7 Reasons Why Your Buddy May Be Your Substitute Boyfriend

April 27, 2012  |  
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If you are a single woman, you may have this problem: A favorite male friend that has become a substitute boyfriend. He’s the charming fellow who shows up at the right time, says the right thing and is always seemingly available when you want to hang out. Besides that, he’s straight. Single. And, most importantly, not trying to holler. If he was, you would look at him sideways for violating your friendship. That said, it won’t stop you from treating the homey, like the boo and showing him a little extra love. Click through the following pages and decide: Is he your friend or a substitute boyfriend.

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1. You show up with his favorite cupcake, cookie or coffee every time you see him…just because. Don’t fool yourself. This isn’t just because. What you’re really doing is showering him with little treats like you used to do—when you had a man. Why? You revel in the warm fuzzy feelings from making someone else happy.


2. Friday nights. You know he likes to watch basketball, football baseball or any other sport, so every Friday, you’re at a bar with him. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hole in the wall, a strip club, Hooters for Happy Hour and hot wings or some fancy schmancy restaurant—you’re there. Cheering for his team, eating bad turkey burgers and downing a couple sodas. Why? You don’t want to stay home solo to watch Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Shark Tank and Top Chef on demand .


3. He introduces you to everyone, which is great, but his friends think you’re a couple. While he sets his friends straight, this is really a detriment to you because he has cute friends you’d like to holler at but since they think you’re boo’d up with their boy…even after the fact…


4. You’ve been partying all night with your girls. Homie is there and offers to drop you home, but you don’t want to leave your friends behind. Understanding your plight, Homie volunteers to drop all five of your friends home even they all live in the opposite direction of your place. This is the perfect opportunity him to be your…(next page please)


5. (continued from previous page)…Bed mate. You know what it is. It’s late and he’s too tired to drive home so you invite him to stay over. Since you’ve been homies for forever and a decade, it’s only right that he sleep on the left side of your bed. That is until you roll over on his side in the wee hours of the night, and miraculously your head lands on his shoulder and his arm, around your shoulders. Soon enough, you’re cuddling, snuggling and spooning. And loving every minute of it.


6. Homie is always your plus one. Concert, dinner, company holiday party, movies, vacation and even weddings, he shows up by your side.


7. Feeling ill? No problem. Your substitute boyfriend/homie is the first person bringing you soup, juice, meds, tissues, a cold compress, ice cream and your favorite movie—Love Jones. Even though you’re nodding off on the couch, he’s still there watching the flick and rubbing your feet to make you feel better. Should he fall under the weather, you’re right there to reciprocate, swinging by his place with all the aforementioned plus fresh baked bread—your specialty.

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