Why There’s No Hope For The Real Housewives of Atlanta

April 16, 2012  |  

Looking at that headline some of you may be thinking, look who’s tardy for the party, and I can admit I am late to the fact that there is no hope for 99 percent of the women on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Having watched season 4 off and on, it’s evident I was blindsided by a few moments of optimism because outside of some of the banter in South Africa I really felt like some of these women had gotten their act together—and then I watched part one of the RHOA reunion last night. I’m not sure if the ladies were working overtime to get those hundred thousand dollar bonuses they reportedly earn from appearing on the show or what, but the overall situation was just a complete mess, and here’s why. All this time, I thought that the women on the show were just evil, catty trolls who liked to start stuff, now I realize the problem isn’t that they’re mean, it’s that they’re delusional. Case in point: Sheree Whitfield.

I could have run to the corner store and been back twice by the time Sheree figured out what lie she was going to tell about chateau Sheree and the um, um, um contractors who were misprapropriating (yeah I don’t think she said that word right) funds which put the project on hold. Honey, we know you don’t have any money, which is half of the reason why I was inclined to think the tears she cried when Andy asked her about child support were real, on the other hand they came way too quickly like she was sitting there building up water in her eyes waiting for him to ask her about it so I dismissed that charade. Also, am I the only one who almost fell out of the bed when Phaedra said “dirt and grass” was all she saw of Chateau Sheree? I really felt bad about Sheree supposedly getting kicked off the show before last night because I believe in my heart she’s about to be completely homeless, but after seeing her stumble through those lies, I can see she really has no clue that you actually have to have the money to pay for homes to be built.  Unfortunately, she still thinks she’ll be having Andy over for tea. At the most they’ll be sitting on dirt and grass making mud pies.

Sheree does get points in my book for the way she handled Nene. From one delusional woman to another, Sheree clearly saw there was no point trying to get through to that very rich b**** and for the most part she decided she would let Nene look crazy on her own—and that’s exactly what she did. Kandi was absolutely right about having an attitude like she’s so above everyone else. Her disposition yesterday was so ridiculously new-money stank that I could hardly stand to watch. And considering the humble beginnings she came from and that Kandi so quickly pointed out, she ought to get a grip on that holier than thou attitude. Being too good to have a dildo up your butt but not classy enough to not call other women out their names and have a conversation like the mature adult she is in age is not a plus. Also, someone please school her on how quickly you can blow through a couple million dollars.

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  • dan3333333333

    “House wives of Alanta” I think they meant Africa!

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      WTF are you even talking about? I hate when white folks come one here I really do *smh*

    • Masterpieced

      Yes, Africa is such a beautiful continent of diamonds, gold, oil and ivory. Wait, you know that. YOU come and steal it and then want to talk trash about it.

  • Guest

    Nene: New-Money NeNe is too much. She has been so stank acting like she is just over the whole show and everybody on it when the show is the ONLY reason anybody knows her name. She would still be living off of Greg in Atlanta if RHOA hadn’t come along. I respect her hustle. But she needs to realize that acting like she is too good/better than everybody when she is still loud, ghetto, and unclassy is just ridiculous.

    Sheree: Sheree really needs to get a job. Granted she really did have issues with the architect guy that was overseeing “Chateu Sheree” but if she had money she could just move on and hire a new one. She doesn’t. Which made her comments about NeNe & the money in her pockets side-eye worthy. Ma’am, how are you gonna be the brokest chick on stage attacking NeNe for saying she’s rich???

    Kim: Kim is absolutely classless. I cringe every time she speaks. Her judging Marlo for making money from sleeping around was the biggest display of lack of self-awareness I have ever seen.lol. Kim found a football player who was young & dumb enough not to use a condom with her and now she wants to act like she wasn’t sleeping with a rich, married man and using his money to finance her life. KROY has (some) money. Kim doesn’t. If he didn’t make the mistake of hitting it raw, she and Sheree would be in the same tax bracket.

