Why Don’t Black Women Want to Breastfeed?

April 24, 2012  |  

When you teach sex ed and parenting skills you’ll find yourself in the middle of all kinds of controversial conversations ignited by people’s personal values and fueled by judgment.  A few weeks ago I was sent to market a parenting program to patients anxiously awaiting their pre-natal appointments in a clinic located in a low-income neighborhood of Philadelphia.  This clinic was frequented by a population of African-Americans, women from the Caribbean islands and women of African descent.  In an effort to entertain and educate a room full of impatient, pregnant woman, the nurse practitioner took it upon herself to highlight different pregnancy and childbirth discussions each week.  Today she took a funny but informative look at breastfeeding.

“I just can’t imagine breastfeeding my child with the same organs I use to satisfy my man,” remarked a young woman who appeared completely disgusted.  “Instead of having one crying and hungry mouth, I’ll have two.  I’ll pass,” commented another young mother.  I found myself questioning my own feelings about breastfeeding, which before that day I had inconclusively assumed was not for me.  My mom was just finishing up school and starting her career when she had me so she didn’t breastfeed me.  And besides my annoying allergy-induced asthma and a shellfish allergy, I had turned out OK.

Still the predominant trend in the waiting room that day was most of the women’s inability to overcome the sexual barriers that they had placed on their breasts.  Most of them couldn’t see past their breast as sources of sexual amusement for their men and pleasure for themselves, and as a primary feeding source for their newborn children.  The only exception was one girl who was probably all of 17 years-old who came in the center late that afternoon with her mom and little sister in tow.  She stayed quiet for most of the conversation as she helped her sister pick out stickers for the baby book they were creating for the tenant in her perfectly bubbled belly. She softly and confidently commented, “I don’t see what woman wouldn’t want to breastfeed her child.  In my native country of Sierra Leone, women don’t fuss with formulas and all of that mess.  I crack up when my friends ask me if I’m getting an epidural.  In my country women have babies naturally every day.”  Her mother just smiled and nodded with pride.

The young girl’s confidence and nonchalance made me feel weak honestly. All of us were sitting around giggling about birth, breasts and sexually satisfying men and this girl who was younger than many of us in the room couldn’t fathom any other way to experience pregnancy and child-birth than the way nature intended.

Before I get accused of singling my sistas out, keep in mind that women lie, men lie but numbers don’t.  A survey conducted by the CDC in 2005 took a look at the rates of breastfeeding according to age and race.  Although 59% of black mothers reported they were breastfeeding, Asian-American mothers were most likely to breastfeed, followed by Latina/Hispanic mothers at 79%, 75% of white mothers and 67% of Native American mothers.  Before we debate about the challenging schedule of a busy career woman, the study also revealed that 63% of women with less than a high school diploma breast-fed as compared to 84% of college graduates.  Only half of young mothers under the age of 20 breastfed, but 68% of mothers between the ages of 20 and 29 breastfed. 77% of older mothers over the age of 30 were the ones most likely to breastfeed.

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  • Mama

    Who writes this 5h|t? I’m black and I breastfed my daughter when she was a baby. She’s 18 now. To the author: put out an ad seeking the subjects of your one-sided content for the sake of balance, will you?

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  • aminahhh

    okay this is horrible…not breastfeeding bc you cant imagine using your breasts for THE ONLY PURPOSE THEY ARE INTENDED just bc your man enjoys them. smmfh. you have breasts to feed your babies, period. the infant mortality rate for black babies is more than double the rate for white babies. and you know what can help reduce the risk of most of the leading causes of infant mortality? yup, BREASTFEEDING!

  • mamanas

    I have breastfeed in my 20’s and two other’s in my 40’s. Most of my girlfriends….actually all of my close friends have BF. It was a personal choice for all of us and we have encouraged and supported each other. I realize that I am ignorant to the other side, because I just don’t have the connection to the other side. I do feel that this was historically what AA women did in the past and corporate (formula) made it seem more chick to not BF. Now it’s become more popular for some segments of our society…..so now its ok. I refuse to become a slave to what is in or out…..I do what is best for Me and my children.

