So Big Bully Tami Wants To Teach Women How To Keep A Man With Advice From Mistresses

May 8, 2012  |  

Normally news like this would make me say stick to your day job but knowing how Tami pays the bills and after her ratchetness on “Basketball Wives” last night, I think I’d just like her to completely disappear.

In her ongoing quest to expand her “empire,” Tami Roman is branching out from being more than a reality TV star, T-shirt creator, and Sister 2 Sister columnist to a full fledged author. Yes, brace. In an interview with Rolling Out she explained the concept for a new book she plans to release soon:

“The book is called Mistress One on One and it basically shares tidbits for women on how to keep your man. We have a lot of infidelity going on and I sat down with some women who have been classified as the other woman so I got a chance to pick their brain and use their secret advice to help other women. It’s not necessarily a self-help book but more so how to be wise and not stupid.”

I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have teach me how to keep my man at home than women who give men a place to lay their heads and their pipe when they stray. Seriously, how does this even sound like a good idea?

When asked about returning for a potential season 5 of “Basketball Wives” (if boycotters don’t shut that down first), Tami said she’ll only return if she has something of substance to bring to the show. I think I speak for everyone when I ask why she waited this long to feel that way. Anyway, she will still be on TV though, but this time in a scripted show rather than a reality series.

“I just signed on to be one of the new cast members for a new TV show called ‘Belle’ with TV One which should be out this summer. It stars Ella Joyce from the hit TV series “Roc” and the beautiful Elise Neal from the D.L. Hughley show [‘The Hughleys”] and the legendary Keith David.  My book is coming and I’m also the new face of Bronner Brothers Products.”

One thing I will say is when Tami isn’t being an ignorant, belligerent mess she is hilarious. Maybe she’ll find her non-ratchet lane in scripted television. Or maybe not.

What do you think about Tami’s new book and TV deals?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • mrsamazn

    Was Mistress Wife is Better

    We don’t need a tell all book. In younger years I was a mistress for about 2 years. During that that experience,
    I learned that being the wife is much better. So I ditched the “ZERO” and got a “HERO”, we have been married 28 years (a few trials but not that many). Just be real “FOR REAL”. The bbw’s can not teach you a thing, they need help!!! It used to be fun when I thought the ladies were genuine entrepeneurs, but then then came the psycho, hoodrat, whoring bullies. SMH.

  • so Bronner Brothers products r going to use a Bully for the face of thier products

    very poor choice no wonder her attitude is cavalier she still has options so act u forgot ur past behavior.

  • Jay

    Hope she interviewed her friend Evelyn…

  • EbonyNicole

    Tami is a JOKE I need a good laugh today!

  • Surgentshannon

    I had a lot of respect for Tammy until last night. I lost all respect for her as a woman,she really show her butt and looked like a straight fool and nobody said anything to her. They all are followers cause a leader would have told her she was dead wrong. P.S how can we stop are kids from bullying other kids when they see adults doing the same thing!

  • Jen

    It just seems that everyone wants to write a tell-all, know-how, self-help, etc and it’s the wrong ones doing it!  First its the stupid show, then the hair line, now this???  Oh well I guess if Karin Steffens can write a book and it becomes a bestseller…geez! I don’t think she went far to get her information! Just sayin’

  • TashaJ

    I’m soooooo confused; why would I want to take “pointers”
    from a mistress who shouldn’t be cheating with a married man in the first
    place? What advice can a woman who doesn’t even have her own man give me? Why
    not write a book addressing the men, their mistresses, and downright trifling ways…..I
    so wish that she and every other train wreck on T.V. would go away; please stop
    glorifying these hoes and their ratchet ways!!!! Tupac is somewhere rolling in
    his grave….. 🙂 (Inside thing, I know he was cremated)

  • don’t nobody give a crap about what Tami has to say.  She is barely working on BBW,  plus if she know how to keep a man, why is she on BBW. did her man leave her? so in other words, you should only speak when you have knowledge. She on the other hand has no knowledge of keeping her mouth shut much less how to keep a man.  Get real, they just out here throwing anything out to the public to see if it will stick. and i do believe that ideal won’t fly.

  • Lantoine0

    I think Tami has matured a lot and has been able to see things more clearly since she first started on BBW’s. I would read her book. You may not like the messenger but respect the message.

    • Jen

      I’m not trying to sound mean, but when was the last time you watched the show?  Like when she first started?  Really?  I am guilty of watching up to when Jen got slapped but I have yet to see the maturity of which you speak!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    tami you don’t even know how act on a television show about bitter ex wives and girl friends of pro athletes. your own husband cheated on you with a woman you call your friend and you are currently NOT in a successful relationship. Girl. . . .

