Baby Am I Doing Too Much? 7 Signs You Need to Fall Back

April 17, 2012 ‐ By Toya Sharee

“I’m leaving messages and voicemails, telling you ‘I miss you.’  Baby am I doing too much?” sweetly sang a naïve Paula Deanda desperate for new found love to last in the 2006 chart-topper “Doing Too Much.”  We know this girl, have gossiped about this girl or have been this girl at some point in our love lives.  As women, we sometimes desire to have a man so badly that we try to rush the comfort that comes with a naturally developing relationship.  Unfortunately, that desire can read as desperation and make potential boyfriend material duck for cover.  You might be doing the most if you’re engaging in the following behaviors:


1.  You start canceling on your crew.

That funny little feeling called infatuation will have you believing that you should be spending every waking minute under your brand new boo.  In fact, this is the best way to guarantee you’ll be sick of him before you can change your Facebook status.  Make time to miss each other by maintaining your separate social lives.

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  • Just Me!

    I CRACKED UP at every click!! ^_^ Thanks, I needed this laugh tonight.

  • Guest

    I laughed LOUDLY at every click! Needed this tonight. ^_^

  • RenJennM

    My ex-best friend became the chick that neglected her friends for a man. I remember on the Tyra show, Tyra said that when her friends get new men, she gives them two months to blow her off and get lost in their men; after that, she starts checking them. lol. Unfortunately, my friend pulled that diss-her-friends stunt for a year. We sat her down, had conversations, told her how we felt… nothing worked. I was done after that.

    • Toya Sharee

      I had no idea my girl Tyra gave that advice.  I live by that.  Actually, my sister is experiencing the same thing with a friend and I told her to give the friend three months to be infatuated by all of the new great sex she is having, and “boo love” herself to death and if she doesn’t come up for air and get normal again to call her on it.  Also I think it’s important to accept that when a friend gets a new man she will be less available just because she has a relationship to occupy her time, and that’s OK as long as she isn’t slacking on her own interests and responsibilities.  Thanks for reading!

  • Janae

    Lmao @ “cheese eggs on deck!” Good article!

  • JusSayin

    This should be titled, “Hey Guys: 7 Signs U Are Dealing With A Thirsty Female” This is typical. People stop everything and forget about themselves in order to put effort into a “new thing” and then appears thirsty or over analyzing the relationship. Those are the same people who are instantly crushed (for an extended period of time) if things don’t work out. “Oh, it was so perfect” (insert tears here.) Thirsty. 

    • Womanifesto

      Phahaha. This is SO true.