  • Portertast

    Has anyone ever though about the fact that breastfeeding hurts. Hurts bad. If the baby doesn’t latch on right it can suck out blood.

  • Shondra89

    Hi..im a black 23 year old and I nursed all 3 of my babies not to mention had two of them without an epo and still nursing my youngest which is 2 months. I think, like the author stated above, breast milk is the absolute best milk you could possibly give your baby which is why some baby formula is advertising that it shares SOME of the same ingredients as breast milk. I personally think that some women are being selfish. The whole purpose of the breast is to feed our young which is why men can’t. And if your husband can’t see your cha cha’s. as being sexy after u gave birth to yall’s child that u carried for 9 months…well he needs a reality check. All im saying is that when u have a child its not all about u anymore I learned quick from being an only child. Its more about the baby and how you the PARENT can keep him/her as healthy as you possibly can.

  • BlackNGreen

    I’m a black woman and I breast fed my daughter. My bf and I went to Babies R Us and bought a $250 double electric breast pump made into a backpack. We also bought the car adapter, and a small single handheld breast pump for when an electrical socket isn’t available.

  • Traci

    Im not going to jump into the “To breastfeed or not” debate because it is very much a personal choice but I would like to say that I have heard it said that the idea of breastfeeding has sexual undertones but I’m a little surprised to hear women say that.  I have only heard men say that.  It is a primal desire for a man to be attracted to a womans breast but not because of it being sexually arousing but rather it was thought that a woman with larger breast could ensure good nourishment to a baby.  This is also true about women with curvy hips to carry the baby.  I nursed all three of my children without being led by example from the women in my family because only a few did and they were all in my age group.  The reasons why I nursed my children are because I believed it to be the best thing for them after doing some research.  I have no criticism or even thoughts about women who decide it is not best for them no matter what their reasons are.  I think it is up to any mother to be do responsibly research the pros and cons of breastfeeding and decide for themselves.  I decided it was best for me because I never had to worry about heating up bottles or scalding the baby with milk that was too warm.  Those midnight feedings were a breeze since it only took me positioning the baby to be able to latch on and than we both would fall back to sleep.  The expense of formula was not one of the many expenses I had with the baby initially.  I lost the baby weight very quickly and loved the drunken look on the babies face after they nursed (and no I did NOT consume alcohol or do anything that could harmfully pass thru my milk).  Breast are for breastfeeding but with so many options out there make up your own mind whats best for you!

  • ♥kiss♥ my♥passion♥

    LOL!!!  You used CDC as your only source!  LMAO because you were able to write an article mostly written in opinion form not based on hardcore facts and have people arguing about it.  Don’t go into research you might kill a whole civilization. (If Margaret Mead & Durkheim had a love child this writer would be it. It would be a killer union ahhahahaha, get it?).  I’m aware that my sociology humor will be lost on some people, laugh anyway!

  • Adivinemissm31

    I wish the writer had titled the article “Why more black women don’t breastfeed”. At 48, I gave birth to my last child, who is now a healthy and happy 8 months old. I was all ready to breastfeed, even had a breast pump, but I was rehospitalized 1 week after he was born and up to that point, my baby spent 48 hours in the NICU….I pumped breastmilk for him.

    • Breastmilkmusings

      Some of these comments are very sad. Of course black women breastfeed, but the author wanted to know for the moms who decided not to what was their reason for not breastfeeding.

      I work with young kids and my students say the same thing. Breastfeeding is having sex with a baby and that’s gross. It may sound unbelievable but it’s true.

      It is also a fact that black women do breastfeed but not nearly as many as the other races. The data isn’t trying to make us look bad, but infirm us if whats going on to make improvements.

  • Superfly

    My son was 10lbs and some oz. I was terrified to breast feed after I saw I’m suck down a bottle in the hospital.

