What He Really Thinks About You: 7 Things That Annoy Men About Women

April 21, 2012  |  
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Relationships are hard! Women express their concerns on a regular basis, leaving men with the option to comply. Well ladies, the men have spoken. We’re not the only one’s having issues with what’s going on. They’re just as annoyed with us as we are with them.

See what they have to say…



Yes, you’ve had the same argument over and over. Yes, he is aware of how you feel about the subject but none of that matters because you keep asking him over and over. He’s given you the same answer to that question the first few times it’s happened. He’s now tired of repeating himself. You obviously don’t like the answer he’s giving you and he absolutely hates that you’re asking again. This is why he lies. His first few consistent responses didn’t suffice, so now it’s time to make up another. He’ll do whatever it takes to shut you up.


Women Claim to Want the Truth

In his eyes, if he told you the hard nosed truth every single time, you’d be disgusted. The truth is, he wishes that you would stop asking questions that you really don’t want the answer to. He spends time doctoring up words and sentences to account for your sensitivity. You’d be crying on a regular basis if he said what he felt, especially during a disagreement. If only he could truly let it all hang out.



Although a women’s intuition is something you think comes from a higher power, he would absolutely beg to differ. In his opinion, you’re just nosey. If you truly trusted him, you wouldn’t be looking, intuition or not.  He doesn’t care what you say. No man wants to live with Sherlock Holmes. It’s not what he signed up for. If he checked up on you constantly, you wouldn’t appreciate that kind of invasion. He deserves the same privacy he gives you.


Trash Talking About His Friends

You have your friends and he has his. The fact that you think his childhood friend is a complete bum, should be kept to yourself. The same way you appreciate and protect your friends, he will too. They were friends before you entered the picture and will remain friends, should your union come to an abrupt end. Despite what you believe, men do understand loyalty.


Talk Time

You have something to say and yes he might like to hear it but not if you’re doing it during the game. It’s his entertainment time. He doesn’t bother you while you’re yapping on the phone with your girls, while simultaneously watching Basketball Wives. By the way, talking while he’s on his way to sleep isn’t the best opportunity either. Talk time seems to happen at a lot of the wrong times. Yes, he may even just be avoiding you but, “we need to talk”, is code for “you did something wrong and now you need to change”.  He feels like the talk is always going to be about something he needs to do. This brings us to the next point.



No man constantly wants to hear about his shortcomings. He heard what you said and he’s working on changing. It’s not an overnight process. Why must you constantly repeat the same thing? He’s feeling bad enough about the situation and it just feels like you’re kicking him in the gut. There is nothing else you’re going to say that will drive the point home anymore than you already have.


Limiting “Happy Hour”

Some people get a massage. Others may smoke or drink. His most preferred method of stress relief is “Happy Hour”. Everything in the world is just fine while he’s having relations with you. However, when “happy hour” is rationed, it becomes irritating. He already has to wait until you allow it to happen. How much flex do you need? First, he gave in to idea of foreplay. Now, he has to wait for you to give out signals that foreplay can be attempted. He thought women had needs too? Now you’re holding his favorite body part hostage. He can’t catch a break.

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  • guest

    this article sucks.

  • Daintydamzel

    I think all this article is basically saying is that women should just shut up and screw their man. *smfh*

  • Daintydamzel

    I think all this article is basically saying is that women should just shut up and screw their man. *smfh*

  • Gladys

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  • Lawrence

    I’m a grown MAN and I try to give what I want in return. There are no perfect men or women. I’m married with kids and I run with my momma’s motto: ” You got to give to get.” I don’t like drama so I try hard as hell not to bring none. I’m not a fan of my wife hanging with her exes so I don’t say s3!+ to mine. Rule here is I don’t do it. I don’t keep traffic in my house because this is what I want from her in return. We grown and got kids. Can’t be behaving like middle schoolers. I get on her nerves. She gets on my nerves. She and I are both guilty of at least half that list toward each other

  • 111

    most of this sounds like its comming from a mad, sad man who has never been loved right. 🙁

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  • KMD

    I thought this was a great read as well. Quite informative. I think I’ll bookmark this one and utilize it in my next relationship.

  • Truth be told, I like real happy hours. That’s what I thought the last joint would be about.lol. Men like space and freedom. You know, time to hang with our own friends and do things you aren’t necessarily a part of. I know women who feel this way too. 

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  • Kandi

    WHY do WE CARE about what “THEY” want??! We shouldn’t care about what men want because each of us are different and unique!! Thats what makes us ALL so special, so don’t live for what men want, be you! I know that there are times that my bf wants to choke me, but I bet you that there are waaayyy more times that he wants to hug me and never let me go!! I don’t try to be like anyone else and I don’t try to fit into anyones perception of a “woman”! Because GOD made me this way for a man to take ALL of me, the good, the bad, and the ugly!!!

    • real_master_roshi

      Change “want” with “dont want” and you’d get the gist of this article.

