THINK LIKE A MAN: Can You Turn A Ho Into A Housewife Or Husband?

April 26, 2012  |  


Should you hold someone accountable for their past sexual encounters? What is an acceptable number of partners for a female? Will females/males be honest about their number of sexual partners?

Our dating experts share their thoughts on this hot topic.

(Jozen Cumming) HE SAID:

Of course you can turn a ho into a housewife. In order to do that, a man has to grow up and stop letting rap songs define what makes and doesn’t make a woman worthy of wife status.

Women should have a right to do what they want without being called a ho. It’s not wrong, what any woman does, it’s wrong they get called derogatory names for doing exactly what men want to do.

The fact is, a woman has a past, and in that past may be some things with which we don’t agree, but holding it against her to the point where we believe she can’t change or evolve? Ridiculous. We live life in stages, and a lot of women go through a ho stage, but they don’t stay there. Men go through one too, and eventually, whether a man wants to or not, he will outgrow a similar stage. For anyone who has ever skipped the ho stage, I would actually go so far as to say, they missed a very important step.

In other words, a woman who has had her ho stage arguably will become a better housewife.

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  • ItIsReallyAShame

    Impossible with so many Low Life Loser women that we have out there now.

  • RealitySpeaksReality

    Very Extremely hard to do that these days especially. A very Excellent Reason why many of us Good Men are still Single today.

  • Shakaking06

    Men are not held the same standard as women because they don’t have to carry the baby. Let’s face it the consequences are higher for women and so women have to be more responsible.  And this whole don’t call a women a ho for sleeping around is bullshit…If a women wants to sleep around she has to come to terms with what she is…

    • Chell78

      Really, “If a woman wants to sleep around she has to come to terms with what she is…”  What do you call a man that does the same?  Don’t have double standards. 

      A person that sleeps around with someone who is not their spouse is a whore (ho): a friend is not a person you are obligated.  In the Bible a man had many wives were they classified as whores?  The Bible described only females as whores and males as whoremongers.

  • Mls2698

    Skipped it.

  • Jesusrideswitme!

    There’s an old Spanish proverb that says, “He who has truly loved one woman has loved them all, he who has loved them all has truly loved none.”
     You can hit a lot of surfaces or go deep. I’m more of a deep sea diver and less of a surfer. While riding the waves can be fun it’s a quick process that begs to be repeated. Snorkeling allows you to see the true beauty of the sea and what’s it’s all about. You can repeat that as well.Have you seen some of the celebs who partied so much and now are too old to be partying? Choose wisely. Don’t get cheated by selfish short sighted choices.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    The evidence of promiscuity is still evident in her camel toe though. With men, you can’t tell their past…

  • FromUR2UB

    “Inner ho”.  Like it’s one of the emotions, or an inevitable developmental stage such as puberty.  How si-lly, si-lly!

    Aaaanyway.  Q:  What do you call a ho who gets married?  A:  A married ho.

  • Caroneisha

    Okay lets be honest a ho is a ho, and always will be untill THEY DECIDE to change. It don’t matter how much someone loves them, wants to help them, or what have you. If they don’t feel the need to change then they won’t. And I’m the type of person that calls it likre I see it, man are hos jus like women are. I tell my male friends all of the time that they are straight up hoes. I mean my dad is a KNOWEN ho and someone still married him, but he is still hoing. So for me it’s all a mind thing, meaning when you make up in your mind that you want to change then cool. But for me the answer is no, look at all of the people who have tried and I”ll bet majority of them ended up divorced with their feeling hurt. Another thing is male hos most likely will marry someone with less “exprience” or none before they marry a ho. Same way with a women who’s a ho, IDK I guess they believe the whole “the quiet/reserved ones are the real freaks.” And they like the fact that they can teach that person how to please them to their liking. Most of my guy friends in fact said that when he got married he wanted a virgin or someone close to it, cause it’s easier to teach them sexually. And they themselves are big time hos. But hey to each it’s own!!

    • Caroneisha

      *like I see.

  • Deejen12

    Wow another stupid thing that somebody can write on here. So just because I didn’t ho around means I missed something important??? I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss out on anything ie having kids around, catching somethings that can kill me from the inside out. I gotta tell ya being a women is hard enough but this world is getting too stupid with you gotta be this way or you gotta be that way. Well I gotta be me, a goofy and happy person not what you want sir 

  • DoinMe

    Another misguided and off-the-mark relationship article written by a dumb man with no knowledge of a woman. This guy even offered up some more brilliant advice on another article about dating your best friend’s ex and said it was ok. Why do we keep entertaining such garbage?  