  • Dizzle

    Wow, I can’t believe there are so many women who, even in spite of evidence that it’s the best for their baby, still won’t breastfeed. If a mother CAN’T breastfeed, then that’s one thing, but what I’m reading on this msg board is that women just simply don’t want to. That’s crazy! I’ve seen women with painful nips still breastfeed their babies, because that’s their sacrifice for their child. But these women are saying that they don’t want droopy breast, WTF?! 

  • greyeyedbandit

    First World Problems!!! In the time it takes a mother to prepare a bottle most mothers are already finished breastfeeding their baby. WIC gives pumps for free and jobs have to abide by your pumping schedule. To me, as a full-time working breastfeeding mother of a 10 month old, it is not that serious. It is sad that the main reason mothers choose against breastfeeding is society’s sexualization of women’s breast. I feel bad for any woman that doesn’t even at least try to breastfeed because it is the best bonding you can get with your child knowing that you are giving the nutrition and finally using your breast for WHAT THEY ARE MEANT FOR, however unsexy it is. It brings you closer to your kid and coincidentally in an earlier article about a mother burning her 7 week old, my first thought was she probably wasn’t breast feeding; because worse came to worse I nursed with my lil one and it always did the trick. In conclusion education is key and if we raise our girls to know what their breasts are for then maybe we would have more women choosing to breastfeed, and not feel uncomfortable about it.

  • Mya

    The society is moving too fast, can we go back a little bit to the traditional way of doing things. First, breast and sex is naturally meant for reproduction, so it’s so immature/ignorant when women and men only see  strictly sexual. Some men can’t stand to see their women pregnant, give birth, breastfeed and some women are in full support. It’s ludicrous. Breastfeeding is natural, I think it’s because everything in the society is about sex now, so a mother breastfeeding her child is seen as sexual. Some sick people calling it oedipus complex. People need to just get their minds off the gutter.

  • Now we don’t want to breastfeed!!! Lord have MERCY!!!!  Stop with these peuso bias a** studies already. Lets just do this, “EVERYTHING NEGATIVE, BAD INHUMANE AND UNGODLY BLACKS RATE THE HIGHEST.”There you go now you don’t have to report any more negative studies against Blacks.  Now lets start focusing on what’s positive already…geez!

    • Miss Anonymous

      Omg this just in, 95% of Americans falls own at some point in ther life so that must mean that 99.9% of black women fall down! how can we prevent this epidemic from happening!?! *read with sarcasm*

  • 1) You don’t know how to use statistics properly so you should probably stop trying.

    2) LOL At all the racists here saying that Black women don’t breast feed just because they’re too uneducated to know what that entails for their baby. You’re all f*****g retarded.

  • I’ve been thinking about breastfeeding and have been asking a few of my friends about it but their lack of breastfeeding experience also puts me off it.

    • A.J.

      Have you thought about contacting La Leche League?  Their website has a lot of great information, and they have lactation consultants as well.  It’s really best for baby.

  • sweettea

    I breastfed both of my children for about a month each. I quit because the pump didn’t work out too well for me and at 3am I wasn’t awake enough to keep them latched on for the hour or more a feeding takes. I think if possible you should try it and if you don’t like it then stop. The whole ‘I satisfy my man with these ‘ argument makes no sense once your breasts fill with milk day 3 postpartum. They’re swollen they hurt and milk leaked out all the time.With all that going on your guy is a total weirdo if he’s trying to s e xualize them. He’d end up with a face full of milk

  • Amija James

    I live in California and a lot of black women still don’t bf.  I did because it is best for the baby, I lost my weight super fast and I was too lazy to do the bottle thing in the middle of the night.  🙂

  • BabaPuppe

    I’m just turned off by the idea of breastfeeding, I don’t even find the thought of my (future) s/o being “intimate” in that way with me appealing (or all that great). Eh, too each her own, right?

