Tuesday Talk: Melanie Fiona On Her Mother, Man And One MF

April 24, 2012  |  

The sun should not rise before Melanie Fiona’s man comes home.

Her hit song, “4 AM” from the sophomore album The MF Life, is the nocturnal tale of a woman’s intuitive thoughts driving her to the edge of self-doubt. In “4 AM”, Melanie doesn’t want to know where or who the man in question is with. She knows he’s most likely at the strip club with his boys, but there’s a time to shut the fun down and take care of home. And not the next day, either.

Melanie has a fearless spirit with an Instagram-free heart. There’s a clear sense of edgy vulnerability in her lyrics, but she’s honest. She’s been in love, out of love and everything else in between. She doesn’t know how to go quietly into the night. As a matter of fact, Melanie comes alive in the night because she knows being in love is a 24/7 commitment.

But “4 AM” leaves us with an interesting question. Would Melanie make the perfect wife? Maybe. She admits to being a strong willed woman on the go. But when the right man comes along, who truly understands and can handle her fierceness, she’s all in. She says…actually, we’ll let her tell you herself on the next page also known as The MF Life

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  • Ifuaskme2

    What exactly is a strong personality? This woman does not need to be in ANY relationship if it ’causes feelings to be splintered.’ If you’re all about yourself when not in a relationship you would not do a complete 180 when in one. Who you kidding with that MF BS? Sigh…. Poor Adam must have wanted to go CSI on your crazy ass. Talking all this crap about what she’s not. Nothing about who she IS.

  • I love her even more

  • mochaaa

    o melanie i l-o-v-e u 

  • YM

    A brilliant advice!

  • @c23708d2cde8f17ecf9aa67a38c5554a:disqus  I totally agree with you.  MF is beautiful and I like her first album, she can sing too however, after reading this article i wouldn’t want to be her boyfriend. I’m a very secure man and i like a woman with a strong personality but what i can’t stand is a woman who’s all about themselves, selfish, inconsiderate. They are nightmares to deal with. Everyone comes with baggage, including her, and she dates a lot of people all at once; there’s a name for women like that.

    • Ttatiana17

      Yep there’s actually two….single and grown. If we really want double standards to disappear we have to stop implying things to digress the movement. She should be held to the same standard as a man and allowed to date and find herself with whoever, whenever. No offense to you but but your comment seems inconsiderate. Does a woman really have to be a (insert insult here) if she doesn’t want to get married like yesterday?

    • Pivyque

      I didn’t take it that way. I felt like she was saying that when she is not in a relationship, she is all about work. Once she finds someone, she will make time for them. I don’t think there is anything wrong with casual dating. She didn’t say that she was sleeping with them. She could just be hanging out, going to movies, out bowling, go kart racing and other regular date type things that don’t involve sex. You shouldn’t be so quick to assume.

  • Glittermagic86

    love the advice from her mom and the comments about energy being felt and transferred through others.  other than that, MF seems kind of like a big biotch.  she doesnt like to hang out with her girls. shes all about herself. she doesnt believe in giving gifts or receiving them. i get the whole not being materialistic thing, but this is just rude.  
    she also thinks the reason she doesnt have a lot of guys come up to her is because she is “too strong” for a man and that they are scared -_-   I’ve rejected a lot of men. some MULTIPLE times. men are not scared of women who know what they want. they are scared of women who are nightmares. and she sounds like a nightmare girlfriend. voice is amazing though. 

    sorry, but MF seems awful to know as a person but lovely to watch from afar. 

    • Tay

      Seems like is the key word. You don’t know her and her response to an article is not enough for anyone to label her a b***h?? We are able to take minute pieces of people and judge them when in fact we know nothing of them. Its a little judgmental and frankly the problem with having freedom of speech. Its not everything that we think that we ought to say!

    • Pivyque

      Not always true. Plenty of my guy friends over time told me that they never tried to talk to me because they were intimidated. They knew I had a no-nonsense policy. It just depends on the guy. Some are more confident than others. My husband even said that he was a little intimidated when we first met lol 

  • akha1784

    love the advice from her mama!