  • Jaida Bang

    We missed out an important part of life because we didn’t decide to degrade ourselves by sleeping with a lot of men that never cared for us? lol that is the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. Yes we missed out on a lot, we missed out on STD’s HIV, multiple babies by multiple men, yes we missed out on a whole lot of drama! Darn it, it sucks to have values.

    • L-Boogie

      Thank you.  I like my coochie clean.  

  • Love_Sexy

    Mostly like no….Even though in life anything is possible…..Slim chance!

  • Lovely One

    “For anyone who has ever skipped the ho stage, I would actually go so far as to say, they missed a very important step.”
    Is this person serious?  *blank stare*

    • @msredbonebrite

      I read that line & came straight to the comments, hoping somebody called that out! I can’t…

  • jay bee

    This is such deceptive messaging. 
    If you consider yourself a woman who’s sexually liberal (in practice) and unencumbered by what people (or men specifically) might think of you and/or your sexuality, then full steam ahead.  I just think that men are very territorial by nature. They tend to define their masuclinity through the context of their accomplishments (house, car, career, ability to provide, their woman, etc.) and exclusivity is at the heart of that scale. If it is fairly accessible, the level of distinction dimenishes. Once you toss in the male ego, things get even more complicated.  Many guys just have such a difficult time reconciling a woman’s (with whom he is involved) sexuality in general.  If it happens to be a particularly rigorous one, I find that the probability of the man upping the commitment level feels less likely. 

  • This is garbage who wrote this crap…???… I didn’t skip no important steps by not experiencing “the who stage”

  • Candacey Doris

    To me being a ho isn’t about the number of partners you had. It’s the way you act. If you have no behavior, don’t have any standards about who you’re with and dress provocatively all the time, then you’re a ho. And that’s hard to turn into a housewife. Not saying it’s impossible, but there’s more to it then just ignoring the amount of partners you’re man/girl has had. 

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Look at Brad and Angelina.

  • really?

    whether one wants to turn a ho into a spouse or not is each and every person’s own decision.for me it comes down to 2 things;

    1) be what you ask for, male or female.

    i disagree that missing the ho stage is missing something important (for both men and women) and i will leave it at that. i am a woman who has had very very few partners, and i ask for the same.

    2)know what and who your decisions encompass.

    knowing that i can’t deal with a male ho, i understand that most guys with “swag” are off my list.most thugs too. i’ll generally be dealing with avg college educated joes, and that’s ok. i’m avg too.

    i understand that my man might not be as experienced in the sack as mr “wild lovin’ ” and that’s ok, as long as he is willing to learn i’m good.


  • Pivyque

    “For anyone who has ever skipped the ho stage, I would actually go so far as to say, they missed a very important step.In other words, a woman who has had her ho stage arguably will become a better housewife.”
    Are you kidding me? I wasn’t raised to be a hoe. I was raised to get an education, build friendships, prepare a career and THEN try dating. I was also taught not to sleep around because of morals. Being a “hoe” never was an issue because I never wanted to sleep around. I knew that I had my entire married life to have sex. To say that a woman who has had her hoe stage will become a better housewife is ridiculous. Any woman that is ready to be wife and is willing to be committed to her marriage will be a good wife. I think you are attempting to corrupt young girls into thinking that they should be whores at some point in life. Smh. The audacity….

    • Kwminb

      Thank you!!! Couldn’t have said that better myself. 

      What a stupid comment to make on such a page which is suppose to give GOOD advice. Fair enough everyone deserves a second chance in life, but not being a hoe at one stage in your life doesn’t mean you missed out on anything and there is no evidence it will make you a better housewife. That statement has just put me off ever reading anything on this page again.

  • F3ral Anarchy

     of course you can…people have been doing it for eons.  At least professional hos are getting paid.  Look at all these men and women in highschool and college sleeping around with everything moving and eventually get married.  Men have this thing called an ego that we need to get over.  If men were held to the same sexual standards that we hold women too 99% of us would never get married. The other 1% are priests, monks and hermis

    • really?

      ” If men were held to the same sexual standards that we hold women too 99% of us would never get married.The other 1% are priests, monks and hermis ”

      this is an interesting but contradicting statement coming from the same  man who responded to my comment in this article;

      very first comment, you can’t miss it…


    • Caroneisha

      Jus because someone gets married doesn’t mean they will stay married. And from my understanding men DID NOT marry hos back in the day. They only married young virgins, cause they wanted someone pure. And society didn’t look down on them like they do hos. Yea they slept with hos and had outside childern with some, but they didn’t marry them.