    Cynthia: I like Cynthia. She does seem to be a bit stuck on Nene. But otherwise I think she is stunning and has a good head on her shoulders. I just don’t understand how she can go from Russell Simmons to David Ruffin (I know that’s not his real name but that’s his most memorable role so that’s what I call him.lol.) to Peter. He seems like a jerk.

    Kandi:  Kandi doesn’t need a man. She wants one. And if all she is asking from him is love and he gives that to her…then who really cares if she is his “sugar momma”. At least she isn’t lonely, broke, and bitter.

    Marlo: I thought Marlo was messy and very new-money (wealthy people don’t name-drop and brag 24/7) and I thought it was hilarious when she said she got her money from God. But when she was trying to buy perms for children in the orphanage I was done. If you are so disturbed by natural hair that you think that a parentless, destitute child in Africa needs a perm more than anything else you could buy with that money….you have some issues you might wanna examine.

    Phaedra:  Phaedra’s southern belle thing is funny. I do think she waited for the camera’s to file that thing on behalf of Sheree. But Sheree should’ve had Bob locked up so…who’s really to blame? Also, Phaedra needs to acknowledge that she and Kandi are in the same man boat. She married Apollo because he is fine & she loves him. He doesn’t make a whole lo of money. But who cares? Her trying to hide what he does just comes off a suspect and like she’s ashamed to really say.

    • Masterpieced

      Marlo and the rest of the clan all cover their heads with HATS so of course she wants every Black person to do the same so the world can forget that our hair is what it beautifully is.

  • Slewis2224

    First of all, let me school you followers who follow & believe everything that
    the media (BRAVO) & those stupid housewives put out there. WHY IS EVERYONE
    SOOO WHAT!!!  NeNe has accomplished more than the others since she has been on
    the show, including that trick Kandi. When Kandi came on the show her singing
    career was over as well as her producing days. When was her last hit record
    before she came on RHOA?? NO SCRUBS was almost 15 years ago. Kandi was a  cheesy
    dressing bum who dressed like she shopped at Target. Her house looked very old &
    cheap. Everyone else had a better looking house than Kandi. Now with the RHOA
    paychecks she is able to buy a new house. Kandi said NeNe acted like she was
    better than her b/c of the sex toys. Last season when Kandi had that sex show
    she would try to give the women sex advice & NeNe was ALWAYS uncomfortable
    talking about her sex life with those desperate tricks. Can you blame her? I
    wouldn’t want sex advice from a hoodrat who talks about putting something sugary
    in your “VA JAY JAY”. Kandi is too old & stupid to be saying “VA JAY JAY”. All
    that sex talk & she still can’t keep a man unless she takes care of him
    financially.  It’s funny how Kandi had so much to say to NeNe but she still
    can’t open her mouth to ask Kim for her money. On the last reunion she
    cried talking to Kim. Kim acted like she didn’t know what her sucker self was
    talking about. NeNe was right when she told the others that it’s OK when they
    talk about her but once she says something about them it’s a problem. For the
    past 2 seasons those jealous women talked about NeNe so much  that they even
    plotted to get NeNe off the show by not wanting to shoot scenes with her. A
    bunch of dumb jealous black women, who instead of being proud of NeNe’s
    accomplishments they try to put her down. How pathetic! Yet they praise Kim
    (their slave massa ) for her accomplishments ( her house, her marriage, etc) .
    NeNe has accomplished more than the others since she has been on the show.
    Anything that Kim has acquired, she got it by laying on her back & spreading her
    legs with sugar daddies & other women husbands. Kim & her ugly, racist husband
    don’t want blacks around them that’s why BRAVO gave Kim & Kroy their own show.
    WHICH I REFUSE TO WATCH!!!!!  Even though I can’t stand Sheree, I’m so glad she
    dissed Phaedra. Phaedra usually has so much to say. She was practically
    speechless when Sheree told her off. Phaedra needs to get her teeth fixed. Her &
    Kandi are afraid of Sheree.

