Indie Pop Group Declares They’ve ‘Got A Thing For Black Girls’ in New Music Video

April 19, 2012  |  

It’s not often black women are the object of one’s affection in the mainstream but an American Indie pop group is attempting to change that one song at a time while breaking down a few other taboos all at once.

In the video for the first single off of their upcoming album, Chester French admits they’ve got a thing for “Black Girls” and what makes the declaration more striking is that the singer is a white woman. Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, who directed the racy black-and-white video said:

“The video’s purpose is to celebrate the female form, the beauty of black women, interracial, and same sex love. We approached it with simplicity, trying to make the images speak for themselves in the arch of the very simple story told.”

The imagery will no doubt cause some to have strong reactions to the homosexual, interracial love being openly displayed, but the group of Harvard graduates who have collaborated with artists like Janelle Monáe, Rick Ross, and Solange are just fine with the “unapologetic portrayal” of love for black women that the world is about to witness.

Check out the music video here and tell us what you think.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Rose

    A little scary, what is the message, the video is about two women and ???????

  • Summerzephyr

    Lots of issues here…In a sense I congratulate the way that the black female form is adulated in a mainstream sense, on the other hand the models they used may be taken as a sort of archetype of ‘who is who’ – as in made to be permanent fixtures in the representation of what each culture’s females are like…I don’t know if that makes a whole lot of sense, but in essence, a whole bunch of displays of different white women and different black women (or other ethnicities with black women) may have been a more effective portrayal of their idea. Still, listening to the lyrics they are making a concerted effort to get a particular idea across, which is an unabashed appreciation of black women, lustful or not. Another criticism that I find is that this particular depiction of this ‘thing’, is still sexual/sexualized, and in no way makes for any longer-term potential relationship ideal type stuff. I’m a Black older 20 something and I’ve had lots of white guys have things for me or just like me and date me for who I am (hopefully), but those sentiments do not necessarily preclude any deeper connection. And I’m still single, regardless of these hot, mega intense interracial encounters…Just sayin’…

  • Torontochick

    The lyrics are great but that wouldn’t make me listen to it if it wasn’t also catchy.

    The lead singer is a redhead so that kind of explains it. Ginger men do not discriminate; they know how it feels to be ridiculed for their appearance.

  • dvno

    Well first off the Group is Chester French and they are two white males so the girls featured in the video is just a model not the singer of the group. I wished you had actually researched the group in question before doing an article it reflects poorly on you. They were brought on to Pharrell’s label Star Trek because he discovered them. Next time sister do your research.


    Some of these comments…..i mean really yall…..It took a white man or men to say that they love black girls for u to know this, especially since THEY have wanted us since the beginning of time…..cmon really? Yall needed to see this to feel appreciated, validated or celebrated? Really?….Ok ill tell u what……..Go look in the mirror right now…..See how BEAUTIFUL U R?….no approval/ validation desired nor required…..U R BEAUTIFUL LADIES, PLEASE KNOW THIS AND OWN IT…stop looking for someone else to tell u what u should already know…..PERIOD

  • Smacks_hoes

    This is the first time I’ve heard of them so I took the liberty of researching them. I must say I enjoyed the video and the song because it’s catchy. The message of the song is cool but it’s not like I’m excited that white boy are attracted to black weomen because I already know this lol. With that being said I think I’ll continue to follow their work.

  • HAHA!!!

    Black women were not put in a  sophisticated light like they always say rappers fail to do.  In fact it was more sexual than anything I’ve ever seen, and yet Black women love it??

  • huh?

    Nobody craves white validation as much as black women do. NOBODY!

  • JamelMont

    It’s funny because these women had on less clothes than any rappers video I’ve seen and the still get a standing ovation from Black women…

  • Sugaflame2

    WOw!!!! I’m in no way shape or form down for some of the same, but man, that was hot!!! I loved the boldness and the rawness,  desire, bold lust and love for that dark stuff !!!Yay!!! I hope the best for Chester French.

  • LiiSH

    Hahaha the story of Robert Deniro’s life! I kid, I kid… but this is cute. We never get celebrated, not even by our own. Body parts don’t make the woman (thus songs about big booty strippers don’t count). Its nice to hear someone just outright say hey, I got a thing for black girls.

  • While I can appreciate the artistry of this video, I do not like these kinds of stories – it perpetuates the myth that black women need “mainstream” America to like us in order for our lives to have meaning. We do not need validation from anyone for we know who we are; irrespective of who likes or dislikes us, we remain the gems that we are.

    • Truthhurtz

      Totally agree. This is nothing to get excited about. To be excited over the fact that someone from another race finally admits to the world they like black girls, is like saying we were sitting around waiting on that validation all this time. I personally could care less. If they like us, great, but if not, my world still turns just the same.

  • ImJustSayn

    It’s about time someone has a thing for the brown, dark brown, light brown sistas! It’s a shame no black man did it first.

    • Moon

      Black men have – Bilal’s ‘Soul Sista’ is an example.

      • Papillon

        And don’t forget about LL Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl” 🙂

  • universal

    so white girls do like black girls after all i guess, or maybe its just chester, but either way its a positive for black girls.

    • universal

      ok just found out chester french is two white guys, so i guess its still all good but two white guys saying they like black girls shouldnt automatically make everyone excited but its still a good look tho.

    • Is “a positive” for us, really? I beg to differ. We have a lot of positivity to dwell on – being liked by a certain group is not one of them.

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  • the singer is not a white woman, the group is formed of two white guys. The lady in the video isn’t in the group.

  • liz

    seems like a fettish

  • CA Pullen

    I don’t like the video.

  • WOW striking imagery! Although it would be nice if more our own people would say the same thing (not that they don’t or haven’t… IJS)

  • Guest

    Buy the record!! Money talks and if it sells they’ll all be breaking their necks to declare their love of black girls!

  • I love Chester French!

  • bernie

    Nice normal girls too not the half naked big butt stripper looking girls.

  • bernie

    Another David Guetta it’s nice. Check out  to see more stories like this one. Especially nice to see that they don’t go for big booty video slutty chicks like the  types made famous by rappers.

  • kickash

    chester french is a great group and ive been following them for a while and i know this is all artistic and not meant to offend or exploit

  • Ebonydiva82

    I saw the video earlier and thought it was creatively done. Although white men are choosing black women for relationships more and more, this is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard it presented in a music video. I;m happy they have the confidence to shout it from the rooftops. They are sure to get a lot of fans after this one. What I like about indie music groups is that they are, for lack of a better term, their own boss. They don’t feel pressure to confirm to mainstream. And they’re cute too! More power to them!

    • Ebonydiva82

      I meant conform to mainstream

  • jackieOsassin

    love me some chester french.

  • Fab.

    Love Chester French!!

  • kim

    love it!

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    about time somebody has a thing for black girls ,, because we are the originals!!

  • D_moody20

    That was interesting to say the least..soft pornish almost! lol

  • D_moody20

    That was interesting to say the least..soft pornish almost! lol