Calling Tyler Perry! Racquel Bailey Is Looking For You!

April 21, 2012  |

“They say” if you have a dream you should chase it by any means necessary. But does that still ring true if you’re a single mother who just received her last paycheck? For Racquel Bailey, that’s exactly what it meant. This 23 year old aspiring actress from New Jersey spent her last paycheck on a billboard placed in Atlanta that she hopes will be noticed by…Tyler Perry.

Yes, we’re all reading it correctly – the girl spent her last dollars trying to become the “next big thing.” ESSENCE caught up with her to discuss this bold move and she explained it by saying that she wanted to find a way to stand out. She, like many of us, knows that casting directors see hundreds of faces on a daily basis and this was the best idea.  Racquel said the ad company laughed at first but agreed that it was a great idea.  Many others agree but the one person who matters – Tyler Perry – has yet to contact her. She said the last time she checked his office had not commented.

Now on one hand, maybe we should give Racquel a round of applause for trying a different approach and attempting to get Perry’s attention since she loves and respects his work. But on the other hand, let’s get real: you have a child and you spent your last check (the theater company she owns works with Newark Public Schools and since summer is coming, the program will not be running) on the hope that Tyler or someone in his camp will see the billboard. By the way, Racquel hasn’t even seen the billboard so she’ll be scraping up her pennies to take her family to Atlanta this summer to see it.

What do you think? Considering your own responsibilities, how far are you willing to go to chase a dream?

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  • Goziem

     ITs her dream

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    You should go for it, but reasonableness and practicality should come into play if you have another mouth to feed. If it was just her, cool.

  • Success, in a generally accepted sense of the term,
    means the opportunity to experience and to realize to the maximum the
    forces that are within us.

  • Ashuniquebeauty

    That’s right , get it girl!!!

  • ShazzNem

    Hope he hears of it and makes contact…she deserves to at least be auditioned!!!

  • Sahara

    No offence, but is he not touring right now? Hes hardly gonna see it. That being said, she does have the look he looks for and as much as i love Nia Long and Thandie Newton… We need NEW talent.

  • Well it has gotten this much attention, who knows Tyler may give her a chance

  • Mia

    At least she didn’t take the Kim Kardashian route to being noticed. Just sayin! Tyler give that woman a job instead of casting trash like Kim who doesn’t need the work and is not a real actress!

  • Glittermagic86

    well… what i dont see here is.. is she part of SAG? she cant even be IN his films even if he DID contact her if she isnt apart of SAG 

  • Angie

    at the end of the day- does she have the talent? I would’ve save my money and submitted a reel online- thats just me though (wisdom)

  • D_nichauthor

    i applaud this young lady. i would’ve done the same thing. i’m a romance writer and sometimes we do what we have to do to get the attention we need. yes, i want tyler perry to point me in the right direction as far as my writing is concerned. but if it’s not him, then maybe someone else with bless her with what she wants. i wish this young lady well. and i hope she gets what she wants. you go, racquel! bailey!

  • Seema

    He has an option on his website where you can submit audition videos.  The billboard is too over the top/unprofessional and seems stalkerish to me.  Also she lives in New Jersey.  Why wouldnt she direct her board to all of the black directors out there

  • FromUR2UB

    Hmmm.  Hopefully she’ll get an audition from it, at least.

  • Faecoast

    She tried. U never know maybe she will get a part. I always wanted to be a model. Im 21 I only weigh 98 pounds flat stomache little boobs and butt i never gain weight. I always thought to move to cali to get discovered. In florida i barely hear about model calls an all that so idk. Maybe one day..

  • I AM

    At least she tried something…