Is It Love or the Love of Money? 6 Relationships We’re Not Sure About

May 14, 2012  |  
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You don’t become a celebrity by being unattractive, boring and lacking in charm. And these are certainly traits that their partners could be attracted to…could be. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with the 8 figures stamped on their foreheads.

Larry King and Shawn Southwick

People speculate because of the 20+ years between them but, Shawn had her chance to dig in Larry’s pockets in 2010 when the two filed for divorce. But, they ended up calling it off. Did she stay for love, or because the settlement wouldn’t have been worth her freedom?

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa

If Vanessa wanted to split with Kobe’s money, he gave her plenty of chances to do so—a couple dozen coed, extramarital chances. But, she stuck around for quite some time. Vanessa’s only flaw might be trying to fix broken men.

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears

He did work his way up from background dancer to bedding the main act but, if Kevin was just in it for the money, he wouldn’t have produced a couple of offspring with Britney that he’d inevitably be paying for his entire life.

Kimora Simmons and Russell Simmons

Kimora was already a well known super model when they met, but you can’t blame Kimora of looking to expand her brand. She took on all the work of Russell’s clothing line Phat Farm, and sources say the two are still amicable.

Al Reynolds and Star Jones

Al did ask for $50,000 after Star was talking smack about him on the Wendy Williams show but, look at Star! She had it going on after her weight loss. Maybe the guy was just vein.

Stedman Graham and Oprah

It’s hard not to speculate about anyone who links up with the woman who basically runs the world, but Stedman got with Oprah when her show was only launching back in 1986, having no idea what a sensation she would become. He also is the CEO of his own corporate and educational marketing firm, so he isn’t exactly hurting for money.

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  • Sookiiee

    I believe vanessa know she ain’t gonna be ish without kobe whether she gets money in the divorce or not lol k fed is a gold digger not attractive at all so he must be putting it down al reynolds cme on now lol and steadman I think him and oprah need to stop playing and get married already

  • Lisa

    How do you know someone is a gold digger? Is it about looks? If a rich man marries an average looking woman it’s OK but if he gets with a beautiful woman then she must be gold digger and he clearly isn’t in love with her whatsover it’s all about her looks? Is that what some of you are trying to say?  Anyways, I think Kobe and Vanessa make a nice looking couple  Kobe is handsome and Vanessa is pretty. Any pretty woman who hooks up with a rich guy wil be accused be a gold digger though.
    What about J-LO and her 24 year old boyfriend. Is he a gold digger as well?

    • i agreed with everything but kobe being handsom pahahahaha he is sooooo far from handsome he aint even aight 

  • Tisha

    I wish these guys would ask themselves if i didnt have any money would I have this bombshell, Hell No!!! You Would’nt they kill me been with a sister all their lives wanna get some money and put chicks like Vanessa on their elbows.

  • Cteblkgrl

    ….cough…..Kevin hart……Cough…

  • OJ9561


  • OJ9561


  • OJ9561

    THE LATTER !!!!!

  • Kevin Federline doesnt pay for his kids Britney does!! So maybe he was init for the money! 

  • TickyTock

    You forgot one Tamar & Vince

  • Yeah….OK

    Honestly it’s hard for it to be about love after a certain tax bracket or status …. Most guys that get up in status want the hottest young thang on their arm no matter what her intentions may be… They throw all that love ish out the window and it’s all about “a look”. Women dont usually sell out like that but some high powered chicks are about “the look” as well. It’s not good, but that’s the way it is. That’s why most regular women don’t stand a chance with celebrities because they aren’t looking for just love… And companionship.

  • Glittermagic86

    *vain, not vein… 🙂 

  • guest

    you mean vain? not vein lol

  • Anonns

    It’s not always about money because some of them met way before they became BIG stars. And, nothing wrong being with someone who’s financially stable.

    • I agree with you, anyone can simply fall in live with a rich or poor person, it doesn’t mean  anything.

  • Tagirl

    Steadman was there before Oprah became a household name, so I don’t think he was in it for the money. Russell was a 35 year old grown man when he approached 17 year old Kimora. From her words, I get the feeling that she just couldn’t continue to put up with cheating. They’re still business partners and raise their kids together as friends. She’s a very smart business woman. Those two make money together and see dollars not nonsense.  

  • universal

    yeah! its definitely not your looks, lol…… money is obvious answer here……

  • Tagirl

    Kevin’s not paying a dime for Britnay’s kids, she is! She pays him like 18k a month per child. That was a pure come up for him.

    • Glittermagic86

      K-Fed is a shame. all he does is make babies and get fat. ew. he has like 3 baby mommas now and up to 5 or 6 kids now??

      • Sookiiee

        and he isn’t cute at all lol I don’t get it 

  • CA Pullen

    It is all about the mighty DOLLARS!

  • Gmarie

    if all parties seem happy, I don’t see a problem. There isn’t a lot of difference in marrying/using someone for money and marrying/using someone as an emotional crutch or because you’re looking to fill an unidentified void in your life.

  • Guest3

    Where’s Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince?

  • IllyPhilly

      MONEY!!! Why even ask the obvious question? S3xy and/or sweet broke guys
    in the hood can’t even get most hot girls to p!ss on them. 

  • IllyPhilly

     MONEY!!! Why even ask the obvious question? Swexy and/or sweet broke guys
    in the hood can’t even get most hot girls to p*ss on them.