of the black vote, seeing as how blacks are not as liberal on the stance of same-sex marriage as whites are, statistically. but statistics can, and have been, wrong in the past. so maybe he has just rolled out the red carpet towards the oval office for himself again.

  • desiree

    I’m glad Obama has publicly declared his support for gay marriage. Everyone should have the same rights, no matter what. If only everybody (Christin, wanna-be Christian and everything else) else could realize that who you choose to sleep with has nothing to do with legal rights as an American citizen. 

    It really can’t stand how SOME so-called Christians choose to use the bible as an excuse to damn all gays/lesbians to hell, but seem so forgiving when it comes to light that all these married pastors of black churches are either on the down low,or have sex with several different women at their church or are stealing church funds to finance their lavish lifestyles when the majority of their congregation are working class folks who struggle every day to make ends meet.  True Hypocrisy

    • desiree

      And I am not saying that ALL pastors at black churches are like this but I;ve seen it happen way too many times, and folks turn a blind eye.  So why can’t ppl be just as forgiving and accepting of gays and lesbians?  Just sayin’

    • Calikush

      Why are u singling out Christians for our beliefs, there are other religious and non-religious groups that don’t agree with homosexuality! Trust! I am a Christian but I don’t hate anyone just the sin, and I have Gay friends but they know how I feel and they respect that because their lifestyle is not the basis of our friendship it’s them being good people!

      • Kay

        Christians are not being singled out for their beliefs. There are Christians on both sides of our governmental parties. SOME Christians, however, feel the have the right to use only the parts of the bible that support their agenda and ignore the parts that would have you be kind, loving and forgiving. As it was posted before, a sin is a sin. So is unkindness. So is being judgemental and unforgiving. 

        If you are a person who can love the sinner but hate the sin, that is a good thing. You can also be on the side of all people being equal in issues of state. After all, a gay couple in San Francisco has no impact on the lives of anyone in North Carolina.

      • desiree

        I did not just single out Christians. If you re-read my post I say “Christian, wanna-be Christian and everything else”.  And I don’t say all Christians I say SOME. But I am mainly addressing the people who are against it and are using Christianity as the foundation for their argument.  To me it’s a bit of hypocrisy to think one behavior is a sin and be against it, but then accept other sins.

    • Smacks_hoes

      Double amen!!! This definitely hit home

  • torey

    I have been debating as to weather I would vote this coming election or not. I said I would vote for our sitting President and if he doesn’t win i’m done with voting. I decided not to vote at all. It’s official !

  • Proudchristian

    Sorry to say that I am black and christian and the president has lost my vote. I am liberal on most things however my faith and belief in the word of God is not one of those things. NOTHING else is more important to me than my God and I believe this is just the beginning of the fight for religious freedoms. Marriage has already been defined by God, no man has the right to give new meaning to his words. I am tolerant of others however I will not promote non religious people’s intolerance and disrespect for my values and beliefs. Redefining marriage to suite sin is wrong. Yes sin is sin, but your supposed to working to overcome sin, not dwell and indulge in it. I can’t live in a nation who doesn’t have respect for God and morality. Obama seems to be leading the pack. I’ll be sitting out this election unfortunately.

    • jackieOsassin

      i respect your religious views, but they come off as very close-minded and ironclad. your reasoning behind them is rooted in a foundation based strictly on christian principles. but i ask, what if this nation were not founded on christian morals and values? what if the country was founded on no religious principles at all, and every law was transcribes strictly off the measure of it’s utility and what good it would do the people who are the real stronghold of the country? it seems your opinion would not have as much reference to depend on if that were so.

      • torey

        If that the case why not create your own thing based on ” laws
        transcribed strictly off the measures of it’s unity and what good it
        would do people” instead of twisting something well established based on
        the principle of God. It doesn’t make sense that we have to change everything we stand for when gays can start fresh with laws transcribed strictly off the measures……

        • jackieOsassin

          you’re completely right. how dare they change the principles of god himself. in a theocracy like ours, the values of only one religion are imposed on the entire country. that’s why we only have one religion that understands the true objective of marriage. tons and tons of children.

      • Proudchristian

         Less concerned about “what if’s” than what is. This nation IS founded on the principles of Christianity, and more importantly I will always be a Christian regardless of what changes in the world around me because I am not of the world. My faith is not up for debate, and I make no apologies for it. We already know what happens to nations with no religious principles and how their judged (soddam and gmorrah). What is, is that we all have the knowledge and TRUTH of God. Whether or not we choose to acknowledge him is another story, but that’s everyone’s choice. I respect the opinions of those who choose not to if they respect my choice to believe. The society that you desire without consequence, repercussions, and conscious sounds like living hell; really think about that!  

        • Manifest91807

          Tell them proud christian.. I totally AGREE!!!

        • jackieOsassin

          living hell? hardly. the presence of religion is not needed to know morality, consequence, and humanity. actually, it’s the complete opposite. when people feel like they NEED religion to enlighten their lives, it becomes more of a crutch than an activity, and it becomes something perverse. although we are a nation founded on christian ideals, we have evolved enough as a people to know that christianity is not the only religion in the country, and we should stop seeing it that way.

    • chaka1

      So you are going to vote for a non-christian Mormon? If you sit out, that’s basically what you are doing like it or not.