  • Chocolate_Star

    So I guess this means we should just shut up, eat sh*t, never say or show how we feel, accept his lies, and open our legs whenever he wants no matter how we feel to keep him happy. Smh Maybe this is why all the married men I know are cheating.

  • Guest

    truth be told if my boyfriend were to do those things to me constantly and id have to accept it as what men do .. id be supremely annoyed .. however if there was a complete absence of those things in my relationship id also start to question the authenticity of it ..  

  • Yedaee

    Relationships are for weak people !!! I’m glad that I don’t pursue dating, total bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Now, tell me how I can share this with my lady without experiencing any of the listed problems.

  • anything i ask i want to know the hard truth

  • Cct7100

    All true!

  • Bluekissess

    I thought Steve Harveys book was enough on what NOT to do. List like these can be depressing

  • Baker Babe

    I must be the man in my relationship cuz this sounds like the things I can’t stand about my husband. O_o

  • theghost917


  • Guest

    i snoop alot.. i’ll admit that lol im just a curious person, even when it comes to my brother family or friends when i get bored i go through stuff not because im trying to find smtg but just out of boredom lol my man knows that and he doesn’t trust me with his phone or alone in his property LMAO but atleast he knows that its just the way i am i can’t help it.. i stop myself sometimes out of respect for him tho. But if his phone is unguarded hell yeahh ill go through it with no regrets. lol

  • Toofunny

     “First, he gave in to idea of foreplay”
    excuse me?????????????????????????? “Gave in” to the “idea of foreplay”?

    Poor guy, nor enough that he had to endure her constant snooping and nagging and repeating of her complaints. now she wants foreplay too? He really has to suffer in a relationship, doesn’t he. Poor soul, she wants foreplay too! [irony off]
    Anyone who isn’t up for giving a little attention in bed will end up exactly as this article pointed out: happy hour is limited.

    • Kris50

      I was thinking the same exact things! Give in??? Give me a break! If he doesn’t want to get things going then he’s not going to get any! Nobody likes a lazy man (or woman)

  • 4ThWardGA

    They not lying bout Happy Hour most women hate doing it and most men love doing it that’s why a lotta men cheat for sexual reasons only never for emotional reasons

    • Kris50

      Most women hate sex??? Are you a man???? If you are, please let me inform you: Women do NOT hate sex. If she doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore, it’s because you’re not good at it, and she’s tired of trying.

      • 4ThWardGA

        Im married for 8 years baby mine love it thats why she my wife i know too many men who cheat and all have women who hate doing it you probably one of them a hit dog will holla

  • el

    Well had you listened, I wouldn’t have to repeat myself…and trust, the more I have to repeat myself, the angrier or more annoyed I become. Let’s start with the ish men do that drive us nuts. Based in this blog, women are to walk on egg shells all the tinder…and we aren’t. Find something else to write about. Sheesh.

    • FStubbs

       So men have to be perfect? Got it.

  • Bbstiffy

    More like 7 things that annoy women about men…

  • Reading some of the comments on this post underscores #2: Women CLAIM to Want the Truth.
    Here men have been invited to share what WE want, and the women on here can’t even give us the floor without taking dumps on us! It’s like y’all love foolishness and hate the truth! SMH As for females ‘Limiting Happy Hour: any chick who plays coochy-control games with me gets kicked to the curb. Go train your dog with kibbles and bits. I ain’t having it.
    Its a shame more sisters can’t handle criticism. That’s why y’all are so effed up relationship wise. Going to church and can’t even here what Jesus is telling you to do for your own happiness and well-being. It’s pitiful.


  • Leatrice Singleton21

    So basically: woman should just mute themselves in the relationship!…most woman are not nosey or “snoop” unless their man is f#*cking around on them, or has in the past…men never want to be held accountable for their actions!

    • shayla hudnell

      that tells me a lot of women are with men they don’t need to be with! 

    • s0 true

  • Achish6165

    Reading kinda puts blame on the female. Relationships come in pairs and it’s takes to make problems in the relationship and both are too blame. I love my man respect him and remain loyal to him and vice versa. We r not perfect n if he ever stepped outside our union I be on the 5,6,10, and 11 clock news. Peace.

  • Ladybug94

    If you think most men don’t snoop, you are sadly mistaken.

    • Lady L

      I concur.  Alot of men do what’s on the list to us.  At the end of the day if the parties don’t trust each other…leave!  LIFE is too short!!

  • Brandes_ptrsn

    This is so rediculous. It sounds like bad relationship strategies some 19yr old gives her 15yr old sister. Smh! Sad! Lol

  • AaronBrutus

    Lol Notice how 80% of the list involved Talking.

  • Colliz6

    This article had me smiling from ear to ear. I certainly pray to God that i meet a man that doesn’t deserve these kinds of treatment.

  • This is a good list. I (a female) was in a 3 year relationship with another woman and we had a lot of these issues. Oh my God. She did #1 over…and over…and over. Repeat little mundane things about things around the house even when I cleaned or did something right. Also, the one about friends. I never trashed talked about her friends but I put up with A LOT of crap from them. Her best female friend (bisexual) from childhood kept flirting and my gf got mad that I snooped. Um…I think snooping in that sense was fair. I don’t like that. Her friend even called me a b***h and she got upset when I defended myself. Not to mention that they sometimes slept in the same bed when my gf went back to her hometown. Yeah so obviously you can see why that ended. 