    • Mqwe1919

      Where do you think the baby is going to come out from? Your body can be sexual depending on context, but your child won’t see it that way. Your child will see your body as home. And if you’re not ready for your body to be anything but sexual, then you may not be ready to be a parent.

      • Guest

        I don’t think you understood my comment, and that is my fault. MN didn’t allow my first post, so I had to rephrase. When  I said “intimate in that way” I meant anything involving my breasts. Hope that makes sense. Some men are into the “sucking” thing and I don’t find that appealing or okay, if anything the thought makes me uncomfortable — and that feeling would be no different if it was baby. Again, hope that makes sense? 

      • BabaPuppe

        I apologize if my response to you was all over the place or totally missed the point of what you were saying, I’m rushing and trying to do too much, okay… I understand where you’re coming from, but I still do believe you misunderstood my previous comment. I didn’t mean to use the example I gave before, but that was pretty much the only way I could think of to explain lol.. Um, you judged a little before attempting to figure me (or at least what I was saying) out, so I don’t expect you to understand why I feel the way I do or where those feelings come from. Guess that’s all..

  • BabaPuppe

    I’m just turned off by whole idea of breastfeeding, and that whole nip sucking thing that some guys like.. Yeah, that’s a no-go too. 



    • krystllyght

      That’s what I was about to say. Breastfeeding is FREE!!!!!!
      That’s free nutrition for the first six months of their lives.
      Formula is ridiculously expensive, some I’ve seen at $22 per can. What I’ve seen in people who don’t breastfeed, don’t even pay for formula, they get it with WIC. I bet if they had to pay for it themselves they would choose to breastfeed instead.

  • jackieOsassin

    i intend to breastfeed my baby for about 3-4mths, then i’m switching to the pump before transitioning to the formula. 

    sounds like a plan.

  • Darchie64

    How can the writer of this article ask the question, why don’t Black women breastfeed? Did they not read their own research? According to the static within the article, 59% of Black women breastfeed. For those of you who have problems with math, that the majority.

    There are a variety of reasons why a woman would choose not to breastfeed, some women can’t produce enough milk to nourish a baby. For what ever reason a woman may or may not breastfeed their choice should be respected, not dimonished with words that twist the truth.

    • Miss Anonymous

      I wasnt breastfed because the doctor almost killed me and my mother so after I was born they (my family) thought she wasnt gonna make it and she was sick in the hospital for a while. I knew  one girl who was heartbroken because she couldn’t produce enough milk for her baby to breastfeed. Maybe we should go around randomly asking why dont you breastfeed and find out the person’s medical history like we are their doctor.

      • activist1

        Same thing happened to me and my mom. She almost didn’t make it and couldn’t breastfeed me even though she wanted. My mother isn’t black however.

    • Joel Anderson

      The usual reason is the girl is too ignorant to breastfeed. Medical reasons rarely are an issue. You see them all the time in stores, buying like 30 cans of formula at a time, and it’s usually a woman who is under 20. Older black women are the group that is breastfeeding. 25 and younger generally do not.

  • Rmdavis45

    Simple we don’t want our breast hanging down too our knees and this is what happens after breast feeding your breast tissue has been completley broken down and this cause the sagging.My poor sister ended up this way she is only 48 me on the other hand at 63 I never breast fed and my breast is more firmer than a lot of 30 year olds and I don’t have to throw them across my shoulders so there you have it. 

    • Lgnicholas

      Im glad you said that you didn’t breast feed. Breast feeding doesnt do any more than giving you child formula. I didn’t breast feed and I wouldn’t want to be force or pressured to do so.

      • Ladybug94

        Breastfeeding is more than giving your child formula.  A womans body produces breastmilk which is way better healthwise than formula.  I breastfed my son.  No one is forcing anyone to nurse as it is not for everyone, it can be difficult especially getting the baby to latch correctly but it is healthier.

    • A.J.

      That’s not true for everyone.  I know plenty of women who breastfed who don’t have saggy breasts. 