      • Proudchristian

         Actually Mormons are Christian, and no I haven’t ruled voting for Mitt Romney. Doesn’t bother me one bit!

        • Catalina

          Mitt Romney brought gay marriage to Massachusetts as gov. of that state.  There isn’t much difference between Romney and Obama.  Both are the opposite wing of the same pathetic bird.

    • Niob

      This will be the first time in 17 years of having the right to vote that I will either vote for a Republican or not vote at all.  Obama has lost my vote.

      • RoyalQueen

        @8cb136ec8ef6042d683c7b344403f179:disqus I however see NOTHING wrong with Obama making same sex marriage legal,but I DON
        T agree or condone interracial relationships. You’re the type of people who NEVER vote and is using this as a reason NOT to vote.

      • Smacks_hoes

        O well… I’m sure he’ll get over it

      • Mrsadkiah

        So you’re going to vote for the other party just because you don’t agree with gay-marriage? Do you even know what the other candidates stand for?

    • Guest

      This country was founded on the principle of separation of church and state. You do not have to “indulge” in the “sin”. Everybody in this nation is not a Christian. The Bible does not say to force Christianity on anybody. It is about being a witness or an example so that others may see what God has to offer and make the choice for themselves to believe or not believe and to observe the tenets of the religion. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Standing on your soapbox shouting obscenities will cause your message, no matter how good it is, to fall on deaf ears. I at least applaud your decision to abstain from voting than give it to the other side. 

    • Calikush

      @proud Christian….I wholeheartedly agree with ur comment! Well said! I was thinking the same thing u said, a sin is a sin, but the thing is we work everyday to not make the same sinful mistakes over and over again!

    • Funny thing is, if our government makes laws and rules that suit your religion and force others to follow suit, by banning gay marriage, how is that different than the extreme muslim countries in the middle east? In reality it’s all the same. We hear stories about what happens to rape victims over there and other gruesome things. And we are glad that America isn’t like that. But actually how is that different? because if it wasn’t for alot of Christians trying to force their rules on us, we wouldn’t have these rules against abortion.gay marriage, DADT, etc.. When it’s your religion it’s standing up for what is right, but when it’s muslims it’s called being extreme and/or being a terrorist. If he banned gay marriage, alot of christian conservatives would rejoice, because that’s “what god wants” but remember another group of people did what they thought god wanted and it involved flying a plane in a building. Once you take the blinders off you’ll realize they’re one in the same.

      • Mrsadkiah

        Kayla, you said it all. For one I think it’s funny how a Black Christian can ever consider themselves liberal when most of the liberal views go again Christianity. And yes, Americans want to hoot and holler about how this nation was founded on Christian values, but that was also during a time when most people we’re forced to think the same, I know that many people weren’t Christian back then but they couldn’t say so. That was also a country founded on the belief that women aren’t smart enough to vote and that it was our destiny to take land from the Native Americans. They say they want freedom but then in the next breath talk about how our laws should be based on the bible, there are not theocracies in this world that are not wrought with conflict. These people do need to take the blinders off. 

    • LezMiz

      Paid troll from the Romney camp? Anyone know this poster?

  • Jamie Wiesner

    I’m happy to see such tolerance in the above comments!  😀  You guys have it right!  If it doesn’t hurt you personally, why vote against it.

  • Melanie

    sorry, one other thing: I think, in the end, people like leaders who are straight up and forthright.  Say what you believe and why. So I think many will respect President Obama’s honesty on this issue, even if they don’t agree with it. 

  • Melanie

    Forgot to add: President Obama has the policies that I am more aligned with overall.  

  • melanie

    I’m Christian and Black and just think this is a personal issue.   Abortion, same sex marriage are both personal issues that I just do not care about, to be honest.

    I care more about economic issues and policies because that’s where I live. That’s what affects my bottom line.  What someone else does with their body or love life doesn’t affect me. It’s just that simple.

  • Candacey Doris

    If this is the issue that stops people from voting for him, they need to take a look at themselves. Same sex people should be the least of America’s problems even from a conservative point of view. 

  • Guest

    Not at all.  The presidency is about more than gay marriage–at least it should be.  This country has bigger issues to worry about than whether or not two people of the same sex can marry. As a Christian I think it is absolutely ridiculous that some of my brothers and sisters use Faith as a reason why gay marriage should not be legal.  Most Christians believe it is a sin and that’s fine. But a sin is a sin is a sin. All have sinned and have fallen short of the Glory of God, yet everyone deserves God’s forgiveness, which he gives freely.  If you don’t support gay marriage, fine.  But to be hell-bent against ensuring that it is not legalized is shameful. To answer the question, however, I do not believe Obama’s stance on the matter will prove detrimental to his campaign. 

    • Jess

      Of course it will prove detrimental.  The other fence straddler was just waiting for him to do this so he could come out against same sex marriages (and he did a few hours ago). Now Pres Obama said before that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, why would he go against his beliefs just for votes? You may not think it means much, but it does. This country is sinking deeper and deeper in the mire.  It’s the end times and all this ungodliness is and has been coming to pass for some time.

    • Lalatarea

      wow I’ve NEVER heard a christian give such a rational explanation on their stance!

    • LezMiz

      Another reason why I don’t think religious folks who don’t agree with gay marriage need oppose marriage equality is that it is about getting a legal status from the state, not a church. The government can’t force a church to sanction same-sex marriages if that church believes it to be a sin.