Suddenly George Zimmerman Has Black Roots and $200K From Website No One Knew About

April 27, 2012  |  

I’m not quite sure where to begin so I’ll just start with the news most outlets are talking about. We found out a few weeks ago that George Zimmerman had set up a website where his “supporters” could send donations and it turns out he’s been getting quite a bit of support—$200,000 worth of support. The problem is (besides the fact that people are aiding this man) Zimmerman’s lawyers didn’t know about that money when his $150,000 bond that he had to pay 10 percent of to be let out of jail last week was set—otherwise it would have been a lot higher.

Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for Trayvon Martin’s parents has requested that the bail be revoked since Zimmerman didn’t disclose how much money he really had at the original bond hearing. Florida Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester said he wanted to know more information about the money and what Zimmerman knew before deciding whether to revoke or raise his bond. He plans to address that at a hearing after giving Zimmmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara some time to gather information.

Now on to this black thing.

Reuters published an article today detailing Zimmerman’s upbringing and seemingly attempting to distract from obvious charges that Zimmerman’s fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin was racially motivated. Zimmerman who has gone from white to Hispanic to biracial and everything under the ethnic sun now apparently is part black. According to the article:

“He was raised in a racially integrated household and himself has black roots through an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather – the father of the maternal grandmother who helped raise him.”

The article goes on to talk about Zimmerman’s “mixed household” and regularly being around poor black kids and is frustrating to read so I’ll let you do what you will with that info. Whatever mulit-cultural background he has doesn’t take away from the crime he committed Feb. 26.

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  • I found the piece interesting and it sets up a good background of Zimmerman leading to the events of that night. Unfortunately, it also falls into speculation that is not seen in the evidence. 

    One, it uses the statement of a Black neighbor who says she was distrustful of Black males because of the current crimes that had been going on. While this fact is true that it would have made sense for George to be suspicious of Black males IF they were also doing activities that may be deemed suspicious to an average person, that is just that person’s speculation.The 911 call does not show anywhere that he describes his suspicion based on phenotype. In fact, when asked to choose a race by the dispatch, he says “He looks black” And it is only later that he states conclusively that he is “a black male”. What he states as a reason for his suspicion is that the suspect was walking around in the rain looking at various houses. Two, the article makes the unsubstantiated claim that Zimmerman disregarded the Dispatch’s suggestion that they he did not need to follow Martin. Again, the 911 call does not support this. Zimmerman states that the suspect is running, and the Dispatch asks which way the suspect is running. It is then that Zimmerman leaves his car and follows the suspect to get an idea of the direction he is heading. You know this is happening because you hear the door alarm go off from him opening the door and you hear his heavy breathing. It is at this moment that the Dispatch asks if he is following the suspect and when he says yes, he responds that it is not necessary. Zimmerman gives no indication that he disagrees and states OK. He will later state that the suspect ran away. For about a minute and a half the Dispatch will ask for information of location, where the listener can garnish, that Zimmerman is at a cut through, that he doesn’t have view of an exact address, and finally when asked his address, he is reticent to give it out because he doesn’t know where the suspect is. This is a clear indication that he is no longer following the suspect and that he has not disregarded the Dispatch’s advise.The conversation ends with Zimmerman first agreeing to go to the front of the complex where the mailboxes are (which would mean leaving the last known place where the suspect was seen) but then asking for the police to call him. In later statements, Zimmerman clarified that he went looking for an address to give the police when they called back, and then headed towards his car. This is two minutes after Martin ran, and plenty of time for Martin to be able to get to his house which was only a few buildings down. Martin would later walk back through the cut through and encounter Martin. What happened next, who threw the first punch, who challenged who, all is speculation. But three things we do know for a fact. One, Zimmerman did not mention race or hoodie as reasons for his suspicion. Two, Zimmerman did not disregard the dispatcher’s advice not to follow, Three, Zimmerman last saw Martin when he ran and with plenty of time to get home, yet he encountered Martin at the T intersection of the cut through. This means Martin had to have doubled back. There is no other way to interpret the 911 call evidence, the time the distance, and the place where the fight broke out.

  • Lady

    what the fawk…

  • Megancarteradler

    Ok… To me, this is like saying “I can’t be a racist, I’ve had 3 black people in my house.” This means nothing…. A life was still taken and Zimmerman has been proved to be a lier on more than one occassion.

    (Shrugs) Nothing can be said to make me feel sorry for this man.

  • LezMiz

    Zimmerman is sick in the head with respect to his own roots. He overidentifies with his white side, when you only need to look at him to know there’s a lot of non-white in his roots (Native American, like many Peruvians, and apparently, some African, too). He would likely be profiled himself in Arizona. Being hateful towards blacks might have been his way of dealing with his own obviously non-white self. He’s probably loving all the attention he’s getting from racist white people SMH.

    Psychology aside, he killed Trayvon for racist reasons, and should be held accountable for it. He could have been full black, and it would be just as bad.

  • Kay

    Okay, fine (index finger in the air, making a circle) whoop-de-doo, he’s got black roots.

    Does it change that he committed a homicide? No. 

  • Kay

    Okay, fine (index finger in the air, making a circle) whoop-de-doo, he’s got black roots.

    Does it change that he committed a homicide? No. 

  • Nitty

    Ofcourse he’s part black
    He didn’t know that and i’m sure like most latinos that forget that they are the offsprings of African slaves,he doesn’t wana claim that
    People wana be evetything but African.
    Being African is the epitome of it all
    it’s sad to see some of these latinos forget their history…
    Bleached blonde hair n bleached skins.
    The blonde color is

    • paco

      look man, i’m latino and looking at pictures of my grandfather and some relatives i can see some afro in us. My cousin even got beat up by some black girls for hanging out with hispanics because they thought she looked black. They white kids at school made fun of my sister for having “black” kinky type hair.  Some black people look at me and even ask me if i have some black in me. I don’t deny my background.