  • noname

    I CANNOT believe what I witnessed on the preview of the BBW last night…A grown woman, taking Keisha’s bag and cell phone…Tami is a big childish bully…I’m ashamed to share the same astrological sign (aries) with her…Are the checks that good? This is like, Jerry Springer…Absurd…

  • Lemoneyeslime

    All these chicks want to do is fight in restaurants, racetracks, and wherever they feel the urge. The behavior is appauling. Doesnt she have teenage daughters, like Evelyn has a college age kid.  If any of these low life idiots were my mom, I would be so embarrassed, and would do my best to get these animals some professional help.  Thanks SHAUNIE FOR UPLIFTING THESE ANIMALS OUT OF THE GUTTER AND ONTO TV.      THANKS

  • Me

    I REALLY do not like her. She’s an idiot, and she was an idiot 20 years ago when I as a teenager watching The Real World. As far as the book … I mean … If all of these dumb chicks will take advice from an ignorant negro like Steve Harvey, why not read a book giving advice from a mistress’ point of view? To me it’s no better or worse. *shrugs* … 

  • Yeah….OK

    Lawd…. These hos trying to grab every dollar they can before this ship sinks!!!! Tami please!!!! What’s your secret to keeping mistresses away from your man?!!! Befriending them??? O ok, girl bye!!! U can’t tell a woman nothing about a mistress nothing when u have become best friends with YOUR MANS MISTRESS!!!

  • SouthernSwagg

    I know I may come across as the oddball, but I don’t take any of the antics of reality stars too seriously. To some extent, these shows are scripted. In the “interviews” the participants are fed information from other cast members. Also, they are encouraged to act a donkey for ratings. I see no one is bashing Teresa from RHONJ, Vickie from RHOOC, or any of the cast from Beverly Hills or Mob Wives…BTW I’m a fan of all of those shows, yet I see it for what it is…entertainment. What about the other scripted shows that show black women as golddiggers(The Game), freaks(Single Ladies), needy and confused(Girlfriends/Living Single)? At the end of the day its all entertainment. Really, how many “good christians” watch True Blood, Vampire Diaries and the above named shows?

    In terms of the advice book…did y’all not read that she got info from “Side Chicks”? Hell, they knew what it took to get an attached man, so it would stand to reason that they could tell the wife/gf how to keep him at home.

    At the end of the day, a hustle is a hustle and you can’t knock it. You may not condone the method, but as long as it does not mess with your pockets, let Tami and all the others…Nene, Bethenny, Teresa and the rest parlay their 15mins into a payday.

    Please & Thank You

    • Wowo

      This must be Tami or her PR agent lo!! Boo please stop actin a fool and ruining the sistah image that is hanging by a thing thread as it is 😛

  • L-Boogie

    People are going to cheat.  There is no way to prevent it.  Unfortunately, that is life. 

    • L-Boogie

      That does not mean you take that person back but with every relationship know there is a possibility that your mate my cheat on you.  Live life and move. 

      • L-Boogie


  • Linda

    Just go away …. please !!  ENOUGH

  • awet

    I wonder if one of the mistresses she gained knowledge from is Evelyn?

  • Jess

    I would never she is a bully and she old and not cute.

  • Odomrosalind

    I wouldnt buy or support nothing Tammi, Evenly got going on. Bullying someone is not the way to be…I used to like Tami but after what she did last night to Keisha in Tahiti, no way acting like a teenagers and of course she have girls, please you won’t make no money off of me…I pray basketball wives be cancel..ridiculous grown women.She couldn’t been to violated in her life, that just an excuse because you want sympathy.


      I think Tami got out of hand when people kept saying that she was the realist one on the show. That was like letting a lion pit bull out of it’s cage.How was she so real. When you could only talk to her the way she wanted. Black/African American Women don’t act like this all of the time.
      The fans of hers created this monster and after she didn’t get fired for the Meeka situation then she just put on her superman (evelyn) suit.

  • FromUR2UB

    Does this woman have a man of her own?  Hadn’t mistresses better GET men of their own, before they try to tell women how to keep theirs?  That’s like someone who only works a few hours on weekends, trying to advise how to manage a full-time job.  The only people who believe that men won’t cheat as long as his woman tries to be everythng he wants, are cheating men and the women who cheat with them.   All a mistress can teach women is how to be a wedge where there are cracks. 

    Men need to grow up in this respect.  Everything in a relationship can’t go your way all the time, and just as you would think it was unreasonable for a woman to cheat on you because you don’t keep her in furs and diamonds, or jump everytime she snaps her fingers, you should be able to have some compassion for her, when you don’t get something you want.   If you don’t get anything you want in the relationship, then just end it.