    • Masterpieced

      YES! I am SO mad at a savvy, business-minded sister who let a white gal get away with making her a record FREE.

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  • Trhin26

    Sheree did not “handle” NeNe at all. While NeNe’s “holier than thou, I’m super rich” attitude was a bit much for me. She did snap Sheree in line. Sheree is the fakest, most boring, low class, lying, broke, messy b**** I have ever seen on reality TV. I cannot stand her and am glad to see her go. Kim follows a close second. She wants to sit there and act as though she’s so above everyone and everything now because she’s married and pregnant but she is no better than Sheree or NeNe. She’s actually pretty boring so I find it odd that she is getting a spinoff from the show. I can tell you now, I won’t be watching. Cynthia is nothing but a puppet and bores me to tears. I agree, Kandi’s relationship does seem to be moving awfully fast. Something tells me that during Season 5, it will come to a crushing end. Phaedra is always a class act, even when she is talking about donkadonks and dildos. She’s my favorite!

  • me

    I don’t watch this series regularly, but when I do it just reminds me that trash is trash, no matter how much money you have.  I prefer dignity and class to what these females (definitely not ladies) are.

  • There is nothing “real” about this show.  These women are an embarrassment. This show has no redeeming value. Would you want your daughter to see any of these women as a role model?

  • Guest

    I like Nene.  She may be loud, and she may appear to have gotten ‘brand new’ with her riches, but she always keeps it real.  You could see it when she told Sheree off about bringing up her son’s theft charges.  Sheree shut the hell up, didn’t she?  Nene has good sense, and I think she’s doing much more with her money than making it — ever heard of investments?  She’s a hustler and she’s making the most of her exposure from RHOA.  I’m not mad at her at all.  Sheree, on the other hand, can’t seem to get it together and is clearly jealous of Nene’s success.  While, Nene doesn’t seem to be thinking about these ladies and is over them, they keep talking about her.  They comment on everything she does and says.  The one I’m most disappointed in is Kandi and through with her.  She’s drinking the Kool-Aid from Sheree, Phaedra, and Kim.  I don’t see anything wrong with Cynthia.  She just wants everyone to get along.  She likes Nene, but I don’t see where she’s the Watson to Nene’s Sherlock.  Cynthia has a backbone, she just doesn’t need to display it in the crazed way the other housewives do.

  • inked_alice

    These fools have gotten so crazy that even my moms has stopped watching — and moms is the FIRST person to fall out laughing at a train wreck like this.  The uppity stank attitude from NeNe, and night-and-day ‘I’m a preachers kid who loves strippers’ routine from Phaedra and the cluelessness from Sheree has all gotten to be too much for her… and really, for me, too. I just keep thinking, “Who ever would’ve thought Kim would be counted as one of the normal ones?” Kroy definitely seems to have calmed her down.

    Kandi needs to bump all these fools and get back to business; like Kim said, she’s the one true rich b*tch.

  • NeNe is beyond ratchet, tactless, delusional, and classless. If she thinks this holier-than-everyone else attitude is attractive, or even cute, she is stupider than she acts. I have thought NeNe was the epitome of a hater, but she always says other people are “hating” on her. Please. She needs to wake up or stop drinking her own ratchet kool-aid.

  • K2ggp

    Please believe NeNe has her financial plans in order!!!!!! She is a business partner in my company so I know for a fact that she will be alright even after this Bravo show is over…… As for Sheree I can only hope that NeNe finds it in her heart to show the opportunity to her so she can finish Chateau Sheree eventually……..

    • Dorisgulley

      Nene is my favorite. Sheree needs to get a job period. That ex of hers is not giving her a dime. I wish Nene would have.exposed the business on Sheree just might explain why the ex is cryng broke.