  • Ms. Spring

    Black, blue-black, spiced auburn, green, polka dot, yellow, he is a MONSTER. 

  • grammy97

    A commonplace hatred for black people is the most logical explanation for George Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin.   If that wasn’t his motivation, then what could it have been?   Could George Zimmerman simply be insane?   Of course.   And if he is, his family must be aware of it, because they’ve been bailing out this violent Jekyll/Hyde person for years.   Maybe they’d rather see the entire country destroyed by racial violence than admit that their precious boy should be in a mental ward?

    And no, the narrative George Zimmerman is floating about that murderous night is not possible.   There are reliable records that make it impossible.   The telephone company records for Trayvon’s cell phone show his last call ending at 7:16 pm.   Those records have been copied, and published, thanks to Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton and their dedication.   The next time stamp is at 7:17 pm when Officer Timothy Smith arrived on the scene:  his report is consider fact in a court of law.   How did Trayvon Martin end up dead in the grass in that one minute between those two documented minutes?   

    George Zimmerman is a liar.

  • fitnessforlife

    Now, Trayvon’s parents should come out and say that their son was part Native American, or Latino, or something like that.

  • Seriously

    Too much distraction and excuses from the most important issue here, Zimmerman was wrong and nothing will justify that.. Next thing we know, Zimmerman and Trayvon are cousins, stop the nonsense. Everybody’s root goes back to Africa. Those Afro latin have the worse self hate, just like some biracial/multiracial anything that reminds them of Africa, they hate. So, it’s irrelevant. Being racist is a mindset.

  • NikiTee

    excellent —so sad that vicious criminals must be defended
    The judge, defense attorneys, CNN attorney-Mark, police are tangled up in Zimmerman’s web of lies. What are they to gain? Old buddies, lump sums, fameZimm is a wannabe master manipulator, liar, fake, self-wound inflicter, vigilante
    The best statement I have heard from a Psychotherapist on HLN is that The police and others identify with zimmerman
    Even better, Attorneys Jackson and Crump are right on the matter and staying on top of the situation.
    Zimm is acting like those psychopaths and sociopaths who commit crimes

  • Pacoima46

    “suddenly zimmerman has black roots…..” Isn’t just like the liberal media to leave out factual details like this? Got to love them and their push to paint zimmerman as an all out 100% white racist at first. 

  • chaz


  • Miss_Understood

    Revoke his bail! I bet you his main financial support comes from Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum…what is going on with the judicial system in Florida?! First Casey Anthony, now this SMH

    So what if he has Afro-Peruvian roots?? Racism/colorism is VERY common in Latin America. I bet you he marked the white box on every census form and application he’s ever filled out and I bet you he never mentioned that he was “part black” to any friend, classmate or girlfriend.

  • Tara V

    umm.. doesn’t everyone have black roots

    • Tara V

      and besides it does not erase the fact he killed someone.

      • Sirley

        Zimmrmn is playing with the Courts and Law Enforcements
        Zimmerman killed an innocent and unarmed teen

        Down South, the killers who commit these crimes have underground connections.
        The killers are known to supply and deal drugs to law enforcement & court.

        appears Zimmerman is bouncing the ball and controllin the players.
        why so much patience and ease with a killer?  Some go to court and get preferential treatment.


  • His lawyers did know about that website. They are the ones that set it up, even before he was even arrested. It was all over the news here in Miami. So that is bull.
    Its obvious his lawyers are advising him to say this foolishness. First, he apologized to the Martin family which was really frustrating to watch, now he has black roots? GTFOH. 

  • Eangel872003

    So! I have white roots- would that justify me murduring a white person? NO! cuz im black- if that were me- I’d be under the jail by now- excuse my french but “who gives a damn?”  hurry up and lock this man up so we can move on to other news?

  • reVoke that MF’rs bail!  he been lying since DAY 1…..

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  • You know what?… *shut laptop and walks away*

  • FromUR2UB

    He should be forced to forfeit the money.  It is profit for murder.  Hopefully the account it’s in can be frozen so that he can’t access it. 

  • MissDiva05

    Who the hell DOESN’T have black roots?!?!?!? He’s still a racist MURDERER… (and now I digress before I get myself riled up on this gorgeous Friday evening).

    • Nada

      Zimmerman is always backtracking and changing his words. Zimm did not show love or like for Black race when he racially profiled and racially hated with his words on the 911 Tape. 

      The 911 Tape tells the Truth. All Zimmerman behaviors show a lying murderer.
      I do not believe atty.M. Omara is straightforward: the lawyer always know about money and accounts first of all and upfront. It’s all about the money and to not know about Zimmerman accounts is false.
      alot of lies are coming out –Florida laws are horrible –Court systems  are stinking

      Justice for Trayvon
      Justice for Trayvon

  • so is black roots the new i have black friends excuse??

    • Just saying!

      Exactly!! I mean last I checked most white Americans have black blood anyway right?

      • yeah which means they could never do harm to us, they can’t be racist, because their momma,aunt, baby daddies, nieces, cousin used to date a black guy………….. am i right?

  • @msredbonebrite

    My thing is: why the hell did someone who was charged with MURDER get bail in the first place? I’ve never heard of that happening, not EVER! Smh…

    Still praying for him, though, because only God can judge! But my heart definitely goes out to Trayvon’s family, because I’m sure this does nothing to ease their fears about him actually being convicted!