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      But look at this way: men tell their mistresses why they stray on their wives and what makes them happy. sure i don’t think a mistress can tell a woman how to keep her man, but i’m pretty sure they have some insight to some things that women whose men stray man not be conscious of . . .

      • FromUR2UB

        Well, the thing is, those men are liars.  So, when they tell the mistress about their wives, they’re usually inflating her ego so that she’ll be a more willing participant.  Much of what they tell her is not true:  “I don’t love her and she doesn’t love me.”  “I’m only there for the kids.”  “We haven’t made love in years.”  “We sleep in separate rooms.”  “We’re getting a divorce as soon as…”  Blah, blah, blah.  Lies, all lies.  So, he gets the mistress to believe that she is somehow superior to the wife.  This way, he gets to have one woman at home washing his dirty drawls, and one outside sucking his d**k, or whatever it is she does.  He knew before he married his wife whether she was going to do certain things.  Think about it.

        • Hunterstae

          And what does the mistress think he will be doing IF he makes her the wife?  The mistress position is open to new applications then…

          • FromUR2UB

            Exactly.  For some men, cheating is just what they do.

      • Mls2698

        How do you know men tell their mistresses why they stray, Alicia?

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

           Because i’ve been the military long enough to hear my guy friends discuss it with close friends in jokes or general conversation, and I’ve read enough autobiographies by women who have been a mistress at some point or another. but nice try though to put me on spot for simpling making a suggestion to look at it with an open mind. How do you know mistress aren’t a therapy couch and cushion away from home? You don’t, I suggest that may be her reasoning behind doing her book. . . .

  • mulan

    I use to really like her but it’s sad what happen to her- the show do not portray  her in a good light at all, someone needs to fix that -ASAP 

  • DoinMe

    I know everyone has a purpose, but this chick needs to keep seeking, because I don’t think she’s found hers yet. 

  • I rebuke this. 

  • Bluekissess

    Why does she keep attacking Kesha? Just leave that poor girl alone. Like Royce said everybody talks if know one talked it would be no conversation. Why does tami feel threatened? Pick and choose your battles

  • Danaz

    I’m really trying to warp my brain around this concept that is dumber that dog Sh$$… excuse my ratchetness ( I know its not a word) LOL but Tami… stop drinking and be the God fearing woman that you claim to be.  

  • guest

    I feel like whatever Evelyn is doing, where be it t-shirts, books, shoes, etc., Tami will do as well, because she tries to emulate Evelyn Lozada, next she will be coming out with her own earring designs….

  • I used to think so highly of her when she was married to Kenny Anderson. They seemed like the perfect, young couple. Money and time change people – sometimes for the worst.

  • Fay

    Has she been secretly married for the past 20 years?  Why would I buy her book about how to keep a man!

  • superwoman

    The only advise Tami can give anyone is how to be a ratchet hoodrat! Tami, please please stop wanting to beat up everyone that says something you don’t like. You run your mouth ALL THE TIME. You had a mild heart attack a few months back..look at that as a wake up call and get your life right and stop acting like you are still in high school. It doesn’t matter “where you came from” its about where you are going and rising above foolishness!! The way you acted in Tahiti is simply RIDICULOUS. What woman who claims to be so grown still makes faces behind someone’s back? And who are you to tell Kesha how to cover her mouth? You always talk about being real……keep it real and admit you were looking for a reason to bully that young lady. I noticed when you had beef with Evelyn you didn’t act like that! You only show out with people who you know won’t argue or fight with you….you are nothing more than a BULLY!!!  Remember, you have daughters and karma is a mother@#%#!

  • Rah Truth

    She couldn’t keep her own man away from mistresses…. One of them called her a non mfing factor. Maybe someone should show her that clip. smh… Get off the stage, Tami!

    • Oletta1

       Double like!!!!!!


      I agree. the only advice I would hear from Tami Roman is she is going to get help or someone beat the living daylights out of her. then get Evelyn and her future stupid husband. And sue the 4 championship rings out of her.


    Tami you have repeatly set a horribe example for how a mature[youre over 40 right?] real woman acts with your antics,hope it doesnt come back to bite you on your arse!

  • Does she know how ridiculous this sounds?

  • really???


  • SickOfRidiculous

    I wish her the best in her endeavors, but as for me financially supporting her “empire”… BYE, Tami Roman.

  • Ms. Spring

    Please Tami, Go away.

  • My 2 Cents

    THe BBW’s are doing what a lot of the “other” actresses have done.  BBW’s show their behinds on the show for fame…The other’s show their behinds in Playboy…anything for a buck and “fame”  none of them have any creditability if you were to ask me.

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  • Regi20

    I am not interested in anything bbws are doing. They sold thier souls for a few bucks and cheap fame on reality tv. There is no telling what other garbage they willing to get into.