  • KK

    Yeah, I died when Phaedra said grass and dirt too.  My favorite part of the night.  Kim needs to just lay off it.  She’s the poster child for ho-into-a-housewife.  Sheree needs to get a job and stop waiting for child support.  If it hasn’t happened yet it won’t.  She should have taken Phaedra’s advice and had his no good behind arrested.  NeNe…hhhhh, Cynthia…naive but sincere.  Kandi doing her thing with her business and I can’t hate on that…but I was concerned when she said she was moving into a house with the new love…

  • Rrsmall

    Brande excellent analysis. Although I disagree. You have Sheree pegged to a “t”, but I feel that NeNe has actually grown. The loud mouth, uncouth, drama queen, has evolved into what can possibly be a business powerhouse. She was ganged up on, as always. But the fact that Phaedra called to congratulate her on the show was an eye opener. Phaedra knew NeNe would need an attorney to go over that contract. They’re closet friends. Kim is old news, shes not relevant. Cynthia is trying to have “stay” power. I admire her for that. Kandi has proved she’s a big Moma! She’s caking these guys. Overall it was entertaining usually the reunion is a sleeper.

  • A whole article dedicated to these women. Why? Find some real, rich, powerful, black women to talk about!

  • Nope

    I’m ashamed these ladies represent Atlanta in any shape or form . They make us look like idiotic, materialistic,  bafoons !!!

  • Guesttime

    #completelydisagree…NeNe was no worse than the rest of these women.  I actually think she handled the lowblow of Sheree talking about her son really well.

  • Jen

    When you are not used to class, you have no class.  When you used to being loud, brash  & bitchy, that’s pretty much portraying what you want to the public to see.  I don’t have to watch the show to know how these women are.  It’s evident when they are on other shows promoting their BS.  With the exception of Kandi, who just needs to find the right man for her and not someone to fill a void or do some thangs, they all need to disappear.  Unfortunately because of ratings and public desires, this and other shows like this will continue be on the airwaves.  Yay, lucky us (strong sarcasm).

  • Vee

    I have not watched The RHOA since 2010. It has lost it’s luster.

  • Travisdij

    Hmmm. I think am reading comments from haters and hypocrits. We all have changed as we have grown in some good and bad ways. So stop all the madness, lets have some of your neighbors and classmates tell the story folks! First, strippers and dil**s have no connection. As a sexually active man am I suppose to automatically like adult films? Well i dont. Strippers dance for a living and are not anymore freaks than the women writing these holier than thou comments.(who might i add do way more)Adults toys are not for everyone male or female That’s all NeNe was stating and it make some people uncomfortable(me included) Just as abortion and same sex marriage does to some people. to each his own. She has the right to her opinion just as you do. The all seem to just gang up on NeNe cause that is easy. When NeNe gives it back everyone is so angry. Is she suppose to cry and you haters would feel better? I wish a mofo would try to play me and I sit there and allow it. They could have really got on Sheree for pot stirring and lying about her funds but that was treaded on lightly had it been NeNe they would have been all over it,nonstop. Kandi is annoying and so is her voice. The sugar momma she is, just trying to make herself relevent again. Aint nobody checking for her music thats why she is on the show. Pheadrea know she was lying cause she aint no nothing in that courtroom looking like a novice. She couldnt help me in Traffic court. Kim is a piece of ish and her show will fail. Nene can come across as a little full of herself put wish one doesnt but boring Cynthia. Pheadrea seems very money hungry, mortician my butt. to the idiots who say NeNe cant have an opinion b/c she was a stripper grow up

  • slimpickens

    These women were an embarassment to women everywhere.  My heartfelt sympathy1

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I must admit although I think NeNe is the most ratchet case of new money I’ve ever seen, she is the main reason I watch the show.  She is 100% delusional, and although it makes for a very sad life, it makes for excellent mindless t.v. 

