Kanye Caught With His Pants Down!

April 29, 2012  |  

Enough is e-damn-nough, Kanye Omari West.  You want to date Kim Kardashian – be it “the real thing” or not – that’s fine by me because you’re grown.  You want to be in the Kris Jenner web of doing whatever it takes to keep her family in the spotlight, that’s okay too.  But tell me: What in world is going on in the above picture (and what in the world kind of underwear are those)?

No, I’m being serious. Kanye is as smart as Kris Jenner (I can’t say Kim because she’s a puppet and her mom pulls the strings) so he knew that as soon as he stepped out of the car with his pants hanging that low, the internet would go crazy.  When I first saw it, I couldn’t even believe it was real because there is NO reason Kanye should be getting out of a car with his pants like that. I know he immediately felt the draft and if it were an “accident,” he would have gotten back in the car to fix the malfunction.

Oh yes, the assumption that this was “oral transaction” related? I doubt it.  Look at them: do they strike you as the type of couple who exchange “intimate car pleasantries” while on their way to an event?  Kim’s look is still in perfect condition and there’s no way she handled business and was still able to look as perfect as she did when she walked out of the house. She wasn’t giving him any type of anything in that car except maybe a pat on the thigh.

What we have here is a case of Kanye Omari West allowing himself to fall right in the Kardashian web. I suppose he feels he doesn’t have a choice now since he declared his love for Kim in “Theraflu.”  People are mad at Kim but for what reason?  She is being who she has always been (minus the pics of her wearing Jordan sneakers outside her home – please spare us) in the public eye.  In fact, I think they’ll get married and she’ll have a child with him. You can’t see that happening?  In fact, the only thing I find stupid is that Kim is gallivanting around the city with her new boo when she’s still married to Kris Humphries.

Anyway, Kanye should have his fun (and Kim should say her prayers because Kanye has quite the rep of being a jerk in his relationships) and live it up or whatever he’s doing. But please, let us stop this publicity train before it completely wrecks.


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  • Ms. Spring

    Gross, Kanye.  I puke every time I see him.

  • LAME

    But does he have on man panties is the question I need answered.

  • IllyPhilly

    I don’t know about y’all, but I actually liked old Kanye. First 2 albums were amazing, everything else afterwards-thumbs down. 

    • chevonne22

       1st album = C.L.A.S.S.I.C.

  • Luv

    This blog is so judgemental its like get a life and stop judging everyone has apastand changes some for the good and some for the bad. Who are yall to direct and write someone else script. Main one talking needs to look in the mirror

  • justwanakno

    are they wearing the same pants?

  • Y’all right, however these two are adults, She should drop the other Kris and give him his money back LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dburks1949

    who gives a rat tail

  • ShazzNem

    As President Obama said “Kanye is still a jackass” PERIOD.

  • Bluekissess

    People don’t think this is a story but they COMMENT. I think this is Kim’s karma. This is Kanyes drive by. He needs new music material so he’s going to expose this “relationship”

    At one point Kanye hated the paps. Took cameras and broke them into a zillion pieces. That’s why this is hard for me to believe that their together

  • Presh Vimbai

    So what ….. u need to get better stories this is crap

  • chevonne22

    This photo-op was conjured up to do just what it did……invoke such talk as this article.  Success! 

  • A

    Who cares? maybe his pants slid down when he was sitting in the care and he was adjusting them. smh

  • Ay

    He’s so metro lol

  • “And in other news, Kim Kardashian changed her sanitary pad.” Why is this news? Can we focus on issues that are relevant to women of color? Check out my new book Layover by Peaches the Writer on Amazon Kindle.

    • Love_Sexy

      Yes I agree with you and this will be the last comment on Kim…I read because I could not believe what I seen…These articles only assist with keeping her revelant and rich…..Furthermore its a sad day in our society when a piece of trash can climb up the chain of admiration, riches and news………..SMH!

      • guest

        Yes, yes, yes!!! You cannot complain about their family being in the spotlight if you keep reporting the news!!!