    • Mqwe1919

      Actually, breast sagging has more to do with issues of age and muscle tone than breastfeeding. There are nuns who sag and mothers of 5 who don’t. I’ve female relatives who sagged despite not breastfeeding and I’m pretty perky after 2 years of nursing.

    • greyeyedbandit

      Please my mother breastfed all three of her children almost a year each and women think she’s had a bood job because they are still so perky at 50. It has nothing to do with breastfeeding and everything to do with genes

  • FromUR2UB

    These women do know their breasts are filled with milk when they give birth, don’t they?  The idea of their men drinking their breastmilk….ugh!!  That’s a little too creepy for me. 

  •   I breast fed my son for the four mths hes been alive but he’s teething
    now and it got uncomfortable to me. And I also didn’t get much
    encouragement from my family. My sisters call it unnatural, and my my mom told me to bind my breasts so my milk wouldn’t come in. I hope that next time I can go longer and not give up due to teething. And I don’t see my breasts as sexual objects that’s silly lol!

    • Brownielocks

       I’m sorry that your family was not supportive.

  • Me!

    I am black and I breastfed and I  will breastfeed again. I think black women need to have more information out there regarding the benefits of breastfeeding. I am pregnant with my 3rd and I breastfed both of my children. I wish I was more informed with my first as I would have gone longer with him. My 2nd, i went almost a year with her and pumped when I returned to work. The stress of work didn’t help my milk supply and I eventually stopped. My husband has been super supportive with me breastfeeding and he says he prefer it to formula. Now that I am a stay at Home mom I will have the luxury of doing it longer if things go that way for me and baby boy. My mother was very discouraging when it came to me breast feeding but I totally ignored her in that regard and did what I felt was best for my child. Society and the media have conditioned us to think the breast is solely for sexual pleasure and frown upon the intended function of the breast, which is to nourish our babies. Also. Expand your research beyond the free clinic and the rerun those numbers.

  • FromUR2UB

    A NEW stereotype for black women?  This is enough to send me into ABWM (Angry Black Woman Mode).

  • IllyPhilly

    What Black women? ALL the ones around me were shoving breast feeding down my throat! 

    • Miss Anonymous

      I have seen some women breast feed in the mall when it was packed where people where walking, coughing and hacking but if she likes it I love it. Im a tad more concerned about women bringing their newborn 3 day old to the mall to show them off . . . during the winter. -_- 

      • IllyPhilly

         LOL. Right!

  • Bluekissess

    (I don’t have children) but when I decide to have children I WILL breastfeed. Why? Breast milk is the most HEALTHIEST it prevents future air born sicknesses. I also heard that powder formula gives babies uncomfortable gas.

    As far as “sexually satisfying your man” isn’t that what prompted women to get pregnant anyway? You have two breast baby has one your man gets the other lmao. It’s not about them anymore it’s about the BABY and if your man can’t realize that then you might want to analyze your relationship. That’s selfish to me in MY OPINION.

    Breastfeeding helps you lose weight you burn calories duh

  • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

    First, the “no kid” restaurants and zones…then the “mothers” who use surrogates so as not to mess up their figures, now it’s no breastfeeding because it will interfere with the sex life. Smh…I could have sworn babies were supposed to be blessings, not societal burdens. I mean, did we all seem to forget that we were all once someone’s baby/child?

    After hearing about Deion Sanders idiotic actions and now this foolishness, I’m beginning to think that the “what’s best for the children” concept is a thing of the past.

    • A.J.

      I agree, our society makes it easier to do as little as we can for children instead of trying our best.  And a lot of it is selfishness, too.  I’ve heard a number of women say that they didn’t breastfeed because “their boobs would sag”.  SMH.
      This is unrelated, but are you a Delfonics fan?

      • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

         lol…you could say that, but mostly I just really like that song 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Enough already of why don’t black people do this or that when it’s only generalization. 47%  of black women breastfeed and 57% white women, so it’s NOT non existent. And considering other factors that play into it, for example a lot of  new black mothers are working mothers unlike many new white mothers who are stay home moms, so of course they will have more time for breastfeeding. I read in an article that few black women don’t breastfeed because they don’t want people to think it’s bcos they don’t have money to buy baby formula. So, let’s focus on educating, informing, advising, and ways to help each other out not make inaccurate headlines or statements that will only add to the problems.

  • Dizzle

     They only see their breasts as sexual objects?! Really?! Well, hopefully after being educated about how breast milk is the best milk for their babies, their attitudes changed.

    It’s funny I was just talking to my best friend about breastfeeding. I’ve been living in South America for the past 3yrs and the attitude about breastfeeding is so different. Here, it’s a given that the mom will breastfeed her child. Mostly, it’s about economics (formula is expensive), but it’s also about culture too. I’ve been on crowded, standing room only buses when a mom would whip out her breast and feed her baby. Any men in sight of her would respectfully look away. In that moment, the breast is not viewed as a sexual object. Now, these are some of the horniest, sexist men I’ve ever seen in my life, a big behind can not walk by them without their eyes being drawn to it (often times while they’re with their girlfriends), so I guarantee you in another context they would be staring openly. But the relationship between a mom and her baby is revered here.

    I’ve read stories that in the States, breastfeeding moms are being asked to leave restaurants and stores because it makes other people feel uncomfortable. Really? I mean everyday we’re bombarded with lewd images, but the sight of a mother feeding her baby is offensive? Talk about backwards.

  • Toya Sharee

    Just to be clear, I wasn’t saying all black women don’t breast feed.  Just recalling the experience I had one day in one place with women that don’t necessarily represent ALL black women.  Also, I am just stating what statistics say, whether they are skewed or not.  I never understood how people can get upset over generalizations and then defend their POV by talking about their own experience.  You don’t necessarily represent everyone either…just saying.

    • ittybitty

       In our defense, you are posting YOUR POV on a site that caters to black women. Why wouldn’t we want to post our own experiences in order to counteract what might be “generalizations” other readers might take to be facts? You yourself said: ” I never wanted to be that mom in the middle of a restaurant with a
      soccer van out front, a child hanging from my chest while his/her
      sibling used the ketchup as finger paint as their father just looks
      annoyed. (I’m probably completely off, but this is honestly what popped
      into my head).” I post my viewpoints so that others realize that this viewpoint IS completely off. You inserted some statistics into an overall articles that was your and other women’s generalizations about breastfeeding. You have to expect that people are going to counteract your generalizations with FACTS.

  • D. Rose in the paint

    Please say  black American…Blacks in America do not represent all blacks in the world.

    • A.J.

      In the article, she said that the women in the group were a mix of Black Americans, Black Africans, and Caribbean.

    • My3Cents

      Thank you! I was just about to post this. The over generalization  is too much when these organizations conduct studies on one group of people. Africans behave differently from Black Americans. Caribbeans behave differently from Black Americans. These differences exist because of cultural differences. Africans and Caribbeans do not raise their children  the same way as African Americans( Black Americans). These studies need to specify how many number of participants where Black Americans vs Caribbeans vs Africans. They won’t because it will reveal severe flaws in their conclusions. I expect non black websites to jump to conclusions but its amazing how many black American websites jump to these ridiculous conclusion without think through the information thoroughly!

      • JustSayin

        This is true.  But really it’s not done bc the numbers of black americans v. africans v. caribbeans is not always available in a way that will yield statistically significant results.  there are researchers, especially in canada, that do this.  i’m sure you can find articles via google scholar. As it is i think “blacks” make up 13% of the population.  The local, state, and fed agencies that do research usually do not begin to separate groups until they reach a 10% threshold. there are also issues with defining each group by ethnicity as well as level of acculturation. 

  • Squeen

    This is ridiculous!  EVERY one of my black friends who has had a child, breastfed.  Statistics are constantly strewed when it comes time to black people.  The title of this article is an unfair generalization and doesn’t need to be on this site.