  • Adrina Nelson

    It’s funny to me how the network exploits RHOA because it is nothing like the other RH shows (e.g. NY, Orange Co.). 1. No one on the show is an actual housewife or married other than Phaedra and Cynthia.  2. They have gas money compared to their counterparts on the other shows. 3. Their potrayal of black women is ridiculous.  And it also carry on the stereotype that anything black people are a part of is a mess.  smh…..I stop watching the show last season because it was just too much.

    • Yeah….OK

      Lol my roommate forces me to watch them white women housewives shows…. And honestly I can’t make it through a full episode them women are so fake and plastic and all they do is cry over EVERYTHING!!!!!! Omg…. So all of them are a MESS dear… This one is a hot ghetto mess and them others are a hot FAKE mess!!! They all play out the stereotypes of where they are supposedly from….

    • Yeah….OK

      And u know the premise of he Atlanta show is to say these women have NEW MONEY and the other white shows are supposedly super rich old money…. I think that’s what the production is trying to portray. That’s why they have nene and Marlo not used to nothing azzes Talkin about what they wearing every episode…they want to make us think they still ghetto with Louis Vuitton on. It’s really bravo that set it up this way… I’m sure there are a classier set of housewives they could have found in atl instead of ex-cons and ex-strippers with sugar daddies to portray women with money!! U do the math…

      • Well, the RHOBH did have the one “housewife” (not) who kept blurting out, “my shades cost $25, 000!”

    • Marcia Johnson87

      Half of the women on the other shows aren’t wives either…Brandy (Beverly Hills), Vicki (OC), Tamra(OC), Gretchen (OC), Kim (Beverly Hills), Bethenny wasn’t married before she got her show either and the list could go on. And they spend just as ostentatiously and have just as much drama. (ex. Fist fights between young girls in the OC, evictions & forclosures, lots of arguments, spolied brat kids, marital issues, divorce, drinking problems, etc.)  

      All of the Housewives series thrive off of (contrived?) drama and over the top antics. But I think we judge ATL housewives more harshly because they are Black & we want them to be perfect and respectable because we think they are supposed to represent the entire race of Black women. When white women act a fool they just represent themselves. When Black women do it all of sudden they are the poster child for black women everywhere?

  • thomasclemons5

    The show is just garbage period.

  • Love Spell

    I agree with Msredonebrite,
    I really lost it for Shree when she said NeNe son got caught shop lifting that was a really low blow which she took to get NeNe off her a**. Kim has totally forgot who she was before Troy. Im still team NeNe!

  • OhNoYouDidn’t

    Kandi seems like a bright girl when it comes to her music and business, but she makes very bad choices in men. Her dead fiance had six kids and four baby mamas and now she moved some broke guy she barely knows into her mansion. I wonder why she has such a hard time finding a man on her level. I’m not saying it’s all about money, but damn. Maybe Marlo was right when she said the rumor around Atlanta was that Kandi is a sugar mama.

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      “On her level” Kandi Burress may be a talented business woman, but she is a real dirt bag. NO one in ATL will date her that isn’t a worthless leach of a man. No woman with good sense would date ANY of the guys she chooses to mess with. Kandi has a real whorish reputation in the ATL and it goes all the way back to the 90’s. Her child’s father is a married man (dirtbag) Her fiance that died was a deadbeat dad with a lot of kids & a lot of baby mama’s. She is the reason her girl group split up (Escape) because she slept with their manager/producer and it caused problems which lead to the group disbanding. The only reason she ever got to write those “award winning songs” for those groups (Destiny’s Child, TLC, etc) is because she was sleeping with certain “big wigs” in the industry the story is out there on the net just google for it. Kandi has a LONG list of men, married men,men in committed relationships and WOMEN (Tiny being one of’em) that she has slept with. If you wanna be a ho, you have every right to do what you’re pleased with you’re p****sy. Just don’t be surprised when you can’t find a decent man in your town because they are all turned off by your freaky reputation. LOL!

