Where Are They Now? The Cast of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

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I can’t tell you how many times my classmates and I used to sit at lunch talking about the latest episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” From Will getting shot to Carlton overdosing on speed and Hilary’s fiance face planting into the ground during a bungee jump proposal, there have been many dark moments on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” that had folks talking. But for the most part, the show was one of the funniest ever. The fact that they could even find a way to make the death of Hilary’s fiance funny at all says a lot about the writing. But enough rambling. You want to know where they are now, and after doing some research (a lot actually, I lost some good sleep hours), I thought I’d fill you in. Per the usual, be ready to click on a few pages.


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Will Smith

Of course we had to start with the obvious. Will Smith played…well, Will Smith, the street smart and hilarious Philly teen who moves to Bel-Air and creates all kinds of havoc (and comedy) for his aunt, uncle and cousins. I just loved everything about Will on this show, especially his overly-dramatic side (“Mama noooooooooooooo! *in a high pitch scream*). While the show was going and after it ended, Will Smith became a blockbuster movie star. Post the show, he did Men in Black, I Am Legend, I, Robot, and garnered Academy Award nominations for his work in Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness. He also, of course, was a music star, releasing the albums Big Willie Style and Willennium. Be on the lookout for sequels for Hancock, I, Robot and another Bad Boys installment. Geez, going to keep milking that one, eh?

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MadameNoire Video

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  • SameerahX

    I think another memorable clip of Carlton doing HIS DANCE & showing his dancing skills was the episode on “Soul Train”.

  • I think the most memorable clips from this show is Carlton’s dance!  Especially when he did a duet with Tom Jones on the show!  OMG This guy really stole the show!  My personal humble opinion, mind you 😉  I wonder if I can post a link from youtube.  This is my most favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKSxlJPmz40

  • The more this guy age the better he looks… lol 

  • Worth all the clicking through. lol. I love this show and glad to see everyone doing well.

  • I wish they had shows like this on TV now.  Where have all the great shows starring African American actors/actresses gone? Now mostly everything on the major networks is white.  I can’t stand that.  No diversity, and not even trying. This show was a family show, and consistently funny 🙂

  • unque43

    Let it go Janet Hubert. We know you dislike Will, we love him well  a lot of us do. Time to let go and let God. You probably would have more success if you let it go. Love you and best wishes

  • Jackieo Perkins

    after JANET left the show i stop watching…the actresses the put in her place…was’nt good AT ALL…and i think WILL SMITH was just what she said he was what reason was there to lie she did not say a word until the show ended…

  • Carlton is working with a health and wellness company and he is about to the world’s largest flash mob doing the Carlton’s dance… 

  • 1234

    How you gonna leave out Trevor????? Hillary’s news anchor boyfriend……..

    • Cinnamonsugar114

       Apparently Trevor aka Brian Stokes Mitchell was a two epiosodes of Glee and in last year’s Jumping the Broom.

  • KalifaWilliams

    tatyana just wrapped a film called “coming home” which she shot in Trinidad…..

  • ITrollHard

    Tyra only got some kind of certificate for a few weeks long program.  Intellectually, she’s a fly on the wall who still needs attorneys and accountants to make the picture clear for her.  Tatyana, on the other hand, STUDIED.  HARD.  And, she’s prettier.

    • ppl

       Hey hater and what do you have?

    • Jamma

      Tyra has a business degree from a prestigious university. Google is your friend so use it ninja!!!

  • Dest

    It’s kind of sad how everyone looks so old now

    • Akosua123

      How is it sad? People grow old old don’t they?

  • FromUR2UB

    I always wondered whatever happened to that lead character, Will Smith. What was the actor’s real name?

    • MNEditor2

      I think it was Darquan Carter. He needs to make a comeback yo! 😉 

      • Akosua123

        Nah I’m sure his name was Tequan Nimani. I agree he should make a comeback He coulda been real something 😉

        • FromUR2UB

          Yeah.  Probably ended up getting a regular job somewhere…thinking about what could’ve been.  He might have been as big as that movie actor who married Jada Pinkett.  He was certainly better looking.  

  • Candacey Doris

    Wasn’t a fresh prince “article” like this posted just a few months ago?

    • MNEditor2

      No ma’am. We did a news post on a photo some of the old cast members took together, and we DID do a fashion shout out to the female characters on the show. However, no “article” as you would say. Thanks.