  • Cheetah

    My mother breastfed me and my two brothers.

  • A.J.

    I come from a family of women who breastfed their children, and I plan to do the same with mine.  Isn’t it amazing how a 17-year-old girl had more sense than women twice her age?  My college even has nursing stations for women who need to feed their children.  I get tired of people saying that they refuse to breastfeed becasue they view their breasts solely as sexual objects; that’s messed up.  We as a society have to move past this oversexualized image of our body parts.  One big issue that isn’t fully explored here is that of teaching and learning from family members.  If a girl/woman does not have positive examples of breastfeeding around her, then she’s less likely to nurse her own children, even though it’s proven to be better.

  • Nefijones1

    Will, I also breast feed my son. 

  • ittybitty

    I’m a black woman, and I breastfeed my child, and have since she was born. I work 50+ hours a week, and pump while I’m at work. It’s now a law that companies have to provide a room and time for a mother to pump while at work….so why wouldn’t I? You make time for the things that are important, and it’s important for me to breastfeed my child during the first formative months of her life. My husband supports my breastfeeding; the defense of breast as “sexual organs” seems a bit immature to me.

    • Bluekissess


  • Coffee

    Okay, I’m officially done with this site. Why would a black, female-oriented site make an untrue, ignorant generalization about black women???????  
    I breast-fed my child and majority of black women I know, breast-fed their children as well.But guess what, majority of my latino & white  friends don’t believe in breast feeding.  Does that mean that Latino & White women in general don’t want to breast-feed?? Of course not!  It’s an individual’s decision.Stop with these ignorant headlines that bash black women & make us look ignorant….

    • Bluekissess

      You’ll be back… if you read the article you would look at the statistics. If you want a round of applause for being a good mother here you go *clap clap clap…

      • anonymous


    • Blk-Breastfeeding-mother

      U spoke the truth!! They make like ever other race is right and the black/AA race is wrong and illerate! It piss me off. I should stop coming to the site, BUT one monkey cant stop a show!

    • Girl this site is getting on my damn nerves too…It’s ridiculous

    • there are many black mom young and old ALL around the US who do not brestfeed! this is true. I work with young mom s of all colors to talk about BF. ALot of times its their own mother who stop them from doing it

  • RedButterfly81

    I’m a black mother who breastfed my daughter when she was a baby. I did it in public and didn’t care about what others have to say or think, my mom breastfed my younger siblings in public without a care when they were babies, so there’s where the confidence came from. Breast milk is better than formula and if you’re that cared to breastfeed, buy a pump. Breastfeeding benefits not only the baby but the mom too, shrinking her uterus and stops her bleeding down there after giving birth. Also I’ve said this once and I said this again: BREASTS ARE NOT SEX ORGANS! My then husband supported me breastfeeding our daughter as long as our daughter is being fed.

    • Guesting

      Yeah, you should be so proud to take what’s supposed to be a private moment public. Girl, bye. No round of applause for you.

  • Mls2698

    Many young black women are single mothers struggling to take care of their children and work, too. Being the sole person in some instances responsible for day to day tasks can be a bit daunting for any mother. There are countless benefits to breast feeding, but the teet has to be available. And, yes, pumping could be an option. I’m not sure if separating thoughts about sexual arousal  versus feeding a baby is a problem; if so, that person is not sexually mature.

    • Lovelygirl

      Another reason why single motherhood isnt beneficial to our children…

      • Mls2698

        They can’t help it, they try to have the baby to keep the man.

        • No they can’t help it if the guy doesn’t want to be a man and take care of the child he helped to make.

          • zeti

            so they should stop getting pregnant for guys who haven’t put a ring on it…

            • Mqwe1919

              Sometimes they do put a ring on it- then skip out when their wife gets pregnant. Many of the men on the “deadbeat” list were married to the mother of their children.

            • marriage cant even keep a man around these days i was married 2 years moment i had a baby he up and left

    • Bluekissess

      You can pump your breasts at work