  • Jdunson39

    how can a stripper be so opposed to bedroom candy…..what hasn’t that boy looking stripper nene hasn’t done?

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      Nene having been homeless and just escaping an abusive husband….She OBVIOUSLY stripped to feed her son & keep a roof over his head. Not because she was a nympho. Oh and KANDI is a nypho wh0re who has slept with half the men (married too) and WOMEN in ATL. Nene may be an ex-stripper and Marlo rumored to be an escort but Kandi done had more men/d!ldo’s run up in her then all the women on that show combined.

  • DoinMe

    I love Nene even though she can irk a nerve every now and then. But I’m glad that she got her hustle on and took full advantage of the show. When it first started back in season 1 Sheree  treated Nene like the dirt on the bottom of her shoes and like she was too good. Ohhhh, but fast forward to now and her a** is sleeping on the floor with no job, no money, everything she touches fails, and pretty much living like a pauper. Karma is soooooo ugly. 

  • Sleep Minaj

    People still watch this ghetto garbage?!

  • Jolie

    I stopped watching when Phaedra and Cynthia came on, at that point Nene just really upped the shenanigans and I was over it.

  • Nefijones1

    Nene is such an embarrasment! 

    People who have money don’t go around yelling that they are rich.  She has no sophistication no matter what – and she needs to remember that she is not Oprah rich (who also doesn’t go around bragging about her bank account). 

    The little money Nene says she has can be gone within the twinkling of an eye. 

    Nene is just a loud mouth low life with absolutely no class.   

    • Vee

      It seems the more I hear about NeNe’s antics I am glad I no longer care to watch The RHOA. Just because someone has money does not mean they have class.

    • You are so right. Real rich people DO NOT brag about their riches, they dont want to get robbed. Plus, it’s just tacky.

    • Dorisgulley

      I think that was.just Nene way of shutting Sheree mouth an it didn’t work and she couldn’t take it back. I understand why she said it and it worked we are still talking about it. She needs to make that statement into a t-shirt. I would purchase it.

  • littleLady

    Just when I started to like Nene she shows up with this ridiculously stank attitude. I’m surprised she could stand to be in the room with herself. I compeletely understand where she’s coming from because adult toys aren’t for everyone, however when you resort to making it seem like everyone who does like those things is a disgusting and terrible person, you’ve gone too far. Ma’am, you were a stripper for goodness sake! You have no room to look down on anyone no matter how reformed and ‘rich’ you are!

  • 1000% on the money…..I totally co-sign on every word in this article. *claps*

  • @MsRedboneBrite

    No, Sheree didn’t let NeNe “look crazy on her own”, NeNe shut her saddity tail all the way down! While NeNe got on my nerves with that “high & mighty” attitude, she was spitting realness to Sheree, which was why she shut her mouth. 

    • autumn_breeze

      And Sheree deserved it….she had no business talking about Nene’s son…Kids are off limit! If Nene would’ve said something about her kids. trust and believe Sheree would’ve gotten upset too.

      • Eakilah

        She would have wanted to fight Sheree if she said something about her kids. You are right children are off limits.

    • Dorisgulley

      Ditto! Nene is the most real one on the show. Sheree took a low blow about the kids ,she and Kim could not.speak for looking at each other for confirmation they both need to leave the show. Would’nt mine Kandi being replaced with her two faced jealous self. Sitting on stage looking like a p**n star. I here Kim is getting her own reality show. For what?

      • NOLA Darling

        If NeNe meets your definition of “real” then you need to move to a new city & start meeting better people because that woman is garrish, clownish & whore-ish (for money, fame & attention)—things no Black woman should aspire to be to try to emulate.

  • MissDiva05

    I guess I’m alone in this, but the “entertainment” aspect of these shows have totally disappeared for me. The foolishness is just too much for me to bare.

    •  this season was ridiculous