MN Exclusive: “The Game” Producer, Mara Brock Akil “Brings It Hot”

May 7, 2012  |  

Surely you know Mara Brock Akil by now. We caught up with the producer for the hit tv show, “The Game,” to discuss longevity in the business, what we can expect from the new season and her new project, “Being Mary Jane.” See what she had to say in the video above.

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  • Cookie

    To Mrs Mara Akil i have many show ideas….1. This is a true story.Tasha mets a transgender person only to fine out that he has both sexes. you can do your reseach on this. Anyway Tasha fall in love this person but when she fine out what he is it’s hard for her to deal with it. 2.Jason and Charrdanny mets a couple who are swingers, the couple invites Jason and Charrdanny for dinner, only Charrdanny don’t tell Jason that she went to college with the man and she have it to a turn for the four of them to be bedbubbies.3…Malik went it ran it pours. A old lover of Makil come back into his life only to tell him she has Aids. However what she fails to tell Malik is that she was having sex with a teammate of his at the same time. And the team mate has Aids but he has not being tested yet.

  • Ashley M


  • carlaredbone1954

    I’m not sure what is going on but The Game is just not good anymore. It is not funny and that canned laughter is just so annoying the storyline is whack (Tasha having Melenie & Derwins baby) Brandy and Jason????????? I’m taking it off my schedule to tape it becuase I don’t find it interesting anymore .And in that interview she just did she sounded fake and phony It’s  gonna be hot the hottest thing they HAD on there was Rick Fox OK

    • Dj

      To, all that reply’s that is negative to the game you whack, 4 –   1, the game is just another show that tries to get what people is looking for to see, It’s just episodes of what can, and will get better as the show progress in the ratings; don’t judge something that has everybody attention BUT yours! The game is not a reality show, maybe something you watch! SMH.
      Anywayz, I like the game cause it has things in the show that is not easy to recognize what ‘s next! That’s what make a show last …..make sense!! PLEASE…………..

      • carlaredbone1954

        Don’t think you can tell me what to watch OK last I checked I still live in America and I can give my opinion on what what I like or dislike OK. I DON’T LIKE THE SHOW ANYMORE you do what you want with your time and I’ll do what I want with mine enuff said

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  • NYC Gal

    Mara writes only Ghetto scripts!  All her characters are the same ghetto talking women.  If Mara was suppose to write a script on Jackie O, the script will be ghetto.  Poor Mara, all she knows how to write is stereotypical ghetto characters.

    • Mls2698

      Say it again!! I haven’t been watching lately/ last two seasons, but I saw one episode where the character “Tasha” was throwing chicken wings at “Melanie,” while encouraging the character ” T.T. to do the same. How is that talented writing?

  • RenJennM

    I admire Mara Brock Akil. I’m a Film and Media major myself, so I aspire be like her and other women like her. But The Game fell off to me. I don’t know if it’s BET, or if it’s the fact that Kelsey Grammar no longer executive produces it, but it just seems so DIFFERENT from the first three seasons. The first three seasons of The Game were television perfection in my opinion. The fourth and the current season were/are not good at all. I actually stopped watching it. I really miss what it used to be.

    • Treacle123

      Yep, the writing has become sub standard. The quality of the show has gown down indeed. A change in writers may be the cause. 

    • Msmykimoto2u

      I thought Kelsey Grammer came back? I could have sworn on the last episode I saw his name in the credits =S

      • RenJennM

        Oh, well maybe he did. I stopped watching The Game three or four episodes ago.