Brandy Reveals She Had An Eating Disorder As A Teen

April 26, 2012  |  

Last night, VH1 aired Brandy’s “Behind the Music” special and the singer talked about some well-known difficult times in her past like her breakup with Boys II Men singer Wanya Morris and the fatal car accident she was involved in in 2006. But the 33-year-old also revealed another dark part of her teen years: suffering from an eating disorder.

“I wanted to be so thin. That was my main thing. So I started not taking care of myself — not eating properly, not eating at all, diet pills, regurgitating, and all of these things that girls do,” she admitted.

“People don’t understand that being the hottest star or making the most money does not mean anything,” she explained. “I’m here to tell you I was making so much money — I was omnipresent — and I was the unhappiest teenager probably in the world.”

 No one would have guessed that from the singer’s bubbly personality in interviews, her stage presence, or her personality on the hit sitcom “Moesha,” but Brandy’s long-time friend confirmed the pressure the teen star was dealing with.

“On the outside everybody saw this amazing person who had everything, but that’s not what she saw when she looked in the mirror. She felt she was never as good as everyone else thought that she was.”

Anorexia, bulimia, and body issues are typically conditions that are thought to be “white girl problems” so Brandy opening about her issues is a pretty big step for the black community and one that hopefully makes people more aware of what our teen girls are going through too.

Check out this clip from her “Behind the Music” special. Did you watch last night?

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  • msbanana2

    um, did she just say that she was the most unhappiest teenager in the world?! really ? cuz thats not self centered at all…… hey all you teens out there who had real problems, like you know poverty, wars, death, disease,  you thought you were unhappy? try being a rich famous singer who can get anything you want whenever you want it and never had to fear for the livelihood of yourself or  others around you-_-

  • Treaclesis

    Those of us who use to watch Moesha would realise that she had an eating disorder, because in the episodes when Moesha was in college, her frame was really tiny.

  • awet

    This really isn’t brand new news, she has admitted that she had an eating disorder for some years now.

  • Stippia

    Please brany are u making stuff up to be relevant…

  • Monica

    I like Brandy, she still looks like she has an eating disorder.  This is coming from one petite lady to another. 

    • jay bee

      I was going to say the same thing.  I always get concerned when people refer to their ED as being in the past but are still rail thin.  I feel the same way about Kerry Washington.  It’s an extraordinarily difficult thing to overcome and being a celebrity constantly in the public eye doesn’t make it any easier.  In any case, I wish them both the best.

  • akha1784

    I love Brandy!