  • KJ23

    Honestly, I do all of these things.  My guy has just screwed me over so many times that it’s hard not to be so angry and want to really drive in the point that he has hurt me, especially when he keeps on doing the same thing he promises not to.I try to change and stop nagging, or “talking,” but he won’t change until he feels like it, and it makes me more and more angry that I feel like I’m the only one working on things. I should just let go of the resentment.

    • maggie

      leave him . . . you can’t force someone’s feelings

    • Smacks_hoes

      Yet your still with him? Hmmm how can I say this nicely…If you don’t trust his a** leave him.

    • Achish6165

      Honey not only let go of the resenemt let go of him and the dead weight your carrying he doesn’t deserve the commit n love u r giving. Go find a good sex toy till u find a decent man.

    • Rose

      People do not change because someone else wants them to, they change because they want to do so. Look at your mate, spouse or whoever is in the relationship with you, what are the things about the person that you can live with and what are the things that you cannot live with. If the things you dislike make life miserable and impossible, it it time to say goodbye. You should not live with a person if making them happy cause you to be miserable or if making you happy cause them to be miserable. I divorced a man that I truly loved because he was only happy when I was miserable.  Yes, I got over him but he has been trying to get me back for 12 years.

    • Abm32129

       um how about letting go of the guy who has screwed you over so many times.

  • Korey

    I am not defending the snooping claim but the only reason a woman would snoop is if he pushes the vibe of he’s living foul. 

    And I would not have an issue if he snooped… I have nothing to hide. I’d gladly accept it… 

    • sweettea

      To be honest I snoop and my husband knows I do because before we got married I told him I was a snoop and he didn’t care. That’s my issue and I own it and he accepts it. Just like he has weird issues that I accepted

    • neka

      Yes!!! Women snoop because somethings not right. We know our men. I snoop, and ill say 10/10 I’m right every time. Hopefully the first couple of comments were men posing as women b/c we shouldn’t live our relationships through a post we read!! If we did/ went by everything a man told us we would be some damn fools!!!

    • NicciNic

      Yeeeah I don’t snoop. I’m just nosy as hell which is fine by him cause he’s just as nosy as I am. Some women are just nosy as hell

  • Oh for the love of GOD can we just get over what “they” like/dislike/think/etc? It’s about God first, family second, ourselves third (I’m a female)…and random dudes we sorta like…somewhere between watching TV and watching paint dry. These men (who in most cases are not even claiming us, first of all) are given way too much power in the media (including this blog). *slams door*

    • Tallchiick

      True..and I’m SMH at all the women who commented that they’ll take note & this was helpful..b/c at the end of the day, no one is perfect and if ur gonna be in a REAL relationship with a REAL man..u better expect REAL problems…and no DOS and DON’T s list on a blog is gonna help..cause if ur faking it (holding ur tongue and not saying what u REALLY wanna say cause of something u read somewhere) the whole relationship is fake…ijs

      • sweettea

        None of this applies to real long term relationships. Maybe year one but after that the real you is coming out for both of you and both of you have to decide if you want to be together despite each others short comings and issues

    • letsgetbacktothebasics

      As a married man i agree not with you but with this post. I find it hard to figure out why when they post things about how men are to change or compromise their characteristics for the benefit of, not our women but our relationship, women everywhere will agree. When the tables turn and some, not all women come to the realization that they are not perfect and everything they do isn’t always right, their heart reasons with itself to excuse, or deny, or evade the same compromise that some women insist on men making. So would you women who refuse to compromise for the better of a relationship stop complaining about being unhappy in them because like the saying goes you get out what you put in. Maybe the ones who refused to change and say that they are happy in their relationships, it might be possible that you’re happy and your man really isn’t, and he has given up on you in that respect. To be happy inspite of your man’s misery could be called selfish and maybe your not worthy of the relationship in the first place. Relationships take compromise from both partners for success. Imj.

    • So_What

      ………..right on and hilarious to boot!

    • Ms_Mara

      lmao @ *slams door*

  • Terrence

    What most men hate about women, you ask?

    1) Selfishness
    2) Combativeness
    3) Liars
    4) Fickleness
    5) Jealousy
    6) Catiness

    • Guest

       Well, you’ll have to put up with SOME jealousy. It affects everybody.

    • Ladybug94

      A lot of men fit the 6 you’ve listed.  What now?

      • Lady L

        So true! Also add mammas boys and cheaters.  I’m not saying ALL men..the others know who they are!

    • Lee189

      It Would be nice to be able to actually read the article. Bossip has so many stupid ads

  • Khayan10455

    I love this Kariba!!

  • Khayan10455

    I totally agree!

  • Khayan10455

    Well put!!!

  • Charisemiddleton

    I’ll definitely take note when I’m in my next relationship. Great read!